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Movies about dragons are always colorful and breathtaking. Classic hand-drawn animation, modern 3D-graphics and exciting multi-part projects.

The Hobbit

The hobbit Bilbo Baggins, in the company of the wizard Gandalf and the Dwarves, sets out on a journey to recover the treasures of the Kingdom of Piedmont that were captured by the insidious dragon Smog.

The Flight of Dragons

Inventor Peter Dickinson through the efforts of the sorcerer Carolinus finds himself in a fairyland where good wizards and dragons live.  The hero has to defeat the evil magician Omaddan.  The only trouble is that Peter accidentally turns into a dragon.


Mulan's parents expect their daughter to become a worthy bride, but the girl does not manage to impress the stern matchmaker, despite all the efforts.  It suddenly turns out that every family is obliged to send one man to the war.  Then Mulan, without saying anything to his relatives, goes there instead of his old and sick father.  Only here in China, women are forbidden to serve in the army.  Therefore, the heroine pretends to be a young man, but at any moment she can be revealed and severely punished.

Quest for Camelot

Girl Kylie wants to join the ranks of the Knights of the Round Table, but when the villain Rubert kills her father, the noble Sir Lionel, the heroine has to flee.  Over the years, it turns out that the villain has again planned the evil and is going to enslave the whole world with the help of dark magic.  Then Kylie goes on a trip to prevent Rubert, and new friends help her in this - the blind hermit Garrett, his falcon Aiden and the funny two-headed dragon.


A huge green ogre named Shrek is completely satisfied with his bachelor life in the swamp.  But once his idyll is violated by fabulous creatures expelled from the kingdom by order of the evil Lord Farquhad.  To get back silence and calm, the hero must free Princess Fiona.  She is imprisoned in a tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon.  The ogre will be assisted by the annoying talking Donkey.

Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi

While moving to a new home, the girl Chihiro with her mom and dad got lost and wandered into a strange empty city.  Having a snack there, parents turn into pigs and, together with their daughter, find themselves in a world of ghosts and demons ruled by the sorceress Yubaba.  Now Chihiro needs to serve the witch and come up with a plan to save relatives.

Chasseurs de dragons

Girl Zoe meets the brave dragon fighters Guizdo and Lin-Chu and leads them to her uncle.  He invites friends to accomplish a feat and kill the most terrible monster that has ever existed in the world.  The company plans to slowly run away with an advance, but Zoe’s enthusiasm stops them, so the team really goes on a very dangerous trip.

How to Train Your Dragon

Severe Vikings are used to not letting dragons terrorize them.  But once among the islanders there is a boy who understands that these animals are not at all as dangerous as is commonly believed.

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For this weekend Bemorepanda prepared for you a list with movies to watch this weekend together with your partner or maybe family. 


Former Marine Ray Harrison was reanimated after death and turned into a killing machine.  He erased his memory and launched into the blood special microcomputers that help heal wounds quickly.  But once the hero breaks free and realizes that the scale of the conspiracy is greater than he thought.

Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn breaks up with the Joker, thereby losing their immunity, after which all the city's criminals rush to avenge the hooligan, who managed to annoy literally every villain of Gotham.

Guns Akimbo

Ordinary programmer Miles Lee Harris lives in a world obsessed with computer entertainment, and from time to time splashes out hidden insults on the Internet.  After a couple of careless comments on his home, the organizers of the brutal reality show "Skism" are announced, pistols are screwed to their hands and forced to participate in a deadly game.

La Gomera

Corrupt policeman Christie goes to one of the Canary Islands to learn the ancient language of the whistle, which he will need for conspiracy.  All this in order to get out of prison petty criminal Zolta, who knows where 10 million euros are hidden.


The plot tells the story of Roger Isles, founder and powerful head of Fox News, who was forced to resign after several employees accused him of sexual harassment.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The incredible story of the Skywalker family, responsible for the balance of the Force in the galaxy, is coming to an end.  “Skywalker.  Sunrise "promises to give answers to all the riddles of the previous series and will certainly please those who are waiting for a beautiful picture and adventure: not one previous part can be compared with the epicity of battle scenes.

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

The discouraging lamb Sean and his farm neighbors are faced with yet another surprise: an alien guest Lou-La falls to Earth.  And now the animals must help her escape from the alien hunters and return home.

Bad Boys for Life

The sinister widow of a Mexican drug lord escapes from prison and begins to restore his late husband’s empire with his son.  In parallel, she is going to take revenge on those who many years ago imprisoned her.  Blacklisted Detective Mike Lowry

Frozen II

Queen Elsa is desperate for an unknown voice, so she, along with her sister Anna, Kristoff, deer Sven and snowman Olaf, sets off on a new journey to learn more about herself and her past.

The Invisible Man

Escaping from his beloved Adrian Griffin - a brilliant inventor, sociopath, sadist and manipulator - Cecilia Cass is hiding at the house of an old friend, a policeman, but even there he does not feel safe.  Even when he finds out that the home tyrant laid hands on himself and left her a generous inheritance.  But Cecilia does not believe in Adrian's suicide and believes that he just found a new way to torture her.

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From Blade Runner 2049 to GTA V, part of what makes blockbusters and video games so addictive is the crazy graphics. Despite the fact that this is only a fiction, landscapes sometimes look so real and tangible that it seems as if they really exist. But our world is so amazing that there are places where you can really feel like on another planet or in a video game, and these photos are vivid proof of this.

Bemorepanda collected some impressive photos.


Green udder-like clouds above an abandoned house, which are usually harbingers of a tornado



"I looked at the newly paved asphalt through a polarized lens and witnessed such an unusual effect."



An amazing shot, taken at the right time and in the right place. These antennas on the roof of the Sutro Tower in San Francisco look like a ghost ship.



San Francisco looks like a scene from Blade Runner 2049 in this shot.



Surreal photography taken with drones that make mountains look like sci-fi movie landscapes



"This photo of my son looks like a horror movie poster."



This image looks like a screenshot from a video game, but it is actually a real altar located in the Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland.



"I drove into a deep winter forest at night, and it looks like an illustration for a book by Stephen King."



"My photo of today's sunset looks like a screenshot from GTA"



"Yesterday's cemetery fire looked like the climactic scene from a horror movie."




The "Imperial Corridor" located in the Czech Republic looks like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in real life



"Next door to me is a house that looks like it's from a fairy tale."



The Earth Pyramids of South Tyrol, located in Northern Italy, look like the scenery for an alien movie



The Space Needle Tower looks like a cloud city from Star Wars when you fly over it in an airplane



Photo of a forest with trees covered in green moss, taken just after the colorful leaves fell to the ground, Spain



"The picture I took with my phone looks like a screenshot from GTA"



The walled island of Mont Saint Michel in France looks like a Disney logo in real life



"I covered the door with mirrored paper squares and now it looks like a portal of some kind."



Chile's volcanic ash cloud looks like a giant monster summoned from the underworld



"I gave my girlfriend a new bike helmet and her brother gave her a balaclava with Drake's face print, and now she looks like a video game character."


When you look at this photo, taken in Dubai during the super moon, it seems as if a celestial object has landed directly on the roof of a skyscraper.

The perfect shot from an air show

Launch into the sky from a roller coaster

Waxwing catches a berry

Heavenly Fire Breathing Dragon

Stunning fireworks

Bird looking into the water

This is where the rainbow comes from …

The bird that saw its reflection in the mirror

Sun catcher

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Below we have collected both simple and difficult questions and answers to them for the Lord of the Rings quiz. Test your knowledge of one of the most famous fantasy worlds in the world of cinema. Whether you've watched the trilogy or read the books, simple Tolkien-themed questions will take you back to the homeland of Middle-earth once again. Once again!


This a quiz for those who knows what hobbits are 


Tell us in the comments how many questions and answers from the quiz were a surprise or discovery for you. Have you learned anything new? Be sure to let us know!


So, good luck!



1. Who is the One Father of all?

Answer: Eru Ilúvatar.


2. What does Gandalf destroy after the Battle of the Hornburg?

Answer: The Staff of Saruman.


3. How many Great Rings have been given to the human race?

Answer: Nine rings.


4. In The Fellowship of the Ring, does the Witch-king easily dodge whose torch?

Answer: Aragorn.


5. To whom did Aragorn bow after his coronation?

Answer: Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin.


6. Which woman was Sam talking about in Green Dragon?

Answer: Rosie Cotton.


7. What is the name of the elven character with blond hair and blue eyes who was an accurate archer with a refined appearance?

Answer: Legolas.


8. Name the last war against the armies of Mordor.

Answer: War of the Last Alliance of humans and elves.


9. What year of the Second Age is Gandalf talking about in the scene "The Story of Isildur"?

Answer: 3434.



10. Who in Amon Hen tried to take the ring from Frodo?

Answer: Boromir


11. Who said: "Even the wisest cannot foresee everything"?

Answer: Gandalf.


12. In the War of the Ring, which forest does Saruman order the orcs to cut down?

Answer: Fangorn Forest.


13. What are the names of the wolf-like animals that attack Theoden and his men?

Answer: Vargs.


14. What was the name of Sam's favorite pony?

Answer: Bill.


15. What was the name of the elven character, the Sindarin elf from the Forest Kingdom?

Answer: Legolas.


16. What is the name of Frodo the gardener?

Answer: Samwise Gamgee.


17. What is the name of the fictional metal from which Frodo's mail is made?

Answer: Mithril


18. What was the name of Boromir's brother, who died on the way to Mordor when the Fellowship broke up?

Answer: Faramir


19. Which actor plays the role of Bilbo?

Answer: Ian Holm.


20. What is the name of Gimli's father?

Answer: Gloin.



21. What is the name of Gandalf's horse?

Answer: Tenegriv.


22. Who were the nine heroes of the Fellowship of the Ring who represented the Free Peoples of Middle-earth?

Answer: Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn, Boromir, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin.


23. On what date did Bilbo celebrate his 111th birthday?

Answer: September 22, 3001.


24. What was the name of the ancient sword that cut the Ring of Omnipotence from the hand of Sauron?

Answer: Narsil


25. Where was the Fangorn forest?

Answer: Under the southeastern Misty Mountains.


26. What kind of bread do Sam and Frodo eat at the beginning of The Two Towers?

Answer: Lembas bread.


27. Which actor plays the role of Frodo?

Answer: Elijah Wood.


28. What was the name of the inn in Bree village?

Answer: Prancing Pony.


29. Who does Aragorn call to the stone of Erech?

Answer: Army of the Dead.


30. Who said the phrase: “The magician is never late, Frodo Baggins, and never comes early; He always shows up when he's supposed to."

Answer: Gandalf the Grey.



31. Who carries Pippin away, mistaking him for the Keeper of the Ring?

Answer: Uruk-hai.


32. What was Mount Doom really called?

Answer: Amon Amarth.


33. Why didn't Sauron destroy Mount Doom?

Answer: He believed that no one would want or be able to destroy the Ring.


34. What is the name of Arwen's father?

Answer: Elrond.


35. What does the name Arwen mean?

Answer: "Royal maid".


36. In what year of the Third Age did Arwen meet Aragorn?

Answer: 2951.


37. How did Arwen die?

Answer: Because of a broken heart.


38. Whose life did Pippin save by telling Gandalf of Denethor's madness?

Answer: Faramir


39. Who did Pippin meet and befriend in Gondor?

Answer: Beregond



40. Who did Pippin marry?

Answer: Brilliant from Deep Gulch.


41. What character says: “I would rather share one mortal life with you than live through all the ages of the world”?

Answer: Arwen


42. Who was Sam talking to when he said, “The people in these stories had a lot of chances to turn back, but they didn’t”?

Answer: Frodo.


43. Who freed King Theoden from the spell of Saruman?

Answer: Gandalf.


44. What marks the end of the Third Age?

Answer: The Third Age ended when Sauron was killed after the destruction of the Ring of Omnipotence.


45. During Bilbo's birthday party, who was charged with washing the dishes for stealing fireworks from Gandalf?

Answer: Merry and Pippin.


46. ​​Who gave Frodo Baggins the Phial of Galadriel?

Answer: Queen of the Elves Galadriel.


47. Who did Sam end up marrying?

Answer: Rose Cotton.


48. Which armies participated in the Battle of Isengard, also known as the Fall of Isengard?

Answer: Ents against the forces of Sauron.


49. What are the names of the two fortresses?

Answer: Minas Tirith and Minas Morgul.


50. What frightened the orcs in the Mines of Moria?

Answer: Balrog.



51. Name Lord and Lady Caras Galadon.

Answer: Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel.


52. Who, even on his day off, always rode a horse to practice riding and make friends with his horse?

Answer: Aragorn


53. When the elves leave Middle-earth in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, where do they go?

Answer: Undying Lands/Valinor.


54. Name the right hand of Sauron.

Answer: The Witch-king of Angmar.


55. What animals sometimes tickle Treebeard?

Answer: Field mice.


56. What particular instrument did the composer choose to emphasize the Sméagol/Gollum theme?

Answer: Dulcimer


57. What is the name of the volcano where the film "Mount Doom" was filmed?

Answer: Mount Tongariro.


58. What place in Middle-earth is famous for its horses?

Answer: Rohan.


59. Which of these movie characters is not in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings novels?

Answer: Morven.


60. He was the only member of the Fellowship whose boat sank twice while filming and rehearsing the boat scenes in The Fellowship of the Ring.

Answer: Legolas Greenleaf.



61. “He goes to ___ ___. Soon he will become a ghost like them."

Answer: The world of shadows.


62. Who said: “There is no life in the void, only death!”?

Answer: Sauron.


63. Who plays Peregrine Took?

Answer: Billy Boyd.


64. What in The Two Towers provokes Treebeard to attack Isengard?

Answer: Destroyed forest.


65. On what day does Frodo wake up and find himself in Rivendell?

Answer: October 24th.


66. Where does Deagol first find the ring?

Answer: River bed.


67. In The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo passes into the world of shadows after being run through by the Witch-king with a Morgul blade. What does Aragorn use to slow down the poison?

Answer: Atelas.


68. In The Fellowship of the Ring: Expanded Edition, Bilbo is talking to the mother of several children. What was her name?

Answer: Mrs. Bracegirdle.


69. What forest was known to be the last dwelling place of the Ents and Huorns?

Answer: Fangorn Forest.


70. What are the names of the huge animals that Frodo, Sam and Gollum see in The Two Towers?

Answer: Oliphant.



71. Sam is in love with me, and I am secretly in love with him! Who am I?

Answer: Rosie.


72. Who gave Frodo Baggins the Ring of Power?

Answer: He inherited it from Bilbo.


73. What character did Frodo fight bravely to protect the Ring of Power?

Answer: Gollum.


74. Bilbo and Frodo, they are related, what?

Answer: Cousins.


75. Why did Gandalf choose Bilbo Baggins to help the dwarves?

Answer: The reasons are unknown.


76. What were Gandalf and Frodo riding at the beginning of the movie?

Answer: Gandalf's wagon.


77. Where was the Ring of Omnipotence forged?

Answer: In the flames of Mount Orodruin.


78. When was The Fellowship of the Ring released?

Answer: 2001.


79. Who wrote the music for the first film in the trilogy?

Answer: Howard Shore.


80. When was the movie The Two Towers released?

Answer: 2002.



81. What is the name of the giant spider in The Return of the King?

Answer: Shelob.


82. Who kills Grima?

Answer: Legolas.


83. Who tells Aragorn about the Black Ships?

Answer: Gandalf and Elrond.


84. Who voices Fangorn, also known as Treebeard?

Answer: John Rhys-Davies.


85. What were the names of the evil rulers who tried to take possession of all Middle-earth?

Answer: The Dark Lord.


86. Who met Frodo at the edge of the Shire at the beginning of his journey from home?

Answer: Gildor Inglorion.


87. Which actor plays Jolly Brandybuck?

Answer: Dominic Monaghan.


88. What character did Peter Jackson portray as the hero of a monomyth that was not in the books?

Answer: Aragorn


89. Which actor played Samwise Gamgee?

Answer: Sean Astin.


90. Who does Christopher Lee play in the movies?

Answer: Saruman.



91. What character does Andy Serkis play?

Answer: Gollum.


92. What is the Elvish word for "friend"?

Answer: Mellon.


93. Where was Helm's Deep?

Answer: In the White Mountains below Trihirn.


94. Name a friend and cousin of Gollum.

Answer: Deagol


95. What battle took place at Helm's Deep?

Answer: Battle of the Hornburg.


96. What is the uniqueness of Orodruin?

Answer: It was the only place in the world where the Ring could be destroyed.


97. How many years did Gollum own the ring?

Answer: 478 years.


98. How old was Gollum when he died?

Answer: 589 years.


99. What is another name for Gollum?

Answer: Smeagol.


100. What race does Gimli belong to?

Answer: Gnome.



101. Why was Gimli chosen as a member of the Brotherhood?

Answer: Represent your race.


102. Where was Pippin captured by orcs?

Answer: Part Galen.


103. Who is the father of Galadriel?

Answer: Finarfin.


104. Whom did Galadriel marry?

Answer: Celeborn.


105. Which of the rings did Galadriel have?

Answer: Nenya.


106. When was Galadriel forbidden to return to Valinor?

Answer: At the end of the First Age.


107. Which actor played Gandalf?

Answer: Ian McKellen.


108. Where is director Peter Jackson from?

Answer: New Zealand.


109. What is the secret password in Elvish that caused the Gate to open?

Answer: "Say 'friend' and come in."


110. What did the goblins call Thorin's elven sword?

Answer: Beater.



111. What was the most successful film in the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

Answer: Return of the King.


112. How many Oscars has the Lord of the Rings trilogy won?

Answer: 17 out of 30 nominated films.


113. What movie franchise was heavily influenced by the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

Answer: Star Wars.


114. What alias does Frodo use when he leaves the Shire?

Answer: Mr Underhill.


115. What do Tolkien fans call themselves?

Answer: Tolkienists.


116. When was The Fellowship of the Ring first published?

Answer: July 29, 1954.


117. What is the name of the demon in Tolkien's Middle Earth?

Answer: Balrogs.


118. How many Oscars did The Fellowship of the Ring win?

Answer: eight.


119. What ancient dagger is known to have been made by Telchar of Nogrod?

Answer: Angrist.


120. Where was the Hobbiton Village set filmed?

Answer: On the slopes of Waikato, Matamata (Northern New Zealand).



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