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Every time you ask direct questions to Google or any other search engine, several sites appear on the first page most of the time and Quora is one of them. Whether you want to seek answers or advice from professionals or experienced people, you can ask Quora your question to bet on the answers. Thousands of people will find your question and allow you to have the best possible answer in a few hours.


Founded in 2009 by former Facebook executives, Quora was seen as one of the most interesting companies in the social media era after Facebook. It is not a destination in itself, but a place you reach when you have a curiosity to satisfy. It's all due to its popularity among search engines.


Over time, Quora has evolved into a more organized Yahoo Answers, a more shaggy Reddit and an attitude-filled Wikipedia.


To some extent, Quora is more like Google or Amazon than Facebook.


Another key element of Quora pages, unlike a Facebook event or an Instagram story, is that its pages have a longer lifespan and interest.


That's why people turn to Quora. A multitude of people ask and answer different questions, in different fields and with totally different topics. Are you curious what is in the spotlight on Quora? Bemorepanda has collected the top topics searched on Quora.


1. Technology - 66.1 million followers

2. Movies - 59.7 million followers

3. Health - 54.7 million followers

4. Food - 53.7 million followers

5. Science - 51.5 million followers

6. Music - 48.9 million followers

7. Books - 45.9 million followers

8. Visiting and Travel - 41.9 million followers

9. Business - 38.1 million followers

10. Psychology - 36.1 million followers



11. History - 34.9 million followers

12. Cooking - 33 million followers

13. Design - 25.6 million followers

14. Fashion and Style - 24.9 million followers

15. Writing - 22.3 million followers

16. Economics - 20.9 million followers

17. Philosophy - 18.4 million followers

18. Politics - 18 million followers

19. Finance - 17.6 million followers

20. Marketing - 17.2 million followers



21. Television Series - 15.7 million followers

22. Fine Art - 14 million followers

23. Literature - 13.6 million followers

24. Journalism - 10.6 million followers

25. Healthy Eating - 10.4 million followers

26. Entertainment - 10.1 million followers

27. Medicine and Healthcare - 10 million followers

28. Physics - 9.6 million followers

29. Science of Everyday Life - 9.1 million followers

30. Nutrition - 9.1 million followers



31. Songs - 8.3 million followers

32. Smartphones - 7.8 million followers

33. Technology Trends - 7.7 million followers

34. Recipes - 7.2 million followers

35. Computer Science - 6.8 million followers

36. Fitness - 6.7 million followers

37. The Internet - 6.6 million followers

38. Musicians - 6.5 million followers

39. Mobile Phones - 6.4 million followers

40. Hollywood - 6.4 million followers



41. Novels - 6 million followers

42. Psychology of Everyday Life - 6 million followers

43. Entrepreneurship - 5.7 million followers

44. Mental Health - 5.7 million followers

45. Chemistry - 5.7 million followers

46. Scientific Research - 5.6 million followers

47. Book Recommendations - 5.5 million followers

48. Innovation - 5.4 million followers

49. Reading - 5.3 million followers

50. Healthy Living - 5.3 million followers



51. Writers and Authors - 5.1 million followers

52. India - 5 million followers

53. Bollywood - 5 million followers

54. Small Businesses - 4.9 million followers

55. Actors and Actresses - 4.9 million followers

56. Restaurants - 4.7 million followers

57. Eating - 4.7 million followers

58. Investing - 4.6 million followers

59. Technology Startups - 4.6 million followers

60. Tourism - 4.5 million followers



61. Money - 4.4 million followers

62. Business Strategy - 4.2 million followers

63. Biology - 4.1 million followers

64. Baking - 4.1 million followers

65. Movie Recommendations - 4 million followers

66. Television - 3.9 million followers

67. Social Psychology - 3.9 million followers

68. Exams and Tests - 3.9 million followers

69. Medical Conditions and Diseases - 3.9 million followers

70. Philosophy of Everyday Life - 3.8 million followers



71. World History - 3.8 million followers

72. Studying - 3.8 million followers

73. Earth (planet) - 3.7 million followers

74. Startups - 3.7 million followers

75. Song Lyrics - 3.6 million followers

76. Vacations - 3.6 million followers

77. International Travel - 3.6 million followers

78. YouTube - 3.5 million followers

79. Fiction - 3.5 million followers

80. Clothing and Apparel - 3.5 million followers



81. Music Industry - 3.5 million followers

82. Information Technology - 3.4 million followers

83. Exercise - 3.4 million followers

84. Sleep - 3.3 million followers

85. Silicon Valley - 3.2 million followers

86. Research - 3.2 million followers

87. Invention and Inventions - 3.2 million followers

88. Psychiatry - 3.2 million followers

89. Jobs and Careers - 3.2 million followers

90. Startup Strategy - 3.2 million followers



91. Fruit - 3.2 million followers

92. Computer Programming - 3.1 million followers

93. Web Design - 3.1 million followers

94. English (language) - 3.1 million followers

95. Dating and Relationships - 3 million followers

96. Ethics - 3 million followers

97. Schools - 3 million followers

98. Hotels - 3 million followers

99. Creative Writing - 3 million followers

100. Cognitive Psychology - 3 million followers



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The WHO (World Health Organization) advises that people should maintain at least 1 meter distance between them in order to prevent spreading the coronavirus infection, which already killed more than 154.726 people and over 2.2 million confirmed cases.  

And while humans are starting to get used to the new reality, animals are also joining the club. People are sharing photos of their pets practicing social distancing in order to stop spreading the pandemic because hey - after all, we all live on the same planet so we are into this together. 

Bemorepanda has compiled a collection of top funny photos that prove animals are helping humans make the world a safer place. 

1.Cats respect the social distance rule of 1-meter even while hunting

2.A group of cats siting on chairs, making sure they follow the 1-meter distance

3.This is how cats are are social distancing in Japan

4.In Poland, same like in Japan, everyone respect the rules, including cats

5.At a grocery store, next in line is a cat respecting the social distancing indicators

6.Seagulls get it

7.Who is next in line, please?

8.This dog is saving a space for its owner

9.How dogs are keeping social distance in Croatia

10.Meanwhile in India, dogs are rescpecting the distance

11.Only one cat a time is allowed to enter the house

12.This is how Moose are practising social distancing

13.The moment you see your neighbour on the stairs and you realize you are too close to him

14.Cats seems to get this

15.Ducks enjoying a nice view and spending a good time 1-meter apart

16.Every dog knows that social distancing is a must

17.Romeo and Julieta during coronavirus pandemic

18.If everyone will respect the social distancing as these two good boys

19.Seagulls keeping distance between each other

20.Stay safe, stay home & visit through the glass

21.Bin Chickens make sure that Backpackers are respecting the rules

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Instagram is a big world in our pocket. The history of social networking is amazing, and it started before then-student Mark Zuckerberg's idea to launch Facebook in 2004. Mark collected the existing developments from the world of dating sites and MySpace-level blog platforms and transferred them to the format of communication for any interests, and not just for finding soulmates. But even Facebook's breakthrough cannot be compared to the brain explosion that Instagram did in 2010.


It's no wonder why Mark was so keen to buy out Instagram for a billion dollars: in doing so, he eliminated the strongest competitor and potentially saved billions of other dollars that could have gone into the competitive battle. Since then, Instagram capitalization has grown 100 times and we will explain why.


Instagram, unlike older social networks, was originally tailored for use on mobile devices. Better than a social network in your pocket, available anytime and anywhere, against the backdrop of global Internet addiction of people - yes, it just doesn’t happen! This is also the reason why the TOP list of the most-followed people on Instagram includes celebrities from the offline world and such a unique phenomenon as Internet stars. Some of them have risen to international fame just by staying inside their Instagram and YouTube profiles. So, let's find out who these people are, who owns the most popular Instagram accounts in the world?!


Top list of the most-followed Instagram accounts


About likes: 536.678 billion likes were clicked on profiles from the TOP 50 below. If you set the task for one person to like such a number and do it at a rate of one like per second, seven days a week, 24 hours a day without sleep and rest, then he will need 2,836 years. In the context of history, about 2,800 years ago, the ancient inhabitants of the south of England began to build Stonehenge, and one of them then had to start liking on Instagram.


50. Justin Timberlake - 64 M

Justin Timberlake is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and producer. He began his career as a child with participation in the television program "The Mickey Mouse Club". He has over 50 awards including AMAs, Billboard, and Grammys. Justin has recorded more than 5 studio albums, and his legendary singles are heard by every teenager. On Instagram, Timberlake has collaborated with AMEX, Jordan, and Levi's.


49. Tom Holland - 64 M

Tom Holland is an English actor who revealed his talent as a child. The graduate of the London School of Performing Arts and Technology is one of the most promising actors of his generation, and his role as Spider-Man in the Marvel film series has cemented his status as a Hollywood star and made him famous throughout the world since 2017.


48. Deepika Padukone - 65 M

Deepika Padukone is an Indian actress, producer, and just beauty, one of the highest-paid celebrities in the country. The former badminton player made her acting debut in 2006. Slowly moving towards international fame, in 2017 she made herself known to the whole world, starring in the Hollywood blockbuster Three X: World Domination. Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2018. Some of her collaborations with brands on Instagram include Myntra, Nestle Fruita Vitals, Loreal Paris, OPPO, Coca-Cola, and many more.


47. NBA - 65 M

The NBA is a North American professional basketball league and is considered the premier basketball league in the world. It was founded in New York in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America, later renamed the NBA. League games are broadcast nationwide in the United States on NBA TV Studies' channel. The league's annual revenue exceeds $8 billion.


46. Emma Watson - 66 M

This English actress, model, and activist, excelled in magic Hermione Granger and as UN Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson has forever captured our hearts. After her success in Harry Potter, Emma received a degree in theater arts from Oxford. She has over 30 awards to her credit. Watson is known for her active citizenship, her involvement in numerous charitable causes around the world, and her partnership with the environmental organization Eco-Age.


45. Narendra Modi - 66M

Narendra Modi is one of the rare cases of great online popularity of a current political figure. Modi is currently the Prime Minister of India. He actively communicates with his supporters on social networks, including Twitter.


44. Shwan Mendes - 67 M

Shawn Mendes is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and model. Sean debuted in 2013 and has since won female admirers around the world into his army. He has over 50 awards including Teen Choice Award, MTV Music Awards, and AMAs. Mendes has recorded 5 studio albums and several hit singles. On Instagram, he collaborates with Emporio Armani, Flow, and other brands.


43. David Beckham - 71 M

King of Football David Beckham is a retired professional footballer, president of Inter Miami professional football club, and co-owner of Salford City football club. During his 20-year career, Beckham played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, the England national team, and other teams. He is the first English footballer to win league titles in four countries.


42. Shakira - 72 M

Shakira is a Colombian singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, and actress. She made her debut in show business as a 13-year-old girl and has never ceased to win the hearts of new fans. Shakari is known for iconic football singles such as "Waka Waka" and "La La La". She has more than 50 awards, including Billboard, World Music Awards, and Grammy. Shakira founded the Barefood Foundation, a Colombian charity that helps poor and disadvantaged children.


41. Victoria's Secret - 72 M

Victoria's Secret is a world-famous American brand of women's clothing, lingerie and beauty products. This realm of beauty was founded by Roy and Guy Raymond in 1977, developing a network of boutiques around the world. The brand is also known for hosting the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, where they showcase their best products. Victoria's Secret employs the most famous and influential models in the world, which attracts enormous attention from the audience. Some of the supermodels associated with the brand are Adriana Lima, Barbara Palvin, and Candice Swanepoel.


40. Khaby Lame - 72 M

Khaby Lame is an Italian video blogger (TikTok) of Senegalese origin. He became known for his short comedic videos in which he sarcastically points out people who make simple tasks difficult for no reason.


39. Gigi Hadid - 73 M

American supermodel Gigi Hadid has been the face of several collections of the fashion brand Tom Ford and Victoria's Secret model, and at the age of 26, this beauty has conquered not only the catwalks and glosses but also Instagram. More than 70 million users of the social network have subscribed to her stylish account, and the like counter on some publications has crossed the 5 million mark.


In her profile, Gigi is not afraid, to be honest. She not only shows pictures from professional photoshoots, but also shares simple selfies without makeup with fans, shows the reverse side of the fashion business, and her personal life.


38. Lisa - 75 M

Lalisa Manoban is a Thai singer, dancer, and model. She is a member of the South Korean pop group BLACKPINK, where she is the main dancer, lead rapper, sub-vocalist. Lisa is a very famous and influential figure in the Asian show business.


37. NASA - 75 M

The official Instagram of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) broke into the TOP Instagram accounts only in 2021. The NASA space agency, which is part of the US federal government and reports directly to the US President, carries out the country's civilian space program, as well as scientific research into air and space. All publications in the NASA account are related to space.


36. Priyanka - 75 M

Priyanka Chopra is an Indian actress, Miss World 2000, singer, and film producer, one of the highest-paid actresses in India, awarded with many awards. Since 2015, Priyanka has been developing her career in Hollywood. Time magazine included her name in the "100 Most Influential People in the World" and "100 Most Influential Women in the World" ratings. She is also an ambassador for UNICEF. On Instagram, Priyanka collaborates with Pantene, Happy Foot, and many more.


35. Gal Gadot - 76 M

Gal Gadot is an Israeli model and actress best known for her role as Wonder Woman in the DC Comics film series of the same name. In 2014, Gal Gadot was elected as Miss Israel, and her success in Hollywood made her one of the highest-paid actresses in the world.


34. Vin Diesel - 79 M

A bald brutal man and not a villain? Then it's Vin Diesel. Surprisingly, the actor got into the cinema not from the gym, but from the theater through college. Education helped him take place as a screenwriter and director. He should not count on an Oscar for the role of Hamlet, but millions of people remember his numerous "Fast and Furious", "Three X's" and "Riddick". And on Instagram, he also appears as a loving father, ironic about his fame.


33. Dua Lipa - 81 M

Dua Lipa is a British singer of Kosovo origin, born in 1995. Singer, songwriter, and model. Her name "Dua" is translated from Albanian as "I love", "I want" or "I need". At the age of 14, she began posting cover versions of her favorite songs on YouTube by artists such as Christina Aguilera and Nelly Furtado. In 2013, she appeared in a television commercial for The X Factor. In 2017, Dua Lipa released her debut album.


32. UEFA Champions League - 90 M

The UEFA Champions League is one of the most prestigious football tournaments organized by UEFA. It was founded in 1955 and acquired an international status. More than 32 teams take part in the league. The winner of the Champions League has bonuses: qualification for next year's Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup, and the FIFA Club World Cup. The most successful club in the history of the tournament is Real Madrid, with 13 victories.


31. Billie Eilish - 101 M

American singer-songwriter who rose to fame in 2016 with the release of her debut single "Ocean Eyes" on SoundCloud. Her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, released in 2019, topped the US (Billboard 200) and UK (UK Albums Chart) charts, while the single "Bad Guy" went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. (USA). Billie Eilish is the first person born in the 21st century to top the Hot 100.


In 2020, Billie Eilish triumphantly declared herself at the Grammy Music Awards, winning all four main categories: Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Recording of the Year, and Best New Artist, as well as winning the Best Pop Vocal Album nomination. As a result, she became the first performer since 1981 (and only the second in history after Christopher Cross) to win all four major awards of the year.


30. BREEZY(Chris Brown) - 104 M

Chris Brown is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, actor, and producer. He made his debut in 2004 and immediately became popular: he is the first musician born in 1997, whose debut single reached number one on the Billboard charts. Chris has collected over 40 awards including Grammys, AMAs, and Billboard. Brown is also the founder of Symphonic Love, a children's charity.


29. Champagnepapi(Drake) - 104 M

Canadian singer, rapper, producer, actor, and businessman Drake is known on Instagram as Champagne Papi. He began his career back in the 2000s as an actor and then became interested in music mixes. Drake recorded his first studio album in 2010 and instantly hit the Billboard charts. He has over 50 awards including Billboard, AMA, and Grammy. Drake also holds the world record for most Billboard awards received in a single year. On Instagram, Drake has collaborated with Nike, Canopy Growing Roster of Cannabis, and Jordon Brand.


28. FC Barcelona -  106 M

Barcelona is not only a beautiful city in Catalonia but also a football club of the same name. It has its philosophy. "Barcelona" will always try to play beautifully, delighting the audience. It was in this club that the legendary Lionel Messi made his name. The club's Instagram is a must-see for any Barça fan. Football players have long been turned into stars. It is always interesting to watch their life not only on the football field but also outside it.


27. Real Madrid C.F. - 112 M

Real Madrid (Madrid) is the most titled football club in the world. This is a constant favorite of any competition - from the championship of Spain to the Champions League. Puskas and Di Stefano, Ronaldo and Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luka Modric made history here. The club's fan base numbers are in the millions. That's why the legendary club's Instagram is so popular. In the profile, you can find many photos from the team's training, the life of stars in everyday life, and, of course, the highlights of football battles.


26. Kingjames(LeBron James) - 114 M

American professional basketball player LeBron James, aka King James, is billed as "the greatest basketball player of all time." He won several NBA championships, won numerous awards, and brought home two gold medals from the Olympics. LeBron finances a personal charitable foundation. Some of his Instagram partners are Nike, Coca-Cola, Upper Deck, Beats Electronics, Kia Motors.


25. Ellen DeGeneres - 115 M

Instagram of the famous comedian and actress Ellen DeGeneres is named after her sparkling show, for which she received her 11 Emmy awards. On her page, there are a lot of videos with jokes, skits with celebrities. What else can you expect from a comedian? So millions of subscribers are charged with a good mood along with DeGeneres.


24. Badgalriri( Rihanna)  - 123 M

The famous singer, winner of 8 Grammy awards and more than 60 music awards, Rihanna can proudly boast of the status of an Instagram star. On her page, Rihanna advertises her own cosmetic brand Fenty Beauty, as well as products from such well-known companies as Armani, Puma, and Dior.


On her page on the social network, the R&B diva shares pictures from photoshoots and career successes. As a cultural ambassador for Barbados, Rihanna sometimes touches on sensitive social issues in her publications.


23. Cardi B - 126 M

Cardi B (real name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar) is an American hip-hop artist, songwriter, actress, and television personality.


Cardi B is the third artist in history, after the Beatles and soul singer Ashanti, to have three of their first hits in the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. This happened in 2018 with the songs: "No Limit" (4th place), "MotorSport" (7th place), and "Bodak Yellow" (10th place). At the end of 2018, the annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world according to Time was included.


Cardi B became the third female rapper in history to have an album nominated for Album of the Year, following Lauryn Hill (1999) and Missy Elliott (2004).


It is known that before starting her musical career, Cardi B worked as a stripper in a nightclub. Her pseudonym Cardi B is a play on letters from the word Bacardi (a liquor company).


22. Demi Lovato - 127 M

A thorny path to the heights of a career as a pop singer, controversial successes in the acting field, long ups, and downs in the search for family happiness - having acquired an Instagram account, Demi fills it very carefully. Her feed is filled with pictures in the circle of loved ones, with pets and photo evidence of hectic professional activity.


21. Zendaya - 133 M

The young American actress, singer, and model has enough fans. Her path to fame is the dream of any girl. She entered the stage as a child, helping her mother in the theater. The talented girl was noticed by Disney producers and now she is already the star of the TV series Dance Fever. Behind the actress is not only participation in a TV show, but also her book. Zendaya has something to tell teenagers. On her Instagram, the star admires herself in various images, but isn't that what fans want?


20. Kevin Hart - 138 M

Mr. Hart is known as a producer, an untalented comedy actor with a solid filmography, and an experienced screenwriter. But first of all, he is the guru of the stand-up pop art genre. And the American artist cleverly uses his popular Instagram profile to advertise future shows, run new jokes and promote joint projects with other popular performers.


19. Miley Cyrus - 161 M

Outrageous, provocation, ridicule, criticism of colleagues, and outright stupidity - when you are at the beginning of your creative path, all means of attracting attention are good. The 24-year-old singer is still experimenting with musical genres, combining work with Disney-level studios and world tours, and trying her hand at the cinema. Free advertising, which is facilitated by a promoted Instagram account, will not be superfluous - subscribers are regularly pampered with photo collages, pictures without makeup, from a plastic surgeon's chair, etc.


18. NJ Br - 171 M

The famous Brazilian ten. Neymar scores from the worst possible position. Together with Ronaldo and Messi, he is among the top popular football bloggers. His subscribers follow not only the professional achievements of the Brazilian but also the evolution of his hairstyle. Neymar loves to experiment, he even dyed his hair pink.


17. Barbie (Nicki Minaj) - 178 M

Nicki Minaj acts in films and raps. Her single "Super Bass" was recognized as a super hit all over the world. She calls herself Barbie and loves pink very much. Her parameters are far from model and Minaj gets high from such a body-positive. Can be photographed in a black latex suit or almost naked. He also shares pictures of his little son with subscribers.


16. Virat Kohli - 185 M

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli is considered one of the best batsmen in the world. He is the captain of the Indian national team and the captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League. In 2018, Kohli was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time. Awarded the highest sporting and civic honors in India. He is married to actress Anushka Sharma.


15. Jennifer Lopez - 198 M

The account "J. Lo" is dedicated to her beloved - at work. These are performances on the stage, acting work, the preparation of new hits, and business activities. A woman who has made her way from the slums to the heights of show business and independently earned a solid capital, whose status in the Spanish-speaking world is higher than that of many royalties, has something to tell the world. And Jennifer Lopez does it carefully, slowly, and tastefully, publishing carefully selected photos.


14. Taylor Swift - 202 M

Starting from the second album, which immediately harvested 4 Grammys, the singer has firmly occupied the podium in pop music. According to Forbes, she became the second-highest-paid performer in the past year. And the youngest of the women included in this edition of the list of influential people in the world. Swift's influence on the world of contemporary music is unprecedented, but unlike her colleagues, she avoids scandals, and her Instagram page is filled mainly with pastorals.


13. Nike - 205 M

If you lead a sports brand with a long history of success and hundreds of credits, you know better than anyone how important constant contact with the audience is. The Nike Instagram account is dedicated to everything that the average consumer associates with the world of sports - professional, amateur, virtual. It is unlikely that each of the tens of millions of subscribers at least does regular exercises, but they all stay up to date with industry news, follow sporting events, and love vivid pictures with idols - the connection is inextricable.


12. National Geographic - 211 M

The only account on this list that has nothing to do with the world of gloss, big money, or fame. The magazine with almost a century and a half history, with the advent of the era of digital technologies and social networks, has not changed the old traditions - the best documentary images about our planet are published here. Those in which a person acts only as a cautious observer of wildlife, and shots of original life in distant corners of the world. All of them are distinguished by excellent quality, as opposed to the efforts of tourists with smartphones - a huge number of Instagram users can confirm this.


11. Kendall - 223 M

The youngest offspring of a fairly large half-Kardashian family, many of whom prefer to build a career under their names, without shying away from the help of relatives. 20-year-old Kendall has already managed to take part in the filming of TV shows, became the heroine of scandals in the modeling business, acquired useful contacts and is confidently making her way to the big podium. Almost documentary evidence of this multifaceted process can be observed in the form of publications on her account.


10. Khloe Kardashian - 226 M

Telediva, is a businesswoman, socialite, and representative of a famous family, which is what she is known for in the first place. Chloe successfully demonstrates the desire to get out of the shadow of more eminent relatives, using the Instagram page as an effective means. Numerous, the army of subscribers constantly sees evidence of her narcissism, love of flowers, fashionable outfits, and selfies with celebrities.


9. Beyonce - 243 M

The legendary personality of the world of show business at the beginning of the 21st century is one of the hundred most influential representatives of the music industry. Beyoncé's albums have sold tens of millions of copies, and there's no free space on her wall of awards, except for her status as the most nominated singer in the history of the Grammy Awards. She successfully dominates her field, but is constantly under the scrutiny of criticism, often more than justified. And so the tool in the face of a constantly replenished Instagram account does not stand idle.


8. Kim Kardashian - 292 M

Not so much a TV star, socialite, and businesswoman, but a legend of the new time, an idol for numerous admirers and connoisseurs of glamor. Her image allows you to generate megatons of visual content that is used for a variety of purposes, and each new publication invariably causes a stir. It is not so important what will be shown next time - almost 90 million subscribers are happy with any news. But it’s probably more offensive for Kim to realize that her popularity is inferior to at least two women on Instagram.


7. Ariana Grande - 299 M

A bright star of the American stage, who is not averse to conquering the European one along the way - the young singer has awards and nominations on both sides of the Atlantic. Grande has successfully recorded several commercially popular albums, takes part in the dubbing of cartoons, starred in serials and television shows. Her stage image is at the stage of formation and the subscribers of the account take an active part in it. Ariana often posts custom collages of herself, short videos, and photos that are sent to her.


6. Selena Gomez - 303 M

Selena Gomez is a singer, actress, composer and songwriter, model, and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Her career began in 2002 and was very intense, shooting in numerous films alternated with album recordings and concerts. This could not but affect the well-being of the young artist, but the fight against the disease only added to her popularity. Her Instagram account serves as a showcase of how you can look great anywhere, anytime.


5. Therock (Dwayne Johnson) - 303 M

Surprisingly, the most popular Instagram accounts are owned by men, with American actor Dwayne Johnson, better known as "The Rock", in third place. In terms of popularity, he surpassed even the beauties of the Kardashian sisters.


Dwayne started his career as a wrestler, became the highest-paid Hollywood actor, and now won the hearts of more than 270 Instagram users. At 49, the Rock leads an active life, showing subscribers behind the scenes, workouts, relaxation, favorite foods, and drinks.


To win the love of millions, the Rock also helps its charitable foundation that helps sick children.


4. Leo Messi - 311 M

The owner of a truly countless number of sporting achievements, a permanent inhabitant of the top football ratings, a constant contender for the title of the best football player of all time for many years in a row. A native of the Argentinean land has earned so much fame and respect that he got tired of it a long time ago. And he certainly does not need another source - Messi uses his social service account to post photos with friends, family, and in different life situations.


3. Kylie - 318 M

Designer outfits, jewelry, photos from the dressing room and in the company of famous people - it is unlikely that millions of subscribers to the account of the young model were counting on something else. Kylie, being younger than her sister Kendall, has already significantly surpassed her in terms of the number of subscribers, but the methods and goals of using the Instagram service are identical for the two former participants in the show "Keeping up with the Kardashians". If you want to keep up with the news from the bohemian community and the career of a rising star, this is probably not the worst choice.


2. Cristiano Ronaldo - 412 M

The footballer whose name is associated with the greatest costs in the history of football - in 2009 the Spanish Real Madrid paid 80 million pounds for the transfer of Ronaldo from the English "Manchester United". Now the Manchester United striker, as well as the official holder of the title of the best football player in Portugal of all time, is unofficially considered the best player of our time. Winner of the Golden Ball, Golden Boot, Player of the Year award, and several unique records in the football industry. Cristiano Ronaldo does not complain about the lack of attention, and therefore his Instagram account is equally filled with pictures from the football field and with his family.


1. Instagram - 480 M

It will sound unexpected, but the leadership in followers on Instagram does not belong to a specific person. With a noticeable margin from the rest, he is kept by the official page of the developers of the social network where beautiful and unusual photos, important announcements, as well as portraits of famous users of the service, appear from time to time.


It is very simple to explain what the service itself is known for - the largest platform for publishing authors' photographs in the world. And to describe the contents of his central account is even easier - everything in a row. As an example and at the same time inspiration for new achievements for hundreds of millions of people who subscribed to it.



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Youtube is the most popular social network for watching videos. Many influencers and vloggers strive to release movies that reach as many people as possible, but the big records still belong to music videos. Here is the top of the 100 Youtube channels collected by Bemorepanda.


1- T-Series 159M


2- PewDiePie 107M


3- Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes 97.3M


4-  SET India 86.9M


5-  5-Minute Crafts 69.2M


6- WWE 68.5M


7- ✿ Kids Diana Show 67.4M


8- Zee Music Company 64M


9- Like Nastya 63.5M


10- Canal KondZilla 61.3M


11- Justin Bieber 58.3M


12- Vlad and Niki 56.8M


13- Dude Perfect 54M


14- Zee TV 52.8M




16- Marshmello 49.5M


17- Big Hit Labels 46.2M


18- Movieclips 45.9M


19- Ed Sheeran 45.9M


20- MrBeast 45.8M


21- Eminem 44.9M


22- Ariana Grande 44.2M


23- Shemaroo Filmi Gaane 43.7M


24- Badabun 43.6M


25- Goldmines Telefilms 43.5M


26-  Aaj Tak 42.1M


27- JuegaGerman 42M


28- HolaSoyGerman. 41.8M


29- ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids 41.6M


30- whinderssonnunes 41.2M


31- Taylor Swift 40.2M


32- Pinkfong! Kids' Songs & Stories 40.2M


33- Felipe Neto 40.2M


34- SAB TV 39.8M


35- Sony Music India 39.7M




37- Wave Music 39.2M


38- elrubiusOMG 38.9M


39- Katy Perry 38.9M


40- Fernanfloo 38.4M


41- El Reino Infantil 38.1M


42- Você Sabia? 37.9M


43- TheEllenShow 37.6M




45- Alan Walker 37M


46-  LooLoo Kids - Nursery Rhymes and Children's Songs


47- Rihanna 35.7M


48- T-Series Bhakti Sagar 35.1M


49- Billie Eilish 34.9M


50- YRF 34.6M


51- Luisito Comunica 34.2M


52- One Direction 34M


53- Tips Official 33.7M


54- Like Nastya Show 33.7M


55-  Little Baby Bum - Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs


56- Speed Records 33.1M


57- Get Movies 32.9M




59- JustinBieberVEVO 32.4M


60- Maroon 5 32.3M


61- SonyMusicIndiaVEVO 32.3M


62- GR6 EXPLODE 31.5M


63- Daddy Yankee 31.5M


64- VEGETTA777 31.4M


65- Маша и Медведь 31.3M


66- WorkpointOfficial 31.2M


67- Ozuna 31M


68- Shakira 30.9M


69- ABS-CBN Entertainment 30.5M


70- Colors TV 30.4M


71- WorkpointOfficial 29.8M


72- Trap Nation 29.4M


73- J Balvin 29.1M




75-  Infobells - Hindi 28.6M


76- Bruno Mars 28.5M


77- Luis Fonsi 28.4M


78- NoCopyrightSounds 28.3M


79- Bad Bunny 28.3M


80- rezendeevil 28.2M


81- Spinnin' Records 27.8M


82- TEDx Talks 27.6M


83- Markiplier 27.2M


84- Selena Gomez 27.1M


85- Venus 27.1M


86- Ryan's World 27M


87- Boram Tube Vlog [보람튜브 브이로그] 26.9M


88- ABP NEWS 26.8M


89-  The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 26.7M


90- CarryMinati 26.5M


91- Shawn Mendes 26.5M


92- TaylorSwiftVEVO 26.5M


93- Shemaroo 26.5M


94- Toys and Colors 26.4M


95- GENIAL 26.3M


96- Kimberly Loaiza 26.3M


97- Maluma 26.1M


98- one31 26M


99- Atta Halilintar 25.9M


100-  AuronPlay  25.8M


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