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Bemorepanda found out what to expect after lifting the restrictions. During quarantine we found out industries that are supposed to grow up rapidly during quarantine. We started using service that maybe where unnecessary for us before the pandemic. Here are the industries that are going to have a great success after the quarantine ends.

1. Grocery retail

 No matter what happens, people will be hungry.  In a stressful situation, we buy even more products.  The process of absorption of food calms, and stocks on the shelves alleviate anxiety: suddenly that, and in the house there is buckwheat and potatoes.

2. Courier services

 Grocery stores were allowed not to close; other shopping facilities were less fortunate.  They, as well as public catering establishments, are saved by courier services that take delivery on themselves.  If you leave the house (exclusively on business, of course), you can see how many people in the street are in branded clothes.  They all carry something to someone.  So the increase in revenue and the staff of courier services is a natural consequence of quarantine measures.

3. Online education

 Learning through the Internet is a trend of recent years.  It’s convenient when you don’t need to go to an English tutor through the whole city or you can get a profession sitting on your own couch.  The web has many courses on any subject - from painting to physics.  The pandemic added to the number of online students those who decided to learn something from boredom or who risk losing their profession in a crisis.

4. IT area

 Prior to the advent of coronavirus, this industry did not complain about stagnation, but the pandemic gave it new growth points.  One of them is tools for business.  Due to restrictive measures, conservative spheres, which slowly and reluctantly went online, were forced to accelerate.  Someone met a pandemic with outdated, barely working sites, while someone didn’t have a debug channel at all.  All this required immediate intervention.  This is where IT services came in handy.

5. Home fitness products

 The pandemic dispersed into the apartments and lovers of fitness equipment, and runners, and people involved in horizontal bars.  All of them had to decide the issue of training at home.  Therefore, the demand for compact exercise machines, elastic bands and expanders, weights and dumbbells has grown.

 Interest in online training has increased.  If for fitness centers this is an attempt to upgrade the brand and save at least some kind of income, then for those who initially relied on it, this is a great opportunity for growth.

6. Juridic services

 The demand for legal assistance does not come from a good life.  Unfortunately, the pandemic creates all the conditions to throw people’s problems.  We have to solve issues related to the closure of the business, job cuts, job loss, the use of credit and other banking products.

7. Intimate goods

 On the one hand, the self-isolation regime closed access to new acquaintances and non-binding sex, and even loners would like to be released in a stressful situation.  On the other hand, the couples were locked together.

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