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The coronavirus pandemic has already had an impact on fashion, and will probably not be released any time soon. People, in the absence of some basic accessories for protection, go to certain tricks. Sometimes, when there is an opportunity to buy the same mask, there remains the desire “not to be like everyone else” or simply to diversify the gray silence. And someone acts out of despair or in the style of "very good, skillful masks ”.

Among the examples there are “excesses on the ground”, but one can also find quite viable ones, ready for implementation at the lowest cost. The internet is full of funny masks invented by people. Bemorepanda collected the funniest 50 masks.

1.An inventive Plague Doctor buying Corona beer

2.Remember that wings are essential in protection

3.A granny that stays positive during the pandemic

4.This girl told her father that this is the best mask to go outside

5.Sexy lady in the market

6.The polar bear came to the doctor

7.No one can touch his face, even he

8.A good filter for cough

9.For sure is the best anti-virus mask

10.Social-distancing is established

11.Medieval boys came to the market

12.Garlic is really important here

13.A good invention for smokers

14.Coronavirus dates are just like this

15.Walking the dogs also have a style

16.Unicorn at the store

17.Keep the social-distancing, please!

18.Cars need protection too

19.Doctor Plague is here

20.Dog face mask is really funny

21.Ready for travel

22.Girls know how to use them

23.Future is near

24.This dog is safe for 100%

25.That's good that he found a way how to breath

26.Full coverage mask

27.Glam is all around

28.This is creepy

29.Looks like garbage, what do you think?

30.Healthy mask





















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  • According to China's top expert, pets might be infected by the new virus
  • Sales volume of dog-specific masks is increasing in China due to the coronavirus
  • Online ecoomerce shops are selling 10 times more masks daily
  • Death toll of the disease has reached to at least 180 in China 
  • There are now more than 9,200 people confirmed to have been infected globally

Chinese pet owners are rushing to buy face masks for their dogs amid the coronavirus outbreak to prevent their loved ones from catching the deadly disease.

The news comes after China's top expert for infectious diseases warned that pets might also be infected by the coronavirus, which has so far spread to 21 countries and regions and sickened more than 7,900 people.

The World Health Organization, however, claims that it has not seen any evidence of the virus being passed onto cats or dogs.

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Women wearing face masks have been noticed sunbathing at the Malvarrosa beach, as some Spanish provinces are allowed to ease lockdown restrictions during phase one, in Valencia, Spain, Reuters reports.


According to, as of today, there are 282,370 confirmed cases in the country and over 28,678 deaths.


From the graph below, we can see that the existing quarantine measures that have been imposed are starting to take effect and the number of daily infected cases are decreasing.


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Disposable masks have invaded the beaches of Hong Kong where, for several months, residents have been covering their faces to protect themselves from the new coronavirus.

According to environmental associations, these masks add to the already worrying amounts of plastic waste floating in Hong Kong's waters, writes Agerpres.

 "The disposable mask is just another weight we leave to future generations," said Gary Stokes, co-founder of OceansAsia.

 Shortly before the pandemic broke out, the Hong Kong environmental organization launched a one-year study on waste and microplastics found on one of the country's most remote and uninhabited islands.

 The five most commonly found items were bottles, polystyrene packaging, lighters, disposable cutlery and plastic straw.

 Currently, disposable masks float on the surface of the sea, along the beaches and the coast.

Recently, environmentalists identified and collected 70 masks within a radius of 100 meters.  A week later, another 30 masks were found.

 "Since people started wearing masks, the consequences of this phenomenon are now visible on the beaches," Stokes said.

 Hong Kong's nearly 7.5 million people produce six million tons of waste each year, of which only about 30% is recycled.

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Applying makeup during filming is not a quick process. Mainly when not only the image of the character depends on it but also on the film's overall success. The Deadpool actors must endure many hours of sitting in the make-up chair and all their manipulations, sometimes reminiscent of “torture.”


Changed beyond recognition! What makeup can do to actors


Bemorepanda found examples of what actors go through to make their on-screen characters stand out and memorable. For example, make-up for 8-9 hours. And this, it turns out, is not the most challenging thing that they sometimes have to face.


1. 8-9 hours, Rebecca Romijn as Mystique in X-Men


“It was a nine-hour make-up process. Throughout three films, we managed to cut it down to seven hours, but it was still... a lot. And I realized pretty quickly that this was my job, which was to apply all this makeup! — Rebecca Romijn, Looper


2. 8-9 hours, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in X-Men: First Class


In First Class, the filmmakers stayed accurate to Rebecca Romijn's original costume. But for Jennifer Lawrence, the body paint caused such severe skin irritation that she had to call a doctor. For the next film, X-Men: Days of Future Past, they switched to bodysuits. It also helped save all that time on set.


“I'm so excited because I'm going to wear a tight suit. It will be from the neck down so that it will cut time and blisters." - Jennifer Lawrence.


3. 8.5 hours, Jim Carrey as the Grinch in The Grinch Stole Christmas


The process of putting on makeup and costume took so long that the film producer brought in a CIA officer whose job was to help people endure torture.


4. 8 hours, Halle Berry as Jocasta Ayres (and five other characters) in Cloud Atlas


In addition to her role as Jocasta Ayres, Berry is also known as:


- Louise Ray


- Ovid


- Meronym


- Native woman


- Indian party guest


5. 8 hours, Christian Bale as Dick Cheney in "Power."


“In the old days, when we were sculpting foam fixtures, we would reshape the jaw and chin area a bit because it would compress a bit. But now, in silicone, we must accentuate the cheekbones and jawlines because his weight pulls him down. So it isn't easy. It would help if you had to know what you're doing." — Makeup artist Greg Cannom, Vox.


6. 7-8 hours, John Hurt as John Merrick in The Elephant Man


The make-up for John Hurt, resembling the real-life John Merrick, was created using the casts of Merrick's body in the Royal London Hospital.


7. 7 hours, Jamie Campbell Bower as Vecna ​​in Stranger Things 4


Take a behind-the-scenes look below for a closer look at the process.




8. 7 hours, Michael Dorn as Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation


According to Michael Dorn, over time, the makeup process has become easier:


“Now it's not that weird because it used to be quite difficult because they used a lot of glue and makeup. It was just a natural process."


9. 7 hours, Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in Deadpool


Seven hours is a very long time, and the makeup artists were uneasy when Ryan Reynolds once pranked them by ripping it all off after they were done.


Here's how it was:




10. 6 hours, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze in "Batman and Robin."


For some close-up shots, Arnold had to put an LED in his mouth, and at some point, it became quite dangerous:


“When you put it in Arnold's mouth, Arnold's saliva seeps into the seams of this thing and attacks the batteries. Batteries begin to disintegrate, and battery acid may begin to enter Arnold's mouth." — Makeup artist Jeff Dawn, THR.


11. 6 hours, Gary Oldman as Mason Verger in Hannibal


Greg Cannom, who worked with Christian Bale on The Authority, was Hannibal's makeup artist:


“I knew we could get away with [Oldman] more than any other actor. He first said, "Can we open my eye?" It's disgusting. I showed people pictures of [Oldman as Verger], and they all just said, “Oh my God!” and left, which made me very happy.” — Cannom, The Guardian.


12. 5-6 hours, Doug Bradley as Hellraiser in Hellraiser


“The process started with Clive sketching out his ideas that we had to work through together, and then we came up with other ideas based on those sketches. Initially, Pinhead was not at all what he is now. He was much more like Nightbreed's Shunu Sassi character, with only needles sticking out of the top of his head. I looked at it and thought, "Clive [Barker, director], we can't do it with that budget." I knew this makeup would last six days, and we couldn't do it on such a tight budget. He said, "Okay, let's think about it." That's when we came up with this grid pattern on a lifecast to determine where we were going to insert what were originally supposed to be six-inch nails. Clive looked at the mesh and decided he liked its symmetry, so we left it in place." — Makeup artist Bob Keane, DailyDead.


13. 5 hours, Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Greg Cannom ("Power," "Hannibal") is back in business:


“I had time to get it right, which I don’t usually do in a film. We did intensive tests for two weeks before filming started at every age and did make-up after make-up. The make-up had to work. Otherwise, the film wouldn't have worked." — Kann, Variety.


14. 5 hours, John Matuszak as Sloth in The Goonies


Back in 2019, 34 years after the release of The Goonies, test shots of the Sloth makeup were finally found.


15. 5 hours Dave Bautista as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy 


“Drax started with a five-hour make-up, and gradually the time began to decrease, as expected. Such extensive makeup is a real challenge for the team because it is so complex.


“Every day, a plastic mold was offered that was the exact shape of David's body, with perforated holes indicating where the prosthesis begins and ends. Through it, a drawing showing a map was applied to rice paper.


“All teams had different tasks in this sequence. Some begin the application of paint, while others complete the shading of the dentures. We added subtle layers of browns, reds, and greens to the base gray to break up the tone and spice it up before the final color unwrapping.


"The whole body is then sealed with a retainer so that it can withstand daytime shooting." — Makeup artist David White, Business Insider.


16. 5 hours, Zoe Saldana as Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy 


“This time, I was picked up at three in the morning - my dog ​​was not even happy about it. I had to sit for five hours for five months. It was crazy, but it paid off. The film is fantastic." — Zoe Saldana, US Weekly.


17. 5 hours, Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brundle in The Fly


“Yes, Chris Wallace got an Oscar for it. And Stéphane Dupuis put me in the dentist's chair for five hours and used this thing. And then another hour after we finished… well, you know, labor, labor, labor… took it off. This suit is a little tight... the rubber suit... so I look so... ugly. And then prosthetics. — Jeff Goldblum, Yahoo.


18. 6 hours, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator in Terminator 2: Judgment Day


“Maria walked onto the set in the midst of filming Terminator 2. And then she saw me - when half of the face disappeared, and the eye lit up. All this weird makeup... So she started screaming and crying on set because she didn't understand why dad looked like that." - Arnold Schwarzenegger.


19. 5 hours, Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose


Marion Cotillard didn't mind the five-hour make-up because she's a big fan of Edith Piaf and wanted to give her credit:


“It was very stressful, but she was a powerful person. I love tragedy. Not in my life. But I love to play a tragedy. It allows me to express so many things. At the same time, I feel empty and full of emotions; I feel alive." — Marion Cotillard, Under the Radar.


20. 5 hours, Tim Curry as Lord of Darkness in "Legend."


“We had terrible negotiations about what parts of me would be visible. I fought and begged to have my own eyes… My eyes were solid contact lenses, like wolf or cat eyes, which were very painful to install because they took a cast of your eye and inserted it into your eye. If it hurt, they scratched him a little until he stopped hurting.” — Tim Curry, Legend commentary.




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