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Do you want to make your home life easier and a little more convenient? Bemorepanda's editors invite you to familiarize yourself with 25 tricks and life hacks from web users who have found witty options that can solve simple, but important tasks for each of us.


Useful tips that work to make life easier


At least knowing them, now you will definitely not lose the end of the adhesive tape and you can even safely learn to play the guitar even at night, without fear of waking anyone up!


1. Write the date on the blister pack so you know if you took medication on that day or not


2. Foil, baking soda, salt and boiling water. Cleaning legacy silver plated cutlery


3. Use binder clips when sealing food bags instead of plastic "chip clips"

They are strong, can withstand temperature extremes without becoming brittle, come in a wide variety of sizes, and are relatively cheap!


4. Life hack for the steamer


5. Improvising Cufflinks at the Last Minute: Bolt and Nut


6. I'm tired of family members using the cup and then leaving it unwashed.

So now we each have our own colored rubber band that we put on the cup we use that day… and I end up washing fewer dishes.


7. Use the bag clip to effectively squeeze almost all of the toothpaste out of the tube


8. Organize space with hot glue and magnets. I use them all over the house


9. Use nail polish to 'tether' your USB adapter and mouse if you have a lot of USB devices


10. Made my smartphone-friendly glove thanks to foil from cookie packaging. Works great!


11. Sticking a small cardboard box to the wall while drilling holes saves a lot of washing time


12. Another option to use paper clips


13. Cork stand so I can play at night without waking the kids



14. With the onset of cold weather, I want you all to know that tea lights will keep your coffee/tea warm for many hours.


15. Pizza knife is an underrated type of knife.


16. And another example of using a paper clip …


17. Tape a rag around the hanger to clean under the fridge and stove


18. Grooming strap + pull up bar = dog nail clipper


 19. I use a hairpin to mark the end of the tape.


20. An adaptation for those cat owners whose pets like to lie on the keyboard


21. How to quickly chop cabbage with one knife


22. The guy on the plane put his boarding pass in his phone case, holding it with the latch of the table ...


23. Drink coffee immediately without diluting it with water (just boil a "coffee" ice cube)


24. My little brother - a secret genius - turned a plastic jar into a tube


25. Not sure what to do with all those hair ties and cables? Yes, that's what!


26. A simple hack to help you get rid of shoe odor: tea bags absorb bad smells in your shoes

Of course, this also works for things like duffel bags or musty satchels and the like. Just grab a few packets of tea with the scent you like and put it in your shoes.


27. Is your sink drain constantly clogged? Just dissolve a dishwasher tablet in the sink. This will not only make your sink shine like new, degrease, eliminate odors, but also eliminate minor blockages 🌊

This genius hack really works. And not only in the sink, but also in the shower. However, do not forget to rinse everything well after cleaning so as not to leave traces of dishwasher detergent.


28. Small scratches on wooden furniture are instantly invisible when rubbed with a walnut kernel.

Another interesting hack that furniture makers love. If you have scratched wooden furniture in your home, then before buying expensive wax to repair furniture, try to eliminate defects with walnuts, which, quite possibly, will easily and simply hide the flaws.


29. To prevent small items such as earrings and coins from getting into the vacuum cleaner, which often lie on the floor in the house, put tights or a piece of cloth on the vacuum cleaner pipe. 💪

Very often, when we vacuum, small objects are sucked into the trash bag, which can lie on the floor. It is especially unnerving when our jewelry and coins get into the vacuum cleaner. To save yourself from this problem (of course, who wants to delve into a dusty bag or glass later), put old women's tights or an unnecessary piece of sheet on the vacuum cleaner pipe.


30. Clean toilet bowl: Spots and streaks in the toilet bowl are easily and simply removed with Coca-Cola. Add at least half a liter of Coke to the toilet. Don't rinse. After a few hours, using a brush, you can easily remove stubborn stains.


31. To remove snow stains on shoes, simply treat them with half a lemon, leave for a while, then rinse the shoes with water and polish them.

It infuriates us all how quickly shoes get dirty in winter. But the most frustrating thing is the snow stains of snow and salt on the surface of the shoe, which are very difficult to remove. There is a solution. Take half a lemon and rub it on your shoes. Then rinse and polish it. White stains will go away.


32. Irritating grass stains on jeans can be easily removed with fabric softener. Just treat the stain with a little conditioner before washing.

Everyone who has children knows what it is like to wash jeans from green grass. But everything is simplified if, before throwing the jeans into the washing machine, treat the grass stain with a regular fabric softener.


 33. Do you have annoying stains on your ceramic hob? A simple toothbrush with classic toothpaste will solve your problem!

Are you constantly annoyed by stains on your glass-ceramic cooker? Are you tired of buying expensive bad-smelling harmful products? Then use a regular toothbrush and classic toothpaste for cleaning. Trust me, you will enjoy the process.


34. By closing the faucet with a bag filled with vinegar and leaving it overnight, the next morning you will get a shiny faucet, like from a store. 🍆

Yes, today in stores there are a lot of chemicals that easily and quickly help to clean faucets. But many of them are very harmful (especially cheap ones). Fans of classic cleaning products will need this method. For cleaning, use vinegar and a regular transparent bag.


 35. Clean the oven without chemicals: Mix 2-3 packets of baking soda with 150 ml of cold water and vinegar. Set to 100 degrees for 45 minutes and then just wipe off the carbon and grease


Another hack for fans of cleaning the stove without the use of harmful chemicals.


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