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It is the eighth day of the war in Ukraine, and the attacks of the Russian army continue. New explosions took place overnight in Kyiv and Kherson, while anti-aircraft sirens sounded in many other cities. Ukrainian authorities have confirmed that Kherson and the surrounding area are under Russian military control. The head of the regional administration asked the residents to stay in the house, because the Russians are everywhere in the city and they are dangerous. And the mayor says he is having a hard time gathering the dead and burying them, as well as delivering food and medicine. The strategically important port city of Mariupol on the Sea of ​​Azov is surrounded by Russian troops.


The United States fears an increase in the number of civilian casualties in Ukraine, in a context in which the Russian army seems determined to bomb large cities to force Ukrainians to surrender, a senior Pentagon official said on Wednesday.


One million refugees have fled Ukraine to neighboring countries since the start of the Russian invasion a week ago, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said on Thursday.


The 50 emotional photos from the Ukraine war:


1. People running from cities


2. People left without houses


3. Ruins


The town of Borodianka, northwest of the capital Kyiv, was destroyed by Russian army bombing. Residential buildings were hit by rockets on Wednesday and Wednesday night through Thursday.


On Wednesday, a local filmed a Russian tank firing a shell at the block where he lived.


A Ukrainian delegation is traveling by helicopter to meet with Russian counterparts in the second round of talks, according to Reuters, which quotes a Ukrainian presidential adviser.


Talks between Ukraine and Russia will begin in a few hours, Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Mihai Podoliak said in a post on social media.


Russian forces have occupied the Kherson regional administration building, regional governor Hennady Laguta said, according to The Guardian. The city is strategically important, being a port city on the Dnieper River, with access to the Black Sea.


4. Kyiv 


5. Kyiv


6. Kids crying everywhere


Russia's defense ministry says it has captured Kherson on Wednesday, but Ukraine says its forces continue to defend the Black Sea port, which has a population of about 250,000.


Kherson Mayor Igor Kolikhaiev said in a Facebook post on Thursday morning that Russian troops have control of the town hall and that residents should stay in their homes.


Kolikhaiev said he had made "no promises" to Russian forces and was only interested in normal life in the city. "I just asked them not to shoot people."


Restrictions imposed on the city include a traffic ban from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am, with permission to enter the city only for vehicles carrying food, medicine and other goods.


The situation in the capital Kyiv is "difficult, but under control", the mayor of the city, the former boxing champion Vitali Kliciko, declared on Thursday, according to Guardian, quoting Reuters.


7. No hope


8. Kyiv


9. Devastated


He said there were no casualties during the night and that the explosions were from the Ukrainian air defense, which shot down Russian missiles. Russia's bombings on Wednesday caused damage to the city's district heating system, which will be repaired on Thursday, Kliciko said.


A rocket or a bomb hit a cargo ship registered in Bangladesh in the Ukrainian port of Olvia on the Black Sea, killing one of the crew members, the ship's owner announced on Thursday. Rescue operations are currently underway for the other crew members.


Vladimir Putin gives the impression that he is a lone leader, leading the Russian army alone in a war that threatens his country's economy. It is true that in his capacity as supreme commander of the armed forces, he is responsible for the invasion of Ukraine, but any decision taken comes after consultations with his deeply loyal entourage.


Many of his relatives, with whom he consults in decision-making, have started their careers in the security services, says the BBC, which reviewed Vladimir Putin's circle of relatives.


More than 700 people protesting against the war in Ukraine have been arrested in Russia in the last 24 hours.


More than 700 people have been arrested in more than 25 Russian cities during new protests against the war in Ukraine, according to the civil rights portal OVD-Info.


10. Kindergarten


11. Suffering people


12. Refugees


Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov again threatened Western countries in an interview with state television on Thursday. "If they are going to start a real war against us, then they have to think carefully," Lavrov said when asked about Russia's nuclear bomb threats.


He said the West was preparing for war with Russia, and that the nuclear threat was "not in the minds of the Russians." Asked about Russia's war crimes in Ukraine, Lavrov made a hallucinatory statement in which he accused the Ukrainian military of robbing civilians in cities attacked by Russians and using them as human shields. He also said that Russia would continue its military operation in Ukraine "until the end", according to Sky News and Reuters.


The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, convened a meeting of the Security Council. At the previous meeting, Putin decided to recognize the independence of the separatist regions in eastern Ukraine.


Residents of the key Black Sea port of Odessa have stepped up their efforts to defend it against a Russian attack from the sea after a convoy of Russian warships was spotted, and the United States warned that the attack could take place again.


13. There is still a hope


14. After bombing


15. Every life matter


Residents of the city reported a significant increase in Russian airstrikes on Thursday, as images of beaches near the city, mined and prepared for the Russian attack, appeared.


The convoy of Russian warships appears to include 4,080 tons of large landing craft and support ships of the Ropucha class.


Two weeks before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, several Ropucha-class ships - each carrying ten tankers - entered the Black Sea under the pretext of conducting exercises with a larger Ivan Gren-class landing ship. which can carry 13 tanks or 40 smaller armored vehicles.


The loss of Odessa, Ukraine's largest port city, would be an economic catastrophe for Ukraine, writes The Guardian.


An oil tanker has been bombed in the Chernivtsi region, northeast of Kyiv, according to images released by Ukrainian emergency services on Thursday morning.


A projectile hit a group of fuel tanks with a total capacity of 3,000 cubic meters, according to authorities. Chernivtsi was the target of several overnight air raids.


16. In the shelters


17. Kids left without fathers


18. Hospitals


19. Houses in Ukraine


20. Centers of cities


21. Mariupol


22. Now in Ukraine


23. Rocket


24. No more hope


25. Kyiv


26. Burning cities


27. Nothing left


28. People running


29. War in 2022


30. Burning cars


31. Tanks riding cars


32. Streets in Ukraine


33. Bombing in Ukraine


34. Crying kids


35. Saying goodbye


36. Nearly a week passed


37. People sleeping in metro


38. Explosions


39. Ruining cities


40. Nights here are horrible


41. Whole house burning


42. Apartments


43. Civilians getting ready


44. Residential houses


45. City center


46. Burning 


47. Waiting for the tanks


48. Kyiv


49. Cities


50. Ukraine now

50 emotional photos from the Ukraine war


These photo sets are a reminder of the pain and suffering that people go through in the Russian-Ukrainian war. The photos capture the fear, sorrow, damage and horror of the Ukraine war. They show us how little control we have over our lives when we are on the battlefield.

These pictures will definitely make us appreciate all the things in our lives. 

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Would you like to live in a former prison? And study at the mall? In any case, people were not made any offers before they ended up in buildings that were previously used for a completely different purpose. It is obvious that not all buildings are universal, but this does not stop some businessmen from making a supermarket in the old theater building or converting it into a church into a grocery store. It sounds like a complete fiction, however, these are all real cases that actually happened. 16 buildings that pretend to be something else await you next! Bemorepanda collected some cool pics.


"My apartment building used to be a school."



Starbucks at the site of an old car wash



"This thrift store used to be a bowling alley."



Bank converted to McDonald's



“My house used to be a police station and my bathroom is an old prison cell. The old window is still in place. "



Church converted into a grocery store



"My college used to be a shopping mall."



“The Subway Café I visited today used to be a bank. Instead of removing the vault, they just put the seats inside it. "



This gym used to be a bank



Regular residential building converted to Burger King, Columbus, Georgia, USA



This supermarket in Venice used to be a theater



“My school used to be a bank. My lesson takes place in the vault "



Former gas station remodeled at Starbucks, Miami, Florida, USA



This supermarket used to be a hockey stadium. They even decided not to remove the scoreboard.



“The local Mexican restaurant used to be Chinese. Instead of painting over a drawing on the wall, they just drew a sombrero on the pandas. "



This decommissioned aircraft is now a McDonald's branch, New Zealand.


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Leaders in the US Congress reached an agreement on Sunday on the $ 900 billion aid package that will help the economy, but also citizens, in the context of the worsening pandemic, the vote will most likely be given on Monday.

The economic stimulus package will be the second largest in US history, after the $ 2.3 trillion in March.

"Finally, we have the agreement between the parties that the country needs," said Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McCOnnell after months of heated negotiations.

Republican and Democratic leaders said the aid package should have enough support to be voted on in both chambers of the US Congress.

President Donald Trump is drafting the law and will enact it, White House spokesman Ben Williamson said.

The program will make direct payments of $ 600 to certain categories of people, and unemployment benefits will be increased by $ 300 per week.

It also includes billions of dollars for small businesses, food aid, vaccine distribution and health. In addition, it extends a moratorium on foreclosures in real estate and offers 25 billion in rent subsidies.

The internet explodes with memes, that's why Bemorepanda collected all them for you.

1.Stimulus Check after 9 months


2.Class pizza parties


3.Congress announced stimulus check


4.Looking like a 5 dollar


5.Quarters on the ground


6.The check stimulus


7.Next stimulus check


8.Stimulus check


9.PS5 and family's Christmas gifts


10.Half of your rent


11.Next stimulus check


12.Members of Congress



13.Double amount


14.Congress having stimulus check


15.About stimulus check


16.First date idea


17.Second stimulus check


18.Checking stimulus

18 Funniest Stimulus Check Memes - LAUGHTARD

19.100th time and seeing this

stimuluscheck Memes - Find and Share | Memes

20.Swipe up

Checking my bank account Memes

21.Looking at bank account

Looking at My Bank Account Like | Bank Meme on ME.ME

22.My face

Bank account : memes

23.Second stimulus check

Image tagged in prime - Imgflip

24.Hear about the second stimulus

Second stimulus package - Imgflip

25.Second stimulus check

To all the other starving Americans... : memes

26.Waiting for it

Waiting on that second stimulus check ..... | Make a Meme

27.Eating money

Stimulus Checks Are Dropping And So Are The Stimulus Check Memes

28.Put it up together

Stimulus Checks Are Dropping And So Are The Stimulus Check Memes

29.Stimulus check

Here are some of the funniest COVID-19 relief payment memes on social media  -

30.Free stimulus

18 Funniest Stimulus Check Memes - LAUGHTARD

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Everyone who has had a pet at least once knows how fast they grow. You just brought a little kitten or puppy to your house and literally after a couple of months you won't recognize him! However, there is one thing that remains the same no matter how old your four-legged friend is - his charm. And Bemorepanda put together an adorable selection of doggie photos for you to prove it.


"My Big Boy and His Plush Friend Two Years Later"



"Fifteen years later, we are still best friends"

2ен 13


"Mom, well, he's too small for me"

3ен 11


"My dog ​​grew up with his best friend - a brick"

4кен 8


"My best friend beat cancer twice and celebrated his 15th birthday this week."



He grew up, but the smile remained the same

6нг 17


Now only fits one foot

7егн 0


"My big guy being a puppy and 2 years later"

8гш 13


"Our first and our 14th Christmas together"

9гш 12


They grow so fast

10нгш 11


6 years of friendship

11ке 1


8 weeks to 8 months

12tru 3


Not much has changed after 1 year

13ен 8


Ordered a grilled chicken? 

14еун 0


Cute little puppy turned into an awesome good boy

15uyi 3


3 years later, he still looks pretty in his sweater

16енш 3


"My boy Ferris is 3 years old today. He still thinks he is as small as when he was a puppy."

17uio 0


Even after 10 years, some things don't change

18uyi 6


Даже через 10 лет некоторые вещи не меняются


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