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"You realize that you are getting older, that day when candles on the cake cost more than the cake. Happy Birthday!"


How about a birthday card for someone close to you that sounds like this? A funnier wish makes everyone smile for sure! Or another option would be "Actually, I wanted to bring you something super special, super wonderful, unique and super beautiful for your birthday, but I can't fit in the envelope."

Of course it is a suitable card for your loved ones! Bemorepanda has prepared some funny memes that you can send to your loved ones on their birthday. You will definitely find a birthday wish that suits you!


Best Happy Birthday memes for friends and family


1.Happy Birthday in my mind forever


2.Thank you for being older than me


3.Another year older


4.When life give you birthdays


5.Happy birthday, son


6.It’s not a fight against age


7.Old and wise today


8.Birthday atention


9.Happy birthday, bestie!


10.Happy birthday, best friend!


11.Smile! It’s your birthday!


12.Age gets better with wine! Happy birthday!


13.You’re not getting older, you’re aging like fine wine


14.Wine will make it better


15.Happy birthday to my partner in wine!


16.Age is just a number


17.Happy birthday, mom!


18.Happy birthday to favourite mom!


19.Happy birthday, lady!


20.Happy birthday to my big sister!


21.Happy birthday sister!


22.Have the time for your life!


23.Hello, it’s me!


24.The older you get, the better you get


25.Party like Betty!


26.Correct number of candles on the cake


27.Happy birthday sexy beast!


28.I know I won’t see you, but happy birthday!


29.Happy birthday, dude!


30.The empire wishes you a happy birthday!




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