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The vast majority of people associate Latin with doctors' prescriptions, because, as we know, they are written in Latin. But at the same time, there are many well-known phrases in Latin, which, no, no, and you will meet in someone's speech.

People who can speak this ancient language are perceived by others as educated. But sometimes it’s not at all necessary to learn it “from and to”, it’s enough to remember a few common phrases and, if necessary, flaunt them in a conversation - and then you will certainly look smarter in the eyes of other people. Moreover, you already know something: for example, alma mater, persona non grata, etc.

Learn to speak Latin

Bemorepanda has collected 35 Latin expressions (and their meanings) that can be used in conversation. The main thing is that they are "on topic".

35 famous Latin phrases to add to your vocabulary and what they mean

1. "Mulgere hircum" - "Milk a goat"

This Latin phrase means trying to do something impossible. Which makes sense, given that it's impossible to milk a goat.

2. "Festina lente" - "Hurry slowly"

In fact, this expression calls to act quickly, but prudently, carefully. Augustus, the Roman emperor, often chastised his generals, advising them to "make haste slowly" because he thought that haste was dangerous.

3. "Persona non grata" - "Persona non grata" ("Unwanted person")

Refers to a person who is not welcome or is not wanted to go anywhere due to their behavior or other reasons. For example: "He became persona non grata in our company after his indecent behavior."

4. "Alma mater" - "Caring mother"

This refers to the educational institution that a person once attended: school, college, university.

5. "Veni, vidi, vici" - "I came, I saw, I conquered"

Julius Caesar is believed to have used the phrase in a letter he wrote to the Roman Senate in 47 BC to inform them of his victory over the Pontic king Pharnaces II near Zela.

6. "Acta, non verba" - "Deeds, not words"

In other words, "More action - less words." That is, always back up your words with deeds or act in accordance with what you say.

7. "Ad meliora" - "For the better"

8. "Mortuum flagellas" - "Smack the dead"

This Latin phrase means a useless action towards someone who will not be affected in any way.

35 famous Latin phrases to add to your vocabulary and what they mean

9. "Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur" - "Friends are known in the hour of need"

We have it sounds like "A friend in need is known."

10. "Malo mori quam foedari" - "Better death than dishonor"

11. "De gustibus non est disputandum" - "Tastes do not argue"

Tastes are evaluated more subjectively than objectively - everyone has their own.

12. "Lupus in fabula" - "Wolf in a fairy tale"

With the meaning "Speak about the wolf and he will come" (from Terence's play "Adelfoy").

13. "Alea iacta est" - "The die is cast"

This is another phrase Julius Caesar uttered when he entered Italy and started a protracted civil war against Pompey and the optimates. The meaning of the phrase is "There is no going back."

14. "Carpe diem" - "Seize the moment"

Another Latin phrase that is often used these days. The saying aims to motivate people to focus on the present, not the future, and make the most of it.

35 famous Latin phrases to add to your vocabulary and what they mean

15. "Aut Caesar aut nihil" - "Either Caesar, or nothing"

It is pretty much the Latin equivalent of "All or Nothing". The notorious Italian Cardinal Cesare Borgia lived according to this principle. Now this phrase can be used to denote an adamant desire to succeed.

16. "Ad astra per aspera" - "Through adversity to the stars"

For us, the sound is more familiar: “Through thorns to the stars,” but the essence of this does not change.

17. "Pecunia non olet" - "Money does not smell"

It is believed that the history of the origin of this expression is as follows. When the Roman emperor Vespasian introduced a tax on public toilets, his son Titus complained about the "disgusting" nature of the money. Vespasian held up a gold coin and asked if it smelled, and he himself answered: non olet ("it does not smell"). From here, the phrase was expanded to pecunia non olet - "Money does not smell."

18. "Mea culpa" - "My fault"

This Latin phrase is used to admit one's fault or mistake.

19. "De facto" - "Actually"

De facto describes a real situation, though not necessarily intentional or legal. For example: Whatever is on the calendar, Florida is de facto summer. Or: De facto, it is he who is the leader at the moment.

35 famous Latin phrases to add to your vocabulary and what they mean

20. "Et cetera" - "And so on"

Perhaps every student's favorite expression when they simply can't name more examples.

21. "Nitimur in vetitum" - "We strive for the forbidden"

Means that when we are denied something, we will want it even more. Think of Eve, who ate the forbidden fruit. No wonder they say: "Forbidden fruit is sweet."

22. "In vino veritas" - "Truth is in wine"

This Latin proverb implies that a person under the influence of alcohol is more inclined to express his hidden desires and thoughts.

The same as "What is on the sober mind, the drunk on the tongue."

23. "Quid pro quo" - "Something for something"

In other words, quid pro quo. Basically, this Latin phrase means favor in exchange for something.

24. "Status quo" - "The current state (of affairs)"

Applies to the current situation. For example: "The maintenance of such a status quo only weakened our already fragile positions."

25. "Audentes fortuna iuvat" - "Fortune favors the brave"

Apparently, these were the last words of Pliny the Elder before he sailed from the docks of Pompeii in 79 to save his friend Pomponianus from the eruption of Vesuvius.

In the same sense as "Who does not risk, he does not drink champagne" or "The courage of the city takes."

35 famous Latin phrases to add to your vocabulary and what they mean

26. "Amor vincit omnia" - "Love conquers all"

This Latin saying originally appeared in Virgil's Eclogues (X, 69) in the 1st century BC. The phrase means unshakable love that will endure any trials and overcome all obstacles that stand in the way. Therefore, they often say: "There are no barriers to love."

27. "Surdo oppedere" - "Burp in front of the deaf"

Simply put, according to Desiderius Erasmus' Adagia (1508), surdo oppedere means a useless action.

Well, or in our manner: “Throw pearls in front of pigs”, that is, it’s pointless to prove or explain something to someone, because he still won’t understand or appreciate it.

28. "Cui bono?" "Good for who?"

This term implies that one should look for the culprit in the person to whom the unpleasant event will benefit / benefit.

29. "Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes" - "Fear the Danaans who bring gifts"

This expression from the Aeneid, the Latin epic poem by Virgil, was uttered by the Trojan priest Laocoön when he warned his fellow Trojans about accepting the Trojan horse from the Greeks.

An alternative translation could be: "Do not trust your enemies who bring you gifts", as this may be to your detriment.

35 famous Latin phrases to add to your vocabulary and what they mean

30. “Homo sum humani a me nihil linearum puto” - “I am a man, therefore nothing human is alien to me”

Something like “We are all people, we are all people” (the expression came from Russian classical literature). It means that any person has weaknesses or can stumble, do something unseemly.

31. "Sine qua non" - "Sine qua non"

Refers to something absolutely necessary, without which something is impossible.

32. "Qui totum vult totum perdit" - "He who wants everything loses everything."

From the same series as "You want a lot - you get a little."

33. "Solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris" - "Misfortune loves company"

It is understood that it is a consolation for the unfortunate that others share their grief.

We usually say: "Together, grief is easier to bear."

34. "Oderint dum metuant" - "Let them hate, if only they were afraid"

Favorite saying of Caligula, originally attributed to Lucius Actius, Roman tragic poet (170 BC); also the motto of the Russian noble family Krasnitsky.

35. "Cogito, ergo sum" - "I think, therefore I am"

This famous phrase by René Descartes may seem vague and confusing, but it was the result of his unique, individualistic approach to philosophy. According to him, many of the world's problems stem from the way we use our minds - from misunderstanding, poor definition, and unintentional illogicality.

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@Emily White The only word in Latin I know is Bon Aqua :)

Residents of the Dutch city of Rotterdam are planning to throw rotten eggs on the Y721 superyacht of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos when it passes the historic Koningshaven bridge, the structure must be specially dismantled for this. 

On the event page, Rotterdamers are asked to bring a package of rotten eggs or tomatoes to throw at Bezos' yacht. The event is scheduled for June 1, more than 17 thousand people are already interested in it, of which almost 4 thousand are going to come to the bridge. “Rotterdam was built from rubble by residents and we can’t just take it apart for the phallic symbol of a megalomaniac billionaire. Not without a fight! — wrote the organizer of the event, Pablo Strörmann.

Last week, city officials announced the partial removal of the bridge to allow Bezos' $485 million yacht, which is 40 meters high, to pass into the sea. It is expected that the dismantling will take several weeks and will take place in the summer, and the structure will be restored in its current form at the expense of the billionaire. At the same time, the mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Abutaleb, said that a final decision had not yet been made.

Koningshaven Bridge was built in the 19th century, it was restored after the bombings during the Second World War, and in 2000 the object was declared a historical monument. After a major overhaul in 2017, the local council promised that the bridge would never be taken down again.

1.Throwing eggs

2.Float it under the bridge

3.Too big

4.Suffering of the billionaires

Dutch defenders of old architecture have said they will throw rotten eggs on Jeff Bezos' superyacht if Rotterdam City Hall decides to dismantle part of the 140-year-old Koningshaven (De Hef) bridge, reports De Havenloods. The city is considering temporarily dismantling one of the sections of the iconic metal structure so that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' new Y721 sailing superyacht can safely overcome this so far impenetrable barrier on its water transportation route.

The rotten egg idea came from an activist named Pablo Strörmann. Ready in case of something to join the protest in this form, he is looking for in Facebook.

“Rotterdam has actually been rebuilt from rubble by locals and we are not going to just let it be taken apart for the sake of a phallic symbol of a megalomaniac billionaire,” Strörmann wrote on the social network with a determined attitude.

At the time of publication of the news, Strörmann's call was of interest to 13,750 people. They agree with Bezos, the initiator of the besieging of the yacht, that having a huge fortune does not give the right to do everything only in accordance with their desires.

5.Good plan

6.That’s weird

7.Build bridges in America

Last week, the mayor of Rotterdam denied reports that a final decision had already been made on the temporary dismantling of the bridge, which was overhauled in 2017. However, Jeff Bezos, as the owner of the yacht and its builder Oceanco, even if they changed their mind and did not insist on dismantling the bridge section, has no alternative course of action. Oceanco built the yacht upriver in the town of Alblasserdam, and from there there is no other route capable of taking the giant ship to the sea.

Part of a historic bridge in the Netherlands will be dismantled to allow the superyacht built for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to cross the river that runs through Rotterdam, city officials said Thursday.

The middle section of the 95-year-old Koningshaven Bridge will be dismantled this summer to allow a sailing yacht to pass, a spokeswoman for the city of Rotterdam said. The bridge, known as "De Hef", will then be rebuilt, possibly on the same day.

According to a spokesman, Bezos' yacht must pass under all other bridges in Rotterdam. They didn't have an estimate of how much the deconstruction would cost, but she said the shipbuilder would pay, not the people of Rotterdam. There will be no structural changes to the bridge.

Amazon representatives did not respond to requests for comment on the price or destination of the yacht. A spokeswoman for Oceanco, the Dutch yacht company that builds the boat, said in an email Thursday that she could not comment on projects under construction or clients due to privacy concerns.

Boat International, which publishes articles on the superyacht industry, said the 417-foot sailboat will be the largest sailing yacht in the world when completed later this year, surpassing Sea Cloud, a 360-foot sailing vessel built in 1931 and owned by Yacht Portfolio, an investment company based in Malta.

8.Angry citizens

9.Historic moment

10.We are in the same boat

Mister. Bezos is the second richest person in the world, after Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The bridge, which is 130 feet long, is not currently in use. Rotterdam tour guide Eddy Le Couvreur said the bridge, designed by Dutch architect Peter Josting and anchored on the Rotterdam skyline, was once used for rail traffic. A vertical drawbridge, it was the first of its kind in the Netherlands and was copied from designs in the United States. The modern industrial aesthetic of the bridge inspired a short film in 1928, he said.

So far, tall ships have passed under the bridge before the masts and taller structures are assembled, he said.

Dennis Tuck, a Labor Party member of the Rotterdam City Council, said he was not opposed to removing the bridge as Mr. Bezos was paying for it - because of the jobs that were to be done on the bridge. “This is a great way for the city to take some of its money,” he said. So said.

This structure is more than just a bridge for the people of Rotterdam,” said Siebe Thyssen, author of The Boy Who Jumped from the Bridge, about a working-class man who jumped off the bridge in 1933. “This is a monument. ," he said. "That's the personality of Rotterdam."

There were big protests when city officials tried to demolish the bridge in the 1990s because it was no longer in use, he said. According to him, the bridge is a reminder of the old days in Rotterdam.

"I think that's why there's so much confusion around Jeff Bezos and his boat," he said, before turning to the allegations against Amazon. "People say, 'Why this guy?' It's a working city, and they all know that Jeff Bezos exploits his workers, of course, so people say, "Why can this guy take down the bridge for his boat?"

As of Thursday, about 500 Facebook users have said they will take part in an event called "Egg Throwing at Jeff Bezos' Superyacht," where they gather at the bridge to throw eggs at the boat. The person listed as the organizer of the event did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Mr. Le Couvreur, who works for Tours by Locals, which connects tourists with local guides, said Rotterdam residents are likely to receive international attention and watch the spectacle. “On the other hand, it shows the unimaginable wealth that people like Bezos have created for themselves, that nothing can stop them from fulfilling their dreams and passions. Worlds, except for those who will watch the ship pass through the city.

11.The king has to pass

12.Smaller boat

13.Are you sure?

14.Getting ready

15.Smaller support yacht

16.Feeling regal

17.Stifle innovation

18.Park my boat in the boat

19.Buy the bridge

20.End world hunger


22.Compensating for something

23.Too damn high

24.Action plan

25.Good news

26.Tax the Rich

27.Super Yacht manufactures

28.Lex Luthor

29.Enough of this dude

30.Good jokes

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@Drake He should donate this money..

Shrimp are among the most widely consumed types of shellfish. They contain large amounts of nutrients, such as iodine. You can view the tutorial here.

Almost 100 g of cooked shrimp provide about 90 calories, 1 g fat, 290 mg sodium, 1 g carbohydrates, 15 g protein. Shrimp are naturally low in carbohydrates, with less than 1 g per 100 g serving. They contain about 1 g of fat per serving. Most fats come from Omega-3 fatty acids and beneficial polyunsaturated fats. Cooking shrimp in butter or oil increases, however, the total fat content of the final preparation.

About 90% of the calories in shrimp come from protein, and the rest come from fat. They contain all the essential amino acids and are a way to increase protein intake. They are a source of phosphorus and vitamin B12. They also contain calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium and choline. Shrimp are also one of the best dietary sources of iodine, an important mineral. Iodine is necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid and for the health of the brain. Shrimp are also a significant source of astaxanthin, the reddish pigment that gives shrimp its specific color.

Our childhood was marked by the famous pork or chicken meatballs, in which we often put more onions and garlic than minced meat. Fortunately, lately the "chop" is losing more and more ground, its place being taken by ingredients such as shrimp. Today Bemorepanda has prepared for you an amazing recipe for shrimp meatballs, served with rice and vegetables.

Shrimp meatballs are ideal at any time of the year, but also whenever we want something healthy, fast and easy for our family. Shrimp are very healthy to eat, in addition to fish and other seafood they contain calcium, protein, vitamin E, etc. They are also very easy to cook and do not require too much oil or spices to be prepared.

Of course, many interesting dishes can be made using shrimp. But today it was as if we wanted to try something new. Meatballs are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of shrimp, but we believe that they are delicious and well worth trying. In addition, they are ready in less than 30 minutes, so address those of you who are more on the run.


  • 500 g of Peeled Shrimp
  • 3 strands of Parsley
  • 3 strands of Dill
  • 3 strands of Green Onion
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 teaspoon of Paprika
  • 1 teaspoon of Dried Garlic
  • 4 tablespoons Breadcrumbs
  • 50 g Cheese Mazdamer
  • 2 tablespoons Mayonnaise
  • 4 tablespoons Sunflower Oil
  • 200 g of Rice
  • 1 liter of Water
  • 400 g Assorted frozen Vegetables
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 Lemon


1. Wash the shrimp well and peel. Finely chop the shrimp. 

2. Finely chop the greens.

3. Put the chopped shrimp in the bowl, add greens, eggs, paprika, dried garlic, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, lemon peel, cheese, mayonnaise and mix.

4. The meatballs are formed. Heat the pan, pour oil, fry on both sides for 3-4 minutes.

5. Put rice in the pan, pour water, add salt, boil for 15-20 minutes.

6. Heat the pan, pour oil, add the vegetables, season with salt, pepper and fry for 4-5 minutes, add the rice and fry for another 4-5 minutes.

Serve the shrimp meatballs with vegetables! Good appetite!

This recipe can also be composed of several variations. You can serve it with a salad of fresh vegetables and greens. Or with a garnish that you prefer.

You can also prepare rice with fresh vegetables if you have them at hand, but this will take longer to prepare.

Notes: To recognize shrimp in good condition, you must:

Shrimp must be firm to the touch.

Avoid buying it if it feels weak.

You have no smell of ammonia or a strong smell of shellfish.

If it is raw, it should have a uniform gray color, not green tones.

If they are pre-cooked, you do not see a faded orange.

If you buy fresh seafood, don't forget to touch and smell it to check its condition. Regardless of the type of shrimp you will eat, we recommend that you buy them with the peel, although it is more laborious, they have a better flavor, because the peel helps to preserve it.

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@Marina Tasty

Often, bathroom decor requires very little - for example, adding or changing a couple of details to make the interior play in a new way. We will talk about the most exciting and budget ideas for decorating a bathroom. Still, so that updates are not lost against the general background, the order must reign in the room before decorating.


How to make the decor in the bathroom?


 It is recommended to think about what kind of bathroom you want. After all, even in a small room, you can create something exciting and practical. In addition to buying everything you need, you can add some DIY details to your bathroom decor. This will bring originality to the room. Beforehand it is necessary to be defined with some criteria: Functionality. You should decide what must be in the bathroom and what can be discarded. Single style. How would you like the room to be? Security. This is especially important for those who have children in the house.


Original sink design 

The sink is an important detail. If you decide to install a non-standard model, this will affect the entire structure of the room. There are many models on store shelves. They differ in shape and can experiment with the material.


Mirrors and lighting

 Do not give up mirrors in the bathroom. This detail can transform the space and make it visually more spacious and lighter when used correctly. If two people often use the toilet, it is worth hanging some mirrors for convenience. The surface of this part is always the same. Therefore, it is worth experimenting with the shape and frame of the product. You can buy a ready-made mirror or decorate it with your own hands. Lighting should be given special attention. Light intensity is critical. Intense lighting creates an atmosphere of comfort in the room and emphasizes all the interior details. The shape and size of the light sources can be any. What matters is the decor in the bathroom and personal preferences. If you need subdued lighting, then you should use a dimmer. It allows you to adjust and adjust the intensity of the light, which contributes to changing the surrounding mood.


Niche holders and towel holders for walls 

Hooks are not very convenient for placing towels. It is better to replace them with an open rack. Alternatively, consider hanging baskets. You can make them yourself and store towels and other things. Many designers recommend using niches as a contrast, bright detail in the room. A wide range of models allows you to choose the right holders for spaces of any size.


Organizing bathroom decor is a tricky business

Practical recommendations from designers can help you cope: Think about how the pipes will be located. Determine in advance where the cranes will be. If the bathroom is small, you can build them into the wall. This will save space. Determine the location of each critical detail. The sink is opposite the door but not too close to the tub. The toilet must not come into contact with the sink. When placing a shower enclosure, make sure that the doors open. Organically looks at several types of lighting, included separately. Organize the brightest light next to the washbasin to illuminate the face and not hurt the eyes. The ventilation system is essential. The heated towel rail helps to reduce the level of humidity. The ventilation system is conveniently placed at the bottom of the door. If space is limited, place hanging furniture. This will help save space. The curtain should be replaced with a glass partition. Its functions are similar, but it looks more attractive. It's easier to take care of her. Some models use frosted glass.


Ideas for a small bathroom 

The interior of a small bathroom has some nuances that should be considered: Replacing the bathtub with a shower cabin is recommended. Instead of a standard toilet, install an installation. This will free up space for extra cabinets. Choose a finishing material in light colors. It is allowed that there is a small or rare pattern on the surface. Mirrors and mirror surfaces. It was noted that such nuance could visually expand the space. Intelligent lighting. The lighter the room, the more spacious it seems.


Small bathroom decor

Plumbing to not clutter up a small space with overall plumbing, it is worth considering the use of unique models presented on the table. Mini-sanitary ware and corner Description Toilet bowl Compact model with an installation module. More expensive but suitable for installation almost anywhere in the bathroom. Differs in the absence of visual support, as in the standard version. Washbasin Models are up to 50 cm extended. Available up to 35 cm. Suitable for hand washing only. More often, these are mounted models. Corner bath If a shower cabin is not correct, this bath model will save space. It is compact and allows you to free up space for additional parts.


We remove all unnecessary 

If there is not enough space, it is necessary to use the available area. Put your household items in the bathroom. The screen will help hide it from prying eyes. Use built-in wardrobes to match the walls.


Predicting the future look of the bathroom decor 

Before proceeding with the implementation of the scenery, it is worth developing a sketch of it and taking into account all possible problems. It is recommended to act in this order: Analyze the condition of all the bathroom structures. Decide which surfaces and items need to be updated or replaced. Determine what techniques and techniques are necessary for work—preparing everything you need.


Tiles as decor 

Tiles are placed according to the standard pattern in a checkerboard pattern of different tones. You can create colored accents on the wall. Small mosaics are inserted into large tiles, which greatly enlivens the design.


There are various modifications of tiles. Insert in a specific area with a pattern. Creates an accent spot. A thin border has the shape of an elongated rectangle and a convex surface. A set of drawings in the form of fragments, creating beautiful paintings. Freesize helps create a vertical panel. For space zoning, use narrow borders and panels to create colorful images.


Innovative ideas for decorating wall surfaces

 Refresh the bathroom's interior with plastic panels, mirror tiles, and artistic design methods. One of these can be called decoupage. Armed with glue, acrylic varnish, soft brushes, decoupage contour, and three-layer napkins, you can make it yourself. They should be chosen with a beautiful pattern, significant, and suitable for the interior. You just need to cut out the way and stick it on the tile's surface. In the end, everything is varnished.


Floor decor options

Tiles can be replaced entirely. Or remove part of it and place durable glass in this place. An LED strip or image complements you. You can simply place a bright rug in the bathroom. A new title should be chosen with a pattern that will create a beautiful way: bathroom decor - vintage from newspaper tubes (master class). Armed with improvised materials, you can create a vintage-style bath with your own hands. From the old stairs, you can make a rack, repainted in white. Glass jars should be decorated with pieces of fabric or vintage paper. This is not only an element of decor but also a container for storing toothbrushes. For the bathroom, a basket made of newspaper tubes is perfect.


Basket for the bathroom of newspaper tubes

To build a basket, you should stock up on tubes of newspaper, glue, a sponge and a brush for clothes, acrylic paint and varnish, a meeting, and a cardboard box. Weaving a basket costs a pigtail of two tubes. Towards the end, a third is introduced. First, the bottom is created by gluing several cartons together. Place the ends of the tubes inside. For weaving, use the sides of the box, attaching the pigtails with clothespins. Having reached the desired height, decorate the beveled side. Find the center of the product and the central tube located vertically. It remains in its original position, and the next one goes around. Twist and start weaving in the other direction. After reaching the required height, the third pigtail is introduced. It is attached to a vertical tube.


The work ends with weaving in three parts. The tubes are cut and smeared with glue. The basket is covered with a solution of water mixed with PVA in equal proportions. When everything is dry, acrylic paint is applied. Selection of accessories and fittings It is worth installing towel holders. In the form of a ring or rod, they are reliable but not very convenient to use. With a small space, it is worth choosing models on hinges. You can't do without shelves in the bathroom, especially if there is no other furniture—enough of one model of glass or metal. You can add a structure above the bath with numerous tiers. It is worth adding a little brightness with a curtain, preferably a vinyl one. She doesn't absorb water. There are beautiful special applications for the shower cabin. You can complement everything with a bright rug.


The color design of the bathroom 

For a small space, you should not use dark colors. It is recommended to introduce light shades. If the bath's dimensions are impressive, you can choose almost any color. All items must be in the same range and correspond to the same style. Your perception of the palette matters. It is essential to consider lighting. If there is not much of it, dark tones are excluded. Traditionally, white in the bathroom, blue, green, and other marine colors are popular.


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Dogs are only a part of our life, but for them we are their whole life. Saying goodbye to a dog is always very difficult, because over time they become full-fledged family members. Unfortunately, sometimes dogs get to people with a stone heart, and if they somehow "tolerate" young dogs, they can deal with them in the most heartless way when they get old. This is the story of Bella, a 10-year-old German shepherd from the UK, who was tied to a large rock by her former owners and thrown into the water, hoping she would drown.


Former owners tied Bella's leash to a large rock and threw it into the water, hoping she would drown.

1 577


Dog struggling to survive spotted by Jane Harper and her friend Joanne Bellamy

2 566

People walked by, walking their dogs

3 566


This is the stone that Bella's leash was tied to.

4 552


After being pulled out of the water, Bella was immediately taken to the local veterinarian.

5 565


Later she was placed in the care of the charity RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

6 545


Bella was lucky to survive in icy water with a stone tied to her neck.

7 520


But the physical examination also revealed that she had other health problems.

8 512


Bella was cared for by the kind and helpful staff of the Radcliffe Animal Center in Nottingham, UK

9 496


Animal welfare charity and local police have launched an investigation to find those responsible for the atrocities against the dog

10 499


Bela spent 15 months under the care of a charitable organization, and during this time she completely recovered and changed a lot.

11 483


She found a new home, and retired couple Maggie Mellish and Charlie Douglas became its new owners.

12 477


The couple used to keep herding-type dogs, and now they are ready to give all their love to Bella, since their last dog passed away a couple of years ago.

13 459


Jane Harper and Joanne Bellamy, who rescued Bella, visited her to see how she was doing.

14 446


Bella is now 11 years old, and you could hardly find better owners for her than a couple of retired dog lovers

15 432


The story told by Maggie, Bella's new owner:

“Over the past 30 years, there have been 3 shepherd-type dogs in our family. Two years ago we lost our dogs Tia and Luna, and this year - my daughter Flame's dog. We missed them a lot. But a few weeks ago we saw Bella's story in the press and learned that she needed a new home, so my daughter Claire Luscher advised us to apply for her adoption.

We know she will need regular veterinary visits and are willing to pay for them. We know she's old, but we just want to offer her the loving home she deserves after everything she's been through. We are both retired, so we will always be there for her, and this is what she really needs, and it will also be great for ourselves. "

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