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Giant panda (bamboo bear) is a national treasure of China, in addition, it can be seen on the logo of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Below you will find out where you can see a panda in China, how long pandas live and much more, panda pictures by Bemorepanda.

Giant pandas are similar to bears, but differ in their characteristic black and white coloration. Panda's paws, eyes and ears are covered with black fur; a black strip also runs around the shoulders of the animal.

Have you noticed what color a panda's tail is? The tail of the giant panda is white! 

Giant pandas spend up to 14 hours a day eating. The fact is that the calorie content in bamboo is small, and the panda quickly begins to feel hungry again.

Having eaten, pandas go to bed for a period of 2 to 4 hours. When they wake up, they again go in search of food.

In addition to feeding and sleeping, giant pandas also climb trees. Yes, these huge clumsy bears can climb trees! Usually, pandas climb a tree to get away from danger, during the courtship period, and also to avoid stronger competitors.

Pandas eat the roots, shoots and leaves of bamboo. Bamboo makes up 99% of their daily diet. In addition to bamboo, they feed on some types of fruits.

1.Favourite food

2.Relaxing together

3.Look at me

4.Let me show my tongue

Giant pandas in captivity are fed special bread made from rice and corn flour, soy powder and eggs. Wild pandas also eat grasses, insects, mice and even lambs found in the surrounding villages.

Giant pandas in China live in the west and southwest of the country. The city of Chengdu is, without exaggeration, the best place to get acquainted with these cute animals. Here you can visit the big panda and get acquainted with the habits of the animal, which has become one of the symbols of the Celestial Empire.

Giant pandas are dearly loved not only by the people of China, but also by many foreigners - children and adults. The best places in China to see pandas are located in the Chengdu area, which is called the "homeland of the giant panda". In addition, the panda can be seen in zoos in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guilin and Hong Kong.

If you are curious to watch the panda in its natural habitat - come to Sichuan! More information on how to visit a giant panda is available on the China Panda Tours page.

Get even closer to see the panda by participating in a volunteer program at the China Center for the Conservation and Study of the Dujiangyan Giant Panda (CCRCGP) near Chengdu. Here you can take care and even feed the big panda.

5.Baby panda

6.Trying something new

7.This smile

As of 2014, there were only 1,864 giant pandas left in the wild. It is considered one of the rarest endangered species in the world, which is why the giant panda has adorned the logo of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) since the foundation of the organization in 1961.

Today, the only place suitable for the giant panda to live in its natural environment is in a remote mountainous region at an altitude of 1200 to 3100 meters above sea level. These are the foothills of Tibet in the provinces of Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi.

Pandas can only live in vast bamboo forests because bamboo is their main food.

In the city of Chengdu, Sichuan province, there are large panda bases (for example, Bifengxia Bifengxia Giant Panda Nursery), where both wild pandas and those that live in captivity are taken care of. The most famous of them is the Giant Panda Research Center, located 10 km from the center of Chengdu.

The habitats of the giant panda are gradually disappearing due to deforestation and the development of agricultural production. There have also been cases of poaching in history. The disappearance of the natural environment for the panda has led to the fact that the animals are under the threat of extinction.

On September 5, 2016, the giant panda was moved from the endangered species list to the Vulnerable category.


9.Good environment

10.Let me show you how to eat

The giant panda's natural habitat is protected by the Chinese government. Agricultural land is moving back into forest areas. In the event of an earthquake, rescued pandas are nurtured in a nature reserve and then released back into the wild.

The giant panda is the only vegetarian bear in the world. As a rule, in order not to starve to death, he needs to eat about 12 and a half kilograms of bamboo per day, because only 17 percent of the food consumed is digested. No wonder they spend 14 hours a day eating.

The reason for this inefficiency is simple - the panda's digestive system is unable to process bamboo leaves and shoots. According to Chinese scientists, these animals switched to plant foods only twenty thousand years ago - quite recently by the standards of evolution. During this time, their digestive tract did not have time to change: it is arranged in much the same way as in omnivorous animals. Pandas do not have a multi-chambered stomach or an elongated small intestine where plants are processed. There are no special genes responsible for the production of enzymes necessary for the digestion of plant fibers.

To extract at least some nutrients from the shoots and leaves of bamboo, the bacteria that live in their intestines - streptococci, E. coli and shigella - help the bears.

11.Play time

12.Legs up

13.Cool panda

Pandas extract many times less energy from food than, for example, cows or sheep, and they manage to survive on a plant-based diet only thanks to a special metabolism. As it turns out, pandas only need 1,100 calories a day. This is about 37 percent of the energy consumed by mammals of the same size and mass. Such an economy is not typical for any other animal species, except for sloths with their specific way of life.

Unlike sloths, pandas are quite active, although they move less and more slowly than other bears. In addition, their body temperature is lower than that of other mammals, but falls short of that characteristic of animals that have fallen into hibernation or anabiosis. The main secret to saving energy is a low metabolic rate, which has arisen due to a "breakdown" in the DUOX2 gene. It is involved in the synthesis of the thyroid hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine. The levels of these substances in the body of pandas are even lower than those of a brown bear that has gone into hibernation.

Bamboo bears have the most energy-consuming organs—the brain, liver, and kidneys—are smaller than you might expect given their size. The mass of the brain is about 20 percent less than expected, and the weight of the kidneys and liver is 25 and 37 percent, respectively. All this allows giant pandas to survive on only bamboo leaves and shoots, even though the intestines are not able to digest them properly.

14.Mom and baby


16.Baby gang


18.Climbing up

19.Good swing

20.Nap time

21.Cute panda


23.So gracious

24.My swing


26.These eyes

27.Don’t take him

28.Hi, Human

29.Let me take a nap


31.Tasty bamboo


33.Passport picture

34.Cute face

35.Love nose


37.Perfect place



40.Hide and seek


42.Food with friends


44.Cute nap

45.Friends be like

46.Two little brothers

47.Let me escape

48.Baby time

49.So tiered

50.Kisses for mom

51.Sport be like

52.Thinking about food

53.Tasty food


55.Two perfect colors

56.Stone chilling


58.Perfect position

59.Let me sleep here

60.Lovely panda

61.Boss panda

62.Baby panda

63.Wanna take a pic?

64.Food lover

65.Perfect time for food

66.Good times



69.Friends nap

70.Baby panda hello

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Choosing a gift often causes difficulties for the giver. Today we will talk about what cool gifts you can give a man.


Gift Idea for husband or boyfriend


Giving a gift to your loved one is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. This list will surely inspire you for the next gift occasion, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or any other occasion.


One of the following presents will be an excellent option for a husband or boyfriend.


T-shirt with a cool print


This gift will be a great option for a birthday. It is suitable for those men who prefer to stand out. T-shirts with 3D images are considered fashionable. This product can be made to order.



To make the present more original, you can pick up a mug with a special pattern that appears only at high temperatures. A real trend is such 3D dishes. At the bottom of such products there are three-dimensional figures.


Leather passport cover

This gift will be both nice and practical. The cover art can also be customized.


Hobby chocolate

This gift will be the best option for the sweet tooth. In many pastry shops you can order handmade chocolate, and they often make individual original packaging for it.


Funny table lamp

In specialized stores there is a large selection of unusual lamps in the form of people, animals and other objects.


Funny slippers

For a husband or boyfriend, you can also pick up original slippers in the form of a car, a tank. Products with large animal heads are in great demand. Sometimes these slippers are even made heated.



You can present your loved one with warm and cozy pajamas with unusual comic patterns for a holiday.



Delicious tea or coffee in the original packaging

You can pick up a product in a jar with unusual and bright images and inscriptions.


Cartoon doll 

Such a gift is suitable for a man's birthday. A doll with his image can be of various sizes.


Personalized robe

A warm and cozy bathrobe is perfect for your husband. On it, you can embroider the initials of a man. It is also better to supplement the product with small pictures and other inscriptions.



Traditionally, socks are considered a banal present. To make it as enjoyable as possible, you can form a bouquet from pantyhose, a prominent figure in the form of a tank, or a car.


Gift set of stacks

In stores, you can buy whole sets of stacks decorated with gilding, inlay, and figures in the form of animals and other objects. They are sold most often in beautiful cases.


Bed sheets glowing in the dark.

Such bedding has various patterns that glow in the dark, resulting in an unusual image. Often these blankets are designed in a space theme.


Table wooden clock

Such products look most stylish and exciting in almost any interior. Often, wooden watches are given to business people who work in offices.


Wallet with a combination lock

This gift will be not only excellent but also very practical. The product will not allow third parties to open the wallet.


Creative bottle holder

If a man is a connoisseur of good expensive alcohol, he can be presented with an unusual stand for alcoholic beverages.

These products can be made from various materials (metals, wood, plastic), and their shape can also be very different.


Tea set in a case

If your husband or boyfriend loves tea, this gift will suit him. Sets include cups, cutlery, and saucers. They can be made to order with various funny images. They are also recommended to be made on the case itself.


Case for phone

Various bright pictures and inscriptions can be depicted on a mobile phone case. By individual order, the image of the man himself is often made.


Geometric terrarium

Products are glass closed aquariums of various geometric shapes, inside which there are beautiful compositions of vegetation and decorative stones.


Such terrariums will be an excellent option for a guy. They will please the eye for a long time and amaze with their beauty. And also this product is considered an excellent decoration of the interior.


Mini bar

Often mini-bars are made in the form of miniature trains. Each "car" is designed for a specific type of alcohol.


Hidden clock

They look like regular wall clocks. But at the same time, they can open. Inside they have several compartments for storing valuable items.


The poster on the wall is "Family Tree."

A gift of this type is suitable for mature men with many relatives.



You should pick up a diary with an original cover. Vintage designs are gaining more and more popularity. Also, the covers are often made of leather material (natural or artificial), supplemented with three-dimensional images in the form of royal seals, fountain pens, and various inscriptions.


Blanket with sleeves

An unusual and stylish gift will make family evenings with movie watching more comfortable and enjoyable.


Edible photo

Such products are created from special edible paper (waffles or sugar). Postcards of this type are made to order, using any photo.



This gift is considered universal. It is a stylish and exciting accessory for the winter. Hats can be made from a variety of materials. They will help create an unusual and impressive winter look.


Bouquet or cake of dried fish and bottles of beer

This gift can be suitable for an anniversary. It can be done with your hands. The ingredients are fixed on solid wooden sticks (bottles are wrapped with bars and many layers of adhesive tape). Everything is stuck into a piece of foam plastic or a large floral sponge. Then the finished present is wrapped with decorative paper.


Hairbrush for bald men

Such a present is perfect for men with a sense of humor who can laugh at themselves.



At first glance, it looks like a simple folding knife. But at the push of a button, the blade transforms into a simple hairbrush.


Male umbrella in the shape of a samurai sword

The present is suitable primarily for those men who love oriental martial arts.


Flying alarm clock

This item is suitable for those who often wake up. To turn off the triggered alarm, you will need to get up and catch it.


Pillows with funny images

Often, various funny congratulatory inscriptions are made on such pillows.


Lighter with an interesting pattern

You can also pick up unusual lighters, like a screwdriver, keys, and airgun.


"Time capsule"

The presentation is made by hand. Collecting things memorable for a man to cover all the most significant moments in his life and pack them beautifully together will be necessary.


What to give a friend?


If you want to congratulate a friend, choose the following gifts.


Presentation of photos with music 

This option is perfect for anniversaries. You can make a bright slide show of photos that will be broadcast to the birthday man's favorite music.


Piggy bank for wine corks

If your friend is a connoisseur of good wine, then this piggy bank will be an excellent option.


A car toy

If a friend has a model of a car, then it is better to present him with a miniature model of such a car.


Gentlemen's sets

They are considered practical and exciting presentations. They are easily made by hand. Often, sets are created from men's socks, underpants, and razors. All this is neatly and beautifully packaged in gift boxes.




Comic drawing in a frame is suitable for almost any holiday.


Photo collage

To make the gift as original as possible, you should make a collage in comic book format.



You can independently compose several comic quatrains about a friend.



You should inflate a large number of colorful balls of different sizes. Each of them must contain small comic congratulations on paper.


A flash drive of an unusual shape

The product can be made from various objects (animals, soccer balls, screwdrivers).


Retro tube for phone

Such a non-standard gadget will be an excellent option for congratulating a young guy.


Mouse or keyboard with backlight

Devices are suitable for congratulations on various holidays, including birthdays.


Bag chair

On this chai,r you can comfortably relax and unwind.


Fashionable urban backpack

You should choose a fashion model with an exciting and bright design. It should contain all the necessary things.


Geographic puzzle made of wood

This option is suitable primarily for young guys. Assembling the puzzle, you can mark the places you have already visited and where you want to see them.


Tool bag made from old jeans

A simple option, suitable for congratulations on any holiday. Often, do-it-yourself backpacks are also made from denim material.


Handmade soap

You should order such an unusually shaped soap in a beautiful bright package.


Scarf, sweater, hand-knitted mittens

Products are best made with drawings or with inscriptions.



This gift will be a great hiding place for valuables. The book box can be purchased ready-made, or you can make your own.


Unusual calendar or bookmark for a book

They are often decorated with photographs of a friend, his relatives, other pictures, and congratulatory inscriptions.


Certificate for the passage of the quest

The option is suitable for those who love the thrill.


Cake with non-blown candles

Presentations of this type should be regarded only as additional. You need to take care of the greatest gift.



Antique portraits in a modern version

As a rule, they are made by masters of photography. The portrait will be an excellent option for the hero of the day.


"Million dollars" in a case

Although banknotes will only be a souvenir, a gift can evoke positive emotions in a friend. In this case, choosing a presentable topic with code protection is recommended.


Exclusive backgammon made of stone, glass, or wood

This status gift is suitable for a serious and respectable man. In addition, such a backgammon will even help to decorate a rich interior.


There is also a wide variety of inexpensive gifts suitable for a friend. Jokes and congratulations should accompany their presentation.


Collection of crosswords

At the same time, the man can be congratulated with the following words: “So that your mind is in order so that you go to the restroom so that you can read something, write letters in the cells!”.


Foreign coin

Such money should be handed over with the following words: “Here, hold this present called a euro cent. You can call it a penny, made of exclusive stainless steel.”


Hobby options


It is worth choosing gifts for different occasions considering a man's hobbies.


For travelers, tourists

In this case, the following gifts will be excellent options.


Travel bag or suitcase with a cute and bright pattern. Such a thing will be both fun and practical.


For the motorist

In this case, you should choose various accessories for the machine. You can buy unusual seat covers, a steering wheel braid, and a pillow under the driver's head. A fragrance would be a good option.


If a man constantly disappears in the garage, he should be presented with a set of tools made of chocolate.


For an athlete

For an athlete friend, the best option would be sports equipment: skis, balls, a pear, boxing gloves, and a horizontal bar. It is better to choose models of unusual colors with different images.


For the cook

If a man likes to cook, he should be presented with a cutting board made in an unusual design, a rolling pin with an original pattern. An excellent option would be a wall clock decorated with forks and spoons. Sometimes for cooks, they pick up funny kitchen aprons with the image of Superman, a cowboy.


For hunters and fishermen

In this case, a funny chair-backpack, a fanny pack with a bright print, or a decorated camping flask would be a good option. For anglers, you can also pick up a pocket rod as a simple handle. When folded, the length of the product is about 20 cm. It unfolds into a fishing rod almost 1 meter long in just a few seconds.


The rod handle is functional. It can withstand prey weighing up to 2 kg.


For fashionists

Men who follow fashion and the latest trends should give a beautiful little brooch as a cartoon character or a funny animal. Often they provide a wooden butterfly.



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New York Knicks, an American professional basketball team based in New York City. The Knicks (which is a shortened version of their official nickname, the Knickerbockers) have won two National Basketball Association (NBA) championships (1970 and 1973) and are among the most profitable franchises in professional basketball.

The team was formed in 1946 as part of the newly formed Basketball Association of America, which became the NBA in 1949. The Knicks had winning records in each of their first nine seasons and made the NBA Finals for three straight years (1951–53), losing each time. For the remainder of the decade and into the early 1960s, the Knicks fielded mediocre teams to the poor, but the team's fortunes began to change with the arrival of center Willis Reed in 1964.

Reid was named NBA Rookie of the Year for the 1964–65 season, and he led the Knicks to regular postseason shutdowns from his third season until his retirement in 1974. Knicks under a coach. Red Holtzman won his first title at the end of the 1969–70 season with a talented roster that included four future Hall of Famers: Reid, Walt Frazier, Bill Bradley and Dave DeBuschere. Their final showdown with the Los Angeles Lakers that year was one of the most dramatic playoff streaks in NBA history.

Games three and four were decided in overtime, and in the seventh, deciding game, an injured Reed, who had not played since tearing a thigh muscle in game five, rushed onto the court before the game to a raucous reception from home. crowd in Madison Square Garden. Reed only scored the Knicks' first two baskets of the game, but he inspired his team to close the door on the Lakers by giving New York the first NBA championship. The Knicks and Lakers would go head to head in the Finals two more times over the next three years, sparking a bitter rivalry that resulted in New York claiming another NBA championship in 1973.

1.Winning one game

2.Overpriced players

3.Good record


As the Knicks' superstar roster began to age, the team gradually fell out of regular post-season competition, although the Knicks' home court at Madison Square Garden was home to one of the era's biggest scorers in the early and mid-1980s, Bernard King. . The Knicks' fall culminated in the team posting a third-worst league record in the 1984–85 season (due in part to King's career-threatening injury), which—combined with some luck in the NBA draft lottery—allowed the team to select center Patrick Ewing, the first pick for draft in 1985. Behind Ewing, the Knicks had many winning seasons and consistently qualified for postseason play, including two more NBA Finals berths, but the team never won a title in Ewing's 15 seasons in New York. Five of those playoff losses came at the hands of the dominant Michael Jordan. The Chicago Bulls teams from the late 1980s to the mid-1990s, and the two franchises developed a bitter rivalry (often witnessed by the Knicks' most famous fan, the film director Spike Lee).

Ewing was traded in 2000, and the Knicks entered a losing streak shortly thereafter. The Knicks hired former Detroit Pistons All-Star guard Isaiah Thomas as team president in 2003. Under his leadership, the Knicks' payroll has grown to unprecedented levels, but the team has consistently finished its conference position at or near its lowest level. In addition to on-court failures, the Knicks were mired in a string of off-court scandals, leading many observers to brand Thomas's Knicks as the worst franchise in professional sports. Thomas was sacked in 2008 and the Knicks entered recovery mode with a new front office and new coaching staff that soon brought in star players Amar'e Stoudemire (in 2010) and Carmelo Anthony (in 2010–11) in an attempt bring the franchise and its fans to life.

The Knicks' revamped roster paid immediate dividends, as the team made the playoffs every season after Anthony was added, and in the 2012–13 season. The team won their first division title in 19 years. The team's success was short-lived, and in an attempt to start a reorganization, it hired former Nick Phil Jackson as team president during a disastrous 2013–14 campaign that saw the club finish eight games under .500 and miss out on the playoffs in a weak Eastern Conference. Anthony missed the second half of the 2014–15 season with an injury and the Knicks subsequently limped to the worst record in franchise history (17–65). The following year, Anthony returned to full strength, but the Knicks were unable to significantly improve their numbers, resulting in New York losing their star shortly before the start of the 2017–18 season. In the 2018–19 season, the Knicks again recorded 17 wins and had the worst record in the NBA that season.

The Knicks and former Phoenix Suns leader Amar'e Stoudemire, who became a free agent, reached an agreement on July 5, 2010. A five-year, $100 million contract was signed on July 8. Team president Donnie Walsh called Stoudemire's signing a turning point for the future of the Knicks.

5.New banner

6.That moment


Amare Stoudemire to the Knicks

New York continued to drastically change the team, trading David Lee to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for Anthony Randolph, Kelenn Azubuke and Ronnie Turiaf. The Knicks also signed Charlotte's Raymond Felton and Russian center Timofey Mozgov. These changes allowed the Knicks to sell all of their season tickets, which had not happened before since 2002.

Carmelo Anthony, new Knicks star

Team D'Antoni, led by Stoudemire and a group of young players made up of Felton, Gallinari, Mozgov, Wilson Chandler and rookie Landry Fields, went 28-26 into the 2011 NBA All-Star break, the first positive margin the Knicks by February starting in 2000. Despite Donnie Walsh's success in building a team during his first three years in office, the Knicks couldn't stop there and tried their best to get Denver Nuggets leader Carmelo Anthony.

After months of negotiations, Anthony was traded to New York on February 21, 2011, along with teammates Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter and former Knicks player Renaldo Balkman. Denver, in turn, received Felton, Gallinari, Chandler, Mozgov, Costa Koufos, a 2014 first-round pick, a 2013 and 2014 second-round pick, and $3 million. After that, the Knicks traded Anthony Randolph and Eddie Curry to the Minnesota, in exchange for Corey Brewer, who was immediately given to Dallas.

On April 3, 2011, the Knicks defeated Cleveland 123-107 for the first time since 2004 to win an NBA playoff berth. On April 10, 2011, after defeating Indiana with the help of Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks guaranteed themselves a positive win-loss difference for the first time since 2000.

8.The moment


10.Six games

11.That face

12.Playing time


14.How fun


16.No God


18.Started from the bottom



21.Made it



24.Fans be like

25.Good vibe



28.Top of East

29.My knicks


31.Changes are here




35.Going to pretend

36.One year deal

37.Shoot your shot


39.World champions

40.Not sure


42.NBA fans

43.They said

44.Phone wallpaper




48.Worst record

49.In a row

50.Knicks ranked

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"You realize that you are getting older, that day when candles on the cake cost more than the cake. Happy Birthday!"


How about a birthday card for someone close to you that sounds like this? A funnier wish makes everyone smile for sure! Or another option would be "Actually, I wanted to bring you something super special, super wonderful, unique and super beautiful for your birthday, but I can't fit in the envelope."

Of course it is a suitable card for your loved ones! Bemorepanda has prepared some funny memes that you can send to your loved ones on their birthday. You will definitely find a birthday wish that suits you!


Best Happy Birthday memes for friends and family


1.Happy Birthday in my mind forever


2.Thank you for being older than me


3.Another year older


4.When life give you birthdays


5.Happy birthday, son


6.It’s not a fight against age


7.Old and wise today


8.Birthday atention


9.Happy birthday, bestie!


10.Happy birthday, best friend!


11.Smile! It’s your birthday!


12.Age gets better with wine! Happy birthday!


13.You’re not getting older, you’re aging like fine wine


14.Wine will make it better


15.Happy birthday to my partner in wine!


16.Age is just a number


17.Happy birthday, mom!


18.Happy birthday to favourite mom!


19.Happy birthday, lady!


20.Happy birthday to my big sister!


21.Happy birthday sister!


22.Have the time for your life!


23.Hello, it’s me!


24.The older you get, the better you get


25.Party like Betty!


26.Correct number of candles on the cake


27.Happy birthday sexy beast!


28.I know I won’t see you, but happy birthday!


29.Happy birthday, dude!


30.The empire wishes you a happy birthday!




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