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Tinder is the world's most popular app that lets people meet, get in touch, and even get married. But among the huge number of profiles, it is not so easy to stand out, so users resort to sophisticated ingenuity to attract attention.

In quarantine people are most often found melancholy and sadness. And to get rid of it, many people seek consolation in other people. And in search of a couple, due to their employment or banal shyness, Internet users turn to the recently popular Tinder application. And some of the profiles from there can make you laugh.

1.You don’t get the chance to date a cop every day.

2.Don't trust a genie

3.Is there a doctor here?

4.A comma change everything

5.Be careful with nude pics

6.Nobody is perfect

7.Sand in tires

8.Tyson is good at kisses

9.Granddad knows everything

10.Dating newbies

11.Marco Polo

12.Hide the pets

13.She has a beautiful smile

14.Match made in heaven

15.Amanda and random dogs

16.It is not to late to find your love

17.Colgate in action

18.Not everyone's type

19.Romantic with knives

20.Love isn't about age

21.Only smart people

22.Pro and con's

23.It is based on a true story

24.Save him from mom

25.Who's type?

26.No pressure on this

27.This badass ex

28.Don't mess with coffee

29.What do you know about being hungry?

30.Honesty can be brutal

31.It is really interesting

32.This is called kindness

33.Handyman service

34.It is good reviewed

35.The right attitude

36.That's a walk on the beach

37.So mysterious

38.Calling this gratitude

39.Single moms are so cool

40.Dog having flashbacks

41.Stand up guy

42.Just a short presentation

43.This is stand out profile

44.An idea for first date

45.Carry umbrelas everywhere

46.Despacito is a cool soundtrack

47.It is really inspiring

48.Only her secret

49.I love you, my deer!

50.This NotSee

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security today 😂

3 years ago
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Surely you have seen various names of creative jobs on LinkedIn or even on business cards. Is it cool or is it too much? Do you shy away from people who take advantage of creativity and present themselves as HR Ambassadors, for example? Have you noticed that a lot of people, all of a sudden, are Coach / Mentor / Trainer / Entrepreneur?


Maybe a Shop Knight will smile at your cash register. Maybe instead of a receptionist, a Director of First Impressions will guide you. Maybe at the next meeting with a PR, he will write Communication Champion on his business card. If you are a QA Engineer, would you like to be called a QA Rock Star? If you are testing your company's website, would you like your job to be called a Website Master? If you work in Marketing, does the Account Wizard make you smile? Do you want to recruit as a Talent Catcher? How credible would it be for you to call yourself an Objective Achiever Coach?

And think again: you can be a Guru, Ninja, Champion, Digital Prophet etc or you can say "Abracadabra" and you are the coolest Digital Marketing Magician, Direct Mail Demi-God or, why not, you can introduce yourself as Social Media Badass.

So here is the top collected by Bemorepanda of the most hiarious and useless job titles that you can find on LinkedIn.

  1. Digital Overlord
  2. Creator of Happiness
  3. Retail Jedi
  4. Wizard of Light Bulb Moments
  5. Dream Alchemist
  6. Chief Chatter
  7. Change Magician
  8. Accounting Ninja
  9. Chief Biscuit Dunker
  10. Direct Mail Demi-God
  11. Digital Marketing Magician
  12. Brand Warrior
  13. Senior Road Warrior Marketing Intern
  14. The Social Media Badass
  15. Chief Thought Provoker


But remember this! Some candidates have the impression that an unconventional degree will positively impress recruiters, as opposed to the usual one. Nothing wrong. Of course, such a title may attract attention, but not necessarily with a positive impact on those who read it. Recruiters use keywords related to that position, so they will search, for example: "Sales Manager" and not "Sales Evangelist", "Digital Marketing Manager" and not "Digital Wizard / Guru / Ninja", "Brand Manager ”And not“ Brand Warrior ”.


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