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In a recent interview, former US President Donald Trump stated that he is determined to return to the White House, so he will run in the 2024 elections.

Donald Trump, now 75, was the oldest White House president before Joe Biden, 78, was elected.

Donald Trump took his first steps in construction while still a student. He and his father bought a dilapidated complex in Cincinnati, Ohio. There were about 1,200 apartments in it. Surprisingly, the state subsidized the restoration of this project, called Swifton Village, so impressive that Trump, without spending a dime, did a complete restoration of the complex and sold it twice as much as they bought. As a result, Donald realized that the government was focused on providing housing to the people and was ready to help and provide assistance in every way possible, and he certainly knew how to get such help. This story was the beginning of Trump's prosperity as a major construction contractor.

However, this was not enough for Donald. His first projects were successful, but his goal was New York. Here it is, a city of opportunities with the chance to enter directly into the real estate market and turn into a great construction tycoon! He immediately moved to the metropolis, rented an apartment in Manhattan, which was not very luxurious, and examined the buildings with great diligence. As he gained knowledge, Donald was convinced that it would be useful for him to build his biggest business.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes.

1.China ready for 2024

2.Mean Twitters

3.Unsafe vaccine

4.Trump back for memes

Trump was aware that he could only get good funding by rotation in certain circles, and he set himself the goal of becoming a member of the club of wealthy and influential French politicians and bankers. It was not easy to enter this closed club without a specific recommendation, but a young and ambitious businessman left and received a club card after meeting with the manager. Trump has entered the habitat of the powerful. The visitors of this institution were great bosses, successful models, top managers, oil magnates. Donald was expecting unimaginable offers and multi-million dollar contracts.

Despite a crushing start and useful contacts, Trump has been constantly plagued by failure. Perhaps because of his zeal and youth, he did not inspire confidence in serious developers, but wealth, it seems, has drifted away from him. However, Donald did not give up, on the contrary, the failures stimulated him and ignited in him the desire to achieve the goals at any cost.

With the financial support of his father, Trump entered into the first agreement with the bankrupt railroad company Penny Central Railroad. Donald bought the dilapidated Commodore Hotel near Grand Central Station. The future tycoon managed to persuade the authorities to postpone the payment of property taxes for 40 years and take out loans from banks worth seventy million dollars, and Hyatt Corporation to give its name. And now, instead of the dilapidated Commodore Hotel, the luxurious Grand Hyatt has been formed.

Trump's purchase of land in Atlantic City long before the legalization of the gambling business once again proved that he had a great instinct and luck, as the value of this land by 1982 exceeded $ 20 million.


6.Fkk the planet


But one of New York's biggest construction magnates, Donald Trump, has completed the Trump Tower project. In 1979, he rented a store building near the Tiffany boutique. At first, everything was not so smooth and the authorities did not want to meet him halfway, refusing to grant tax exemptions of millions of dollars. But he did not give up and after going through several court hearings he managed to provide benefits.

And so, three years later, on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan, one could contemplate the grand opening of the stunning 68-story, mixed-tower Trump Tower. Revenues from this construction exceeded all expectations, tourists just crowded to see the grandeur of the skyscrapers with its six-story atrium, pink marble ornaments and 80-foot waterfall, and celebrities rushed to rent the square here.

The 1980s saw the formation of the Trump Empire - all his projects turned into a gold mine. Such success dazzles Trump. Not being very modest, he became very self-confident, and when asked how things were going, the answer was, "It's good to be Donald."

Trump was expected to become president of the United States in the 1980s, but at the time, the arrow of Donald's political compass was constantly rushing between the right and the left. By 2009, he had more or less defined his own views and joined the Republican Party. They tried to nominate prominent economist and manager Donald to run in the 2011 presidential election, but the businessman said he was not ready to leave the private sector.

On June 16, 2015, Trump announced to the people of the United States that he had changed his mind, announcing that he was ready to fight for the presidency. Trump's presidential campaign was carefully thought out: first, he visited New Hampshire, traditionally considered a Republican stronghold, and then toured Nevada and California, states that had previously received a solid financial infusion from Donald. Trump has also held rallies in support of the electorate.

Trump's popularity has been influenced by his character: the newly-elected politician is accustomed to speaking openly, without covering his speech with euphemisms. Thanks to this feature, he gained fame as an eccentric who tells the truth.

The main messages of the Trump campaign were related to the following areas of American society: immigration, health, economics and domestic politics ... The Republican was extremely cold to the people of Mexico and the Middle East. If he wins the election, Trump has threatened to build an analogue of the Great Wall of China on the border with Mexico. Trump has also repeatedly called for the immediate elimination of the ISIS armed forces.

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Donald Trump accuses Democrats of creating ISIS

Donald called for the cancellation of Barack Obama's medical program, saying that providing it is too expensive for the state and that he will easily find more efficient and cheaper methods for taxpayers.

In the economic sector, even Democrats have listened to the billionaire; he argued for the need to return production to the United States, increase taxes on the goods of American companies made abroad, and also argued for the need for a trade war with China.

Donald Trump's outrageous video of Vladimir Putin

More broadly, he outlined his point in the book "A crippled America", published in 2015. According to Forbes magazine, in 2016, Donald Trump's fortune exceeded the threshold of 4 billion dollars. It continued to grow, including through real estate licensing - the developers themselves paid Trump to build and sell new projects on his behalf.

In March 2016, Donald Trump was named the most likely Republican presidential candidate, predicting that he will face Hillary Clinton in the final round of elections.

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The former vice-president Joe Biden says he is the most electable Democrat. This is while he finished fourth in Iowa and insulted a student.

To be more precise, he called Madison Moore a 'lying, dog-faced pony soldier' after she asked him a question at his campaign event in Hampton, New Hampshire.

The 21-year-old economics student at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, told people to wave off the former vice president's remark as a 'joke' is 'kind of insulting'. Biden later explained he was just quoting no one else but John Wayne. 

Moore said: 'It was kind of humiliating to be called a liar on national TV by the former vice president. Instead of answering that question straightforward, his immediate response was to attempt to invalidate me by exposing my inexperience.

'He has been performing extremely poorly in this race and the fact that he couldn’t just straight answer my question without bullying or intimidating just exacerbates that fact.' 

She added: 'I am 21-year old college student, like what the hell do I know? Who cares who I am or my experience. Just answer the damn question.'

The phrase “dog-faced soldiers” appears in the 1949 John Wayne film “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon,” while there are a few references to “pony soldiers” in the 1953 John Wayne movie “Hondo.”

On Monday, a new Quinnipiac University poll, had Bernie Sanders pulling ahead of Biden, with the Vermont senator getting 25 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary while Biden, 77, was only at 17 percent. 

This marks the first time Sanders, 78, has taken the front runner slot in a national poll, as the candidates head into the New Hampshire primary tomorrow following the surprising Iowa results - where Biden came in fourth place.  

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The counting of votes has not yet ended in six key states to determine the next four-year term in the White House. In this election, more than other times, the counting of votes is prolonged, in a race that is already very close between Trump and Biden.


Although the polls have closed, and in many American states it is already clear in which camp the voters appointed to represent the popular vote will vote, there is still a long way to go before a winner is established. Because in some states the votes are still being counted, and in others they have not even started counting the votes cast in advance, by correspondence or in person.


But there are six states that everyone is watching now, because the results here will determine who occupies the White House Oval Office for the next four years. Joe Biden needs to win three of them and not lose in the ones that still have votes, while Donald Trump would need to win four of these states, to ensure his victorious threshold of 270 votes of electors.


That's why Bemorepanda decided to cheer you up with memes, until we wait for the results from the vote!


1.If 2020 was a presidential election


2.I learn a lot from watching TV


4.That's what you did


5.The Founding Fathers


6.Passing a test


7.No sign of intelligence


8.This year election


9.Presidential debate


10.Voting now


11.Sleeping after elections


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14.1month to learn how government works


15.Which one you choose?


16.Old man yells


17.Who are you voting for?


18.Things that died in 2016


19.Memes for everything


20.No matter who you vote for



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Joe Biden is the favorite of the US presidential election polls. At age 77, nearly 50 in politics, Joe Biden is on his third attempt to become president of America. If he wins, he will be the oldest president in US history.


His advanced age raises questions about his ability to lead an administration as complex as Washington's, but he counterbalances an enviable political experience and admirable mental stamina.


But Joe Biden has been turning American politics around for almost 50 years. The colors of Washington's power are no longer a secret to him. He went through all the stages to reach the White House, where for eight years he was vice president and the right hand of Barack Obama. But the road to the top was full of obstacles.


Joe Biden is also famous in many memes on the internet. Bemorepanda has collected a top 30 jokes and funny memes.


1.Just a knuckle


2.Construction Worker


3.Bush won


4.I'm a message


5.Dat ASS


6.Im on the phone


7.Coronavirus a person


8.Taste like a grape


9.Just a orange hat


10.Just like Bernie


11.Dementia my ass


12.I just forgot


13.Can I has soup?


14.Did I just say that?


15.What I mean to say


16.Im on the phone man


17.Black Belt


18.Campaign manager


19.Shattered phone


20.Wave at the phone




22.Biden and ice cream


23.Truth or Dare


24.You ain't black


25.Go out and play


26.I know


27.Trump walks in


28.I left a blunt


29.Sniffing hair


30.Some friends


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The suspension of the election that made the whole world turn its attention to the US continues on Friday, although Joe Biden is approaching in the key states the magic number of 270 votes in the electoral colleges, a figure that will ensure his presidency.


 Meanwhile, Donald Trump held his first press conference after the election, accusing him of attempted fraud, without presenting any evidence. Some Republicans have distanced themselves from him, saying such positions undermine the democratic process. On the other hand, Biden called for calm and patience.


Being such an important event, voters also have many questions. So Bemorepanda collected these questions and found an answer to them.

I’ve requested my mail-in ballot. If I change my mind and want to vote in person, may I?

Yes, you should be able to cast a ballot at a polling place, though it may be what’s known as a “provisional” ballot.

But you should not try to vote in person if you’ve already voted by mail. Voting twice is a felony in most states. Read more on that here.


What if President Donald Trump refuses to accept the election results?

This is a valid question since the President’s laid groundwork to argue the system is rigged against him and that fraud cost him votes in 2016. Neither claim is true. But he really doesn’t have a choice about accepting the results. Under the Constitution, a new president takes the oath of office on January 20 at noon. If no one has met the criteria to win the election — either with a majority in the Electoral College or being picked by the House — the next person in the line of presidential succession takes the oath until the election can be brought to a close. The person in line after Trump and Vice President Mike Pence is Nancy Pelosi or whoever is House speaker on January 20. For Trump to refuse to leave, he’d essentially be seizing power in a coup and shredding the Constitution. That seems impossible.


How do local officials verify signatures on mail-in ballots?

The process is different in every state and is already the subject of lawsuits this year. Often, a representative from each political party will take part in the process. Some states notify people if their signatures are rejected and they can fix the issue, in a process called “curing” a ballot. In some states you can update your signature by updating your voter registration.

Here’s a full list compiled by the National Conference of State Legislatures. It’s an interesting read.


How will people who lost their homes in the recent wildfires receive their voting information and their mail-in ballots?

They should forward their mail to wherever they’re staying or have it held. Or vote in person.


What about adding drive-thru voting so people can feel safe remaining in their vehicles?

Officials are experimenting with drive-thru voting in Utah.


Can people volunteer to help the post office process ballots for delivery?

No. But if you’re looking to volunteer, there’s a real problem finding enough poll workers during the pandemic. Find out more here.



What kind of access do Russians have to the election system? Can they manipulate vote totals or voter lists?

Russians aren’t supposed to have any access. But that won’t stop them from trying. They did access sensitive information in two small Florida counties in 2019, according to reports, and likely targeted all 50 states. There’s no indication or evidence they were able or tried to change vote totals.


What if the signature on my mail-in ballot is rejected?

There are different rules in different states and, with so many more people expected to vote by mail this year, states are scrambling to update them. In many states there is a process by which the voter is notified the signatures don’t match and is given the ability to fix, or “cure,” the ballot. The National Conference of State Legislatures has a database of the rules for curing a ballot in the 19 states that allow it.


Will we know the winner on election night?

There’s a very good chance we will not. Why? With so many more voters expected to vote by mail, it’s entirely possible states will not have final or close to final results even within days of the end of voting. Some states will count ballots they receive weeks after Election Day. And if margins are as close in some battlegrounds as they were in 2016, that means it could take a long time to get all the absentee and provisional votes counted. The Electoral College isn’t required to meet until the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December, so states have time to finalize their results.


Why do so few people vote in US elections?

I’m not sure I can explain it. But I can confirm that lots of Americans who can vote don’t. The last presidential election to reach more than 60% turnout was in 1968. There is some evidence that 2020 will be a big year for turnout; the 2018 midterms saw turnout on par with recent presidential elections. So voters are clearly motivated by President Donald Trump’s presidency.


By what date do I need to register to vote?

Each state has its own rules. You can check yours here. All states allow registration into October, but it may be early or mid-October. Twenty-one states allow a voter to register either after early voting has begun or on Election Day, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.



I received my North Carolina ballot and at the end it says I have to have a witness sign. Is this true? Do you have to have a witness in all states or just in North Carolina?

Every state is different. And the rules have been scrambled as states try to make mail-in voting easier during the pandemic. Check out our voter guide for information on all states.

Regarding North Carolina specifically, the state does require that a witness sign a certification included with your ballot. Here’s a step-by-step process published by the state.


I received a text indicating that you could vote online with a link to sign up. Didn't click the link as I've not heard anything about online voting. Any insight on this issue?

Danger! There is no large-scale online voting option in US presidential elections. You might register to vote online. You might request an absentee ballot online. You might check your registration online. You might check the status of your mail-in ballot online. But you do not vote online in the US. What you received is very likely a phishing scam.

All that said, some states have experimented with types of online voting, particularly for service members overseas. That includes West Virginia, which has an online voting app it used in 2018 and for its primary in 2020.

Washington, DC, allowed some voters to cast ballots by email in its primary this year, but this is not widely done.


What is the point in voting with Donald Trump’s declaration to dispute/reject the election results?

The Constitution makes clear the next presidential term of office begins January 20 at noon. The person who is sworn in then will either be the winner of the election or a placeholder in the line of presidential succession. It doesn’t really matter, from that perspective, whether Trump will dispute or reject the results. The system is built so that he can’t just ignore the results.


I received a ballot with just an option for president. Why were the other positions not listed?

This seems completely wrong. Every citizen living in a US state votes for Congress at the same time as they vote for president. There should, at least, be an option to vote for your congressperson. If you live in Washington, DC, or a territory like Puerto Rico, you should be voting for your delegate. You may also be voting for your senator and local officials. This is a good time to call your local election officials.



Is it OK to just vote for a president only and not vote for anything else on the ballot? Will my vote still count if I currently vote for my presidential choice?

Yes, it should. There’s no requirement to vote at all and no requirement to vote for everything on the ballot. But why not? When you vote, you have a say in how your government is working. And some elections — in particular local elections — might have just as much or more of a bearing on your daily life as your vote for the White House.


I registered as independent when I was 18. I am now 32, and have never voted. How do I know where to vote? Will I be able to vote Democrat? How do I change my party?

Regardless of whether you’re registered with a party, you can vote for whoever you want — Republican, Democrat or something else — on Election Day. But you should confirm your voter registration, because some states purge voters who have not voted in a long time. Most states allow you to do this online at the state secretary of state or election office. That’s also where you’re likely to find your polling place. Check your state at CNN’s voting guide.


What happens if my voting location closes due to a Covid surge?

This is a great question. If this is a concern, consider voting early in-person or by mail. Nearly every state has some kind of accommodation for people concerned about the pandemic. Given the importance of the election and the fact that it can’t, by law, be moved, polling places are unlikely to close completely. But lines could be longer. Here’s how to vote safely in-person.


If I checked Democrat, at the beginning of the ballot, is it ok that I then checked individual boxes for each candidate, some state ones being Republican?

Yes. There are six US states that include a “straight ticket voting” feature where you can simply select a party and your ballot is counted for that party in all races. This is an option that has declined over time, but six US states — Alabama, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and South Carolina — still offer it in some way.

But even where a “straight ticket” is offered, you should still be able to select a different party’s candidate in an individual race and “split” your ticket.



When can the states begin to count absentee & mail-in ballots?

The rules are different in every state. Pennsylvania is notable as a key battleground state that waits until 7 a.m. on Election Day to begin processing mail-in ballots. Here’s a helpful map.


Will CNN project states on election night like they do every year? Will there be too many mail-in ballots cast that the number of in-person votes cast just won’t be enough to project a winner?

CNN will project the winner of states. But it might not be like other years. There is a decision desk that takes incoming vote results, exit polls and other factors into account before making a projection. If there isn’t enough data to project a winner in a state, we won’t. The emphasis is on getting this right. It could be a very long night and the counting of ballots will likely stretch for days in many states. Here’s more on how CNN makes projections.


If the Electoral College’s vote is the primary determination of who becomes president, what is the purpose of the popular vote?

There is no purpose of the popular vote. News organizations and the federal government record it, but it’s meaningless in terms of determining the president. The popular vote in an individual state, however, is very important. A candidate may win a state by a handful of votes, but they still get all of that state’s electoral votes. (Nebraska and Maine are exceptions since they award some of their votes to the statewide winner and some proportionally.) Here’s a refresher on the Electoral College.


Can I send my mail-in ballot by Priority Mail, and can I put the ballots of my other family members in the same Priority envelope?

Yes, the Post Office will let you use Priority Mail. But putting multiple ballots in one envelope may be against the rules and is definitely risky. Many states require two envelopes — a mailing envelope and a secrecy sleeve. This inner envelope can hold the ballot and requires a voter’s signature. Review your state’s rules.


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