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@2443_panda_8800 This is the best video eveeeer!

Users are massively complaining about problems accessing Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

 The feed is not refreshed, messages are not loaded. According to DownDetector data, the error is observed all over the world. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp crashed tonight. 

 Instagram users do not have an application (51%), a website (29%). WhatsApp users complain about non-sending messages, difficulties connecting to the server. Facebook is having problems with the website.

 Problems are reported by users around the world.

Bemorepanda decided to collect some memes, so to laugh together.

1.Everyone be like

2.The end is near

3.You’re down

4.Sad life

5.Instagram is down

6.Let me in

7.This is everybody

8.One day


10.The Boss

11.Log in on instagram 

12.What to do

13.My time now


15.Hello there

16.Whatsapp down


18.Why so sad

19.Calm down

20.Making memes

21.So dangerous 

22.A lifetime


24.Let’s cry

25.Behind the scene

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@2443_panda_8800 Who needs Facebook anyway?

We often feel depressed and tired, even if we do the work with pleasure, these conditions can occur. And depression and anxiety are the source of chronic fatigue. If you are a public figure, that does not mean that you will not have mental problems. The beautiful singer Selena Gomez revealed how she quickly gets on her feet when she is not in her waters and what this means for her mental health.  

The artist applies a simple and effective method when she is not feeling well or is tired.

"A nap is the best method, it will never fail. I take a break and take a nap when I feel a little sick, because then I can start it with energy again ", said Selena Gomez.

The 29-year-old singer and actress spoke openly several times about the mental problems she faced. Her brand, Rare Beauty, and "Selena Sundae" are now available on Serendipity3, the platform in which she invested, and part of the proceeds are donated to the fund "Rare Impact". This is a background on a too personal theme of Selena. It is made in order to help people who are facing problems.

"Beyond everything I've done in my career, I can't be more proud than I am of this background. It is very important to see everyone's reactions and how interested people are in their mental health ", the star added.


The artist launched this fund last year, on its 28th anniversary, with the ambitious goal of raising $ 100 million over the next ten years in support of connecting people in disadvantaged communities who need mental health care.


"Mental health is personal to me. Learning how to manage my own mental health has not always been easy, but it is something I work on constantly, " Selena wrote in the description of the" Rare Impact "website.

The star suffered a lot from anxiety, it is said that he got rid of it after giving up social networks. Knowing what this means, he understands perfectly the people who suffer as well.

"Mental health is part of my daily life and I know many people who think the same way. I am very grateful that I was able to do something important ", she added.

Looking to the next generation, which includes her younger sister, Gracie, eight years old, Selena Gomez says she wants her to understand the important message of caring for yourself.

"The only thing I want from my sister is to be strong. I always tell her she's smart and beautiful. I talk to her like she's an adult and I try to be her best example. But I'm also honest with her about mistakes. I just want to be the best sister for her ", the star confessed.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologized on Wednesday and admitted to appearing at a party in the garden of the Government House on Downing Street - in the middle of quarantine - but claims that he thought then, "implicitly" that he was it's about a working meeting.

Boris Johnson apologized for attending a "everyone's own drink" gathering at his official residence during the first quarantine during the pandemic. Opposition groups called for him to resign, according to Reuters.

Johnson first admitted to attending the Downing Street party on May 20, 2020, when social gatherings were kept to a minimum, and said he understood the anger caused by the information.

"I know the anger they feel for me about the government they lead when they think that even in Downing Street the rules are not followed properly by the people who make the rules," Johnson said bluntly.

Johnson, who won the 2019 election with a promise to secure Britain's exit from the EU, said he regretted his action and thought the meeting was a work-related event.

"I went to that garden shortly after six o'clock on May 20, 2020 to thank a group of staff members before returning to my office 25 minutes later to continue my work," he said. "Looking back, I should have sent them all back inside."

Opposition lawmakers have said Johnson should resign. In addition, some members of his party, the Conservative Party, have said he should step down if he is found to have violated strict laws introduced by the government to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes.

1.I am at party

2.It was a party

3.Work event

"His defense of not knowing it was a party is so ridiculous that it insults British public opinion," Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer said on Wednesday, accusing Johnson of lying and demanding his resignation. AFP.

Two short opinion polls showed on Tuesday that more than half of British respondents believe Johnson should resign.

The British Prime Minister risks being the target of a police investigation into a "garden party" on Downing Street in May 2020, in complete isolation.

According to several media reports, this party was held in the garden on Downing Street on May 20, 2020, in the presence of the 57-year-old Conservative leader and his wife Carrie, at a time when social interactions were limited. drastic.

Police confirmed on Monday that they were "in contact" with the government in connection with the case, which could be the subject of an investigation for health violations.

In May 2020, people in the UK could only meet one person outside the home, in a public place, outside and provided they kept a distance of two meters.

In addition, most students could not go to school, and bars and restaurants were also closed.

Boris Johnson's private secretary, Martin Reynolds, sent an e-mail to a hundred people in May 2020, inviting them, "after an incredibly busy period," to "take advantage of the good weather" for a reception "with social distancing ”in the Downing Street Garden.

"Let's meet from 6:00 pm and come with your own drink," the message concluded.

4.Boris didn’t realise

5.Someone gave me a drink

6.Double check

7.Work event

Boris Johnson told Parliament he believed the incident complied with health regulations in force at the time. He took responsibility for his "mistakes."

Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer immediately called on Boris Johnson to resign.

"Will he have the decency to resign now?" He asked.

Keir Starmer accuses Boris Johnson of "lying like a toothpick."

How Boris Johnson apologizes: I thought it was a work event, I didn't realize it

"I should have realized that millions of people could see things differently. I would like to apologize. I know millions of people across the country have made extraordinary sacrifices in the last 18 months. I know the pain they went through, not being able to mourn their relatives, living their lives the way they want to, or doing the things they love. And I know how angry they are with me and the government I lead, when I think that in Downing Street the rules are not followed by those who make the rules (...) And, although I can't anticipate the conclusions of the investigation in at present, (...) I have to take responsibility. The prime minister's office is a large department, with the garden as an extension of the office. When I entered that garden immediately after 6:00 pm on May 20, 2020, to thank the staff, I thought it was a work event. (...) After 25 minutes I returned to the office to continue my work (...) Looking back, I should have sent them all inside. I should have thanked them in another way. And I should have admitted (...) Millions of people would see things differently (...) People who have suffered terribly, who were forbidden to see their loved ones, family, inside or outside. I also sincerely apologize to them and to this House of Representatives, "Boris Johnson said during a parliamentary session of questions to the Prime Minister.

8.Work at party

9.Embarassing pictures


The opposition demands the resignation of the prime minister. Trying to settle the allegations, Boris Johnson called for a special commission to investigate the parties referred to by the press. May 20, 2020 is not the only one.

Explanations are required in the House of Commons. And there were emotional moments during the debates. A Member of Parliament for Northern Ireland began to weep; and he remembered his mother-in-law, who had died alone of COVID on a hospital bed.

Jim Shannon, Member of Parliament for Northern Ireland: "In our country, in Northern Ireland, 3,000 people have died,

3,000 people who obeyed the rules, including my mother-in-law, who died alone. Will anyone give an account, will we find out the results of the investigation? I apologize."

11.Boris in the garden

12.Go to party by mistake

13.Just off at work event

Johnson became the 14th Prime Minister of Queen Elizabeth II since her accession to the throne in 1952, the first being Winston Churchill.

Like his predecessor, Johnson did not become head of government in a parliamentary election, but replaced May when she resigned over the failure to pass Parliament's negotiated agreement with EU leaders on Brexit. .

Now, Prime Minister Johnson will have to implement his promise to implement Brexit on October 31, even without an agreement, in the face of questionable support in the House of Commons.

Johnson was born in New York at the age of 55 and has dual British and American citizenship. His paternal great-grandfather, Ali Kemal, was the last minister of the interior of the Ottoman Empire, and his maternal line has ancestral rabbis from Lithuania.

Johnson received an elite education, being a student at Eton College and then a student at Oxford University, Balliol College where he earned a degree in classical studies, Latin and ancient Greek.



16.Own party

17.Party time

18.Just seconds

19.Work do

20.Crazy work event

21.A true story

22.What a great work event

23.Work event

24.Going crazy


26.Tuff babe

27. 25 minutes at the party

28.Vocal public

29.So sad

30.Boozy party

31.Greatest work event

32.Cinema work scene

33.That's right

34.Believe me

35.Downing street

36.Try not to believe

37.Johnson party

38.Good argument

39.Is that a work event?

40.All been there

41.Party hard


43.Just believe us

44.Crying a little bit

45.What’s going on here?

46.Something went wrong

47.Big political event

48.So much fun


50.Cut off

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@Emily White Please bring your own boose 😂😂

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are an effective way to save and share HTML documents while preserving their original layout and content. Using a suitable HTML to PDFconversionlibrary ensures that the file keeps its exact layout and content, regardless of the software, operating system, or device it's viewed on. Moreover, PDFs are versatile, supporting a wide range of content types like vector graphics, audio, animations, interactive fields, buttons, hyperlinks, and even 3D models. This versatility makes PDFs a popular choice for creating portfolios, reports, and presentations.

But how do you generate a PDF file on the web server side? Besides using an HTML-to-PDF converter, you will need Node.js on the web server.

About Node.js

Node.js is a free, open-source server environment that can run on various platforms, including Mac OS X, Unix, Windows, and Linux. It relies on JavaScript on a server to open a file and return its content to the client. One of its benefits is eliminating wait times, as it can proceed with the next request. Plus, it runs memory-efficient non-blocking and single-threaded asynchronous programming.

Using Node.js

Having a comprehensive HTML to PDF library simplifies downloading web pages and online invoices into a more portable format. In addition, it helps to create and download a PDF in NodeJS. Here’s how:

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·      With a new project, make a new folder called pdf make

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·      Add the code in the index.js file to create the PDF file.

Why Node.js?

Node.js is a versatile solution that can do the following:

·      Create dynamic page content

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