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The virtual currency Dogecoin reached a record level this week and has a capitalization of 86 billion dollars, surpassing world-renowned companies. However, its co-founder, Billy Marcus, is far from one of the rich in the world.

Billy Marcus, 38, now works as a programmer for an education company. He revealed that he sold all his virtual coins in 2015 and used the profits to buy a second-hand Honda Civic.

He now says he's surprised to see the huge value of Dogecoin, which has reached a higher market capitalization than Honda.

The Dogecoin virtual currency was launched in 2013, being an allusion to Bitcoin and the "Doge" meme, two of the most popular items on the internet that year. The company's logo is composed of a gold coin, similar to Bitcoin, on which appears the head of a Shiba Inu dog.

Dogecoin was successful and the market value of the company exceeded 100 million dollars in the year of launch, but later decreased, in 2014 being worth only a third of that amount.

A year later, in a financial stalemate after losing his job, Marcus sold all the coins. He did not know then what wealth might bring him six years later.

However, Billy Marcus says that he still has a few cryptocurrencies, which he does not intend to give up, just so as not to repeat the mistake of 2015.

While automaker Honda Motor has a market capitalization of $ 54.52 billion in 2021, Doge has overtaken the company with a market capitalization of $ 86 billion.

Dogecoin also surpassed Ford Motor Company, which has a market capitalization of $ 45.6 billion, and even defeated the social media giant Twitter, which has a market capitalization of $ 43.6 billion.

Doge is considered a resounding success, and accelerated growth seems to be just beginning. In fact, the cryptocurrency began to grow, especially after billionaire Elon Musk posted several messages on Twitter about it.

Dogecoin hit $ 0.69 on May 5, 2021 and is trying to reach its first $ 1 target. Doge has risen 60 percent in just two days, and investors hope to cross the $ 1 threshold on May 8, 2021.

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3 years ago
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On Sunday, the head of Tesla and SpaceX published several more posts about the comic digital currency. It temporarily hit the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization.

Last weekend, Elon Musk tweeted several posts about the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. This led to a twofold increase in its quotations - from $ 0.043 to $ 0.087. The value of the coin was approaching the all-time high set on January 29, also against the background of previous posts by the head of Tesla and SpaceX.

On February 6, Musk published a poll in which he jokingly asked about the future currency of the Earth. 2.4 million people took part in the vote, 71.3% of whom chose the answer "Dogecoin to the moon", while 28.7% - "All other cryptocurrencies together."

The next day, the entrepreneur published a picture with the Doge cryptocurrency symbol - a Shiba Inu dog. A few hours later, Musk wrote a line from the song “Who let the Doge out? (Who released the dogs - English) ".

Against the background of the latest wave of growth in value, Dogecoin has risen to the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization. According to Coinmarketcap, the project has a market valuation of $ 9.1 billion as of February 8.

Dogecoin cryptocurrency was created in 2014 as a joke. Its symbol is the Internet meme "Doge". In 2017, altcoin quotes increased by 50,000%. In 2021 interenet explodes with memes about it, Bemorepanda collected them all.

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The head of Tesla, Elon Musk, opened another discussion on Twitter, in which he explained to his readers why Tesla stopped accepting bitcoin, and what, in his opinion, Dogecoin should be in order to become the currency of the world.

Elon Musk, a former bitcoin supporter, changed his mind and informed the public about the shortcomings of the first cryptocurrency. Musk questioned the decentralization of the currency, and recalled the recent drop in the hash rate, which happened due to the power outage in China.

This happened on April 10, when in China a huge number of mining farms were temporarily out of order, transactions in the blockchain system became slower, and the BTC rate decreased by 10% because of this.

“Bitcoin is actually very centralized and the vast majority are controlled by a handful of large mining companies,” Elon Musk wrote in response to a tweet claiming Dogecoin is highly centralized. “The only coal mine in Xinjiang is flooded, almost killing miners, and the hash rate of the bitcoin network has dropped by 35%. Does that sound “decentralized” to you? ”He added.

These two months have been very dynamic for the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin in April rose to its maximum of $ 64,829, but after numerous speeches by the billionaire, it has already managed to fall to $ 42,000, and in just a week, the value of Bitcoin fell by 20%.

Much attention was drawn to Musk's response to SNL when he was asked to comment on a tweet that said investors would bite their nails when Musk sells his bitcoin assets in the next quarter. Elon Musk answered ambiguously: "Without a doubt." Musk later made it clear that Tesla had no plans to sell bitcoin, but the BTC rate had already fallen by more than 10% during this time.

The billionaire said last week that Tesla would stop accepting bitcoin as a form of payment because bitcoin mining is energy-intensive and therefore harmful to the environment. Tesla will only consider cryptocurrencies more than 100 times greener than bitcoins.

Dogecoin is more environmentally friendly than bitcoins, because, unlike bitcoin, it does not have a coin emission limit, which makes Dogecoin mining less energy-intensive. It also makes the currency more convenient for replacing fiat money, because in the long term, the value of one coin will not rise much.

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The world's most famous hacker group, Anonymous, posted a video message to the popular billionaire Elon Musk and warned him about the start of the war. Hackers did not like the influence of Elon Musk on cryptocurrency rates. Does it really affect them or is it just a beautiful advertisement?

Remember those beautiful days when Bitcoin was worth almost $ 60 thousand per piece? They were only recently, and then Elon Musk loved the "cue ball" very much and praised it in every second message on Twitter.

Then Elon Musk read several of our materials on global warming and suddenly became concerned about the carbon footprint left by the "mining" of cryptocurrency on the body of the planet. According to Musk, "mining" bitcoin is monstrously harmful and coal-fired power plants, which smoke the sky over half of China, burn thousands of tons of fossil fuels just for the sake of "ones and ones", whose value is highly questionable.

Elon Musk's crypto tweets have 'destroyed lives,' says video purportedly  from Anonymous - MarketWatch

Surprisingly, Elon Musk never once worried about the environmental damage caused by the flamethrowers he made, or about the damage to nature caused by the manufacture of huge batteries for his Tesla electric vehicles. And the fact that Tesla batteries are also charged not from the sun or wind, but also thanks to coal-fired power plants, Elon Musk also seemed to have never thought.

Although, most likely, this is not the case. The fact is that Elon Musk assessed the level of his influence on cryptocurrency rates and decided to try to manipulate this rate.

For many years, Elon Musk had nothing against cryptocurrencies, and even those Tesla, if anyone wanted, he easily sold for "cue balls", thus multiplying the harm to the planet twice, first on the scale that was required to produce the required amount of "crypto", and then on the scale it took to produce one Tesla car.

Only in early February, Musk said that he was interested in selling Tesla for bitcoins, and the rate of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world immediately jumped to as much as 47 thousand dollars per unit. Then the rise in the currency rate continued and reached almost 60 thousand, when suddenly Elon Musk felt remorse and in May announced that Tesla was refusing to sell cars for bitcoin due to the fact that too much heat and carbon dioxide were released during its production.

Elon Musk on his success: 'America is the land of opportunity'

It would seem that mining any cryptocurrency, especially since most of them are tied to the bitcoin rate, just as ordinary currencies are tied to the dollar rate, affects the environmental situation in the world. This means that before mining "digital gold", you need to worry about the environmental friendliness of this field, but Musk was not embarrassed, and he said that he believed in the Ethereum cryptocurrency much more than in Bitcoin.

The father of the "ether" is not some anonymous group, but a very real guy from a family of Russian emigrants - Vitalik Buterin.

Buterin was noticed in Russia even before Elon Musk. In 2017, Buterin even spoke at SPIEF-17 and talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin, discussing the prospects for using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in real business.

So, even in winter, Elon Musk completely trusts the classic cryptocurrency, and already in May, together with Vitalik Buterin, they begin to hammer the first nails into the coffin of the "cue ball". Tony Stark of American business and the Russian cryptocurrency genius almost simultaneously declare that the special "meme" (humorous, made for fun) cryptocurrency Dogecoin is much better and more useful than Bitcoin. Buterin uses this currency to help India fight the coronavirus, and Elon Musk claims on Twitter that he likes this currency the most.

Elon Musk says He Hasn't Sold any of his Bitcoins - NapBots

Will hackers win Elon Musk?

Cybersecurity experts are confident that Musk and his security services have calculated all the risks and are ready to confront the main hacker group on the planet.

Moreover, the hackers did not threaten Ilona with hacking the security systems of his enterprises, but said that they would not allow the billionaire to profit from ordinary people. Their complaint against Musk is formulated very shortly: "While you are playing with the exchange rate, ordinary people, who did not have parents who own gem mines in Africa, are trying to make at least something." Then Anonimus representatives declare that in their person the American genius and philanthropist has found a worthy opponent.

Another thing is that the jumps in the rate of cryptocurrencies were not preceded by Musk's tweets at all, but by global changes in the market. It's just that Musk, being, in fact, the owner of many insights from various markets, with the help of tweets, highlighted the upcoming changes.

Elon Musk Strikes Again: New Tweets Send Bitcoin Crashing | IE

For outside observers, which are millions of Elon Musk's subscribers, his messages seemed to be the starting point of the cryptocurrency rate change, while Musk simply warned of upcoming events, skillfully inscribing his messages on Twitter to the start of the fall or rise in bitcoin. Thus, the readers had the feeling that it was Musk who brought down one or another cryptocurrency into the abyss or lifted it to a pedestal.

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