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The legendary browser Microsoft Internet Explorer officially ceases to exist after 27 years of operation.


As Microsoft announced a year ago, support for Internet Explorer 11 would end entirely on June 15, 2022.


Now the company recommends switching from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge as soon as possible and not waiting for IE to turn off. Users can transfer saved passwords, favorites, and more directly to the new browser during the transition.


Internet Explorer is disabled forever


The browser will be disabled on all current consumer versions of Windows 10 (20H2 and later) and Windows 10 IoT (20H2 and later). In Windows 11, the IE 11 app is no longer available, and the default browser for Windows 11 is Edge.


Meanwhile, IE mode in Microsoft Edge will be supported until at least 2029, giving web developers eight years to modernize legacy apps.


According to Microsoft, the IE app will be gradually replaced by Microsoft Edge in the coming months after the June 15 support date and will eventually be permanently disabled on Windows. You should not wholly uninstall IE yourself since IE 11 is required for IE mode to work in Edge.


1. About Internet Explorer


2. Shutting down


3. The old one


4. Nostalgic


In August 1995, Microsoft released the Windows 95 operating system, which includes several core technologies for connecting to the Internet, such as built-in support for dial-up networking and TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol).


Given the ongoing interest in the Internet, Microsoft is developing an additional component to the operating system, called the "web browser." Since the advent of the Windows 95 operating system with the Internet Explorer web browser, many people have been able to access the Internet. In November 1995, Microsoft released its first cross-platform browser, Internet Explorer 2.0, supported by both the Macintosh operating system and 32-bit Windows. In less than three months since its release, Internet Explorer has become one of the most popular browsers. Hundreds of thousands of Windows 95 users download Internet Explorer to their computers.


+Released in October 1997 and designed for Windows 95, 98, and Windows NT operating systems, Internet Explorer 4.0 was built based on new progressive technologies.


Internet Explorer 8 was released in March 2009. The browser version is available in 25 languages ​​and boasts cutting-edge security technologies.


In 2011, Internet Explorer 9 was released. The first test build of the browser was released on April 12, 2011, under the name Internet Explorer Platform Preview; at the moment, there are only five versions of this product, in which support for some CSS3 features has been added to the capabilities of Internet Explorer 9. The browser developers have stated that Internet Explorer 10 will run exclusively on Windows 7 and 8 and will not support earlier operating systems, including Windows Vista.


5. Best browser


6. Internet Explorer


7. Anyway


8. Goodbye


Unlike vendors of other browsers, Microsoft "turned its face" to the Internet relatively late, starting in late 1995 and early 1996. Then, the turbulent history of the development of Microsoft software products for the Internet, including the Internet Explorer browser, began. Until that moment, the development of its online service Microsoft Network (MSN), was supposed to be a key direction, where huge funds had already been invested and support for which was standardly included in the Windows 95 operating system.


However, seeing the pace at which the Internet is developing. Thee number of its users is growing, as well as the difficulties that other online services suffer due to their elitist isolation, Microsoft urgently changed its strategy and, as always, set its sights on leadership in a field that was still new to it. . Corresponding divisions of developers, testers, engineers, localizers were created, marketing and sales services were strengthened, and the work began to boil. Since the traditional strength of Microsoft solutions is the complex nature of the approach to the problem and the creation of the entire necessary product line - from developer tools to client software - this approach has been applied to products for the Internet.


Today we can talk about the success of Microsoft's then strategically important decision - to integrate client software - a browser, programs for working with e-mail, teleconferencing and other Internet services - directly into the operating system.


The first version of Windows 95 did not have the mandatory built-in Internet Explorer (IE). At that time, it had to be installed additionally. Microsoft made a big marketing move by including the free Internet Explorer with Windows 95 OSR2 in 1996.


The release of version 4 of Internet Explorer along with Windows 98 shook Netscape Navigator (the main competitor) even more.


Version 5 of Internet Explorer followed, while Netscape Navigator, bought by AOL Time Warner, was not updated. We must give credit to Microsoft, Internet Explorer 5.0 was a good product. On that moment.


Internet Explorer triumphed in 2001 with over 95% of the market.


With the release of Windows XP in 2002, the 6th version of Internet Explorer finally appeared.


9. Farewell


10. Missed


11. R.I.P


12. Retirment


13. Shutting down


14. Search engine


15. End error


16. A good tool


17. Wake up


18. Thanks for memories


19. Download chrome


20. Stoped working


21. Already dead


22. No


23. Dead]


24. Too high


25. OH 


26. 90’s users


27. This face


28. Goodbye


29. The end


30. That’s it




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Making some small discovery or finding something extraordinary is always very exciting. And, of course, Bemorepanda immediately wanted to share this amazing find with the whole world, which is what the people from our article did, because otherwise no one would have believed them! 20 amusing stories in photos are waiting for you, which will tell and show you what should entertain you, and if you're lucky, even surprise you. At least we really hope so πŸ™ƒ


"It's a little annoying when you wake up in the morning and find this near your tent ... Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska, USA"


Photo by: β€œThis photo was taken during an 11-day tourist trip to the Gates of the Arctic National Park. During the trip, we saw several bears, but they didn't care about us. We also found footprints all over our campsite area. It was difficult for us to determine whether they were fresh or not, because the riverbed was perfectly preserved. This place is in a rather hard-to-reach place, so we were not too worried about the bears, but as soon as we found the tracks, goosebumps ran down our skin. We have never seen a bear here. " 🐻


β€œSeveral years ago I found a young albino oak in my garden and learned that plants can also be albinos. True, they do not live long, since they cannot participate in photosynthesis. "


Indeed, albinism occurs among plants that die at an early age due to the fact that they cannot receive energy from photosynthesis. In rare cases, they can survive if they find an alternative source of energy for themselves, for example, a root connection with their fellows or parasitism.


"This silver pendant, which I found with a metal detector, is 227 years old."


The excellent condition of this pendant can be explained by the fact that all this time it lay underground. As a rule, silver oxidizes and darkens due to hydrogen sulfide, which in low concentration surrounds us in the air.

I would like to note a cute image of a bird πŸ•Š


"While walking along a remote trail in the Amazon jungle, we came across this pillar that marks the line of the equator."


It was also a shock for us that there are no bold black lines under the pillar, which we were always shown on maps and globes. Although it is quite possible that it passes over the crowns of trees πŸ˜‰


β€œWhile walking, I saw this sad sunflower, and I could not help but photograph it”


Photo author: β€œIt is possible that someone did it on purpose. I just saw, laughed and photographed. " 🌻


"I found this skeleton on a leaf under a tree."


Photo author: β€œI suspect that the bird dropped this unfortunate lizard, and the ants finished the job. Fallen legs give it an alien look. It was an amazing find! " πŸ¦ŽπŸ’€


The last breath of the cormorant frozen in the lake


The cormorant dived into the freezing lake and swam to the shore, where ice formed on the surface of the water. Ice prevented him from surfacing, and the bird drowned. Ice bubbles in the head area are traces of his last exhalation.

Sorry for the bird ..


"Walking through the woods, I found this gravestone of someone's dog near the old cemetery."


The inscription on the headstone reads:


"In memory of Punch, who died on June 7, 1885 at the age of 13"


If you missed it, then this tombstone is 136 years old 🐢


Octopus eggs. Below you can see their mother who guards them "


Octopus mothers often die while looking after the clutch, as they are so responsible that they are not distracted even by eating πŸ™


Hornet killed by a plant



Reportedly, the hornet could get stuck with its head in the process of the plant, after which it began to spin and strangled itself


"I found a slug crawling out of the overflow hole of our sink."


The slug somehow managed to get through the drainage system and crawl out of the overflow.


Maine Coon kitten that looks like a little werewolf


This toddler has rather unusual eyes, which can be an indicator that he is blind 😿


"Found a pearl in my oysters"


When asked how much such a pearl could cost, one of the users replied: β€œIt all depends on the shine, size and location where it was caught. From what I can see in this photo, these are river gem, which are quite common and look a little dull. This gem is quite large to find in your dinner. Some of these cost between $ 50 and $ 2,000. "


"A heart-shaped tomato I found at a grocery store."


The author of the photo said that this tomato was found in the Whole Foods Market, an organic food store, where they cost $ 5.99 per pound (which at the time of this writing is about 440 rubles per 450 g) πŸ…


"Look how the candles in my thief have melted from the heat."


These candles look like they are mating season πŸ•―


Many Americans reportedly light citronella candles in their yard to ward off mosquitoes 🦟


"Found this very old Bible in my parents' garage, dated 1881"


Looks like a collector's edition. It would be even cooler if there was an autograph of the author inside ✝


The author of the photo said: β€œI was afraid to take it in my hands or even open it! I want to note that it had locks on the side. "


Quadruple rainbow


Reportedly, this effect could be due to the reflection of sunlight in a lake nearby. This can happen when sunlight reflects off a lake with very calm water. The author of the photo said that it was taken in Scotland and that there was indeed a lake nearby.


If you believe the myths about leprechauns, then somewhere there should be 4 pots of gold πŸ€


"This fish froze in a block of ice, Texas, 2021"


Most likely, at the time of freezing, the fish was already dead and swam on the surface 🐟


 β€œI was shocked by this albino cucumber that I found in our garden! I pickled him and this is how he looked inside "


The author of the photo wrote that the guy who tasted the cucumber said it tasted "like an ordinary pickled cucumber." After the girl urged not to judge the cucumber by color πŸ₯’


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Surely many recall with horror the lessons of labor that we were taught at school. And, if you were not given the task to knit a sweater, then you probably made rugs from shreds. Of course, perhaps it was then that some of us had a craving for needlework, which marked the beginning of a creative path. The folks in our article, for example, have found their passion in knitting and are so adept at using knitting needles that they get amazing results!


β€œI am a man who usually knits socks, scarves and hats for my family. Finally, I knitted myself a sweater. "



β€œI made these socks that turn legs into cat paws. It turned out just mi-mi-mi "



"I knitted a lace shawl for my mom, but first I tried it on myself."



"The wedding dress I knitted for my sister last year."



β€œMy little brother asked me to make more animal socks! It was a lot of fun knitting these guys. "



"The cutest woodlice in the world!"



"For the first time, I had to admit that I really know what I'm doing!"



"I knitted my first sweater for myself, not forgetting about my little fluffy friend."



"I knitted this dress myself after a vintage 1958 pattern."



"It was difficult, but I did it."




"My cat has such a cute face that I just could not resist tying a sweater with his image."



β€œAfter that dark year we had, I wanted some light in 2021”



β€œI have been knitting for many years, but only recently have I learned to knit in a circle. This is one of my first projects and I love it! "



"After 16 months, I finally finished this blanket."



"I knitted it with my own hands!"




β€œI mostly crochet, but my dear Santa gave me a set of knitting needles last Christmas. And I knitted a huge ... sock! "



"I made this amazing zebra sweater after the 1987 pattern!"



"All the mushrooms that I have tied in the last year"



"Fish socks are ready!"



"My knitted sweater with the image of Wedzday Addams"



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Leaders in the US Congress reached an agreement on Sunday on the $ 900 billion aid package that will help the economy, but also citizens, in the context of the worsening pandemic, the vote will most likely be given on Monday.

The economic stimulus package will be the second largest in US history, after the $ 2.3 trillion in March.

"Finally, we have the agreement between the parties that the country needs," said Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McCOnnell after months of heated negotiations.

Republican and Democratic leaders said the aid package should have enough support to be voted on in both chambers of the US Congress.

President Donald Trump is drafting the law and will enact it, White House spokesman Ben Williamson said.

The program will make direct payments of $ 600 to certain categories of people, and unemployment benefits will be increased by $ 300 per week.

It also includes billions of dollars for small businesses, food aid, vaccine distribution and health. In addition, it extends a moratorium on foreclosures in real estate and offers 25 billion in rent subsidies.

The internet explodes with memes, that's why Bemorepanda collected all them for you.

1.Stimulus Check after 9 months


2.Class pizza parties


3.Congress announced stimulus check


4.Looking like a 5 dollar


5.Quarters on the ground


6.The check stimulus


7.Next stimulus check


8.Stimulus check


9.PS5 and family's Christmas gifts


10.Half of your rent


11.Next stimulus check


12.Members of Congress



13.Double amount


14.Congress having stimulus check


15.About stimulus check


16.First date idea


17.Second stimulus check


18.Checking stimulus

18 Funniest Stimulus Check Memes - LAUGHTARD

19.100th time and seeing this

stimuluscheck Memes - Find and Share | Memes

20.Swipe up

Checking my bank account Memes

21.Looking at bank account

Looking at My Bank Account Like | Bank Meme on ME.ME

22.My face

Bank account : memes

23.Second stimulus check

Image tagged in prime - Imgflip

24.Hear about the second stimulus

Second stimulus package - Imgflip

25.Second stimulus check

To all the other starving Americans... : memes

26.Waiting for it

Waiting on that second stimulus check ..... | Make a Meme

27.Eating money

Stimulus Checks Are Dropping And So Are The Stimulus Check Memes

28.Put it up together

Stimulus Checks Are Dropping And So Are The Stimulus Check Memes

29.Stimulus check

Here are some of the funniest COVID-19 relief payment memes on social media  -

30.Free stimulus

18 Funniest Stimulus Check Memes - LAUGHTARD

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Going to school will be completely different from previous years - children will not be able to touch objects of their collegs, nor will children change their bank. In principle, a distance of 1 meter between students is needed, and if this is not possible, separating panels should be applied between them. The breaks will be staggered so that the children can interact as little as possible. This is coronavirus times!

Classes of students must be arranged in such a way as to respect the distance of at least one meter or, where this is not possible, to be installed transparent separators, is provided in the draft order establishing the rules for the start of courses.

Other measures refer to the fact that students will wear a protective mask and must be supervised during breaks to keep their distance and will not exchange personal items.

1.Secrets about the new school year

2.Waiting for school plans

3.Kids after quarantine and home learning

4.First day back to school

5.Kids after lockdown

6.Coming back to school

7.Primary school children in 2020

8.Every parent right now

9.Don't go to 2020

10.After the break of coronavirus

11.Parents this year

12.School pictures this year

13.Reading emails about school

14.Teachers on last night before school

15.Going back to school like

16.How we went to school in 2020

17.Actual footage of teachers

18.Welcome back to school

19.When you miss school

20.They are never going back to school

21.Back to school

22.Class of 2021 be like

23.Social distance in school

24.A more accurate version

25.Back to school ads

26.Back to school clothes

27.Stores of school supplies

28.Back to school at the height of pandemic

29.Parents in drop off line

30.2019 vs 2020

31.Hugs at school in 2020

32.Everyone with a brain

33.Are you excited about going back to school?

34.When you forgot about everything

35.Teachers at home

36.Back to school ads

37.Motivation is in the air in 2020

38.Zoom classes in 2020

39.Kids with their haircuts in 2020

40.Waiting for school to reopen

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