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Although he invaded Ukraine, Putin tells the Russians that the war is, in fact, a military aid to the Donbas regions.


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday morning hailed the "heroism" of Russian forces in Ukraine. In a short televised speech congratulating Special Forces Day soldiers marking his first public statements on Friday, the Kremlin leader referred to Russia's invasion of Ukraine as a "special operation to assist the Donbas People's Republics." .


Vladimir Putin also paid special thanks to "those who are currently heroically fulfilling their military duty in a special operation to assist the Donbass People's Republics."


The fear is justified, Putin is overwhelmed by his own greatness and believes that he has a historical mission, which has emerged from his speeches, especially those after the outbreak of hostilities.


He gave a lot of meaning about his personality through his own words. Also in the quotes and sayings below you can identify his plans that have been in place for a very long time.


Top 50 sayings and quotes from Putin 


1. If a person is satisfied with everything, then he is a complete idiot. A healthy person in a normal memory cannot always arrange everything.


2. Whoever does not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union has no heart; whoever wants to recreate it in its former form has no head.


3. He gave me a book. I told him too. I gave him a book about the Kremlin. France must not forget where the Kremlin is. Here. There is such a place in the world.


4. In Russia, there is still such an old Russian fun - the search for a national idea. It is something like a search for the meaning of life. The occupation as a whole is not useful and not without interest, it can be done always and endlessly.


5. We will maintain this gap between the incomes of the rich and the poor ... (he corrected himself after a second: “reduce”).


6. We have a country of great opportunities not only for criminals, but also for the state.


7. It is necessary to fulfill the law always, and not only when they grabbed one place.



8. If European countries continue to pursue their policies, then we will have to talk about European affairs with Washington.


9. I wasn't too excited about sleeping over at Bush's ranch. He had to think for himself what would happen if he let a former intelligence officer in.


10. They need to change their brains, not our Constitution.


11. The American initiative is nothing more than a proposal to "burn down the house to cook scrambled eggs."


12. Hundreds and hundreds are thinking about passing laws, but millions are thinking about how to circumvent the law.


13. The first persons of the state do not have the right to let snot and drool.


14. Russia can rise from its knees and how to warm up.


15. If brains leak, then they are. Already good. This means that they are of high quality, otherwise no one would need them and would not leak.


16. I consider it very dangerous to plant the idea of ​​their exclusivity in people's heads, no matter what motivates it. We are different, but when we ask the Lord to bless us, we must not forget that God created us equal.


17. Well, you know, if you talk all the time that everything is falling, then nothing will ever rise.



18. Democracy is not a marketplace.


19. Russia is a country that is not afraid of anything.


20. I will not say that there are two irreconcilable enemies, on the one hand, the state, and on the other, the oligarchs. I think rather that the state is holding a baton in its hands, with which it hits only once. But on the head.


21. Do you want me to eat earth from a pot of flowers and swear on blood so that you believe me?!


22. Among the people we meet and talk with, there are many who are disappointed, confused, confused. And it is our sacred duty to show these people the way at the end of the tunnel.


23. Now it turns out that if a person has a cap and boots, then he can provide himself with a snack and a drink.


24. Everyone who opens a new business, registers enterprises, should be given a medal for personal courage.



25. The very word genus. It means something native, you feel? Our Motherland is sick, but one does not leave the bed of a sick mother.


26. I don't even know what to write there. I personally could not write so much about myself.


27. Russia's hands are getting stronger and stronger. They cannot be unscrewed even by such strong partners as the European Union.


28. There is no such pill against corruption: once you swallow it, you are healthy.


29. I have been not only in Sardinia, but also not for the first time in such enterprises, which do not smell very good. There are many such enterprises in our country, and it is here that you need to visit more often.


30. Even 50 years ago, a Leningrad street taught me one rule: "If a fight is inevitable, you must beat first."


31. Money is not needed: no one needs these pieces of paper in the modern economy - we need assets.


32. The bigger and fatter we get, the bigger the demographic problems.



33. I am a dove, but I have very powerful iron wings!


34. If you don't like my answers then don't ask questions.


35. It is not Russia that is between the West and the East. It is West and East are to the left and to the right of Russia.


36. Anyone who seeks to be considered a leader and receive some kind of nomination should never turn up his nose, believing that he is the best. As soon as a person begins to believe that he is the best, from that moment he begins to lose. Ambition is good, arrogance is bad.


37. Russia has lived almost all its life, its entire history in one way or another in some kind of restrictions and sanctions.


38. Cutlets separately, and flies separately.


39. The eyes, as you know, are a part of the brain, placed on the periphery.


40. President Clinton is a very comfortable and pleasant partner. Pope John Paul II is a very intelligent man.


41. You know, not a single stage of our life passes without a trace. Whatever we do, whatever we do, this knowledge, this experience, it always stays with us, and we carry it further with us, somehow use it.



42. You know, there is such a joke, old, with a beard, but maybe someone does not know, it will be interesting. Question: "How do you relax?" Answer: "I don't tense up."


43. US troops have been in Afghanistan for 17 years, and every year Washington announces their withdrawal.


44. The fewer teeth, the more you like porridge.


45. Those who do not want to feed their own army will feed someone else's.


46. Relations between states are built a little differently, not like relations between people. I am not a friend, not a bride and groom, I am the President of the Russian Federation.



47. I swear at myself only. In Russia there is such a sin. Let's pray.


48. They are also trying to use this misfortune in an unscrupulous way. They are trying, I would say even ruder, to inflate some political gills in order to earn some capital and solve some group interests.


49. As for independent sources, there is nothing independent in the world.


50. The Russian flag cannot interfere with anyone.



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From the famous Jaws to the absurd Shark Tornado.

Open Water

Young spouses book boat seats for diving enthusiasts and go swimming among the reefs.  The trip ends in failure: they forget to pick up a couple, and now the heroes need to survive in the middle of the open ocean.

 The movie reflects a real case that occurred in 1998 in Australia with the spouses Tom and Eileen Lonergan.  True, at that time the bodies were never found, so the tape offers its own interpretation of how events could develop.  Sharks appeared in history, although there is no direct evidence that they attacked Lonerganov in reality either.

Deep Blue Sea

Scientists working on board an underwater laboratory conduct experiments on sharks to create a cure for Alzheimer's.  But during the experiments, predators become very smart and immediately decide to attack people.

The Shallows

Student Nancy comes to the wilderness of Mexico to surf in a secluded bay.  But the situation suddenly becomes dangerous: a huge shark swims nearby, which is not averse to refreshment.

Soul Surfer

Young Bethany had been surfing since childhood, but when the girl was only 13 years old, during the next lesson, a shark attacked her and bit her hand on the shoulder.  The tragedy did not break the heroine: the girl decides to stand on the board again, although it will cost her incredible moral and physical labor.


The movies is based on the true story of the Norwegian archaeologist and traveler Thor Heyerdahl, who, along with his comrades on a small raft, was able to cross the Pacific Ocean.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Oceanographer Steve Zissu became a laughing stock after he said that his old friend was eaten by a huge shark.  Everyone thinks that the old man invented this story, but Zissu still intends to go in pursuit of a predator and take revenge.


Police chief Martin Brody discovers on the shore the remains of a girl torn to pieces by a huge white shark.  The number of victims is growing every day, but the mayor refuses to close the beaches.  Then the sheriff teams up with a shark hunter and an oceanologist.  Together they want to catch the killer.


After the success of "Jaws", the fame of killers and pests was firmly entrenched in sharks.  Therefore, it will be useful for everyone to see the Rob Stewart documentary: it exposes many myths about these predators.  In addition to useful information, the audience is also waiting for wonderful underwater shooting, mesmerizing with its beauty.

Mission Blue

The main character of this colorful documentary that won the Emmy Award is the world famous oceanographer and living legend Sylvia Earle.  The researcher invites viewers to learn more about the amazing whale sharks.  After the film, it will be difficult to think of these animals as merciless creatures who are just waiting to attack people for no reason.


A storm that flies over California brings with it an unprecedented anomaly - shark tornado.  The only one who can save the situation is former surfer Fin Shepard.

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An interesting article about Afghanistan, a state that now is a place of horror. War is war, and war is on schedule. 50 facts about Afghanistan. (Beware, there will be scary photos)


Top 50 facts about Afghanistan



1. The war in Afghanistan seems to go on endlessly. After fulfilling the Soviet international duty, the southern Afghans fought with the northern ones, got cunts, and sat down to rule in Kabul under the name of the Taliban. Until 2001.


2. In 2001, 53 COUNTRIES sent their limited contingents to Afghanistan after the Day of the Islamic Pilot. Even three Mongols officially came to fight.


3., since 2001, there has been an endless civil war in Afghanistan. The Taliban are killing civilians to prove they should rule, the Afghan security forces are killing both, and all this is seasoned with a powerful foreign intervention. Foreigners from airplanes burn everything alive.


4. The Taliban are a terrorist group that doesn’t care about pan-Islamism. These are the Taliban - a cross between the Reds and the Makhnovists, with a radical Islamic sourdough.


5. The Afghan government has a minister for women's affairs and a minister for the Hajj (Hajj - pilgrimage to Mecca)


6. These guys want to take back power in Afghanistan. They do not need other countries; they do not want the world to pray five times a day and stop eating lard.


7. Pashto is spoken in the south. In the north - on "dari." Dari is the same Persian language. An Afghan-speaking Dari will be understood as a native Iranian and Tajik.


8. Afghans are exclusively for anal sex. As the Afghan Kudratullo Valadi Bahadur said: ordinary sex is for conception. And in the ass - for pleasure (Only fagots hammer in the front ©).


9. The wedding sang and fired in Afghan - 20 killed, 20 wounded. The guests from the groom's side quarreled with the guests from the bride's side.



10. The militants were driving in a car to plant a bomb on the road and were blown up by a bomb planted on the road before them.


11. The first vice-president of Afghanistan, Dostum, older man Eshchi (former governor) in the ass with the bodies of his guards. During such a weekend, Dostum was forced to rest in Turkey for a whole year to avoid investigation.

Militant field commanders in Afghanistan keep harems. Only there are not women, but little boys. The more boys - the cooler the commander. If a harem is made up of 30 boys, then this is already an Afghan commander of the level of Chapaev.


12. There are a lot of drug addicts.


13. Afghan fighters remember with nostalgia the Soviet military, with whom they fought face to face. And they talk contemptuously about Americans who like to arrange exterminates with drones. Like, "Shuravi - these were men. And they also provided us with electricity and water."


14. Every day in Afghanistan, there are terrorist attacks, battles, and special operations. The media write only about the most resonant (when 50-100 people die). For example, since last Thursday, about 200 people have been killed in the province of Ghazni alone, and the same number have been injured. In the photo: the city of Ghazni is on fire


15. Therefore, there is another glorious Athenian tradition: sometimes girls in the family have a short haircut, they make boys out of them, they make them spit on us, speak rudely and scratch their eggs. Such a "boy" can feed a family for years. 


16. Afghans love to cut off their enemies' limbs and heads. The other day, the Afghan army men went to litter the militants but got carried away. One serviceman did not return home ultimately. Or didn't come back at all. Or returned in parts.



17. There is no sexual protection.


18 Women almost cannot study and cannot earn. A couple of years ago, an Afghan woman tired of looking at her drug addict husband and eight hungry children and committed suicide. The children scattered around the neighborhood.


19. But 50 years ago, it was not so bad in Afghanistan.


20. They say 90% of the world's opium is produced in Afghanistan. What can we say if 15% of the Afghan budget falls on the potion? If you grow grain, you will ride a donkey, and your neighbor grows poppies and rides a rover. Therefore, all the dick is slaughtered for agriculture and pushing gerych.


21. Elections in Afghan. In June of this year, during voter registration, the Taliban raided ten registration centers and executed a large part of the electorate.


22. Islam seems to forbid the depiction of faces. Therefore, having reached power, the Taliban civilized cut off the heads of all the monuments (this is an Afghan folk tradition). But the Buddha statues in Bamiyan were unsuccessfully fired upon by cannons. The Buddha smiled wickedly. The missiles did not harm either.


23. Then, the Taliban complained that their artillerymen were cross-eyed worms. And they laid many mines for the Buddha in all the cracks. Judging by the integrity of one of the statues of the Buddha, the faces were smashed solely from laughter.



24. Afghan headdresses belong to a particular tribe. The difference is in the form of headgear and color. And in the way you put it on. And the turban at the sudden death of the owner becomes a shroud. The body is wrapped in it and buried until sunset. Afghans are optimists.


25. But this hat is a Pashtun. If you unfold it, it will be 60 centimeters long. Afghans carry potatoes in them.


26. The mayor of Kandahar decided to arrange an execution for a spontaneous squatter within the city. Coincidentally, a suicide bomber came to him with a bomb hidden in a turban. 


27. Kandahar was founded by Alexander the Great. Then this place was called Alexandria Arachosia. In the time of Jesus, Kandahar was a Greek city.


28. In general, if you are not strong in Islamic theology, you have little chance in Afghan politics. And the field commanders of the Taliban should be at least mullahs or maulvi.


29. One Jew has been living in Afghanistan for 20 years. One and only. Zebulon Simentov drinks whiskey maintains a synagogue and prays alone. Until 2007 there were 2 Jews. Every day they cursed spat and destroyed the Torah scrolls. Then Yitzhak Levin died, and Zebulon swelled.


30. In 1984, National Geographic found an Afghan Mona Lisa named Sharbat Gula.



31. Sharbat has aged over the years; she was recently deported from Pakistan back to Afghanistan. Today the famous "Afghan girl" looks like this.


32. In the film the 9th company Serebryakov tragically says that no one has ever been able to conquer Afghanistan. Yes, they won more than once. It's just that no one needs him. It is like a spinner: you get it, but there is nothing to do with it.


33. The number one sport in Afghanistan is cricket. Today, cyclists from Kabul arranged a check-in for Paghman. By the way, fifty kilometers from them, there were fierce battles with the use of aviation. In the second photo - the wrestler brothers are training. One Afghan fights in the UFC like.


34. The Taliban hate the terrorist organization ISIS. They say that ISIS grazes on their field. Therefore, the other day in Jowzjan, the Taliban gave them a powerful attack. Those in a panic called the Afghan military and the army evacuated tSIS by helicopters!


35. There is no prime minister in Afghanistan. But in the last election, Ashraf Ghani was opposed by a former militant, ophhalmologist Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. Everything threatened to end in war, but A. Abdullah came up with a position - the Head of the Executive Power. By the way, Dr. Abdulla is a Tajik.


36. To ovThe Afghans formed the Government of National Unity to overcome the political crisis winners of the elections and the oppositionists also entered there.


37. In short, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the First Vice-President, the Chief Executive, the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament, as it should be for the opposition, use their cocks to cover up the government, which they themselves are a part of.


38. Americans in the province of Gardez distribute the fruits of democracy and capitalism to the suffering.



39. They asked about weapons. Weapons in this country were imported and imported from everywhere. This is a huge market. The militants prefer "Kalash" for reliability. The police are also armed with them. Army men use American weapons. The militias in the villages and the Maxim machine gun can extract or pitchforks.


40. The lion's share of the deaths of US military personnel in Afghanistan was due to the failure of their best M4 assault rifle. Dust, sand, everything.


41. A man was saved from the Taliban by the Americans while traveling in Afghanistan. And handed over to the Afghan police. They put him in jail until the trial. They fed very well. But for two weeks, seized mines, shells, explosives were brought to the cell every day.


42. Talib - translated means "student." So students of religious educational institutions formed this movement.


43. Afghanistan has problems with the Pakistani border. 130 years ago, Pakistan was an Indian province, the representative of the Hindus, Mortimer Durand, got sick of it, and he drew the Durand line on the sand and stones with a stick, which has remained the state border to this day. Afghans consider this line.



44. In short, 2,640 km of the border area is not marked, so the Afghans and Pakistanis are furiously shooting at neighbors who decide to take a walk in the problem area.


45. Another problem for Afghans in the east of the country (the provinces of Kunar and Nangarhar) is the rain of shells, which someone generously and regularly sprinkles on them from the territory of Pakistan. The Afghans blame the Pakistani army for this, the army men open their eyes wide and shrug their shoulders.


46. ​​Laghman is not only a noodle soup, but also a province in the center of Afghanistan.


47. The civil war in Afghanistan has been going on since 2001. In these 17 years, the first temporary truce was in June of this year. The whole holiday of Eid al-Fitr, militants, military and civilians had fun, ate, and on Monday they began to cut each other.


48. Most of the helicopters in the Afghan Air Force are Soviet and Russian Mi-8, Mi-24. The Americans are furiously pushing them out with their rotary-winged machines, but soon only a fairy tale had an effect. Afghan pilots are used to them.


49. There was a case. In northern Afghanistan, at the foot of a hill, there were two villages. For many years, people in them cursed, multiplied, dreamed. One day it started to rain, there was a landslide and the hills just moved down, covering the villages with a thick layer of earth. All.


50. One morning in the Afghan police. a warmly dressed five-year-old girl ran into the precinct. She was clutching a plastic thing in her hand, and with a thin finger she tried in vain to press a tight button. It turned out that her brother, a Taliban terrorist, put a suicide vest on the girl and told her to press the button.


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