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Self-isolation frees up time and encourages creativity: everyone around is gushing with new ideas.  If nothing fresh and interesting comes to your mind, it's probably a matter of habits.

1. You do not move much

 If you work remotely and relax in the evening, lying on the couch, you may notice a decline in productivity.  When a person moves a little, the brain receives less oxygen.  Hence the fatigue, decreased performance, drowsiness.  Sports will help: during them, oxygen enters the brain - due to this it works better than the diet.  Plus regular workouts increase size of hippocampus and improves memory the hippocampus is the part of the brain that is responsible for attention and long-term memory.  By the way, in order to be engaged, it is not at all necessary to leave the house, it is enough just to ventilate the room well before and after training.

2. You think too much and analyze

 Remember how often you do not do something because you worry about the opinions of others.  Compare yourself with others and do not start the task just because you are afraid to fail beforehand.  Or sort through all the old failures and mistakes in your head.  Such thoughts only interfere, and you need to get rid of them.

3. You are eating wrong

 If you often cannot concentrate, constantly feel tired or sad, start to memorize worse, and have difficulty controlling emotions, you may be eating too much sweet food.

4. You do not have enough inspiration

 You do not know where to get ideas, everything seems too mundane and uninteresting.  Because of this, you do the work and daily tasks on the machine, leaving no room for improvisation and creativity.

5. You have a mess on your desktop

 If you are sitting at the table right now, take a look around.  A pile of papers, a mug with cooled coffee, books, a thousand pens, a mountain of souvenirs - if you saw any of this, it’s time for cleaning.  Disorder negatively affects attention, interferes with work and come up with new ideas.

6. You are constantly busy with something

 If you don’t work, then sit on social networks, read books, watch videos, TV shows or movies.  It may seem like a rest to you, but your brain thinks differently.  He is constantly busy - receives and processes a huge stream of information, but he simply does not have time and energy to come up with something his own, fresh and interesting.

7. You are lacking in vitamins and minerals

 If you do not follow a balanced diet, then you may not get enough useful elements.  Hence, not only the lack of productivity and creativity, but also weakness, deterioration in the quality of hair and skin, apathy and other consequences.

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