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The Nike sports company has filed a lawsuit against the designers of the satanic sneakers collection promoted by singer Lil Nas X, who, although bearing the company's logo, do not have their approval. It's a huge scandal in the US.

The lawsuit, for trademark infringement, was filed in federal court on the same day that the artist and the art team released a limited series of sneakers, which contain a drop of human blood on the soles and where there are only 666 units available, at a price of $ 1,018 (865 euros).

All the shoes, which are a modified version of the Nike Air Max 97 model, were sold a few moments after they went on sale, causing a riot on social media. Opinions are divided, but many call for an end to these sales.

The company had to respond to criticism by making sure they were not involved in designing or selling the shoes.

"There is evidence that there is significant confusion in the market, including calls for a boycott of Nike in response to the launch of the MSCH Satanic shoes, which are based on the misconception that Nike has authorized or approved this product," the company said.

The video that accompanies the song got over 35 million views over the weekend, shows Lil Nas X seduced in what appears to be the Garden of Eden, after which he is condemned to hell, where he ends up seducing the devil.

The controversy is part of the artist's activism for the visibility of the LGTBQ collective in a world as masculine and sometimes homophobic as rap, the author explained.

After the scandal the internet exploded with memes, Bemorepanda collected some of them.

1.Choose the Holy shoes for heaven on the earth

2.Somehow you become a happy Satan

3.Thanking Satan for this creation

4.When you enter the church with Satan shoes

5.The cuteness is overwhelming me in this moment

6.Look at this cool Satan shoes

7.My face when parents do not let me buy this shoes

8.Cool pair of shoes, shame on you!

9.Collaboration for the demonic Air Max

10.What about the live fireflies? 

11.Waiting for them, as for the greatest change in my life

12.Are you happy now?

13.Marriage life debates on some Air Max

14.Things are turning back

15.What about giving Satan a lap dance?

16.Satanic sneakers is the worst that could happen, they say

17.What’s going on here? Should I bring some popcorn for the show?

18.Something great happens when she talks about it

19.Here comes the question about the reality

20.After the Nike lawsuit

21.Tap for the 666th Air Max

22.No one is in response for this

23.The Saint is going for Satanic shoes

24.That’s Satan’s shoes, little girl

25.Somewhere the devil is crying

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The Satan Shoes are the result of a collaboration between MSCHF and Lil Nas X following the release of the music video for the song "Montero (Call Me by Your Name)". In the video, the rapper performs a lap dance at the head of the hellish hell.

According to MSCHF, six employees of the company agreed to donate their blood for the collaboration. Daniel Greenberg, one of the founders of MSCHF, clarified that the blood was drawn without medical assistance, after which the ink was mixed with a drop of blood and the resulting liquid was filled into an air bubble in the Nike Air Max 97 sneakers.

A bronze pendant in the shape of a pentagram is attached to the laces of the shoes, made in red and black. On the sneakers, the inscription "LUKE 10:18" is distinguished, which refers to a passage from the Gospel of Luke: "I saw Satan falling from heaven like lightning."

MSCHF plans to sell 666 pairs of shoes for $ 1,018 starting Monday, March 29th. "Satanic Sneakers" will continue the line of Jesus Shoes, in the sole of which was "holy water".

Bemorepanda collected some more interesting facts.

1.The sneakers come in a protective case, that looks really amazing. The case is designed in the red color, so to transmit the demonic vibes from the beginning. The Pelican case is really protective and comes with foam inside.

2.Inside the case, come the shoebox. The box is designed with interesting details, and pictures of the methodological appearance of Satan. On the box there is an inscription “Edition of 666”.

3.Behind all the skulls and other signs on the exterior, inside the box you get a whole art. There is an image of the demon hugging a person. The box is well made and with an accurate design.

4.Inside the box you can find a card. Lil Nas X Nike holding the  "Satan Shoes". On the back is mentioned that this is a prerelease.

5.The demonic shoes are an custom release, not an official Nike creation. It is a real Nike shoe though. This is the Air Max 97.

6.The coolest detail on these shoes is the red ink, remembering blood in the air bubble. If you remember the Jesus shoes, they had holy water in the air bubble.

7. These shoes really contain a drop of human blood inside. This makes the situation a little haunting and kind of strange, but on the other side creative. According to MSCHF, six employees of the company agreed to donate their blood for the collaboration.

8.The number surrounding the shoes are symbolic. We get the heal number 666. At the beginning we get an unique number, so each pair of shoes has its own number, due to the limited edition, this one is the eighth one.

9.Upfront you get the LUKE 10:18. This is the price, but also has a interpretation from the Gospel of Luke, which says “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”. 

10.On the tongue there is a bronze pentagram, on the back heels the names of both collaborators, and it also has a velvety patch. 

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