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A job interview can pave the way for a successful career, and what you do at this meeting with the employer will not only decide whether or not you get the job, but also the salary package and the conditions under which you will work. With such a high stake, it's no wonder there is a lot of advice on what to do at a job interview. But with this statistics can help you as an employer and also as a canditate to the job. Bemorepanda is here to suggest you interesting facts.


Internationally, the announcement for a new job attracts, on average, 250 CVs, of which only six are selected for an interview. Then follows the preparation of the interview. The employer takes notes about the candidate and releases his diary for a period of time. The potential employee has, however, several aspects to solve.


In the age of services, most of the time, the hiring decision is based on human interaction. It all comes down to two people: the employer and the potential employee. Until the interview will be conducted by a robot or specialized software, any generalization about it can be removed from the discussion. There is no valid general recipe for success, and this is the most important rule.


Candidate Trends

Being in the know gives you a competitive edge, and makes your company and jobs irresistible to candidates.  



Quality talent lies within your employees’ network. It’s time to tap into this powerful resource and let your

employees deliver hidden superstars. 


Candidate Experience

Insights into what candidates want throughout their job search journey helps you build a recruiting strategy that will find and hire top talent faster. 


The Power of LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn Talent Solutions to find and directly contact candidates, promote open jobs to the right talent pool, and build a strong employer brand.


LinkedIn InMails

You’ve found great candidates for your role — now you need to connect with them. On average, LinkedIn’s InMail response rates are 3x higher than regular email. 


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