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Hosting a party can be extremely beautiful, but also very demanding, because every detail matters. However, after you have established the intention of the party, you have made the guest list and you have thought about how you will decorate the house, the biggest challenge will remain the realization of the snacks and their aesthetics. It is very difficult to cook so as to please everyone. No matter how many dishes you have, guests seem to pay the most attention to appetizer platters. Thus, in order not to fail, it is advisable to go for variety: a little of all.


Organizing a children's birthday party or just a plate prepared for your child at home, is an important event and every detail must be perfect. But you don't have to be a chef at a five-star restaurant to amaze your child and guests with a balanced meal that is fun at the same time. You can simply opt for your little one's favorite vegetables and combine them with interesting decorations.


The first time it is extremely important to know what are the culinary preferences of your guests or your child. There are a few ingredients you can choose without fail, but you need to keep a balance between them. If there are vegetarians on your list, you will definitely want to take this into account and prepare a plate of special appetizers for them.


Art party food ideas


1.Sushi turtle cake - Food art ideas


2.Fruits city - Food art ideas


3.Orange reindeer - Food art ideas


Aesthetics are extremely important when it comes to a food, especially at a party. People are mostly visual, plating becomes a criterion that makes the difference between a popular snack and a good one. The real appetizer trays are the ones that will be satisfying for both the stomach and the eyes. From this point of view you can choose appetizers with contrasting shapes and colors to attract the eyes of your guests.


Cold appetizers are the most common. They are suitable for absolutely any situation and have the role of preparing guests for the tasty dishes that will follow. The most popular cold appetizer ideas are those that combine elements from all five categories mentioned above.


4.Palm trees - Food art ideas


5.Minion corn - Food art ideas


6.Morning breakfast - Food art ideas


Generally, the first option when it comes to hot plates includes combinations of pork and chicken. Also, when you want to vary and add a different taste, you can opt for lamb, sheep or rabbit.


It is advisable to take into account the mixing of the five types of ingredients in their case as well. In this way you will ensure the appropriate combination of carbohydrates with proteins, you will also have fiber (preferably vegetable) and you will not miss the sauces either.


7.A great plate for kids - Food art ideas


8.Unusual sandwich - Food art ideas


9.Peanuts - Food art ideas


In fact, in the case of hot dishes, sauces can make a very big difference in taste and although the star is the same type of meat, through a sauce you can go from one culinary style to another, from one kitchen to another.


The decor of the platter proves to be really important, so always remember that a key element is the aesthetics of the platter served.


10.Who’s the fairest? - Food art ideas


11.Walle plate - Food art ideas


12.Frida fans - Food art ideas


13.Mike Wazowski - Food art ideas


14.Great idea for kids - Food art ideas


15.Strawberry city - Food art ideas


16.A cute taxi for a boy - Food art ideas


17.Morning pancake with fruits - Food art ideas


18.Pancake girl - Food art ideas


19.Spongebob - Food art ideas


20.Panda rice - Food art ideas


21.Bunny - Food art ideas


22.Autumn plate decoration - Food art ideas


23.Soup with rice - Food art ideas


24.Brave - Food art ideas


25.Apple crab - Food art ideas


26.Luca plate - Food art ideas


27.Winnie pooh - Food art ideas


28.Pepa Pig - Food art ideas


29.Cute squirrel - Food art ideas


30.Owl - Food art ideas



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Would you like to sleep in a house "invaded" by rats and bats, a house covered with spider webs, in which burning eyes of ghosts and vampires lurk everywhere? It sounds desolate and scary, but this month this decor can be a real work of art in your home.


The time has come for people from all over the world to color their homes with the most creepy and funny decorations. This month, Halloween is celebrated, and the store shelves were filled with more and more ingenious decorations.


A new funny trend has taken over the internet, it's about the decoration with skeletons. This trend seems scary, but arranging them can create a really funny scene. Bemorepanda collected top 30 skeleton decorations that are amazing. This funny scenes can impress everyone who is passing by your house.


1.FIreplace party


2.Yoga skeletons


3.Dancers in the street


4.Buddies on Halloween


5.Fashion police


6.Garage sale


7.Riding down the street


8.Marshmallow time


9.Weekend vibes


10.Now what?


11.Marry me?


12.Horse lover


13.Normal chilling


14.Garden time


15.Halloween costumation


16.Picnic weekend


17.Kiss of death


18.What have you done?


19.What else to do on sunday?


20.Picture full of love


21.Green wave


22.Warm fireplace






25.Afraid of dogs




27.Puppet show


28.Family weekend be like


29.Picnic time


30.Friends camping


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A touch of inspiration to make the most beautiful Christmas decorations.

We must recognize that no matter how many decorations specific to the winter holidays are on the market, all those made by hand are the most beautiful and most appreciated by those who cross the threshold of our house on Christmas. It not hard to do, with a touch of imagination and a little skill you will get funny and original decorations. They can be made from anything, because ingenuity has no limits, so you don't need huge extra costs to have special themed accessories. We invite you to discover some handmade decoration ideas. Maybe it will inspire you to make them yourself for this Christmas.

Wr know what makes you happy around the holidays, but we can't wait for the period when small artsy projects can start that seem to bring the magic of Christmas in any home. And, because no one likes to walk around the city and the crowds during this period, Bemorepanda offers you 50 ideas for Christmas decorations that are easy to make and that you can make with your friends. Handmade decorations should be the ideal time to spend time with loved ones.

Accessories and tools for making handmade decorations

  • pliers
  • hammer
  • glue
  • cardboard, paper, glitter, boxes (empty)
  • wire
  • sand, moss, fir cones, dried leaves and other items of your choice

1. Ornaments from old CDs




 2. Glass lid ornaments




3. Penguin ornaments from bulbs


4. A Rudolf made from puzzle

5. Tea Cup Ornaments


6. Fir cones with glitter




7. Button ornaments



8. Vintage newspaper ornaments


9.Mini Gloves



10. Wine stopper ornaments



11. Ornaments from pages of books



12. Reindeer made of rolls of toilet paper


13. Cinnamon sticks ornaments


14. Pasta snowflakes



15. Lego ornament

16.Gingerbread hearts




17. Crochet snowflakes



18. Ornaments in glass bells



19. Inventive ornaments




20. Pistachio ornaments


21.Greeting ball, decorated inside to choose from


22. Glitter ball on the outside


23. Paper


Christmas trees 24.DIY Christmas Light Napkin Rings


25.Citrus Garland


26.DIY Basket Wreath


27.Holiday Card Tree


28.Ice Skates Wreath


29.Wooden Spools Wreath


30.Retro Bulb Centerpiece


31.Dog Bone Wreaths


32.Cross-Stitch Ornament


33.Festive Pillow


34.Felt Leaf Garland


35.Holiday Shakers


36.Painted Pine Cone Wreath


37.DIY Mint Sugar Scrub


38.Nativity Puppets


39.Sweater Stockings


40.Plaid Shirt Ribbons


41.Salt Dough Ornaments


42.Mitten Garland


43.Apple Garland


44.Mason Jar Lanterns


45.Poinsettia Pillow


46.Gingerbread House Ornament


47.Christmas Treat Holders


48.Festive Wall Art


49.Wood Block Snowman


50.Wine Cork Christmas Tree



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