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Rumors of Apple's involvement in the automotive industry are not just rumors, given that several hundred people are already working in the prototype development department of a car, and people in Apple's management have already met in Austria with several car manufacturers, including with officials from Magna Steyr, a company that assembles cars for several brands, from Mercedes-Benz to BMW. Here's everything you need to know about what Apple could do in the automotive industry by Bemorepanda.

1. Apple has a mountain of money that lies unspent

$ 155 billion in cash. It made a profit of 18 billion in the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 alone (October-December 2014). BMW and Mercedes-Benz, together, are worth a little over 105 billion dollars (BMW: 83 billion, Mercedes-Benz: 23.8 billion). Tesla is worth $ 25 billion. Romania's gross domestic product was, last year, about 190 billion dollars. That's to put things in perspective. By the way, Apple's market value is about $ 483 billion…

This is what Apple's headquarters will look like in the near future. Really, cities do not build Apple?

2. Apple already has hundreds of people working on this project

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Apple already has several hundred employees working on this project, and the team will reach 1,000 people. So no, it's not just a rumor. Cars with the Apple logo on them are already on the streets of California, and the project is clearly one for autonomous cars…

3. The project is essential for Apple, given who runs it

This is not a side project, given that Steve Zadesky, Apple's vice president, has been named at the helm, none other than the one who led the development teams of the two products that brought Apple to where it is today: iPod and iPhone . His appointment as team leader shows that Apple considers involvement in the automotive field as a priority.

Стала известна точная дата презентации электромобиля Apple Car -

4. We don't know yet if it will be a car that will go into production, but we can guess

Analysts are still divided on whether to produce a stand-alone car as part of a future car range, or just want to build a prototype to show the car world what an autonomous car should look like. -would it facilitate both the development of our own solutions for current car manufacturers, but also the imposition of their Apple ecosystem? Hard to say.

Британские дизайнеры создали концепт Apple Car - 24 Канал

However, the fact that they also hired top car designers shows us that we will have a finished product, at least in the form of a prototype. And Apple is not used to developing only technologies, but wants absolute control to develop a top product. So we're inclined to believe that Apple will still produce a production car as part of a strategy to revolutionize the field.

5. Apple has hired top designers from car manufacturers. And that fills our souls with joy

First of all, Jonathan Ive, Apple's design director, is a big fan of cars, with an impressive collection already in the garage. Secondly, the team working on this prototype includes Mark Newson, who has already drawn a prototype for Ford, Julian Honig, who has already done the exterior design for the Audi Q3, Audi A4 and also has in his CV a few years at Lamborghini, but also Aaron von Minden, who was part of the team that created the famous Gina concept for BMW.

Apple Car может дебютировать уже в третьем квартале 2021 года — i2HARD

In other words, if they wanted to think only of the technologies inside the cars of others, why would they turn to specialized designers outside of them?

6. Where it has no expertise, Apple simply buys it

In addition to car designers, Apple is able to buy, if necessary, entire companies that develop technologies of interest. In addition, it has invested in people who have already headed the research and development departments of major manufacturers (Johann Jungwirth, former president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz's North American R&D division, for example).

A 1999 design by Mark Newson for Ford. Ugly today, but beautiful in his day

Several company executives also met in Austria with several carmakers, including representatives from Magna Steyr, a division of Magna International, a company that assembles cars for several European premium brands (MINI, BMW, Mercedes-Benz etc). So creating a coherent team, able to introduce it to the automotive industry, is absolutely no problem for Apple.

7. The Titan car will be an electric one with advanced autonomous car functions

Apple's interest is especially for cars with advanced autonomous driving functions, because in them we spend about 2 hours every working day, and these two hours can be the basis for consuming media content through the Apple platform.

Building an electric car is simpler than making a combustion engine car, and the horizon of the 2020s will bring us the first fully autonomous cars. Apple cannot miss the two new technologies essential for the future of mankind.

It is rumored that, unlike Tesla, which produces cars with sporty valences, Apple would initially focus on building a minivan, a stylish people carrier. Remains to be seen

8. Profits would be made from the sale of applications throughout the life of the machine

Here, in fact, is Apple's interest: making huge profits by rethinking revenue sources in a particular industry. In the case of the automotive industry, the fact that the car will drive alone means that the two hours a day can be dedicated to interacting with Apple devices in the car.

Schedule the destination, possibly choose the route, then let the car drive. But Apple would like to keep an eye on a screen…

Then people would be willing to pay significantly more for a car app. Today, users of Apple mobile devices spend, on average, over $ 40 a year on applications. In a car, this revenue could even increase several times, especially if the applications come as an option to a car that could cost over $ 40,000 at launch. Apple already has over 800 million iTunes users, and its involvement in the automotive industry, both as a carmaker and as a technology provider, could much better monetize at least some of this huge user base.

9. If you enter the automotive industry, Apple must build or buy processes and production units

Although appealing to a third party like Magna Steyr, who could assemble her car in the first instance, is the shortest path to the automotive industry, the reality is that you can't count on it until you have complete control over the entire production chain. It's absolutely no problem for Apple to build cutting-edge plants, just with the money from quarterly profits, and Apple can make a difference here, especially since it would start from scratch.

BMW is already building wind cars at the Leipzig pilot plant. And it's just the beginning!

Apple could even buy Tesla, and a combination of the two companies would allow it to enter the market with fully autonomous electric cars even earlier than 2020. If Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, would like this, it's a whole other story ( the two companies have completely different market philosophies).

10. The Apple car will not be on the market before 2017, but in 2020 the car world will not be the same

Even if it wants to make its own car, Apple will not be able to launch it before the end of 2017, and only if it uses a subcontractor to build it (like Magna Steyr). Unlike computers and telephones, the construction of a car is much more closely controlled and the restrictions related to safety and environmental protection are much more numerous. Also, the production cycles are much longer, a generation of a model lasting 7-8 years, not 18 months as in the case of a telephone.

But the entry of Google, Apple and Tesla into the realm of automakers will forever change the automotive world as we know it now. The only ones who have reacted to the futile ambitions of IT companies are BMW (in the field of electric cars rethought from scratch) and Volvo (in the field of car safety), the others still have to regain ground, although they do it quickly. However, the huge amounts of money available to IT companies also mean a very fast scalability of new technological solutions, which will lead to the much faster adoption of electric and autonomous machines, if the IT giants finally decide to invest their electronic devices than driving and watching other cars stuck in urban traffic.

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Every year, more people become interested in cryptocurrencies and invest in them. In the article, we will talk about what electronic money is, how novice investors can understand the intricacies of their work, and what pitfalls you can stumble upon.


Facts about cryptocurrencies 



Although cryptocurrencies have been on the market for a long time, investing in them can still be a relatively new phenomenon. Many people do not understand how electronic money works and are afraid to invest their hard-earned money.


In addition, if we compare digital assets with other types of investments, such as deposits and securities, it becomes clear that electronic money has several significant drawbacks.


For example, deposits always bring guaranteed income, albeit not very large, and securities quotes are much easier to predict. The value of cryptocurrencies is often influenced by factors that have nothing to do with the economy.


For example, you can invest in some relatively “fresh” but good coin, and the next day its value will collapse by 40% due to another joke by Elon Musk on Twitter.


The absence of any regulation of electronic money by states and banks also raises questions because if you make a deal with scammers, you will not be able to return the money. And such cases are not uncommon.


Also, do not forget that cryptocurrencies are currently in the "gray zone." Formally, they are not prohibited, but the bank may refuse such a transfer or conduct an additional check.


Most people, of course, are only interested in cryptocurrencies in terms of potential earnings. And periodically pop-up news about how someone got rich on electronic money only fuels interest in this topic. But it is essential to understand that earning "easy" money will not work here.


Indeed, the electronic money market is potentially the most profitable, but the likelihood that you will lose everything is also relatively high.


To start investing, you need first to study many factors.


What is a cryptocurrency?


Cryptocurrency is a digital asset with no physical embodiment and a single center that would control it. Depending on the type of electronic money, the unit of accounting for a cryptocurrency can be either a “coin” or a “token.”


Electronic money is located and works in the so-called "blockchain" or a chain of blocks, each of which stores information.


Such blocks can be located in different parts of the world; therefore, it is almost impossible to hack such a system, especially if you compare it with conventional servers, where all the data is physically located in one place.


Where to begin


Where to start, what cryptocurrencies to buy, where to buy them - these and many other questions begin to be asked by any novice crypto-investor.


There are enough successful examples of investments. Take the same bitcoin - in 2010, 5 thousand bitcoins would barely be enough to buy a pizza with mushrooms, and today its rate is already 21 thousand dollars.


It should be noted that speculation is the primary way to make money on cryptocurrency. You buy crypto on a decline in value and sell on its rise - in theory; everything is quite simple. But problems begin to appear when trying to analyze these same ups and downs.


A separate issue is the choice of coins for investment. There are many tokens on the market, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.


What else is essential to know?


The course of most digital money depends on the demand for Bitcoin since it occupies a large part of the market. For example, in second place is the equally promising invention of our compatriot Vitalik Buterin - Ethereum. This coin occupies less than 20% of the market.


Many coins are protected from inflation because they have a limited supply. For example, bitcoin - the most popular cryptocurrency - currently can not have more than 21 million units.


The rates of electronic assets are highly volatile - their quotes can change many times a day.


To invest, you need an investment plan. You have to decide for yourself how fast you want and can benefit.


In addition, a novice crypto investor should be prepared to lose money, so it is worth investing only in free funds and constantly monitoring the news of the world of cryptocurrencies.


Market analysis


If you don’t want to throw money away, you should start with a thorough crypto market analysis. Everything is the same as in regular trading – you apply fundamental and technical analysis.



Fundamental analysis


This method is more often used to analyze a particular coin in order to find out how reliable it is, what opportunities and prospects it has, as well as how many people use it.


For example, if you want to invest in new promising crypto projects, you must first evaluate several factors.


Project plan. Find out if this new cryptocurrency has a roadmap and in what direction it will develop. On the sites of such platforms, there are usually documents in which you can find answers.

Who is behind the development? The team is almost the most critical factor influencing the success of an electronic asset. If, behind the coin, there are people who have experience, understand the business, have a long-term plan, and all the resources necessary to implement it, the chances of failure are minimal.


When studying a particular coin, try to collect as much information as possible from various sources and, if possible, ask the opinion of real people who have dealt with it. So you minimize the risks of running into a fraudulent scheme or just a “soap bubble.”


Also, when choosing an asset for financial investments, you must decide on its type. Among the most profitable types of cryptocurrencies are:


Bitcoin and its forks. That is coins that work based on bitcoin.

Altcoins. They work on other platforms and often have interesting and promising features that should also be considered when investing.

Stablecoins. Quotes of this type of electronic currency are tied to economic assets—for example, the US dollar.

Tokens. They are not cryptocurrencies, as they do not have their crypto platforms. But you can also invest in them.


Technical analysis


With the help of technical analysis, you can study the quotes of electronic currencies at different time intervals. Most of the cost forecasting techniques apply to stable markets that have existed for more than 10 years. Since the cryptocurrency market is relatively “fresh” and has high volatility, most of the technical analysis methods are not suitable in this case.


Therefore, it is better to focus on the fundamental part of the analysis in order to understand more clearly what you are investing in. However, it is still necessary to monitor the quotes of coins throughout the day.


In addition, when investing in a certain cryptocurrency, do not forget to follow the news. For example, if your coin has been listed on a popular new exchange or a well-known person has commented on it, this is a very good sign and you can expect quotes to go up.


Advantages and disadvantages


When investing in digital assets, there are many nuances that need to be considered. However, there are plenty of benefits too.




High yield. The cost of coins is constantly changing, and sometimes quotes can grow several times.


Rapid market development. Cryptocurrencies are one of the fastest growing assets with a capitalization of over $3 trillion. Of course, most of the market is bitcoin, but its competitors are also “catching up”.


Flexibility. If we compare bitcoin with the same stocks or precious metals, we see that cryptocurrencies are more convenient to use. Today, many companies accept payment in bitcoins, and every year the number of such organizations is only growing.




Safety problems. Yes, the blockchain makes the entire system more secure, but it also has problems. For example, if you fall for the trick of scammers, you will not be able to return the money, because cryptocurrencies are not regulated by anyone.


In addition, if you keep money on the trading platform, hackers can hack into your account and withdraw funds.


Volatility. It is almost impossible to predict fluctuations in the rate of coins, which makes this way of earning one of the most unreliable.


Taxes and regulation. Cryptocurrencies are almost not integrated into the economy of most countries, and in the future there may be additional difficulties in paying taxes and performing transactions with electronic money.



Exchange selection


There are many cryptocurrency exchanges, but in order not to run into fraudulent sites, it is better to focus on the number of transactions on the trading floor - this is the most reliable option.


In addition, bonuses provided by some exchanges can be a nice addition. For example, the largest platform at the moment, Binance, has its own tokens. For their purchase, you can get discounts on site services.


Don't forget to look at the commissions of the exchanges, because if you successfully buy coins, the amount for withdrawing funds may surprise you unpleasantly.


You can store electronic money on the same trading platforms, but this is not safe, so we recommend using special cryptocurrency wallets.


Investing in cryptocurrencies is always a big risk. The rate of coins can fluctuate from 1 to 200% for short periods of time, and fluctuations are possible in both directions. And the worst thing is that you will almost never be able to predict it.


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