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When you plan to adopt a dog or cat from stray animal shelters, you need to think, "Do I save this dog, or does he save me?" Many times people consider that it offers them a home, a family, it gives them love. It is a very healthy and correct thinking. But, many times, these animals come to save us by the simple fact that they love us unconditionally.

Pets are not toys or "goods" meant to entertain us when we are alone, and their adoption means a lot of responsibility. If you want an animal and you are ready to give it all its attention and love, you are free to do so.

If you decide to adopt a puppy or cat, you can confidently turn to associations or public services for the management of stray dogs and cats. You should know that there puppies and cats are dewormed, spayed, vaccinated and treated, in case they were sick when they were taken off the street.

Bemorepanda collected some cute photos with adopted buddies.

1.A dog that was once adopted but returned back for being too large, was secondly adopted successfully

2.Adopted cat that seems to be the boss

3.Going to the new home

4.From sad to happy

5.New best friends

6.She found her home by breaking in the house

7.Adopting a military dog

8.Such a happy bunny

9.Blueberry is so happy

10.After adopting the small one, the copy of him came to their home

11.Adopting an old lady

12.Happy in the new home

13.First cuddle

14.Before and after adoption

15.New best friend

16.Small buddy adopted

17.Meet Van Gogh

18.Cute dog adopted

19.Funny new friend

20.”Our dog adopted a brother”

21.Adorable kitty

22.Giving so much love

23.Loving the new bed

24.Beautiful senior lady

25.She got a new loving home

26.A dog with a huge smile


28.Adopted two special needs cats

29.Living the best life

30.Adopted a deaf kitten

31.This moment was the one that convinced the man to adopt the kitty

32.Eyes full of love

33.She is Garce!

34.Smiling and loving life

35.Cute little boy

36.She is Mornigstar

37.Haribo is very cleaver

38.Adoption day

39.Baby Flora

40.Two days after adoption

41.Love beyond measure

42.Meet Sally

43.Smile buddy

44.So much love

45.So much grace

46.The best boy


48.Instantly falling in love

49.He is Venus


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According to World Health Organization, as of today, March 25, 2020 there are over 435,353 confirmed cases of Coronavirus infections, almost 20.000 deaths and there are about 111,870 people that have recovered. Out of those people who are infected, about 290,624 (96%) are in mild condition and 13,241 (4%) are in serious or critical condition. The most affected countries are now Italy and Spain, with over 69.176 cases and 47,610 accordingly.

As the number of cases more than doubled recently, many countries are now trying to prevent or at least slow the spread of the virus using self-isolation, social distancing and in some cases, introducing country-wide quarantines.

But what happens when your loved one is diagnosed with Coronavirus? You cannot get close to them, as you risk getting the infection and you can also infect others. So in this said moments, people are sharing pictures online of the people they care the most.

Some of the pictures, like touching the hands through the window or sitting next door with the loved one can have an emotional impact. And we should applaud their efforts because it keeps themselves and others safe during this difficult time.

This is how a couple in their 90's end up spending their time together during the quarantine, beucase of a femure fracture

Children made a surpise visit to her mom to say happy birthday, where she could not hold her tears

A father with his son are talking over the phone every day during the Covid-19 lockdown

In nursing homes, visitors are not allowed during the pandemic period. So, in order not to upset the grandma, they made a surprise visit

Another example when you are not allowed to visiti the Nursing Home, but that doesn't stop you. Try not to hide your tears, as the picture bellow is worth a million of words.

Couple meet only for a few minutes during the first line of defense against Coronavirus

This is how grandparents meet their grandson for the first time during the coronavirus pandemic

Another example of meeting the grandson for the first time. Breathtaking

This is how a birthday surprise looks like during quarantine

Nothing can stope this old couple from supporting each over, especially during this difficult period for all of us.

Granddaughter tells her Grandfather that she got engaged. Emotional scene

Reported by Bemorepanda Team

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Bemorepanda present a series of videos that show that the connection between man and animal can be special regardless of age or context.

Some studies have shown that a child who grows up with a pet develops more harmoniously and is happier. Although it is sometimes quite difficult to get used to non-speaking friends, the little ones manage to relate to the animals in a special way.

If you still have doubts about buying a pet for your child, they will disappear when watching this compilation, which will convince you that any child needs an animal to grow up with.

1.The most caring babysitters for children are dogs.

2.Children smile much more and are happy with dogs.

3.That dog is the best motivation to learn to walk ever! A highly qualified nanny!

4.Baby girl looking at struggling dog: you sure are determined.

Struggling doggie: Billie, put down that god damn phone and help me up.

5.Wait here for a sec, I gotta jump in this puddle.

6.Growing up together be like:

7.When you have so much patience for your little friend.

8."I've got the shirt! well I've got his shoe! well bro I'm goner get the seat of his pants if it takes me all day!"

9.The most devoted and loving prince ever seen.

10.That little girls love'n that. This is hilarious and really cute !

11.Kids and dogs always give a good show. 

12.Cuddle up with this doggo looks comfortable.

13.Driving down the street on a sunny day with a baby on board.

14.Sometimes you just need a friend to snuggle with ❤️

15.What a beautiful view!

16.Kid and his porcupine buddy.

17.Baby and his new best friend.

18.Comfy atmoshere in the room is when this happens.

19.Tripping children for fun.

20.Searching for cuddles from this little human.

21.Cat says ok its time to let me down now you a tight hold on me.

22.Stop doing your homework,just play with me 😫 

23.This funny buddy is showing where to cuddle him.

24.These friends talked nicely and they understood each other.

25.A funny day for this child in the company of the unusual friend.

26.Brutal Carjacking caught on camera!

27.This first meet is melting hearts in seconds.

28.The secrets between these two little ones are too big to be revealed.

29.Baby making biscuits on a cat.

30.A friendship that begins at an early age, remains a lasting one for the rest of life.

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The owner of a blind and deaf 10-month-old dog showed how he learned to wake her so that she was not afraid, and In just five days, the video has been viewed 51 million times and racked up over 12.5 million likes.


Aiden Michael Mann adopted an Australian Shepherd named Plum in July 2019. His colleagues tried to find a owner for her, and as soon as the man saw the poor puppy, he immediately realized that he wanted to take her to him.


Despite the fact that Mann already has one dog, he had to figure out how to accomodate Plum for a long time because of its disability.


The owner was very worried about the fact that Plum was scared every time when he woke her. The dog abruptly jumped up even from light touches. Then Mann decided to try to gently blow on her face, and it worked.


"People ask me how I wake up my deaf and blind pup without scaring her," Mann captioned a clip of himself approaching a sleeping Plum. "I slightly blow on her. She still gets startled until she feels me. Then she wants all the love."


Across Instagram and TikTok, the comments is full of support for Plum — with many emotional responses and even a reeaction from celebrities.


"Not being dramatic, but I would die for that dog," one commenter wrote.


"Why am I crying," the YouTube star and makeup guru Manny Mua commented on the video.




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