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Extraversion and introversion are the two important traits of the human personality and refer to the way a person manifests his behavior and interacts with the external environment.

Experts say that in addition to introversion and extraversion, there is another type of personality trait, a trend between the two extremes, which borrows traits from both. In some contexts, a person may act as an introvert, and in other contexts, as an extrovert - this means that he is ambiguous.

On the Instagram page "The Funny Introvert" we find a lot of funny memes that are definitely attributed to everyone at some point in life. The memes are posted by a self-proclaimed introvert, who does it with a subtle humor and is sure to make others laugh. The following are the memes that will confirm that he is a creative introvert through the jokes he chooses. Introvert or extrovert, everyone is beautiful in their own way!

1.Non athlete person

2.My friend was in Mexico

3.I saw a guy at Starbucks

Psychologist Carl Jung was the first to develop this distinction of human personality in the 1960's. According to him, extroverts and introverts can be characterized by how they interact with the outside world.

If introverts prefer to spend time alone recharging their batteries, extroverts feel best in the company of others.

Introverts are quiet, reserved and attentive people, do not seek attention and do not like to socialize very much, because socializing can make them feel exhausted. On the other hand, extroverts are considered the "soul of a party" and like to interact with others.

However, this does not mean that an introvert will not develop certain elements of extroversion in their personality, and vice versa.

4.My 5 year old niece

5.Disney are remaking Home Alone

6.Curling Team

Whether one person is extroverted or an introvert, this does not mean that he is more advantageous than the other, but simply that he is different.

Although introverts are generally put in a lesser light than extroverts, being an introvert is not a bad thing. This only means that the energy of an introvert comes from within.

When an introvert is facing a difficult situation or when he has to make an important decision, he spends a lot of time thinking about and analyzing all the issues involved.

7.Let’s talk shall we

8.Just came back

Introverts do not feel comfortable talking to people they do not know very well and that is why they prefer to spend more time alone, in silence. Introverts are also more sensitive to criticism and negative feedback, trying to do anything to avoid a conflict situation.

If an introvert joins a discussion or debate, he or she will most likely choose to express himself or herself in writing and anonymously in order to have time to think about what he or she wants to convey.

Introverts are used to spending more time alone, reflecting and thinking about new ideas, using their imagination. Sharing these thoughts and ideas out loud will not be comfortable for an introvert, which is why he or she chooses to express himself or herself through writing, illustrations, music, or some other form of art.

9.No Debra

10.Welcome to adulthood

11.I hate Vapers

12.You were a whale

If a person is introverted, socializing can deplete all of his or her natural energy reserves, which is why he or she may prefer to listen and absorb what is going on around him or her. When working or in a different social context, an introvert prefers to sit on his back. That is why the myth that introverts are shy or socially anxious people stems from this natural tendency to listen and observe quietly.

Introverts prefer to have deep conversations with others, to listen to and weigh the ideas of others carefully.

People who feel the need to recharge their batteries after a long day sitting quietly are most likely introverts. This does not necessarily mean that they will always avoid human interaction, but they prefer to have a small circle of friends. Most likely, an introvert will feel comfortable with a few close friends. Although these people do not make friends easily, they really appreciate lasting friendships.

13.Breakfast in bed

14.Mental break down

15.20 years

16.So humble

17.Search mind


19.My plants begging water

20.I got lost at mall

21.Best friend Tinder


23.Caption of the year

24.Too dramatic

25.Perfect stuck

26.Surprise Party


28.Bangs wanted


30.Someone gave my number

31.I will respond

32.Meeting fans

33.That’s a girl drink

34.Nice car

35.Geometry test

36.Going to therapy

37.I work well under pressure

38.Joe Biden

39.A pig

40.My 20 year old cousin

41.In case you didn’t know

42.This is a lot

43.Shrek to live

44.Left Earth

45.Tragic backstory


47.After wedding

48.Argue without crying

49.Nice guy

50.Longest movie

51.A gap

52.Super bowl

53.Christ Patt

54.A lot of people


56.Good story

57.Health inssurance

58.Pissed me off

59.Get a yellow lab

60.Broken boyfriend

61.Looking amazing

62.I live in UK

63.Shut this bedroom door

64.My son could


66.A hot guy

67.Cute date idea


69.Big fan

70.Take a pic

71.Baby boomers

72.I work at bank

73.1 year ago

74.Send nudes

75.Enough credit

76.Suction tube

77.Found my phone

78.U okay?

79.Going out 2 nights in row

80.So crazy

81.So messed up

82.Still being single

83.First date


85.Hoop earrings

86.Kanye in Berlin

87.We kiss

88.Instagram ad

89.Laughting at corona memes

90.Me as kid

91.Die Siri

92.Why do I understand this

93.Fun fact

94.Got a call from random number

95.Boss stuff

96.Picture this


98.Water in wine

99.Hate playing

100.Customer review

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While extroverts are the soul of parties and social circles, always surrounded by friends and an infectious energy aura, introverts are known to be rather antisocial or boring, although not everyone understands what it means to be an introvert.

Studies show that introverts process information completely differently from extroverts. Because they have a rich inner world, introverts find it difficult to process information received from the outside, so their speed of reaction and manifestation is low, while extroverts react quickly to stimuli.

According to The Introvert Advantage study by Marti Olsen Laney, introverts have a longer neural pathway to process external stimuli. Information flows in this neural pathway and contributes to long-term memory and planning. In other words, it is much more complicated for introverts to process interactions and events. While processing information, introverts are very attentive to their thoughts and the feelings it provokes.

Another study, signed by psychologist Hans Eysenck, shows that introverts need little external stimulation to be awake and in position for any eventuality, while extroverts feed on it. Introverts also need less dopamine to be happy.

Another difference between the two typologies is represented by the fact that the brain of extroverts works on the basis of burning nervous energy, while the brain of introverts works on the basis of conserving nervous energy. That's why introverts feel satisfied and full of energy when they read, when they think of something deep, or when they explore their rich world of ideas.

Bemorepanda collected some memes.

1.More friend

2.Don’t answer

3.Daily lifestyle

4.Anyone else

5.My grandfather

6.Don’t talk to me

7.Someone else


9.Go out

10.Find a partner

11.Ignoring messages

12.Googling a phone

13.Guests over

14.Body temperature

15.Any friends

16.Gonna do tonight

17.New business cards

18.Talk to me



21.Two minutes later

22.Have a nice day

23.Serial killers

24.My ancestors

25.Start talking

26.Parking situations

27.Finally go out

28.Introverts online

29.Emerge from home

30.Two buttons

31.Social event

32.Phone call


34.Watch me

35.Next trick

36.Going on adventure

37.I’m introvert

38.Reading messages

39.Random extroverts

40.Me at a party

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