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Reddit. Anyone who follows the news closely will certainly come across numerous references to Reddit - a real giant that is rapidly gaining popularity from year to year. But, unlike Facebook, the immigration of population did not happen there. For most users, the social news site remains a mystery - a kind of overseas wonder of the world that the mind cannot understand. And there are several reasons for this.


Reddit is a social news site that was once created to make it easy to find and share links to news, articles, and just interesting content. But over time, the portal grew, destroying the popular Digg, and now it is, in fact, a platform for conversations, that is, a forum, an image board, and so on. Links and their discussions remain an important part of the platform, but only a part. Increasingly, people come here to communicate, having escaped from sinking forums and dead sites.


Due to the huge popularity of the portal, many users use it to draw attention to a particular issue, or, more often, a site. Many sites have experienced the so-called “Slashdot effect”, when one link to Reddit (sometimes even just in the comments) leads to an overload of the site’s servers due to the influx of visitors.


Reddit may once have seemed like a strange alternative to popular social networks where anonymity continues to be valued and where people are addressed by nicknames rather than names, but now it has become the standard platform for both just chatting and connecting with fans. AMAs (Ask Me Anything) are constantly held here, when a star (yes, anyone in general) answers questions in the comments for an hour. This only emphasizes the influence of the site and its role in the modern world.


Reddit is the fastest growing site on the internet. This is a website where anyone can hyperlink to interesting content from all over the internet. If you've never visited Reddit, chances are you won't like it for the first time. The design is inspired by the early days of the web with small fonts that can easily distract a new user. But looks are deceiving. This is evidenced by the extensive statistics of Reddit. Bemorepanda collected some interesting facts.




1. It hosts 6 million daily users and internet marketers, promoters, spammers, creators are fighting to get this total user share pie for free. But no one succeeds because of their community-driven and heavily moderated structure. Only really popular content is promoted on Reddit.


2. The secret behind Reddit's popularity is the anonymity of users and the insignificance of user accounts. You click on any user profile and you will be redirected to a page that shows their submissions, comments, etc. along with a link and comment karma. No, selfies with fake facial expressions, without focusing on yourself and copying text about yourself. This is the real power of Reddit. It is focused on content, not users.


3. Digg was the successor to Reddit and was a pioneer of news voting sites. Both websites were on par in 2010, but Reddit's nuclear growth since 2010 has propelled it into the top 50 websites on Earth, in just 5 years.


4. In addition, its anonymity allows the user to speak their mind and go beyond creating or presenting content without thinking about what others will think. Check out a screenshot of the most popular post in Reddit history.



Registration on the site is instant. No personal information is required, just like a phone number. In this sense, the site continues to follow the precepts of the old Internet, and this is very good.


At the moment, Reddit is going through perhaps the most difficult period in its history - the transition to a new design. We all know how painful this process is for sites with an attached audience. Reddit is no exception - it's been in the process of being updated for a long time now, and as is often the case, the redesign didn't get users excited. The new version, currently in beta and optional, strips the portal of its archaic charm and adds more modern elements. Beginners will most likely want to use the newer version, which is much more logical. Everyone else rightly points out a lot of new problems. For example, the redesign significantly reduces the ability to customize subreddits, making them more unified.


The entire site is divided into subreddits - interest groups or just communities united by an idea. Initially, there was supposed to be one main "reddit", but the idea did not catch on, although the site still has default reddits, to which all newcomers are subscribed. The /r/popular subreddit includes the most important entries of all groups, excluding some controversial subreddits, such as those dedicated to Donald Trump. /r/all is the sitewide popularity feed without any filter. The user is free to choose what interests him - in this sense, you can draw an analogy with YouTube and its channels. Or with LJ and band news feed. In general, everything is very simple, albeit unusual.


Any site like Reddit at first seems like a dump of content that is impossible to sort through. In fact, it is possible, but Reddit itself will hardly help you with this. Finding content here is not very easy - as well as the subreddits that interest you. Among experienced users, it has long been customary to joke about how bad site search is, and the anecdote is not without truth. Therefore, even if the search is possible, I most often use search engines for this task - or rather, Google, which indexes the site very quickly. All other search engines, including the growing DuckDuckGo, are experiencing some difficulty in finding fresh entries.




5. Anyone who visits Reddit regularly can easily answer it. Nearly 40% of Reddit's top stories are images from the image-sharing site img loading="lazy" Imgur gets almost 30% of its website visitors through Reddit.


6. In fact, Reddit does not allow users to upload images to their server. Imgur founder Alan Schaaf saw this as a great opportunity and created img loading="lazy"ur. When he launched Imgur, he posted an ad on Reddit for his new product.


7. The total amount of funds spent by the founders of Reddit on its advertising since its inception is only 500 US dollars, and this is also for stickers.


8. Reddit's founders received $12,000 in initial funding to launch the idea, of which they only spent $500 on their website's promotional activities as well as stickers.


9. In a post written by Alexis Ohanion about Fast Company, he stated that it was the most sound investment he had ever made. 


10. The Reddit Snoo mascot was there before the site even went live.



Many Reddit users have been silently consuming content for years, with no desire to add anything of their own. However, most often you will want to insert your word. To do this, in each subreddit there is an opportunity to add your entry, share a link or photo.


Unlike forums, on Reddit, the relevance of a post is determined by its rating. This is, in fact, a system of likes, but, like in YouTube, entries can be both “plus” and “minus”. This is called upvoting and downvoting. If your entry gets a good upvote ratio, the system considers it worthy of attention. So from the “new” section, the record crawls into “hot” and “best”. If you posted something really interesting or original, then, depending on the number of subreddit subscribers, it can even crawl out to the main page of the site - and there you are already guaranteed endless "karma" and the attention of millions of visitors.


It is impossible to find a formula that would guarantee a 100% “hit”. For a recording to work, a perfect set of circumstances is required: the relevance of the recording, the right time, the urgency, and so on. Of course, there are various tricks that can only be learned over time. Even really great content can get lost in the garbage stream. It often happens that your picture passes the attention of the masses, but when someone posts it again in a couple of days, it will immediately fly up to the main site. Try to figure it out.


"Karma" (that is, the counter of upvotes, or likes) is calculated in the user's profile. There is no sense in it, but attention to your own record is always nice. The owners of great karma consider themselves, if not the elite, then very respected people. It is reminiscent of Google Questions and Answers (if you remember such a service), where the most erudite experts liked to brag about their achievements.




11. In an interview with the website, Alexis Ohanion revealed that he started working on the logo even before it was clear how the site would work. He would sketch in his marketing class or whenever he had free time.


12.  In the early days, the founders of Reddit made a lot of fake accounts to make the site look active.


13. In a video for an online educational website, Steve Huffman explained that in the early days of Reddit, he and Alexis created hundreds of fake accounts to make the site more active because no one else was submitting any content to the site at the time. and there was a lot of empty space that didn't look very pretty.


14. Reddit launched the commenting system six months after it first launched.


15. It's good that in just six months, Steve and Alexis realized that without comments, this community could not survive.


16. A graduate student analyzed the top 850,000 Reddit posts to find how to create successful posts.


17. Randy Olson, a computer science graduate student at Michigan State University, posted a blog post on how to create a successful Reddit post. His advice was backed up by his analysis of 850,000 top Reddit posts out of the 4,200 most active subreddits.



The popularity of the site and the activity of its audience attract the attention of companies that are trying to advertise themselves in a less obvious way. Reddit is a great place to draw attention to your site or even your product, but obvious self-promotion will be easily figured out by moderators (read Reddit and business below). But if you're an artist who wants to raise their profile, a writer who's written something interesting, or a startup with an interesting idea, then Reddit can be the perfect tool for your own promotion. The main thing is to choose the right subreddit. Do not forget to read the rules - each subreddit has its own rules, and non-compliance with them leads to the removal of the post or even the ban of the user.


If your comment receives a large number of dislikes, it will be hidden from other users, although it can still be seen if desired. Often the "reputation" that looms from this ranking affects how often you can post. Subreddits can put a limit on the number of posts per minute, and this can seriously limit your ability to take an active part in the life of the subreddit.


Upvotes and downvotes, despite some controversy in their implementation, are very important for maintaining order. If social networks like Twitter or VKontakte almost always rage with chaos, with obscenities, swearing and spam, then “karma” on Reddit allows you to hide bad comments and raise quality ones. Thanks to this system, the discussions on the site look like a smart dialogue, and not like a kindergarten, which is most often seen on other popular Internet sites.



18. His post includes tips like when is the best time to post, what to write, what heading to use and many other great tips, you should check out his post. 


19. The first post on Reddit appeared 13 years ago and was called The Downing Street Memo. You can still find it at the following link. At first, most of the content on the site was written by the creators of the resource themselves - they created a lot of fake accounts from which they filled the site with interesting links and news, thereby creating the appearance of an active resource.


20. Comments first appeared on the site in December 2005, and sections (subreddits) only in March 2008. 


21. At the same time, the latter were met with hostility - the users of the site did not understand what the need for such “segregation” was, because the population of the resource at that time was very modest, and the need to scroll through all the subreddits in search of new news then seemed strange.


22. From the moment of his birth until about 2010. Reddit actively competed with Digg, which is extremely similar in design and purpose. Reddit was born just a few months later, but Digg was much more popular at the time.


23. Everything changed dramatically in August 2010, when the creators of Digg ruined their project with a bad design update. Users of the resource were furious and for a whole month the main page was filled with messages with complaints, requests to return the old version of the site, as well as links to Reddit - annoyed people urged everyone to change the platform, leaving for competitors.



24. Over the next year, the popularity of Reddit skyrocketed, while Digg fell. At the same time, at first, as many as 20% of Reddit's monthly traffic was from Digg.


25. Theoretically, any Reddit user should strive for the same thing - to have their post appear on the front page. But is it possible to achieve this result by following some magical "formula for success"? As it turned out - it is possible.


26. In this universal formula, there will be several factors that you will need to consider: this is the time and day of the week when you will publish the post; brightness or scandalous content; correct title wording. There is also the possibility of buying votes - there are corresponding resources that sell them for real currency.


27. But any Redditor will tell you that the most effective (albeit cynical) way to earn votes that will eventually lead you to the main page of the resource is to steal someone else's content. The usual repost of someone else's post, which has already appeared on this resource before, will lead you to success much faster than any original content.


28. In 2013, a study was made, the results of which showed shocking statistics: over a 17-day period, more than 52% of the materials that reached the main page had already appeared on the forum before. Moreover, in the same 17-day period of time indicated in the study, and not several years before.



29. If you use the Google Ngram Viewer resource, you can see how often a particular word was used in world literature centuries before you were born. Thanks to him, we can note with surprise for ourselves that the word Reddit already existed, and its use has been declining since the 1700s.


30. This strange fact is connected with the existence of the Latin word REDDO, which means "give back", "return" or "restore". At the same time, in the REDDIT form, this word means “it returned”, and REDDITOR means “the one who returns”. Thus, all users of the Reddit resource who call themselves "redditors" literally turn into reposters and people who steal other people's content.


31. Thanks to the collective power of this resource, Reddit has saved its users more than once. 


32. One of the most striking cases can be called an incident that occurred 3 years ago, when a user under the nickname RBradbury1920 reported mysterious yellow reminder stickers that appeared in his apartment. He was sure that he did not stick them on, and suspected that this was some kind of bad joke on the part of the owner of this apartment (he rented it).


33. However, these pieces of paper contained information that was known only to RBradbury1920, which further confused this strange mystical case. A Reddit user decided to turn to his favorite forum for advice - should you call the police or just call the landlord for a serious conversation?



34. He advised the topic starter to buy an inexpensive CO tester that could confirm this hypothesis. And indeed, that was the problem. The tester showed an off-scale concentration of this gas, which in such cases can lead to various problems with the brain, as well as memory loss. 


35. Subsequently, RBradbury1920 unsubscribed that throughout the whole year he visited various medical specialists in order to regain his lost health. And only after a long course of treatment, his body returned to normal.


36. In August 2015, Roskomnadzor added Reddit to the register of banned sites. The reason for the blocking was a request to remove one of the pages of the resource from the Gosnarkokontrol. It contained instructions for growing mushrooms containing narcotic substances. After a call from the administration of the resource to the department, a day later, the resource was unblocked. 


37. Reddit has restricted access on the territory of the Russian Federation to prohibited information.


38. The post, which drew the attention of the State Drug Control Service, was posted by one of the Russian-speaking users with the nickname rsocfan intentionally and specifically “for the RKN”. It was a provocation to block a popular resource.


39. However, another user with the nickname Kakkerlak offered an alternative explanation for what happened - he clung to a small detail in the description of the RBradbury1920 apartment. He talked about an unusual tiny bedroom, devoid of any windows. Kakkerlak suggested that it could be due to severe carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) poisoning that RBradbury1920 was exposed to due to poor ventilation in his bed.



40. And finally, a fresh interesting event. Reddit users (by the way, 53% of whom are from the United States) made popular the YouTube channel of Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemiev, which almost no one watched. The video of the astronaut got on Reddit and after 5 days scored 84k pluses. “This is a Russian cosmonaut named Oleg who posts videos from the International Space Station on his channel. His new video from space, posted five hours ago, has only 17 views. It captures the flight through the entire station,” wrote the user.


41. Reddit ads are often forgotten in the paid social world, in part because other systems seem to have more impressive targeting capabilities or are talked about more. For some advertisers, this can bring bad luck.


42. Reddit gets over 21 billion screen views per month and the platform is used by 6% of adults online. Over 70% speak English, and a significant proportion are from the US.


43. Although Reddit has an extremely diverse audience, a sizable segment of users have high sales revenue of $75,000 or more per year.


44. There are two types of ads on Reddit that marketers can use to their advantage.



45. The second type of ad will appear in feeds. They will look like posts, except for the blue "Promoted" tag at the top. When users click on these ads, they are taken directly to the landing page of your choice, not to the talk page.


46. ​​Reddit is demographic and geo-targeted, like all your standard paid social platforms you know and love, where you can target by age, gender, location, and interests.


49. There are over 2.2 million different subreddits, ranging from broad ones (like "finance") to much more niche ones ("vegan beauty").


50. Some ad platforms have high minimum ad spends, resulting in a high entry threshold for companies that want to try out new platforms or that have a low budget.



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The EU and the US are taking further steps to respond to Russia's military aggression. The EU and the US are taking steps to respond to the Russian Federation's unprovoked and unjustified military aggression against Ukraine.


The list of sanctions imposed on Russia by the whole world


The United States, the European Union, Britain, and other Western countries have announced new sanctions against Russia after Vladimir Putin issued an order to invade Ukraine. Even if Moscow has built a defensive mechanism to protect its economy, these sanctions will have a long-term effect, according to a Reuters analysis.


Sanctions imposed by European Union



1. On 2 March 2022, the EU decided to suspend the broadcasting of EU media channels owned by the Russian state Sputnik and Russia Today until the aggression against Ukraine was stopped and until the Russian Federation and its associated news channels will not stop carrying out disinformation and information manipulation actions.


2. The EU has also introduced a ban on access to SWIFT for seven Russian banks.


3. On 28 February, the Council approved a ban on transactions with the Central Bank of Russia.


4. A ban on the overflight of EU airspace and access to EU airports by carriers of all types in Russia.


5. New sanctions against persons and entities in Russia.


6. The EU-Russia summit was canceled in 2014, and EU member states have decided not to hold regular bilateral summits with Russia. Bilateral visa talks with Russia have been suspended, as well as talks on the new EU-Russia agreement.



7. Instead of the G8 summit in Sochi, a G7 meeting was held in Brussels on 4-5 June 2014, without the participation of Russia. Since then, meetings have continued as part of the G7 process.


8. EU countries have also supported the suspension of negotiations on Russia's accession to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the International Energy Agency (IEA).


9. In February 2022, following Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, the EU decided that Russian diplomats, other officials, and businessmen could no longer benefit from visa facilitation provisions, which allow privileged access to the EU. This decision does not affect ordinary Russian citizens.


10. EU leaders have agreed on sanctions targeting 70% of the Russian banking market and major state-owned companies, including defense.


11. Russia's major banks are deeply integrated into the global financial system, which means that sanctions could be felt far beyond its borders. Data from the Bank for International Settlements show that European creditors have the largest share of foreign banks' exposure of about $ 120 billion to Russia.


12. According to data from the Central Bank of Russia, the foreign assets and liabilities of Russian banks amounted to $ 200.6 billion and $ 134.5 billion, respectively, the share in US dollars amounting to about 53% of both, down from 76% -81% two decades ago.



13. The next package of EU sanctions will focus on "the ability of the Russian state and government to access EU capital and markets and financial services, to limit the financing of aggressive policies," Brussels officials said. It will ban EU investors from trading in Russian government bonds.


14. The EU has already imposed sanctions on five people involved in Russia's parliamentary elections in the annexed Crimea and said it would blacklist all parliamentarians who voted to recognize two regions controlled by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. it will freeze all their possessions. They will also be banned from traveling to the EU.


15. Nord Stream 2, a controversial pipeline to transport natural gas from Russia to Germany, was awaiting certification, but Germany said it had suspended the process.


16. Following the sanctions received in the airspace of Europe, the company Aeroflot canceled several flights. They are scheduled to resume on March 26 in some countries. It remains to be seen whether the air ban will be extended or not.


17. The EU has approved a freeze on the assets of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was confirmed by Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs.


Sanctions imposed by the USA



18. Washington on Tuesday announced new restrictions on Russia's sovereign debt transactions. Americans - who are no longer able to invest directly in Russian sovereign debt - will be banned from making purchases on the secondary market from March 1.


19. Even before the latest events, access to Russian bonds had become increasingly restricted.


20.  US sanctions imposed in 2015 made future dollar-denominated Russian debt ineligible for many key investors and indexes. In April 2021, Biden banned US investors from buying new bonds in Russian rubles due to allegations of meddling in the 2016 US presidential election.


21. Limitations have reduced Russia's foreign debt by 33 percent since early 2014 - from $ 733 billion to $ 489 billion in the third quarter of 2021.


22. The United States, the EU, and the United Kingdom have already imposed a freeze on assets, travel bans, and other restrictions on several Russian officials and businessmen.



23. The United States on Tuesday sanctioned Fradkov and Bortnikov, as well as Vladimir Kirienko, the son of a former prime minister.


24. On Thursday, Washington targeted other relatives of Putin, including Sergei Ivanov, the general manager of the Russian diamond mining company Alrosa; Andrei Patrushev, who held senior positions at Gazprom, and Ivan Sechin, deputy head of a department at the Rosneft energy company.


25. Biden said he would consider personal sanctions against Putin, a move that Moscow said would not personally harm the president, but would prove "politically destructive."


26. The United States and the EU have already imposed sanctions on Russia's energy and defense sectors. The state-owned gas company Gazprom, the oil subsidiary Gazpromneft and the oil producers Lukoil, Rosneft, and Surgutneftegaz face various export/import restrictions.


27. Sanctions could be deepened, with one possible option being to prevent companies from doing business in US dollars.


28. The United States has also imposed sanctions on the company responsible for building the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.


Sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom


29. Britain has announced it will ban the sale of Russian sovereign debt in London. Russia has issued sovereign debt in favor of 4.1 billion pounds since the beginning of 2020.


30. The United States and the United Kingdom have announced restrictions that, combined with previous sanctions, would effectively wipe out the vast majority of Russian banking assets in both countries. New targets include Sberbank and VTB Bank, Russia's largest banks.


31. The United Kingdom has announced sanctions against more than 100 Russian people and entities, including a freeze on assets and a travel ban for Elena Georgieva, chairwoman of Novikombank's board of directors; Piotr Fradkov, President of Promsvyazbank; Denis Bortnikov, VTB Vice President; Kirill Shamalov, the former son-in-law of President Vladimir Putin, and Yuri Sliusar of United Aircraft.


32. The UK will also introduce legislation limiting deposits that Russian citizens can hold in UK bank accounts. The limit will be £ 50,000.



33. The EU, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada are imposing sanctions on Putin, Lavrov, and the head of Russia's Central Command Point.


34. Setting a ceiling for deposits of Russian citizens in UK banks.


35. Following strong pressure from the British government, British Petroleum (BP) has announced that it is giving up one of Russia's largest foreign investments, a stake of about 20% in Rosneft and its associated joint ventures. According to analysts, this could cost BP $ 26 billion.


36. The Dutch-British group Shell also decided to give up its business in Russia and abandon the projects with Gazprom, which were valued, at the end of last year, at about 3 billion dollars.



   "The idea that Russia will not be affected is wrong. The negative effects may not be felt immediately, but the sanctions will slow down Russia's economy in the long run, "said Christopher Granville, CEO of TS Lombard.


    "Russia will essentially be treated as a hostile state, isolated from global flows, investments, and other normal economic interactions that create the standard of living, income, productivity, and profitability of companies," he added.


    Signs of economic vulnerability already exist. The income of Russian households is below the level of 2014, and in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual economic output was estimated at 1.66 trillion dollars, according to the World Bank, well below the 2.2 trillion dollars in 2013.


    Sergei Guriev, a professor of economics at Sciences Po in France and a former chief economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, pointed out that Russia's nominal GDP per capita is lower than in 2013.


    "In 2013, Russia was a high-income country and was actively negotiating to join the OECD. Russia has now returned to middle-income status, "he said.


Sanctions imposed by other states


37. The Federated States of Micronesia has announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Russia. Authorities stated support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people.


38. The National Bank of Ukraine has banned authorized institutions from conducting any foreign exchange transactions using Russian rubles and Belarusian rubles.


39. The Russian state media is now banned from advertising or monetizing Facebook "anywhere in the world." Nathaniel Gleicher, head of Facebook's security policy department, announced this.



40.. Russian state-owned companies will no longer be able to lend to global markets.


41. Imports of hi-tech services are reduced by 50%.


42. Eurovision organizers have excluded Russia from the competition.


43. The Czech Republic has announced the closure of two Russian consulates in the country and says it will not issue visas to Russian citizens.


44. UEFA moves this season's Champions League final from St. Petersburg, Russia to Paris in France.



45. Individual sanctions will be imposed on more than 100 people, entities, and subsidiaries, including Rostec, the country's largest defense company, which employs more than two million people and exports 10 billion pounds of arms a year, as well as four other companies. defense.


46. Introduction of new laws to ban the export of objects to Russia, including high-performance equipment - telecommunications and aerospace.


47. No more Apple in Russia, and no more Apple Pay.



48. The French from TotalEnergies and the Norwegians from Equinor have also announced that they will no longer invest in Russia, while OMV has announced that it will not continue talks with Gazprom to acquire a stake in a gas field in Siberia.


49. Russia's isolation is also compounded by the temporary shutdown by shipping giants Maersk and the Mediterranean Shipping Company of all container shipments to and from the country.


50. Russia's isolation is also compounded by the temporary shutdown by shipping giants Maersk and the Mediterranean Shipping Company of all container shipments to and from the country. Large car companies are also severing ties or revising their operations in Russia. Announcements were made by General Motors, Volvo, Ford, Audi, Jaguar, Cadillac, Aston Martin. On the other hand, the French Renault, which owns 68% of Russia's largest carmaker AvtoVaz, has only announced that it will suspend operations at the Moscow plant until March 5 due to "forced changes in current logistics routes."


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Often, bathroom decor requires very little - for example, adding or changing a couple of details to make the interior play in a new way. We will talk about the most exciting and budget ideas for decorating a bathroom. Still, so that updates are not lost against the general background, the order must reign in the room before decorating.


How to make the decor in the bathroom?


 It is recommended to think about what kind of bathroom you want. After all, even in a small room, you can create something exciting and practical. In addition to buying everything you need, you can add some DIY details to your bathroom decor. This will bring originality to the room. Beforehand it is necessary to be defined with some criteria: Functionality. You should decide what must be in the bathroom and what can be discarded. Single style. How would you like the room to be? Security. This is especially important for those who have children in the house.


Original sink design 

The sink is an important detail. If you decide to install a non-standard model, this will affect the entire structure of the room. There are many models on store shelves. They differ in shape and can experiment with the material.


Mirrors and lighting

 Do not give up mirrors in the bathroom. This detail can transform the space and make it visually more spacious and lighter when used correctly. If two people often use the toilet, it is worth hanging some mirrors for convenience. The surface of this part is always the same. Therefore, it is worth experimenting with the shape and frame of the product. You can buy a ready-made mirror or decorate it with your own hands. Lighting should be given special attention. Light intensity is critical. Intense lighting creates an atmosphere of comfort in the room and emphasizes all the interior details. The shape and size of the light sources can be any. What matters is the decor in the bathroom and personal preferences. If you need subdued lighting, then you should use a dimmer. It allows you to adjust and adjust the intensity of the light, which contributes to changing the surrounding mood.


Niche holders and towel holders for walls 

Hooks are not very convenient for placing towels. It is better to replace them with an open rack. Alternatively, consider hanging baskets. You can make them yourself and store towels and other things. Many designers recommend using niches as a contrast, bright detail in the room. A wide range of models allows you to choose the right holders for spaces of any size.


Organizing bathroom decor is a tricky business

Practical recommendations from designers can help you cope: Think about how the pipes will be located. Determine in advance where the cranes will be. If the bathroom is small, you can build them into the wall. This will save space. Determine the location of each critical detail. The sink is opposite the door but not too close to the tub. The toilet must not come into contact with the sink. When placing a shower enclosure, make sure that the doors open. Organically looks at several types of lighting, included separately. Organize the brightest light next to the washbasin to illuminate the face and not hurt the eyes. The ventilation system is essential. The heated towel rail helps to reduce the level of humidity. The ventilation system is conveniently placed at the bottom of the door. If space is limited, place hanging furniture. This will help save space. The curtain should be replaced with a glass partition. Its functions are similar, but it looks more attractive. It's easier to take care of her. Some models use frosted glass.


Ideas for a small bathroom 

The interior of a small bathroom has some nuances that should be considered: Replacing the bathtub with a shower cabin is recommended. Instead of a standard toilet, install an installation. This will free up space for extra cabinets. Choose a finishing material in light colors. It is allowed that there is a small or rare pattern on the surface. Mirrors and mirror surfaces. It was noted that such nuance could visually expand the space. Intelligent lighting. The lighter the room, the more spacious it seems.


Small bathroom decor

Plumbing to not clutter up a small space with overall plumbing, it is worth considering the use of unique models presented on the table. Mini-sanitary ware and corner Description Toilet bowl Compact model with an installation module. More expensive but suitable for installation almost anywhere in the bathroom. Differs in the absence of visual support, as in the standard version. Washbasin Models are up to 50 cm extended. Available up to 35 cm. Suitable for hand washing only. More often, these are mounted models. Corner bath If a shower cabin is not correct, this bath model will save space. It is compact and allows you to free up space for additional parts.


We remove all unnecessary 

If there is not enough space, it is necessary to use the available area. Put your household items in the bathroom. The screen will help hide it from prying eyes. Use built-in wardrobes to match the walls.


Predicting the future look of the bathroom decor 

Before proceeding with the implementation of the scenery, it is worth developing a sketch of it and taking into account all possible problems. It is recommended to act in this order: Analyze the condition of all the bathroom structures. Decide which surfaces and items need to be updated or replaced. Determine what techniques and techniques are necessary for work—preparing everything you need.


Tiles as decor 

Tiles are placed according to the standard pattern in a checkerboard pattern of different tones. You can create colored accents on the wall. Small mosaics are inserted into large tiles, which greatly enlivens the design.


There are various modifications of tiles. Insert in a specific area with a pattern. Creates an accent spot. A thin border has the shape of an elongated rectangle and a convex surface. A set of drawings in the form of fragments, creating beautiful paintings. Freesize helps create a vertical panel. For space zoning, use narrow borders and panels to create colorful images.


Innovative ideas for decorating wall surfaces

 Refresh the bathroom's interior with plastic panels, mirror tiles, and artistic design methods. One of these can be called decoupage. Armed with glue, acrylic varnish, soft brushes, decoupage contour, and three-layer napkins, you can make it yourself. They should be chosen with a beautiful pattern, significant, and suitable for the interior. You just need to cut out the way and stick it on the tile's surface. In the end, everything is varnished.


Floor decor options

Tiles can be replaced entirely. Or remove part of it and place durable glass in this place. An LED strip or image complements you. You can simply place a bright rug in the bathroom. A new title should be chosen with a pattern that will create a beautiful way: bathroom decor - vintage from newspaper tubes (master class). Armed with improvised materials, you can create a vintage-style bath with your own hands. From the old stairs, you can make a rack, repainted in white. Glass jars should be decorated with pieces of fabric or vintage paper. This is not only an element of decor but also a container for storing toothbrushes. For the bathroom, a basket made of newspaper tubes is perfect.


Basket for the bathroom of newspaper tubes

To build a basket, you should stock up on tubes of newspaper, glue, a sponge and a brush for clothes, acrylic paint and varnish, a meeting, and a cardboard box. Weaving a basket costs a pigtail of two tubes. Towards the end, a third is introduced. First, the bottom is created by gluing several cartons together. Place the ends of the tubes inside. For weaving, use the sides of the box, attaching the pigtails with clothespins. Having reached the desired height, decorate the beveled side. Find the center of the product and the central tube located vertically. It remains in its original position, and the next one goes around. Twist and start weaving in the other direction. After reaching the required height, the third pigtail is introduced. It is attached to a vertical tube.


The work ends with weaving in three parts. The tubes are cut and smeared with glue. The basket is covered with a solution of water mixed with PVA in equal proportions. When everything is dry, acrylic paint is applied. Selection of accessories and fittings It is worth installing towel holders. In the form of a ring or rod, they are reliable but not very convenient to use. With a small space, it is worth choosing models on hinges. You can't do without shelves in the bathroom, especially if there is no other furniture—enough of one model of glass or metal. You can add a structure above the bath with numerous tiers. It is worth adding a little brightness with a curtain, preferably a vinyl one. She doesn't absorb water. There are beautiful special applications for the shower cabin. You can complement everything with a bright rug.


The color design of the bathroom 

For a small space, you should not use dark colors. It is recommended to introduce light shades. If the bath's dimensions are impressive, you can choose almost any color. All items must be in the same range and correspond to the same style. Your perception of the palette matters. It is essential to consider lighting. If there is not much of it, dark tones are excluded. Traditionally, white in the bathroom, blue, green, and other marine colors are popular.


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The Russian Federation attacks Ukraine on several fronts, after the first day of the invasion the balance was a tragic one with dead and wounded. Heavy fighting is raging between the Russians and Ukrainian forces after Putin sent his army to attack from three directions. Several major cities were attacked with missiles, including Kiev, Kharkov, Mariupol and Odessa.


Heavy explosions were heard in Kiev on Friday morning, and Ukrainian forces shot down a Russian plane. Ukrainians in the capital and the second largest city, Kharkov, took refuge in the subway. The president of the country, Volodymyr Zelenski, announced a general mobilization. "We are defending our country on our own this morning," Zelenski said in a statement on public television. The West has announced new harsh sanctions on Russia, condemning the attack on Ukraine. In Russia, thousands of people have been arrested after taking to the streets of major cities to protest the invasion of Ukraine.


Main information of the day:


  • The Russians entered several areas on the outskirts of the capital, Kiev.
  • Civilians in Kiev receive Molotov cocktails.
  • Ukraine accuses Russia of war crimes, and the EU wants to freeze Putin and Lavrov's accounts.
  • Heavy fighting continues between Russians and Ukrainian forces in several regions. More than 2,800 Russian soldiers have been killed.
  • A rocket hit a Moldovan ship in the Black Sea. Another hit a ship under the Panama flag, which caught fire.
  • Putin calls on the Ukrainian military to turn its weapons around and fight for it.
  • Bucharest had a format meeting before a NATO meeting.
  • The Ukrainian army is being targeted by hackers in Belarus
  • Russian artillery fires again on the city of Kharkov. Russian tanks are heading for Mariupol, while a Russian amphibious operation is taking place on the Sea of ​​Azov.
  • The Council of Europe has suspended Russia.
  • USA: A quarter of Russian troops massed at the border are now in Ukraine.
  • Russia is also threatening Finland and Sweden.
  • The attack on Odessa began.
  • NATO emergency meeting. The Allies decided to send more troops to Eastern Europe.
  • Stoltenberg: The Kremlin's goals are not limited to Ukraine.


NATO is deploying a rapid reaction force for the first time


NATO is deploying elements of its rapid reaction force and will continue to send weapons to Ukraine, including air defense, North Atlantic Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced on Friday night.



Putin and Lavrov have been put on the EU-UK sanctions list


UPDATE 25 FEBRUARY 20:20 The EU and Britain will freeze the assets of Vladimir Putin and his foreign minister Sergei Lavrov after the invasion of Ukraine. The announcement of European sanctions was made by the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell.




Large-scale protests in Tbilisi, Georgia


UPDATE FEBRUARY 25 8:15 In Tbilisi, tens of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


The protests, however, took on an anti-government tone due to the lack of response from the authorities to the Russian invasion.


Protesters' anger escalated after Prime Minister Irakli Gharibasvhili promised that Georgia would not join Western sanctions against Russia, even as he visited a memorial to Georgian soldiers killed by the Soviet army in 1921.




Odessa, attacked again by the Russians


Russian forces have launched a new attack in southeastern Ukraine. The city of Odessa is under rocket attack. The city's anti-aircraft system opened fire. Witnesses say Ukrainians are preparing for a massive attack by Russian planes.




UN: More than 50,000 refugees left Ukraine in 48 hours


More than 50,000 Ukrainian refugees have left the country in less than 48 hours, according to UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi.


Most went to Poland and the Republic of Moldova, according to CNN. "Many are heading for the border. We truly thank the governments and people of the countries that keep their borders open and receive refugees, "he wrote on Twitter.


The UN agency is stepping up its operations in Ukraine and neighboring countries to help refugees.



Zelensky and leaders in Kiev, emotional message from the center of the besieged capital: We are here, we are defending Ukraine's independence


Volodymyr Zelensky came out of the bunker in which he is taking shelter, along with other administration leaders, to send a message from the streets of Kiev. "The party leader is here, the head of the president's office is here, the prime minister is here. We are all here to defend our independence, we are defending Ukraine ", said the President of Ukraine.


Zelensky's message comes in the context of heavy fighting between Russians and Ukrainians on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital. The forces of the Russian Federation have the mission to occupy Kiev in order to forcefully change the country's administration.




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The virtual currency Dogecoin reached a record level this week and has a capitalization of 86 billion dollars, surpassing world-renowned companies. However, its co-founder, Billy Marcus, is far from one of the rich in the world.

Billy Marcus, 38, now works as a programmer for an education company. He revealed that he sold all his virtual coins in 2015 and used the profits to buy a second-hand Honda Civic.

He now says he's surprised to see the huge value of Dogecoin, which has reached a higher market capitalization than Honda.

The Dogecoin virtual currency was launched in 2013, being an allusion to Bitcoin and the "Doge" meme, two of the most popular items on the internet that year. The company's logo is composed of a gold coin, similar to Bitcoin, on which appears the head of a Shiba Inu dog.

Dogecoin was successful and the market value of the company exceeded 100 million dollars in the year of launch, but later decreased, in 2014 being worth only a third of that amount.

A year later, in a financial stalemate after losing his job, Marcus sold all the coins. He did not know then what wealth might bring him six years later.

However, Billy Marcus says that he still has a few cryptocurrencies, which he does not intend to give up, just so as not to repeat the mistake of 2015.

While automaker Honda Motor has a market capitalization of $ 54.52 billion in 2021, Doge has overtaken the company with a market capitalization of $ 86 billion.

Dogecoin also surpassed Ford Motor Company, which has a market capitalization of $ 45.6 billion, and even defeated the social media giant Twitter, which has a market capitalization of $ 43.6 billion.

Doge is considered a resounding success, and accelerated growth seems to be just beginning. In fact, the cryptocurrency began to grow, especially after billionaire Elon Musk posted several messages on Twitter about it.

Dogecoin hit $ 0.69 on May 5, 2021 and is trying to reach its first $ 1 target. Doge has risen 60 percent in just two days, and investors hope to cross the $ 1 threshold on May 8, 2021.

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38.Annual meeting

39.More Doge

40.Burying DOGE



43.I own doge

44.Ended the decade


46.Beautiful piece


48.Showing off


50.I need one

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