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Actor Johnny Depp (57) has reached the dock for a confrontation with the lawyers of his ex-wife, model and actress Amber Heard (34), who accuses him of domestic violence. The trial in which Amber Heard claims that she was beaten by Johnny Depp when they were a couple resumed, on Tuesday, in London.

Actor Johnny Depp (57) has reached the dock for a confrontation with the lawyers of his ex-wife, model and actress Amber Heard (34), who accuses him of domestic violence.  


The trial in which Amber Heard claims that she was beaten by Johnny Depp when they were a couple resumed, on Tuesday, in London.


 The two former partners came to the Court of Justice accompanied by witnesses, lawyers and bodyguards.


 Dressed on all fours and with their faces covered by makeshift protective masks, Depp and Heard made their way through the waiting journalists.


 The actor's lawyers explained that they were informed late that Amber Heard had filed new charges against their client and that she had presented new witnesses, who were to be heard.


 The trial, which is expected to take about three weeks, is only partially public. Vanessa Paradis, Depp's former partner, and actress Winona Ryder are expected to testify via a video connection.


 Amber Heard submitted evidence to the file which shows that the actor abruptly hit her in 2015-2016, when he had major problems with alcohol consumption. However, one of these pieces of evidence is being challenged by Depp's lawyer, who claims otherwise.


 In addition, the star said that he was, in fact, the victim of the attacks coming from his ex-wife and was forced to make efforts to avoid the confrontation. "I was always trying to retreat into my corner," he said.


 Asked about one of the scandals, Depp said: "She climbed and she became violent. Mrs. Heard hit me and cut off a finger. "


 On the second day of the hearings, on Wednesday, July 8, the American actor made a statement about the "bizarre" behavior of his partner and revealed when he decided to divorce.


 "I decided to divorce when she defecated in the marital bed. Mrs. Heard is responsible for the incident. She told our real estate manager it was a harmless prank, but for me, it was the last incident that convinced me we had to separate. Initially, he blamed our dogs ", Depp claimed.


 The American star also opened a lawsuit on behalf of his ex-wife, for slander and defamation. Following the accusations launched by Amber Heard, the actor lost several lucrative roles, including the one from the successful series Pirates of the Caribbean.


 Moreover, the star sued the British newspaper The Sun and the executive director Dan Wootton, because of some articles that suggest that the Hollywood star behaved with his wife like a "violent monster".


Bemorepanda collected some funny memes and is ready to share them with you.


1.Victim of domestic violence


2.Now say this


3.Crazy people


4.Depp in the court


5.She is an abuser


6.Poop in the bed


7.RIP carrier


8.We are not in a fight


9.She is not right


10.Just a poop


11.No one will believe


12.She is preparing


13.About the media


14.Let the marathon begin


15.You get what you deserve


16.The new star


17.Adolf Ler


18.Right now


19.Who is the abuser?


20.Nowhere to go


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After Johnny Depp lost a court case against the Sun tabloid, Disney studio decided to abandon the idea of ​​inviting the actor to the new movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.


According to We Got This Covered, citing reliable sources close to the studio, earlier Disney was going to offer Depp to play again the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the planned sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean. The new picture was supposed to reboot the film series and become a new starting point in the development of history.


The options were discussed, within which, in order to maintain continuity, Johnny Depp would appear in the form of a Sparrow to accompany the main characters (or introduce them to the audience). However, now that the court ruled that the actor did indeed beat his ex-wife Amber Heard, the Disney studio, which specializes in children's and family films, wants nothing to do with Depp.


The lawsuit between ex-spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ended in divorce in 2016. According to Heard, during the entire period of their marriage, Depp attacked her at least 14 times - during moments when the actor was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. In August 2016, TMZ reported that Amber Heard had dropped her claim.


As a result of the agreement, which the parties managed to reach, Depp pledged to pay the actress $ 7 million. Later, the actor sued The Sun because of publications in which he was told about the beating of his ex-wife. After the articles published in the tabloid, according to Depp, his life and career went downhill.


But in this unhappy moment, people support Depp and created a lot of memes with the beloved character Captain Jack Sparrow, Bemorepanda collected top of them.


1.Water is rum


2.Poems are hard


3.My peanut


4.Cough is danger


5.Did I?


6.That moment




8.WTF? Just run


9.But you have heard of me


10.How much is the rent?


11.I don't do Tik Toks


12.Before and after


13.Fun, alcoholic uncle


14.Telling the truth


15.Infamous captain


16.Jar of dirt


17.A wise boy


18.Download a game


19.I love those moments


20.True enough


21.How much is the rent?


22.Not enough rum


23.Telling a joke




25.Old before


26.Oh yes I am


27.Why is gone?


28.That look


29.When you say a joke



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Since the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial started, the media exploded with moments from the court and more information on the couple's relationship. However, no one could anticipate the ridicule in the courtroom. Although Johnny's personality has enhanced the amusement of those present in court and the spectators, the trial is one of the ridiculous trials in history.


The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is a never-ending source of entertaining television. Every day brings a fresh revelation that exceeds the expectations of courtroom TV fans, such as the news that Johnny Depp smokes cocaine with Marilyn Manson!


One thing is sure: the trial has been filled with hilarious moments after hilarious moments. Johnny and Amber's drama it's more fun and interesting to watch than any other Keeping up with the Kardashian episode. This trial put the internet on fire, and any content about Johnny and Amber went viral.


The most epic and dramatic marriage cases in history spin around Johnny Depp's trial case and his ex-wife, supposedly mentally deranged. Some would say the perfect combination for a comic drama. 


Best of Johnny Depp's Trial Moments


Let's see which moments from the courtroom aroused laughter online; here are our top best Johnny Depp's Trial moments:


1. Amber Turd


As the internet can agree, Johnny and Amber's relationship was anything but ordinary. After an alleged quarrel between the two, Amber Heard decided to play a prank on her husband. And in a moment of imagination, we assume that at the end of the digestion process, Amber pooped in Johnny's bed. The actress blamed the dogs for this incident. Johnny's response in court about this event was nothing but amusing: ,,They're teacup Yorkies. They weigh about four pounds each. (head shake) the photograph that I saw… I mean, I lived with those dogs for many years, that did not come from a dog; it just didn't."


2. And the Best Actress award goes to:


The internet has noted the juxtaposition of Amber's feelings during and after the trial. Some would say that the actress's facial expression was weird and creepy during the trial. Amber was surprised by the camera in the moments when she changed her facial expression anytime she noticed she was being filmed. 


3. The “mega-pint of wine”

Asking him about the actor's excessive alcohol consumption, Amber's lawyer arouses Johnny's laughter when he asked if the actor ,,Poured himself a MEGA PINT of red wine" after a presumed fight with his wife.


Immediately the internet responded with various memes, and some fans even created a glass of Johnny's ,,Mega pint".


4. The Muffin Man


When Dr. Shannon Curry, a clinical and forensic psychologist recruited by Johnny's defense team to analyze Amber, joined the stand during the trial, muffins became a common element of the line of questioning. She was questioned whether she asked her husband to deliver baked pastries to the Aquaman actress on the day of her examination. Dr. Curry had requested her husband to "pick up the muffins for me" from a nearby bakery because she was running late that day. Amber was not the intended recipient of the muffins.


People immediately compared it to Shrek's "Muffin Man" interrogation scene.


5. I think I would remember seeing Mr. Depp's penis."


It's not quite a meme, but it's a great scene from the trial. These words have made the whole internet laugh. When Johnny's bodyguard, Malcolm Connelly, was called to testify to talk about a less favorable supposition about Johnny, it went a bit too far. Even Johnny is amused at the mention of his private parts.


Although the relationship between Johnny and Amber wasn't typical, we can undoubtedly say that it was the most bizarre, with an even weirder and hilarious ending than all the divorces of American celebrity couples.


The internet will remember this Johnny and Amber episode, and we can only laugh out loud and hope for more comic moments from the Hollywood drama.


Check our video for more funny moments with Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard in court.


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The jury reached a verdict in the civil defamation cases between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The jury decided to favor the star from "Pirates of the Caribbean." After a 14-hour deliberation, the jury found that Heard had defamed her ex-husband in a 2018 Washington Post article.

Funny Johnny Depp memes

Johnny Depp received $ 10 million in compensatory damages and $ 5 million in punitive damages.

Outside the courtroom, it's a holiday. The actor's fans shout his name while the jury reads the decision.

1. Telling the truth

2. Sexism

3. she Still loves me

After six weeks of hearings, both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard said the same thing to the jury in the courtroom: that they wanted their lives back.

Heard and Depp met in 2009 and was married in 2015-2016. The actor accuses his ex-wife of leaving him excrement on the marital bed and raping her with a liquor bottle.

Johnny Depp sued Heard after defaming him in an article in the Washington Post in which he said she was physically abused. The actor is seeking $ 50 million in damages.

Heard accused Depp of physical assault in that article, although his name did not appear anywhere.

Depp's lawyers claim that these accusations affected their client's reputation, who was removed from most of the ongoing Hollywood projects.

4. Expensive poop

5. He won

“The jury brought me back to life,” exulted Johnny Depp after the verdict, which awarded him fifteen million dollars in damages for comments made by Amber Heard in a Washington Post column in 2018. She s described as a “victim of domestic violence” bullied by society. The actress did not quote the actor at any time, but the events recounted left little doubt about the man she implicated.

Amber Heard, who was counter-attacking in the same trial in Fairfax, Virginia, only got two million dollars, also for defamation.

The jury's verdict is based on the word of several experts who, at the helm, affirmed during this ultra-publicized trial that Johnny Depp had suffered a shortfall of more than 22 million dollars by losing his role, in particular the sixth part of the adventures of Jack Sparrow following the statements of his ex-wife, with whom he was married from 2015 to 2017.

Can his career resume after this trial? “The damage is done, and from there could begin returning to certain normality, estimates AFP, a Hollywood producer who worked with Johnny Depp in the past. I don't think he will have huge studio deals with all that at stake."

The producer in question, who preferred to remain anonymous, continues: “If he throws bottles and takes drugs, that he is not on time, they are not going to accept delays which cost such an amount money from someone whose star is no longer in the firmament.” As witnesses assured during the trial, the star of the fallen star had already faded long before that due to "unprofessional behavior," mainly linked to his consumption of alcohol and narcotics.

According to this same producer, the major studios could, in particular, experience difficulties in ensuring expensive productions in which Johnny Depp would appear. "Now it's too risky to take a guy like this in billion-dollar franchises," he said.

6. Depp reality show


7. MeToo

The videos of Johnny Depp's fans on TikTok and those inspired by the trial with Amber Heard are just the tip of the very problematic iceberg.

On TikTok, every moment of the trial has been dissected and remixed since it began on April 11 and since it was televised and broadcast live on the YouTube channels of Sky News and Fox and the specialized Law & Crime Court TV.

Some of the videos on these channels have been viewed millions of times. "I had no idea what I was getting into," Ashley Kaye told VICE, another TikTok user who posts content about the lawsuit. "Every day, a new layer was exposed, like peeling an onion, and I couldn't believe how crazy it was."

The highly publicized split between Depp and Heard in 2016 has led to domestic violence allegations from the outset. Heard filed a temporary restraining order against Depp before the divorce was finalized. He later wrote an opinion in the Washington Post in 2018 describing himself as a "public figure representing domestic abuse," although Depp was not named. In the same year, an article in The Sun referred to Depp as a "wife beater." He unsuccessfully sued The Sun over slander but is now suing Heard for $ 50 million for the WaPo article, and Heard is also suing him for $ 100 million.

8. Bravest man

9. We’re not the same

10. Congrats, willy

The overwhelming majority of videos on TikTok - like many of the comments on the Livestream - are pro-Johnny Depp. Livestream footage was turned into TikTok in analysis clips, Depp fancams, and compilations of "funny moments" and "wild" remarks to Heard's lawyers. The hashtags #johnnydepp and #justiceforjohnnydepp have already garnered 11 billion and six billion views on TikTok, respectively; a video edited with Depp that "got tired of Amber's lawyers" was viewed 23 million times. Even the audio part with Heard's lawyer asking if Depp poured a "mega pint of wine" became popular on TikTok, with 4.8 million views of clips marked with #megapintofwine.

The noise created by TikTok around a celebrity trial may seem unprecedented. Still, as Dr. Jenna Drenten, a marketing professor at Quinlan School of Business, points out, this is not the first time such a trial has caught the public's attention. "In 1993, Americans were glued to televisions and watched a white Ford Bronco being chased by police on a Los Angeles highway," she said of the show surrounding OJ Simpson's trial.

OJ Simpson's trial was one of the first televised trials, and with it, "he changed the way fans interact with celebrity trials," says Green. According to her, the TikTok trend with fans "remixing" Johnny Depp's case is just "a branch of media sensationalism" that already exists in mainstream journalism. The difference is that media sensationalism is "now in the hands of fans."

It is important to note how the fan culture has evolved significantly and entered the mainstream. "Genres and practices that were once relatively limited to smaller fan communities have become extremely visible and commonplace," adds sociology professor Briony Hannell, pointing to "fan practices" such as fanfare compilations, initially designed by and in K-pop fandom, which is now used by fans of celebrities and public figures.

11. Captain Jack Sparrow

12. We believe him


13. What?

14. Heh

15. Hunters

16. 9gag

17. I got her

18. Sadistic Amber

19. Mega pint

20. Don’t feel like a winner

21. A day to remember

22. Same picture

23. Justice served

24. Captain Jack Sparrow


25. Yes, dad


26. 10 million

27. Lost

28. This far

29. Jar of money

30. Right?

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Many excellent, original, and charismatic characters are associated with Johnny Depp.


Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Willy Wonka, Jack Sparrow... Sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow, and many more incarnations that, thanks to Depp's incredible talent, come to life and amaze the imagination of moviegoers and fans.


Name: John Christopher Depp II

Date of birth: June 9, 1963

Birthplace: Owensboro, Kentucky, USA

Citizenship: USA

Profession: actor, film director, film producer, musician

Career: 1984 - present

Best work: 52 films

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 78 kg


Marital status: divorced


As a talented actor and a creative person, Depp went through a thorny path, gaining fame and recognition. You can learn about his personal life, biography details, and creativity by reading exciting facts about the actor.



1. Birth

Johnny Depp was born in Kentucky on June 9, 1963, in the family of an engineer and a waitress.


2. Family

John Christoffer Depp and Betty Sue Palmer, the actor's parents, had four children. Johnny was the youngest.


3. Constant quarrels of parents and Native American roots

Johnny's family was not friendly and happy. His parents constantly quarreled, which negatively affected the boy's mental health.


He grew up under the influence of his grandfather, a hereditary Indian who resembled the Cherokee family, and his great-grandmother had roots in the Creek tribe.


4. Parents' divorce affected Depp's life

The actor's parents divorced when the boy was 12 years old. Mom married again to a successful writer, who significantly influenced the young man's creative life.



5. How he became a rebel

The family's move to Florida and the death of his grandfather seriously undermined the mental health of a teenager. He became addicted to smoking, began to have an early sexual life, and drank alcohol.


6. Scars are like a personal diary

Due to frequent emotional stress, the boy cut himself. He has many scars, about which he says this: “Like sailors getting a tattoo in memory of every significant event, sailing - I got a scar, in memory of events. This is my journal in life." Many such "marks" have remained on the actor's body.


7. First steps in music

After drinking, the teenager found himself in the musical element. He took part in the rock group "Kids." Wrote a song for the Angels.


8. They didn't take him back to school

At the age of 15, he decided to leave school for a career in rock music, but after a few months, he changed his mind. However, the school principal did not take the boy back, sending the young talent to conquer the stage.


9. Survived by odd jobs

He worked and moonlighted on various casual, spontaneous earnings to somehow live, arranging his musical career. At one time, he was even a salesman in a grocery store.


Read here How Amber Heard ruined Johnny Depp life



10. Significant meeting with Nicolas Cage

Everything changed in a young man's life after meeting Nicolas Cage, who was already an actor at that time and suggested that Depp leave his career as a musician to pursue a career as an actor.


11. Random role in A Nightmare on Elm Street

The actor got a role in the classic horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street, although he went to audition with his friend. The film not only became one of the best films with Depp but also allowed the young guy to “light up” in Hollywood.


12. The first steps in the cinema were complicated.

The beginning of a film career was difficult. Depp got episodic and minor roles; his candidacies were rejected at castings.


13. Actor substitution

In 1987, his acting career took a significant leap. He was invited to play a police officer in the popular serial film 21 Jump Street. He replaced the actor playing the main character - Jeff Yeager.


14. Burton's first film

Starting with the picture "Edward Scissorhands," Depp began to work closely with film director Tim Burton. They formed a natural, unique tandem.


And the film, by the way, became one of the best in Depp's career, and only “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” could get ahead of him in terms of rating.



15. More and more leading roles

Between 1993 and 2003, Depp starred in films such as Arizona Dream, Ed Wood, Last Moment, Dead Man, Don Juan de Marco, Donnie Brasco (with Al Pacino), "The Brave," "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," "Sleepy Hollow," "The Astronaut's Wife," "The Ninth Gate" and others.


16. Acquaintance with Paradis

In 1998, on the set of the 9th Gate tape, he met Vanessa Paradis, which significantly influenced his life.


17. Role in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean."

By 2003, many movie lovers knew about Depp, but after the role of Captain Jack Sparrow, everyone started talking about him.


Johnny received many nominations and awards for this role, including the Empire Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards and nominations for Oscar, Golden Globe, and others.


18. The actor owes his leading role in life to Keith Richards

On the set of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie in 2003, he told a magazine that Keith Richards was the inspiration for Jack Sparrow's character.


19. The role of Willy Wonka

After the role of a pirate, Depp had several successful roles in films: "Secret Window," "Libertine," "And Fairyland." For the part of James Matthew Barry, the actor again collected many nominations for best actor.


But the actor won another Empire Award for Best Actor for his work in the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Having worked out the image of Willy Wonka in a film about a chocolate factory, Depp admitted that he had a severe allergic reaction to chocolate products as a child.



20. Tourist

The subsequent surge in his career occurred in 2010 in the film The Tourist, where Depp's partner on the set was the beautiful Angelina Jolie.


"Tourist" brought high commercial profits and once again confirmed the status of an excellent actor. Johnny received several world-class awards for this role.


21. Continuation of the pirate saga

This was followed by work on new parts of "Pirates" and an important event in the actor's career - his production company, where he was an actor and developer, and his sister is president, released his first film, "The Rum Diary" based on the book of the same name by Thompson. The author of the book is a friend of Depp.


22. There were anti-prizes in his career

But in an actor's career, there were not only high awards. He was also awarded the Golden Raspberry Anti Prize twice.


The first time for the role of an Indian in the film "The Lone Ranger," and the second for the image of Mordecai in the comedy film of the same name. I would like to note that this did not affect his fees and demand.


23. Billion Dollar Actor

The actor has three films in his arsenal that brought the creators over a billion US dollars: two parts of Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland.



24. Fruitful tandem with Burton

Together with Tim Burton, Depp worked on seven films.


25. Modern musical career as an actor

In 2015, Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry formed the rock band Hollywood Vampires.


In the very beginning, the group was created to honor the memory and revive the spirit of the famous bar called "The Hollywood Vampires." At that time, the group focused mainly on performing covers. But after she had her songs.


In 2019, the Hollywood Vampires released a new album called "Rise," featuring brand new material. Covers are available but in smaller numbers.


In 2019, the band performed on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, performing a song from the new album. The band members held a small concert to reminisce about the old school of rock.


Personal life


26. Marriage to Laurie Ann Ellison

The actor entered his first marriage at the age of 20. She was the bass player's sister from the group where Depp performed before meeting Nicolas Cage. It was Lori who introduced the actor to Nicholas.


27. Jennifer Gray and Sherelyn Fenn

Two years later, the marriage with Lori broke up, but Johnny did not lose heart and married Jennifer Grey.


This marriage was not long, and soon he got engaged to a new beloved - Sherelyn Fenn. This union also did not last long.


28. Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder

During the filming of Edward Scissorhands, the actor met Winona Ryder. Such feelings captured him and inspired him for the first time; he made himself a tattoo "Vyonna forever."


After parting, this inscription turned into "Alcoholic forever." Officially, the relationship was not recorded.


29. Kate Moss

One actor's severe relationship with women has developed with supermodel Kate Moss. They lived together for four years, from 1994 to 1998. These were the first real and powerful love feelings, not the previous love.


Hooligan and rowdy Depp was twice handcuffed for disorderly conduct. The first time it happened was in 1994. After a big fight with Kate in a New York hotel, he trashed the room, causing $1,200 damage.


30. Depp and Vanessa Paradis

And in 1998, as the actor himself says, a meeting with Vanessa Paradis completely changed his life.


Then he was arrested for the second time. Now he has lashed out at the paparazzi chasing the actor on a date with Vanessa.


In union with Vanessa, Johnny had beautiful children: a daughter - Lily-Rose Melody Depp (born 1999), and in 2002 a son - John Jack Christopher Depp.


The family lived in Paris, in the homeland of Paradis.



31. Daughter's illness

In 2007, misfortune struck the family - little Lily became seriously ill. The problem was in the kidneys, and the girl spent a long time in the hospital.


After the baby fully recovered from her illness, Depp visited the hospital in a Jack Sparrow costume and entertained sick children for several hours. He later donated $2 million to this medical institution.


32. Divorce from Paradis

In 2012, the amorous Depp again wanted romantic adventures. Hiding and experiencing a break within the family for a long time, Vanessa Paradis and Depp announced their divorce and finally broke up.


33. Amber Heard

The reason for the gap was the young and charming Amber Heard, with whom the actor began an affair during the filming of The Rum Diary.


In 2013, the actor proposed to the girl, and a year later, the couple formalized the relationship.


2016 was a challenging year for him. Depp's mother died, and three days later, his wife announced her intention to divorce.


Depp and Heard divorced in early 2017, officially.


34. Relationship with Polina Glen

The actor's romance with Glen lasted almost a year. The girl moved into Depp's apartment in Los Angeles and continued to teach choreography lessons. After meeting for a while, the couple started talking about the wedding. Depp wanted to ask the parents of the Russian dancer to marry, but this did not happen.


Polina soon broke off relations with the actor, saying that his extraordinary popularity was to blame. At that time, there was a noisy divorce from Hurd, which took the actor a lot of time and energy. The girl did not like such close attention, which is why she fled to Russia.



35. Romance with Jolie

For the first time, Depp and Jolie started talking during the filming of The Tourist. The whole world held its breath in anticipation of any action from the stars, and the press had already begun to release various assumptions.


But the matter did not go beyond rumors. Other sources stated that there was no mutual understanding between the actors on the set. Jolie allegedly did not like Johnny's crumpled appearance.


Coincidentally, both celebrities divorced almost at the same time. Rumor has it that Angelina once helped the actor cope with bankruptcy after numerous court cases, but these data were not confirmed either.


Depp once said that Jolie is brilliant and profound, in addition to being impeccably beautiful.


36. Amber Heard Scandal

When the couple got married in 2015, after filming together in the film The Rum Diary, many of Depp's entourage were not happy about this news and advised him to start drafting a prenuptial agreement. But the actor was overwhelmed with love, and he did not consider this option.


Almost immediately, the scandalous disassembly of the couple began to seep into the network. Amber wrote that 1.5 years of marriage with Depp was a nightmare for her. According to the star, she was repeatedly abused by her husband.


Hurd began to provide evidence in the form of bruises, after which the actor's career cracked at the seams. Litigation dragged on, entailed a colossal waste of Depp's funds, and cast a shadow on his reputation.


But finally, the actor stood up for his defense, saying that he was a victim of violence. Johnny provided the court with dozens of videos showing inappropriate behavior and aggression of his ex-wife. Depp said that the actress regularly insulted him and beat him.


Later, a video from a psychologist appeared on the network, where Hurd confessed to throwing heavy objects at her husband, as a result of which he lost a piece of his finger. She said she often raised her hand to him.


On social networks, people massively came to the defense of Depp, demanding that Heard be punished for whitening the name and reputation of the actor.



37. Exes stood up for Depp

Vanessa Paradis, Johnny's ex-wife, officially announced that the actor was not involved in the violence against Amber. The actress is sure that Hurd's words are slander. Depp is kind, loving, and utterly incapable of violence.


Winona Ryder, who met with the actor, considers their relationship the most beautiful in her life.


Questions and answers


38. Does Depp have an Oscar?

Johnny Depp has never received an Oscar but was nominated three times for his roles in the films: "Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street," "Fairyland," and "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl."


39. Who voices Johnny Depp?

The Russian theater and film actor Alexander Bargman is not familiar to all movie lovers, but it is he who voices the actor Johnny Depp in the films.



40. How many children?

Two, Lily-Rose Melody Depp and John "Jack" Christopher Depp III.


Other facts


41. Scandalous nightclub

In 1992, The Viper Room opened in Los Angeles, a nightclub owned by Depp. On October 31 of the following year, the budding young musician and actor Phoenix River died of drug intoxication.


From that moment on, the club was closed every year on this day until Depp sold his share of the ownership.


42. Why did the homeless go to Depp's club?

As a club owner, he often handed out $50 and $100 to the homeless at the entrance.


43. He had to decide on the place of residence

The actor lived in two countries - either Paris or Los Angeles for a while. Soon the French authorities demanded the official registration of his stay and the payment of income taxes, after which Depp finally moved to the States.


44. Johnny Depp Tattoos

He has 13 tattoos on his body. Each has a symbolic meaning. For the most part, all images are devoted to the family - the mother's name, the daughter's profile, the symbolism of the son, and something from the Indian direction.


45. Attitude towards religion

The actor does not belong to religious fans and claims that the only thing you should believe in is your children. We need to move forward and think that everything will be fine.



46. ​​Sexiest

The actor was twice recognized as the sexiest man in 2003 and 2009.


47. Johnny Depp as the Joker

Recently there was information that Warner Bros is considering the candidacy of Depp as the Joker. Fans are thrilled and are already creating drawings of the actor as Batman's main antagonist.


The news has not been confirmed, but many hope that the rumor will be accurate.


48. Best kiss - with Javier Bardem

Ellen DeGeneres invited the actor to her program, where she asked him various questions, including provocative ones. For example, the actor admitted that the strangest place he had sex was the closed trunk of a car.


And Depp jokingly called the kiss with Javier Bardem the best in his life.


49. Best quotes

“You are what you do. You are your choice. The one you turn yourself into.”


“In London, in one of the hotels, an elderly woman asked my daughter, what does your dad do?. She replied, "He's a pirate!" “At that moment, I was proud of my daughter.”


“I don't want to reach a point where I feel satisfied. I think that if this happens, then everything will be over with me.”


“Something I've been pissed off lately. It would be necessary to act in porn.”


“Great lovelies in trust, joy from each other, respect for personal life, and professional choice.”


“People cry not because they are weak, but because they have been strong for too long.”


“Don't be afraid of enemies, be afraid of friends. Friends betray, not enemies!”



50. About housing

The man has long been one of the highest-paid Hollywood stars and managed to purchase expensive real estate. But he had to part with many objects due to high-profile courts related to divorce.


When selling a vast horse farm with a large house in Kentucky, the actor had already had to say goodbye to 5 residential properties, including three luxury Los Angeles apartments located in an elite building, a beautiful villa in France, and a small village.


Of the five apartments, there are still a couple left in the Art Deco building. The man also has a chic mansion located in the English county of Somerset. The house is about 150 years old; the actor lives there during filming in England.


There are five mansions in the Hollywood Hills, where a lot of money has been invested. The actor even thought about connecting them with underground tunnels.


51. Fees and fortune

Experts calculated the star's fees for all filming, deducing $ 650,000,000.


At the moment, the actor has almost nothing left. It is known that he spent about $ 2,000,000 monthly. About $ 30,000 was debited from the star's accounts for the purchase of wine and about $ 200,000 for flights.


Real estate was bought from a man for $ 75,000,000. He also acquired more than 200 works of art and 45 prestigious cars.


52. In 2018, he lost a lot of weight, shocking fans

When the actor visited Russia while touring with his band, fans were shocked by the actor's appearance. He looked skinny and sickly. And the fact that the man did not immediately explain his condition was generally regarded as a health problem.


But it soon became clear that the star starred in a film about a professor who learned about his fatal illness. It was for this that the actor had to change his appearance radically.


53. Prank on DiCaprio

In 1993, while filming What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Johnny persuaded a young Leonardo DiCaprio to sniff a rotten egg. When he did, Depp gave Leonardo $500.



54. No fingertip

In 2016, it became known that the actor cut off the tip of his finger due to a quarrel with Amber. Hurd's lawyers provided photos of the man's bloodied hand, talking about the scene of jealousy that the actor gave his wife. And after that, being in a furious state, he lost the tip of his finger with a knife.


At that time, the actress starred with Billy Bob Thornton. It was he who caused the scandal. It was reported that after the incident, Johnny took the severed finger and, painted it on the mirror, dipped it in paint.


However, it was later revealed that the man did not cause physical harm to himself. Heard threw a bottle of vodka at him, causing it to shatter and severely injure the actor's finger, nearly cutting it off. Depp needed the help of doctors. This happened already in the first month after the wedding.


55. Filming in commercials

Depp starred in commercials. For example, the last one was for Dior.


56. Sacrificed teeth for a role

For the role of Jack Sparrow, the actor had to wear gold crowns on his teeth. They say that he decided to make this addition to the image.


At first, it was difficult for him morally, and it was quite problematic to remove the crowns, so he had to walk with them even during breaks. But soon, Depp got used to them, and he even began to like them.


57. Drug problems that nearly cost an actor his career

Depp has repeatedly had issues with the law on the background of the use of alcohol and drugs. The actor was suspected of selling illegal drugs through his nightclub. However, the star has not been formally charged.


The film City of Lies shooting, where Depp played one of the leading roles, was postponed. The reason for this was the hard reputation of the star.


The location manager stated that the actor was in a state of intoxication after filming. On his part, insults came from the manager, and after that, he completely hit him in the ribs. A lawsuit was filed against the actor.



58. Love for rings

The actor has been wearing rings stylized as a human skull for a long time. This somewhat frightening decoration contains a detailed history.


Masons wore skull rings, and in Victorian times, such jewelry reminded us of the frailty of existence. The ring is visible in Depp's pictures for Premiere Magazine.


59. Vision problems

The star's vision began to deteriorate in childhood. At the moment, the actor admitted that he was almost blind in his left eye and the right one sees, but poorly. Depp constantly wears special glasses so that vision problems do not interfere with his career.


Although the actor is not easily given the role of characters without glasses, he willingly agrees to them. The man declares that he will not stop filming as long as there is strength and a creative fuse.


60. Bankruptcy and courts

The actor has almost no earnings earned throughout his career for $ 650,000,000.


He claims that the TMG company is blamed for his financial condition. The man sued, arguing that TMG did not inform him about his financial situation.


Depp admitted that he trusted this company and did not understand the signed documents. The actor does not rule out that TMG could even forge his signature.


In addition, the star spent millions of dollars on the services of many lawyers who pulled him out of a vast number of different cases.


61. Johnny Depp now

At the moment, the Disney production company is seeking the return of the star in the image of Jack Sparrow. Before that, Depp was fired due to scandals with his ex-wife.


Whether the eccentric pirate will become the franchise's main character is unclear. Perhaps in the future, Sparrow will be a minor character.


The actor continues legal proceedings with Amber. If the court proves that the actress faked domestic violence against her, she could face up to 3 years in prison.


Now many people notice changes in the actor. There is a feeling that he dropped a dozen years. Johnny appears friendly, returns to the red carpet, and goes to court to repair his damaged reputation.



Quick Facts


62. Depp was friends with the famous actor Marlon Brando and was his fan. Brando, in turn, called Johnny, the best actor of his generation.


63. In 2003, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter had a son, Billy Raymond Burton. Depp became the boy's godfather.


64. In 1999, Johnny Depp's star appeared on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


65. In 2012, Johnny Depp entered the Guinness Book of Records as the highest-paid actor, earning $75 million in a year.


66. In 2015, Forbes named Johnny Depp the most overrated actor of the year, as for every dollar invested in the actor's fee, film companies were able to earn only 1.2 dollars.


67. In 2012, Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman starred in Paul McCartney's new video for the song My Valentine from the Kisses On The Bottom album. After that, the actor appeared in two more McCartney videos: Queenie Eye (2013) and Early Days (2014).


68. He Spent $3 million shooting the ashes of his friend Hunter Thompson from a cannon. Hunter Thompson shot himself in 2005, and the shooting was his request.


69. Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell, who played his last role for Heath Ledger, refused money in favor of the late actor's daughter, Matilda.


70. I Started smoking at age 12.


71. Collects stuffed animals and clowns. All these are his fears, which he decided to overcome with the help of collecting.


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