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The spread of coronavirus has given rise to a surge of humor throughout the world. This was reported by digital anthropologist KB Strelka Daria Radchenko in an interview with Moslente.

She clarified that today's humor is not mainly about the threat of the epidemic per se, but about quarantine, hygiene practices, remote work and training.

“In fact, now texts are emerging that respond not so much to the epidemic itself as to the ways to defend against. A norm is emerging before our eyes, and since it is new, we do not all agree with it, and it is not clear yet how to live in this new reality. And humor just becomes a way to work them out, ”explained Radchenko.

The specialist also said that during some big events, mass production of jokes is usually included. This is due to the fact that when something unusual happens, people want to unite.

“This means that we all know the same facts - we share the same agenda, and this is important. We have common values, common norms - we laugh at the same thing, ”she said.

An outbreak of COVID-19 pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus was first recorded in December 2019 in Wuhan. On March 11, the World Health Organization announced that the situation could be described as a pandemic.

As of today, there are more than 3,5 million people infected, over 245.243 deaths and 1,1 million people have recovered.

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iOS 14 was officially released on September 16, 2020 - the next generation operating system for iPhone. In iOS 14, the company has implemented a completely new home screen design with full-fledged widgets, an App Library page, a Picture-in-Picture feature, a redesigned Siri design and many other innovations.


Among the main innovations implemented in iOS 14 is the application menu: now programs do not take up a lot of desktops, but are automatically grouped into folders in a special section of Apple Library. In addition, for the first time for iOS, you can place widgets on desktops - right next to application icons.


Still people have to laugh about something, that's why the internet is full of memes about the new IOS14, Bemorepanda collected top 30 of them.


1.Waiting while updating


2.New changes


3.Android vs IOS14




5.Incoming calls


6.What year is it?


7.New features iOS14


8.Android and the new IOS


9.Looking good


10.Android users


11.Calls on iOS14


12.iOS14 concept


13.Android users chilling


14.Recording Indicator


15.Think different


16.Widgets after 11 years


17.First time an app drawer was introduced


18.Finally IOS14


19.Ready for IOS14


20.Is out already


21.iOS users be like:


22.iOS14 gets picture in picture mode


23.Apple bad


24.Apple introduces widgets


25.Plus one camera


26.Android has all of this


27.Artificial Intelligence


28.The past is down


29.Memes and andoid users


30.Is that all new?


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In 2022, the fear of coronavirus was replaced by the fear of war and, more recently, of nuclear war.

The fear in the name of which websites, televisions are closed and the exclusion of personalities from public life is demanded and only, because they ask questions, because they want to understand what is happening.

Like the Fear of Coronavirus, the Fear of War is about to create a new history in 2022. And memes certainly prove this.

Experts and studies show that laughter is good for our health, but it also has bad effects on us. A good sense of humor cannot cure all ailments, but there are data on the positive things that laughter can bring. And in 2022 we need to laugh.

1.Sad moment

2.Me in the pub

3.Good plan

Humor is observed in all cultures and at all ages, but it is only in the last decades that experimental psychology has labeled it as an essential human behavior, fundamental for the best possible mental health.

Along with gratitude, hope, and spirituality, a sense of humor belongs to the set of strengths that help us establish connections with the world and give meaning to life. Appreciating and practicing humor correlates with other strengths, such as the wisdom and curiosity to learn, and fun activities result in improved mood and optimism.

Understanding and creating humor requires a succession of mental operations. Cognitive psychology talks about humor in three stages; that is, in order to understand a joke, you must be able to mentally represent the configuration of the joke, detect an inconsistency in its multiple interpretations, and resolve the inconsistency by inhibiting literal, non-funny interpretations and appreciating the funny meaning.

The knowledge that each of us has is organized in mental memory structures called schemas. When we see or think about something, the relevant scheme is activated, so our body of knowledge on this particular topic immediately comes to mind.

One study found that people who use humor in positive ways also have positive perspectives on the past, and those who use humor against them have negative perspectives on the past. This type of study helps to understand how we think and interpret social interactions. Such research also suggests that attempts to use humor in a positive way can improve the emotional tone of the details in our thoughts and therefore our moods. Clinical psychologists use humor as a treatment to enhance the subjective well-being of patients, for example.

Studying humor allows scientists to investigate the theoretical processes involved in memory, reasoning, temporal perspective, wisdom, intuition, and subjective well-being. For example, another study of young adults found that those who valued and sought out humor and those around them tended to focus on the positive aspects of their present life, as well as on the positive events of their past and future.




7.Something great

While it is likely that people will not always agree on what is funny and what is not, there is more consensus than ever among psychologists that humor is relevant to the science of behavior and that having humor and looking for the side Life's fun helps you to have better mental health.

It is said that laughter is the best medicine and this is not far from the truth. Scientific evidence shows that laughter strengthens the immune system, improves mood, reduces pain and protects against the harmful effects of stress. The ability to laugh frequently and easily is a great resource for overcoming problems, improving relationships with others, and supporting physical and emotional health. In addition, laughter burns calories. It is not a substitute for going to the gym, but a study found that a person who laughs 10-15 minutes a day can burn about 40 calories.

Memes are a whole trend that visually conveys this or that thought, packed in humor, satire, irony or sarcasm. Memes are a kind of art that combines a good visual frame, a picture, a series of pictures, a short video or GIF with a caption. A meme (a combination of a picture and an inscription) is designed to enhance the effect of the meaning conveyed by the words attached to the image.

And the most durable are the most successful. Some memes, still frames from films, where the characters have interesting or unusual expressions of facial expressions, live for several years already and do not slow down their popularity, but have already become classics of their genre.

Tommy Lee Jones, Nicolas Cage, Jackie Chan, Leonardo DiCaprio are some examples of prototypes of famous memes.

In 2022 memes are mostly about the stupidity of Putin, the war in Ukraine, the Russian people being blind in front of this war. It seems that this is not the right time to joke, but people can not live without a smile on their face, especially when there are maybe only some days to live on this planet due to nuclear war threatens. No matter what will be tommorow, people need to stay positive and think about a better future. There is always hope and place for a better tommorow. 


9.You are here

10.Doing great





15.Last night

16.Is it here?

17.Doing my part


19.Failed test


21.I am 21

22.My Pc


24.Exam tommorow

25.Netflix be like

26.Harry Putin


28.Perfect watch

29.Lost happiness

30.Seems about right


32.Now it seems the perfect meme

33.Ukrainians and memes

34.More table


36.Morning alarm


38.Send them

39.Wake up

40.So crazy


42.Purest love

43.Dumb man



46.People who know


48.Same thing


50.Pasta be like

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The Lockdown Song

2 years ago
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Thanksgiving Day. A beautiful holiday that brings families and friends together for dinner. A special meal, based on turkey, a bird native to North America. And corn and cranberries, a kind of cranberry, also native to America. Then add a lot of other dishes. Thanksgiving dinner has become a kind of cooking contest.


It's a celebration of overflow. And of humility, of gratitude to the divinity for well-being, for the dishes on the table. Our ancestors respected the dishes much more than we, the hungry generations.


Hundreds of years ago he was starving. If the winter was too hard, if there was hail or floods, if the locusts invaded or the wool caught fire, hunger breathed in your neck. In the daily prayer inherited from one generation to the next, we still hope to receive "our daily bread." Even if we throw old, dry bread in the trash every day


No one can deny the beauty of Thanksgiving. A day to thank. Sit in it for a while and think about how lucky you are. In which you enjoy your loved ones who are still close to you. Because everything is fleeting, including well-being. People are beautiful when they are together.


And Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. The children who go to college, hundreds of kilometers away, get in their cars and drive for a meal at home, with their families. With grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins ​​they haven't seen in a long time. Events that bring families together are quite rare in a human life, usually weddings and funerals. But, Thanksgiving is an annual occasion to meet, to say goodbye, to "together". And the king of the Thanskgiving table is the turkey.


But what will be this year? In the midst of the pandemic, many people reunited, once the studies became online and work at home. But because of the danger of infection and the spread of the virus, people cannot all gather at one table, especially the elderly. Even if the holiday will be spent in a very small circle, it will be a symbolic one and of major importance.


Of course, it is a good reason for Internet users to create different funny and interesting memes for us. Bemorepanda has collected the top memes and jokes perfect for everyone.


1.Favourite thing about Thanksgiving


2.Huge Thanksgiving dinner


3.Waiting for Christmas


4.We're having a turkey?


5.Checking their phone in the bathroom


6.Dinner be at 6 pm


7.Today vs tomorrow


8.Thinking about Thanksgiving


9.New recipe for Thanksgiving


10.Just one piece of pie


11.After Thanksgiving


12.Eating the same thing


13.Thanks for nothing


14.Waiting for Thanksgiving


15.Why you eat me?


16.Waking up on Thanksgiving


17.No seconds til everyone had a plate


18.The whole family is roasting you


19.Come at me bro


20.You and your cousin come back from "taking a walk"


21.I regret nothing


22.Could you pass the pie?


23.Don't mind that


24.Too many questions


25.Isn't that your 3rd plate?


26.Oh, pie!


27.Drinking at noon on a wednesday


28.After Thanksgiving


29.But is not the day!


30.Something is happening


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