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Novak Djokovic is awaiting a decision on his expulsion from Australia until Monday. The stake in the Australian Open, which starts on January 17, is being questioned after the Australian government blocked its entry into the country.


Djokovic announced on Tuesday that he was leaving for Australia after receiving a waiver from the mandatory Covid vaccination imposed at the Australian Open. The derogations are granted by a group of independent experts, but the Australian government has intervened and blocked its entry into the country.


The case sparked an international debate for and against, with millions of comments on social media platforms, refueling anti-vaccine conspiracies and the dissatisfaction of those accused of stigmatizing non-vaccinated people. It even fueled Serbian nationalism - from the athlete's father to the Serbian president, Australia's decision was associated with an "attack" on the whole country.


Australia is talking about compliance and a court will decide whether or not the world number one ATP has tried to circumvent them.


In Belgrade, supporters of the Serbian-born athlete protested in front of parliament. President Aleksandar Vučić said that "all of Serbia is with him and the authorities will take all necessary measures to stop the ill-treatment of the best player in the world immediately."


All sports competitions have been affected by the last two years of the pandemic, and vaccination already seems the most natural gesture an athlete can make, especially if the type of sport they practice requires international travel, says WTA tournament director for Free Europe Transylvania Open, Patrick Ciorcilă.


Bemorepanda prepared some funny memes.


1.Canceled visa


2.How tennis works




4.Two doses


About 85% of the list of the top 100 players in the world are vaccinated, the organizers had to cancel at the last moment the participation of the public because the authorities forbade its presence. .


Not even the access of the vaccinated public was allowed, and the athletes accepted all the restrictions with "solidarity" towards the organizers, says Patrick Ciorcilă. The tournament was won by Anett Kontaveit, world number 7, who defeated Simona Halep in the final.


For athletes, vaccination has not been mandatory at the tournament in Cluj-Napoca since the end of October and is still not a condition to participate in WTA tournaments. However, access to a country depends on the national authorities: "Holders of certain types of visa may enter Australia, provided that the conditions for the full vaccination scheme are met".


It remains to be seen whether the medical records that would exempt Djokovic from the mandatory vaccination are sufficient for the Australian government, as they were for the tour organizers.


Novak Djokovic is a staunch anti-vaccinist. He considers that he should have been admitted to the Australian Open only on the basis of proof that he had passed through the disease. Caricature by Jup, the caricaturist of Free Europe.


5.Believe in covid vaccine


6.Novax Deportovik


7.Incredible funny




9.He’s rich


10.Let Novak in


And after the eventual entry into the country where the event takes place, there are consequences for the unvaccinated: “And in our tournament there was a differentiation between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Unvaccinated athletes performed PCR tests every 48 hours, while vaccinated athletes were tested on arrival without having to isolate themselves until the result was known. It is not about discrimination, but about the safety of all those who participate ", says Patrick Ciorcilă.


As the organizer of the tennis tournament, Patrick Ciorcilă says that Novak Djokovic's attitude put everyone in trouble. The reaction of the public is natural if it seems that someone has a privileged status, he adds.


"I would not like to be in the position of tournament director, an ungrateful and difficult one now, nor in the position of Djokovic. As Nadal said - the rules have long been known. In order to be fair to everyone and for everyone to be safe, everyone must follow the same measures. It is his right not to be vaccinated, but if so, maybe it would be better not to participate ".


Djokovic's situation is set to be decided on Monday. By Saturday, his lawyers will file new documents in the court examining the case.


All over the world, given the nature of sporting events, the issue of vaccinating participants and spectators at sports competitions has been raised.


In more and more states, access to a sporting event can only be made by those vaccinated, but in many other countries, decisions are made with difficulty (as in the case of the Green Certificate blocked in the Bucharest Parliament for months) and their observance is a challenge (as in the case of refusing to wear a mask in the same Parliament).


11.Novak supporters


12.Never need to buy beer


13.Suez Canal


14.Official review


15.Nothing declare


It is not ruled out, say many critics, that the Australian government would have turned a blind eye to Djokovic's waiver from the Australian Open if the public had not reacted to what he perceived as an injustice in a country that has gone through many severe quarantine and where 85% of the population is vaccinated. However, the number of cases has increased recently, according to Reuters.


Public access for unvaccinated persons is not permitted at the Australian Open. Djokovic's derogation could be justified, there is no court decision yet, but his earlier anti-vaccine statements have harmed him in this context.


"Mr Djokivic's visa has been revoked. Rules are rules, especially when it comes to our borders. No one is above the rules. The strict policy of restricting access to the country has been vital to having one of the lowest death rates in the world caused by Covid, "said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Twitter.


"[Djokovic] knew the conditions for participation for a long time. It's his decision, "said Rafael Nadal, who is in Melbourne.


He added that he was sorry for the situation, but said that he understood the negative reaction of some Australians to the exemption granted to Djokovic in the conditions in which they went through difficult periods of strict quarantine.


"I believe what those who are good at medicine say, and if they say we should get vaccinated, then that's what we should do," Nadal added.


16.Melbourne Airport


17.Show documentation




19.Aus Open


20.Own antivax


Novak Djokovic has not made a firm statement about his vaccination against Covid, but in the past he has spoken out against vaccination.


The organizers of the sports competitions tried during the pandemic, in addition to taking strict measures to protect athletes and spectators (most often imposed), to find solutions so that the events are not canceled or take place with at least a third of the spectators. .


Last year's Olympics in Japan were held amid tensions caused by the risk of the pandemic spreading, with part of the population demanding the cancellation of events, while the executive explained that he did not have the authority to intervene in agreements between the International Olympic Committee and the organizing cities.


The Olympics took place without spectators, but there were also cases of infections among athletes or technical and organizational teams.


21.The Terminal 2


22.Funny news






25.Great first day


26.Above all


27.Honey mommy


28.Follow the rules


29.Minute entry


30.An au pair


31.His face


32.Wild card


33.Lied on visa


34.Australian Open


35.Get vaccinated


36.Running toward us




38.Provisional visa


39.Catch covid


40.The Terminal


41.Last had covid


42.Oh hello


43.Just think






46.Nice letter


47.Admit i faked or no




49.New vaccine


50.Lose match





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@Emily White Just get a vaccine shot man!

In a recent interview, former US President Donald Trump stated that he is determined to return to the White House, so he will run in the 2024 elections.

Donald Trump, now 75, was the oldest White House president before Joe Biden, 78, was elected.

Donald Trump took his first steps in construction while still a student. He and his father bought a dilapidated complex in Cincinnati, Ohio. There were about 1,200 apartments in it. Surprisingly, the state subsidized the restoration of this project, called Swifton Village, so impressive that Trump, without spending a dime, did a complete restoration of the complex and sold it twice as much as they bought. As a result, Donald realized that the government was focused on providing housing to the people and was ready to help and provide assistance in every way possible, and he certainly knew how to get such help. This story was the beginning of Trump's prosperity as a major construction contractor.

However, this was not enough for Donald. His first projects were successful, but his goal was New York. Here it is, a city of opportunities with the chance to enter directly into the real estate market and turn into a great construction tycoon! He immediately moved to the metropolis, rented an apartment in Manhattan, which was not very luxurious, and examined the buildings with great diligence. As he gained knowledge, Donald was convinced that it would be useful for him to build his biggest business.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes.

1.China ready for 2024

2.Mean Twitters

3.Unsafe vaccine

4.Trump back for memes

Trump was aware that he could only get good funding by rotation in certain circles, and he set himself the goal of becoming a member of the club of wealthy and influential French politicians and bankers. It was not easy to enter this closed club without a specific recommendation, but a young and ambitious businessman left and received a club card after meeting with the manager. Trump has entered the habitat of the powerful. The visitors of this institution were great bosses, successful models, top managers, oil magnates. Donald was expecting unimaginable offers and multi-million dollar contracts.

Despite a crushing start and useful contacts, Trump has been constantly plagued by failure. Perhaps because of his zeal and youth, he did not inspire confidence in serious developers, but wealth, it seems, has drifted away from him. However, Donald did not give up, on the contrary, the failures stimulated him and ignited in him the desire to achieve the goals at any cost.

With the financial support of his father, Trump entered into the first agreement with the bankrupt railroad company Penny Central Railroad. Donald bought the dilapidated Commodore Hotel near Grand Central Station. The future tycoon managed to persuade the authorities to postpone the payment of property taxes for 40 years and take out loans from banks worth seventy million dollars, and Hyatt Corporation to give its name. And now, instead of the dilapidated Commodore Hotel, the luxurious Grand Hyatt has been formed.

Trump's purchase of land in Atlantic City long before the legalization of the gambling business once again proved that he had a great instinct and luck, as the value of this land by 1982 exceeded $ 20 million.


6.Fkk the planet


But one of New York's biggest construction magnates, Donald Trump, has completed the Trump Tower project. In 1979, he rented a store building near the Tiffany boutique. At first, everything was not so smooth and the authorities did not want to meet him halfway, refusing to grant tax exemptions of millions of dollars. But he did not give up and after going through several court hearings he managed to provide benefits.

And so, three years later, on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan, one could contemplate the grand opening of the stunning 68-story, mixed-tower Trump Tower. Revenues from this construction exceeded all expectations, tourists just crowded to see the grandeur of the skyscrapers with its six-story atrium, pink marble ornaments and 80-foot waterfall, and celebrities rushed to rent the square here.

The 1980s saw the formation of the Trump Empire - all his projects turned into a gold mine. Such success dazzles Trump. Not being very modest, he became very self-confident, and when asked how things were going, the answer was, "It's good to be Donald."

Trump was expected to become president of the United States in the 1980s, but at the time, the arrow of Donald's political compass was constantly rushing between the right and the left. By 2009, he had more or less defined his own views and joined the Republican Party. They tried to nominate prominent economist and manager Donald to run in the 2011 presidential election, but the businessman said he was not ready to leave the private sector.

On June 16, 2015, Trump announced to the people of the United States that he had changed his mind, announcing that he was ready to fight for the presidency. Trump's presidential campaign was carefully thought out: first, he visited New Hampshire, traditionally considered a Republican stronghold, and then toured Nevada and California, states that had previously received a solid financial infusion from Donald. Trump has also held rallies in support of the electorate.

Trump's popularity has been influenced by his character: the newly-elected politician is accustomed to speaking openly, without covering his speech with euphemisms. Thanks to this feature, he gained fame as an eccentric who tells the truth.

The main messages of the Trump campaign were related to the following areas of American society: immigration, health, economics and domestic politics ... The Republican was extremely cold to the people of Mexico and the Middle East. If he wins the election, Trump has threatened to build an analogue of the Great Wall of China on the border with Mexico. Trump has also repeatedly called for the immediate elimination of the ISIS armed forces.

8.Who is missing Trump

9.Good old times


11.Good quote

Donald Trump accuses Democrats of creating ISIS

Donald called for the cancellation of Barack Obama's medical program, saying that providing it is too expensive for the state and that he will easily find more efficient and cheaper methods for taxpayers.

In the economic sector, even Democrats have listened to the billionaire; he argued for the need to return production to the United States, increase taxes on the goods of American companies made abroad, and also argued for the need for a trade war with China.

Donald Trump's outrageous video of Vladimir Putin

More broadly, he outlined his point in the book "A crippled America", published in 2015. According to Forbes magazine, in 2016, Donald Trump's fortune exceeded the threshold of 4 billion dollars. It continued to grow, including through real estate licensing - the developers themselves paid Trump to build and sell new projects on his behalf.

In March 2016, Donald Trump was named the most likely Republican presidential candidate, predicting that he will face Hillary Clinton in the final round of elections.

12.Spray tan

13.Hate Trump

14.Hey Siri

15.Under Trump




19.Trump 2024


21.So hard to find


23.2024 be like




27.Own social media


29.I bet Trump

30.Who’s with me

31.Talk about Trump


33.Trump took them all out


35.Success stories

36.He does

37.Help Kevin


39.Fit the theory



42.Go to the moon

43.Changing facts

44.Behind the desk

45.The truth

46.Trump won

47.In Trump we trust


49.Talk about Trump

50.Pretty cool

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Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios have presented the first teaser trailer for the new Lightyear / Buzz Ryativnik cartoon, dedicated to the Toy Story character of the same name. In this case, we are not talking about the toy itself, but the man-astronaut Buzz Lightyear, who became its prototype.

The character was voiced by Chris Evans, known for the films "Captain America", "Knives Shaved", although the toy Buzz Lightyear in the four parts of the Toy Story series was voiced by Tim Allen. The project, which is essentially a spin-off of the main series, was produced by Galin Zusman, and directed by Angus McLain, who has been working at Pixar since 1997 (his first project for the studio was the legendary Geri’s Game).

1.New movie


3.Mrs. Nesbitt


5.Okay meme


7.Hey Peter

8.At the gym

9.The voice inside my head


11.How you doin

12.Final form

13.The evolution

14.Mom’s toys

15.Rtx on

16.Upgraded to rtx

17.Get to know him

18.So original

19.School crush


21.He strikes again

22.Chad Buzz

23. 50 shades of Gray

24.What are you?

25.No planet B

26.Nuln oil


28.The new Buzz

29.Pixar be like

30.Fresh Buzz

31.Buzz the real

32.He is

33.People who say gg



36.Little Buzz

37.Built different

38.Got a friend


40.Worse the straw

41.Good luck

42.On my way

43.Buzz Apocalypse

44.Boys on Tinder


46.Quality product

47.Updated by Pixar


49.Coming in 2030

50.Mom’s room


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There is so much interesting knowledge in the world that, for some reason, remains "gathering dust" on the outskirts of history. But, as they say, the Internet remembers everything, so here you can find a lot of interesting information if you know where to look. Fortunately, today you will not have to look for anything, as we did it for you, having collected 20 fascinating stories and facts about a wide variety of things that will gently massage your brain with new and curious knowledge.


When hockey player and Olympic champion Brendan Shanahan was 14 years old, he asked for an autograph from the famous hockey player Rick Wave, but he refused him in a rude manner. After 4 years, Shanahan was already playing in the NHL, and he showed aggression towards Wave, arranging clashes with him during the first game against each other.As

Brendan Shanahan said in an interview, it was a rather calm game, so Wave could not understand such a strong aggression in his side. Later, Rick Wave asked his teammate, "what's wrong with this guy?", And he explained to him that it was all about an old grudge. After a while, Wave introduced Shanahan to his 14-year-old son, but this time the result was different 🏒

“I signed an autograph and took a picture with him, sitting him on my shoulders. I didn't want karma to get to me, ”Shanahan said.


There is such a thing as Earl Gray tea poisoning.


In May 2001, a 44-year-old man went to the doctors for help, complaining of muscle cramps and blurred vision. Doctors found that Earl Gray tea was the culprit, which the man drank 4 liters a day for 25 years. The symptoms went away as soon as he reduced the consumption of this tea to 1-2 liters per day ☕


In 1524, a statue of the Virgin Mary in a cathedral in Riga, Latvia, was accused of witchcraft. She was put to the test by throwing her into the river. As the wooden statue floated, it was found guilty and burned.This


is believed to be due to the war between Catholics and Protestants, which began in 1522. Catholics love statues of saints, while Protestants consider them pointless. In ancient times, Protestants sought to destroy statues, using this as a means of suppressing Catholicism ✝️


Research in 2018 showed that there is a so-called "psychogenic death", when a person mentally gives up life and dies within a few days.


This phenomenon occurs when someone experiences a severe loss, which, in his opinion, cannot be eliminated. and a person considers death his only way out 🙏


Michael Jackson was a great composer despite the fact that he could not write music and play instruments.


He used beatboxes and hummed melodies into the microphone to record pieces of music for his songs. 🎼

“He sang for us every part of the arrangement for strings. It was all in his head, harmony and all that, ”said sound engineer Rob Hoffman.

You can view Michael's demos by searching, for example, Michael Jackson - Beat it (Demo).


The cicada's wings have an antibacterial surface that kills bacteria not with chemicals, but thanks to the nano-texture of nanopillars that rupture bacterial membranes.


Nano-cones cause bacteria to "stretch" so much that they die. It is reported that this nano-texture can be applied artificially, but it does not withstand the first wash 🔬



Nazi Germany created their own New Testament (while removing the Old), from which they removed the genealogy of Jesus, proving that he was the son of David, as well as all the names of the Jews and related places


However, they left references to Jews who put them in bad light. They remade the New Testament so much that they turned Jesus into a warrior fighting the Jews. Also, German Christians regularly reminded that it was the Jews who crucified Jesus Christ.


In 1648, an angry mob of Parisians broke into the royal palace, demanding a meeting with the king. They were taken to the bedroom of Louis XIV, where he pretended to be asleep. The satisfied crowd quietly left


At that time, Louis was 12 years old, and the crowd wanted to make sure that he did not flee from Paris 😪


In 1932 and 1937, the US Navy conducted simulated air attacks on Pearl Harbor. In both exercises, the attacking aircraft achieved success. Both incidents were ignored by the US Navy, but were scrutinized by the Japanese.


In preparing the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese also relied on the British air attack on the Italian fleet in Taranto in 1940 🛩️



When the owner of the dog, Shep, died in August 1936, she followed his coffin to the train station and watched as he was loaded onto a train bound for the eastern United States. For 6 years until his death, the dog met every train every day, waiting for the return of its owner


. Reportedly, the dog met trains for 6 years, until January 12, 1942, he was hit by a train. It is believed that his front legs were on one of the rails, and he simply did not hear the train until it was too late. A few days later, almost all residents of Fort Benton, Montana, USA attended Shep's funeral 😿


August 18, 1913 in Monte Carlo there was the sad game of roulette, when the ball falls on black 26 times in a row


Players have lost millions, expecting that the path he is on red, so that the notion of "gambler's fallacy" or "false conclusion Monte -Carlo. "

Player error is when players do not realize that the probability of the next outcome does not depend on the previous outcomes. Simply put, if 25 times "black" has dropped out, then this does not mean in any way that the 26th will have "red" 🃏


In February 1970, a jet fighter landed safe and sound in a Montana field after a pilot ejected when the plane went into a tailspin during training.


After the ejection, the plane suddenly leveled off and flew away. A few hours later, a farmer found a plane lying in a field with engines running 🛬



The defibrillator will not trigger a stopped heart. In fact, on the contrary, it actually stops it during a heart attack, allowing the natural systems of the heart to take over and return it to normal sinus rhythm.After a


complete contraction due to the discharge, the heart cells are in a state of complete non-excitability for some time and on the ECG there is a flat line. After a while, the resting potential is restored and the pacemaker (the part of the heart muscle in which impulses are generated) can start its work again. Contrary to everything you've seen in TV shows and movies, a defibrillator is never used for asystole (a straight line on the ECG), as it doesn't make sense 💓


In 2018, 55-year-old electrical engineer Sergei Savitsky, who worked at the Russian research station Bellingshausen, Waterloo Island (King George), while in the dining room, stabbed welder Oleg Beloguzov in the chest for revealing the killer's name in the book. which Sergei had not yet finished reading

Oleg Beloguzov was taken to a hospital in Chile, where he was hospitalized. Sergei Savitsky was deported to Russia, where a criminal case was initiated against him. Oleg reportedly regularly mocked Sergei Savitsky. In 2019, the case was closed due to the reconciliation of the parties 📚


The ears of owls are located asymmetrically, i.e. at different heights on the sides of the head, so sounds reach each ear at different times. This is important for determining the exact direction of prey.


Also, their eyes are so large that there is literally no room in the eye sockets for muscles to move them. Therefore, if an owl needs to look to the side, then it turns its head 🦉


Forest fires in Germany can cause unexploded bombs from WWII and endanger firefighters


In Germany, under buildings and forests, there are a large number of unexploded bombs left over from WWII 💥

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