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The American director Gene Deitch, one of the creators of several episodes of the famous animated series "Tom and Jerry", died at the age of 95, in his home in Prague.  The death occurred Thursday night through Friday, his press officer announced.

The news of his death are sad and surprising, especially since the director did not seem to suffer from any serious illness.  More information was not disclosed.

 Who was Gene Deitch

 Gene Deitch was born on August 8, 1924 in Chicago.  He created the animated series "Tom Terrific" and the movie "Sidney's Family Tree" was nominated for an Oscar in 1958.

 Two years later, in 1960, Gene Deitch won the grand prize in the category of best animated short film with the movie "Munro".  The director was nominated in the same category twice in 1964 with the films "Here's Nudnik" and "How to Avoid Friendship."

 Gene Deitch arrived in Prague in 1959 and did not plan to stay longer than 10 days.  But fate had other plans for him. The American falls in love with his future wife, Zdenka, and decides to stay in the Czechoslovak capital.  But he continues his work beyond the Iron Curtain, in Eastern Europe, in 13 episodes of the famous animation Tom and Jery, the world's most beloved cartoon.  At the same time, he works on several episodes of Popeye the Sailor.

 Because he came in contact with everything that life means in communism, because he really began to understand what it means to live in Eastern Europe, Gene publishes his memoirs in his book "From Love to Prague".

 In 2004 he received the Winsor McCay Award for his entire career.

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