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A good primer should smooth out skin imperfections on the face and keep the make-up in perfect condition for as long as possible. We have collected the most effective makeup bases - read and choose the one that is right for you.

Facial primers are a controversial product. Today there are a huge number of them on the market and it is not so easy to find a quality makeup base. It is not always clear whether it is needed at all. Let's try to figure it out, and at the same time, we will tell you about those basics for makeup, which, in our opinion, are worth paying attention to.

What is a makeup base?

Primers solve several problems at once:

  • Mask imperfections, age spots, uneven tone.
  • Makes skin texture smoother.
  • Improve the properties of tonal products and increase the durability of makeup.
  • A primer cannot replace either foundation or skin care creams, it has a narrow, limited functionality. The basis for makeup does not have to be in a woman's cosmetic bag. However, you can’t do without it if you need impeccable and persistent make-up.

It is important to know that many makeup bases necessarily contain silicones, so due to frequent use, skin pores can become clogged, which will provoke rashes on the face. To prevent this from happening, thoroughly cleanse your skin every evening and, if possible, use a make-up base, not every day.

How to choose a primer according to skin type?

Today, the beauty industry offers a large selection of makeup bases. You need to choose those products that are most suitable for the type and color of the skin.

Normal skin

For normal skin types, a brightening make-up base with sunscreen is ideal. A primer with reflective particles is also suitable.

Dry skin

For dry skin types, it is recommended to use light moisturizing makeup bases with a creamy or oily consistency. To give the face visual moisture, use a product with a shimmer.

Oily skin

For oily skin types, a make-up base is best suited to mattify and mask pores. It will control the appearance of oily sheen throughout the day. The primer can be either water-based or silicone-based. If the skin has inflammation and redness, use a base with a green tint.

Combination skin

For combination skin, you can take a mattifying makeup base and apply it only to problem areas. On other "dry" areas, use a moisturizing primer.

Sensitive skin

For sensitive skin, you will need a makeup base, with the function of protecting against toxins, toxins, and negative environmental factors. Look for fragrance-free products. If redness and inflammation often appear on the skin, choose a color-correcting primer with a green pigment.

Is there a difference between budget and luxury makeup bases?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer here. Choosing a good makeup base requires personal experience. The most important thing in any cosmetic product is how it suits your skin. Hence the relativity of rankings - what has become a panacea for a thousand lucky ones, for you may turn out to be a waste of money.

When choosing a primer, pay attention to the following:

  • how effectively it evens out the complexion, hides skin imperfections;
  • how long does it keep makeup in perfect condition;
  • what type of skin is suitable for.

To make it easier for you to navigate, we have compiled a list of 19 good makeup bases, one of which is potentially suitable for you.

Face Primer Urban Defense Complexion Primer SPF 30, Urban Decay

It is a pleasure to apply it on the skin: the delicate gel texture does not leave any stickiness or film feeling! And the composition itself makes the skin smooth and prepares for the application of foundation, minimizing bumps and pores. You can be calm about the skin, especially in spring and summer: with this primer, care and sun protection are provided.

The basis for the perfect complexion Le Blanc de Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base, Chanel

This makeup base is indispensable for creating a flawless look, because it is suitable for any skin tone, hiding visible imperfections and gently illuminating the face. In addition, the product contains caring elements (witch hazel extract, licorice extract and a moisturizing complex) that help preserve the beauty of the skin.

Multifunctional primer Naked Face Balancing Primer, Holika Holika

This tool pleases even externally: inside the bottle there are capsules of three different shades, which, mixing when the dispenser is pressed, give a base that adapts to skin color. The mixture is dense enough to even out the microrelief of the face and last for several hours. Another plus is that you will need significantly less foundation, because the primer provides the necessary undertone.

Cellular Performance Glow Makeup Base Brightening Make-Up Base, Sensai

This base immediately deeply moisturizes, smoothes and brightens the skin, giving firmness and radiance - so that wrinkles and unevenness become less noticeable. A special complex of apricot essence, OH-neutralizer, hyaluronate and collagen stimulators helps the base to fight the first signs of aging. They prevent loss of tone and neutralize pigmentation.

Pore-covering makeup base Master Prime, Maybelline New York

This primer from Maybelline perfectly evens out the texture of the skin, giving it a delicate glow. And at the same time pleases with a very affordable price!

Waterproof face primer You better work! Gym-proof Primer Essence

Thanks to its special waterproof formula, this primer not only hides skin imperfections, but also prevents makeup from "floating" from sweat or heat - ideal for holidays or active workouts, if it is important for you to look "on parade". Bonus: UV filter with SPF 20.

Leveling face primer Prime and Fine Pore Refining Anti-Shine Base, Catrice

The lightweight texture of this primer ensures perfect pairing with any foundation and extra hold. No unwanted shine and enlarged pores!

Makeup base, concealing redness, Base Full HD 16 hours, Eveline

Worried about redness, vascular network and manifestations of rosacea? Then you need the Full HD Base 16 hours from Eveline - the perfect camouflage tool. By the way, she also mattes.

Makeup base Prisme Primer Color Correcting, Givenchy

This makeup base has a light, velvety texture, easy to apply and blends well. The coating is quite dense without the "mask effect". Moreover, this primer not only masks imperfections (it is especially good at fighting dark circles around the eyes), but also gives the skin elasticity over and over again due to vegetative

x extracts in the composition.

Face primer with reflective particles Perfect Glow Primer, Thalgo

Marine spring water and verbena extract, together with reflective particles and color-correcting pigment, give a stunning effect. Firstly, the caring ingredients really take care of the skin - and its natural color evens out over and over again. Secondly, the tone becomes radiant, as if glowing from within.

Primer for flawless skin Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener, Jane Iredale

A sheer, mineral-based soft pink, this primer is virtually invisible on the skin, but that doesn't stop it from effectively tightening pores, unifying skin texture, and giving it a luxurious matte finish. In addition, the formula of the product is enriched with plant components that have an anti-aging effect. Namely - extracts of grapefruit, apple, green and white tea, algae and olive leaves.

Prelude in the Clouds Aqua Base, Rouge Bunny Rouge

This moisturizing foundation is 70% water and literally hydrates the skin for the whole day. Ideal as a make-up base! It contains extracts of sea buckthorn and Florentine iris root, bisabolol and vitamins A and E. With regular use, you will notice that your skin has become softer and more elastic, and inflammation and irritation have decreased.

Face primer Encre de Peau All Hours Primer, YSL Beauty

This base makes it easier to apply the foundation, makes it last longer and helps to keep the matte finish until the evening. Instant perfection for the whole day!

Mattifying base for makeup, masking pores Instant Poreless Pore-Blurring Matifying Primer, Clarins

Despite its light texture, Instant Poreless mattifying base erases pores like an eraser! Thanks to the universal shade, this tool can be used as a base for makeup, or solo. In any case, you are guaranteed perfectly smooth porcelain skin.

Makeup base Photo Finish Foundation Primer, Smashbox

With this primer, you don't need Photoshop or Facetune, because it not only prolongs the durability of makeup, but also visually fills pores and wrinkles, evening out skin texture and tone.

Leveling and illuminating makeup base Radiant Boost Face Base, Kiko Milano

This base visibly improves and refreshes the complexion due to its delicate pinkish tint. The lightweight formula helps the product absorb quickly, smoothing imperfections and giving the skin a slight shimmer.

Makeup base UV Master Primer, Giorgio Armani

Ideal if you are concerned about enlarged pores and uneven skin texture in general. The base will smooth out unevenness and give a soft natural glow, as if you just returned from vacation. Speaking of vacations, this foundation will also come in handy there, because it contains UVA and UVB filters that provide sun protection with an SPF 40 factor.

Aqua-fluid for the face Moisture Genius, L'Oreal

Innovations on guard of your beauty! This product, enriched with aloe juice and hyaluronic acid, immediately turns into a liquid upon contact with the skin and is instantly absorbed, moisturizing the skin, normalizing the hydro-lipid balance and preventing the appearance of oily sheen. Amazing combination of moisturizer and primer!

Moisturizing cream primer for face Hydro Priming Cream InBetween, Blithe

This tool is not just a primer, but a complete care that is suitable for both morning and evening use. Thanks to its elastic formula, this cream is suitable for any skin type, effectively smoothing its texture, correcting tone and mattifying. Bonus: nice lavender scent.

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Dry shampoo power 🤣

4 years ago
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We will not deny: there is no smell more pleasant than clean, fresh linen or clothes. But this does not mean that you need to arrange laundry every day. After all, if you wash your clothes after only wearing them once, they will lose their original look faster.


If you have a dryer, you may never have thought about the fact that the lint you remove from the lint compartment is tiny bits of fabric from your clothes. The other part is washed off in the washing machine. Thus, the less often you wash your clothes, the longer they will last you.


About the frequency of washing and the factors that affect it


So what is the right way to wash clothes? The frequency depends on many factors. For example, how often you shower, how much you sweat, how many hours you wear clothes. We must not forget about the weather and time of year.


Below you will find a quick guide that tells you how often to wash a certain category of clothing. If you're in doubt about whether to put an item in the washing machine, do a mini-research of how it looks, how it feels and, most importantly, how it smells. It is possible that the product will wait for the next wash.


How often to wash clothes: a quick guide


Underwear and socks - after each use. So stock up on everything, but more. No need to turn your underwear inside out for reuse - that's not how it works. And if you run out of clean clothes and don't have time for a big wash, wash your underwear by hand and leave to dry overnight.


Sportswear - after each use. Sports uniform absorbs sebaceous secretions and sweat. In addition, bacteria multiply on it, which is why an unpleasant odor arises.


Jeans - after every 6 socks or every six months (if you rarely wear them). It all depends on the smell. If it is not there, then the jeans do not need to be washed. Maybe months without washing!


Research shows that jeans can go without washing without the growth of harmful bacteria, even after 300 wears. Just remove individual stains without washing the entire product. So it will serve you much longer, because everyone knows that washing spoils even the most expensive denim.



And when the time comes, don't forget to turn your jeans inside out and wash them in cold water at low speed.


Pants and shorts - every 2-4 socks. Pants don't hide dirt as well as denim. And besides, it absorbs more sweat and sebum. So regular washing will not be superfluous.


Shirts and sweaters - after 1-3 socks. The frequency of washing depends on the weather, how close the product fits the body and how long you wear it. After you take off your clothes, smell the underarm area. If there is no smell, hang a shirt on a coat hanger and a sweater on the back of a chair to air the products.


Pajamas - after 1-3 socks. It all depends on how much you sweat at night. And yes, each of us sweats in a dream. And much more than we can imagine - on average, the body removes about a liter of fluid per night.


Washing (and drying) cashmere at home: step by step instructions.


Cashmere is a natural, pleasant to the touch and warm fabric. Things made from this fiber are very much appreciated. However, such products are capricious to wear and require special care. Even a slight deviation from the manufacturer's instructions can lead to irreversible consequences.


Which is better - wash cashmere by hand or dry clean?


First of all, it depends on the specific clothing. Some cashmere items can be washed by hand, while others are best dry-cleaned.


To determine which washing method to choose, you need to read the care label and follow its instructions. If it says “dry clean only”, then it is better to entrust the products to professionals and take them to dry cleaning. If the label says “hand wash” (or even “machine wash”), then you can safely heed this recommendation. Cleaning at home is the best way for both the environment and the family budget.


Cashmere has a delicate texture because it is a natural fiber obtained from goat hair. Therefore, it requires special care. Even sweaters made from his blends must be carefully monitored during washing.


The fact is that cashmere fibers can stretch or shrink due to improper washing. As a result, the thing will be damaged, and something will not be able to be fixed. But if you know how to wash cashmere correctly, problems such as shrinkage, stretching, detergent buildup and pilling will never occur.


Can I use the washing machine to wash cashmere?

Can only be used if the care label says "machine wash".


However, you should not just load the cashmere product with the rest of the laundry, while turning on the normal mode. This fabric requires special cleaning. Experts recommend washing cashmere in a mesh clothing bag in cold water on the most delicate setting without spinning.


However, if the washing machine is not equipped with these functions, then it is not worth the risk, instead it is better to wash the product by hand.


Why is special treatment so important? Hot water and excessive spinning can cause clothing to shrink and wrinkle.


You can wash cashmere in the washing machine, but you should not dry it in it, as high temperatures can change the shape of the cashmere.


How often should I wash cashmere?

Experts recommend washing cashmere after about five wearings. If the product is still pleasant to the touch and smells fresh, then you can continue to wear it.


On the other hand, there is such a thing as excessive washing. This process leads to the formation of pellets and a reduction in service life. Frequent dry cleaning can cause discoloration and can also turn cashmere into a hard and scratchy product.


Although the fibers are extremely delicate, they also usually keep moisture from building up on the body. This means that any skin secretions that are absorbed by the cashmere dry quickly and do not settle on the fabric, reducing the risk of unpleasant odors.


How to wash cashmere by hand?

Cashmere is not a very durable material. It's all about its airy and silky texture. Based on its characteristics, the fibers require special care.


By reading the instructions, you can learn how to safely and effectively wash a cashmere sweater (or any other item made from this fiber). Here are some tips from the pros:


  • First, the product is cleaned of stains. If it is still damp, blot with a tissue to absorb excess liquid. Then rinse in cold water to remove the stain.
  • The next step is to apply baby shampoo or a cashmere-safe detergent to the soiled areas with a sponge or finger. Then the product is washed again under cold water until the stains completely disappear. After preliminary preparation, the sweater is ready for a full wash.
  • Pour water into the basin at a temperature of 80 - 85 degrees or less. Add 1-2 caps of detergent that will not harm the cashmere (1 cap per sweater).
  • Immerse the sweater in water for about 1 minute (only one item can be washed in one container). It is better not to soak for a long time, as this can lead to a change in the shape of the sweater. You should also avoid rubbing or twisting clothing.
  • Rinse the product with cold clean water until the soap bubbles disappear.
  • To dry cashmere clothes, lay them flat on a dry towel. Then roll up the towel and press lightly to remove excess water.
  • We unfold the towel and lay out the clothes flat, in the process giving it the desired shape.
  • Leave overnight to dry completely. However, some types of cashmere may take longer.
  • Aftercare and storage are equally important. We fold cashmere clothes, but never hang them up, otherwise they will lose their shape. We store clothes in a cotton bag - it will protect against dust and moths.


How to wash cashmere in the washing machine

It's tempting to toss a cashmere sweater into the washing machine, but it's not the best option for 100% natural fiber items.


Experts recommend washing such a product by hand, since a mild detergent can be used in the process, constantly monitoring the condition of the clothes. All this is done in order to avoid any problems such as shrinkage, stretching or pilling. With hand washing, you can control every step of the washing process, while with machine washing, you can only rely on many different settings and modes.



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As a parent, one of your primary concerns is ensuring the well-being of your child. When it comes to their health, you want the best possible care. This includes choosing the right medications when they fall ill. Pediatric dry syrups are a popular choice for kids because they are easy to administer and often more palatable than pills. In this blog, we'll delve into the world of pediatric dry syrups and introduce you to a trusted brand, PediaZone, which offers a range of solutions to address your child's health needs.

Understanding Pediatric Dry Syrups

Pediatric Dry Syrups are liquid medications that come in a powdered form, designed specifically for children. These medicines are mixed with water to create a liquid that is easier for kids to swallow, making the entire process of taking medication less stressful for both parents and children.

Here are a few key benefits of pediatric dry syrups:

  • Accurate Dosage: Dry syrups offer precise dosing, ensuring your child receives the right amount of medication.
  • Palatability: Many dry syrups are flavored to be more appealing to children, making it easier to administer the medicine.
  • Easy to Store: They have a longer shelf life compared to liquid medications and are often more stable.
  • Convenience: Dry syrups are convenient, especially when you're on the go, as they don't require refrigeration.

Introducing PediaZone: Your Child's Health Ally

PediaZone is a well-known brand specializing in pediatric healthcare products. They have a range of dry syrups designed to address various health concerns that children may face. Let's take a closer look at some of their offerings:

  • PediaZone Cough Relief Dry Syrup: This dry syrup is designed to alleviate cough symptoms in children. With a pleasant taste, it's easier to convince your child to take it when they're feeling under the weather.
  • PediaZone Immune Boost Dry Syrup: Building a strong immune system is crucial for children. This dry syrup is packed with essential vitamins and minerals to support your child's immunity, helping them stay healthy throughout the year.
  • PediaZone Digestive Health Dry Syrup: Digestive problems are common among children. PediaZone's Digestive Health Dry Syrup can provide relief from issues like indigestion and acidity, promoting a happier tummy.
  • PediaZone Allergy Relief Dry Syrup: Allergies can be a constant source of discomfort for kids. This dry syrup is formulated to help relieve allergy symptoms and let your child enjoy their day without the annoyance of sneezing and itching.

How to Administer PediaZone Pediatric Dry Syrups

Administering PediaZone dry syrups is a straightforward process:

  • Measure Carefully: Always use the provided measuring spoon or cup to ensure the correct dosage.
  • Administer with Care: Encourage your child to take the syrup without rushing. The appealing flavors of PediaZone syrups can make this step easier.
  • Follow Instructions: Be sure to follow the dosage instructions provided on the packaging or as directed by your healthcare provider.


When it comes to your child's health, you want the best. PediaZone's range of pediatric Dry Syrups offers effective and palatable solutions for various health concerns that children might encounter. Remember that before starting any medication, it's always a good practice to consult your pediatrician for the right guidance. With PediaZone, you can rest assured that you're providing your child with quality healthcare products designed with their well-being in mind. Make the right choice for your child's health by choosing PediaZone's pediatric dry syrups. Your child's health is their future, and we are here to support it.

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