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Surely many recall with horror the lessons of labor that we were taught at school. And, if you were not given the task to knit a sweater, then you probably made rugs from shreds. Of course, perhaps it was then that some of us had a craving for needlework, which marked the beginning of a creative path. The folks in our article, for example, have found their passion in knitting and are so adept at using knitting needles that they get amazing results!


“I am a man who usually knits socks, scarves and hats for my family. Finally, I knitted myself a sweater. "



“I made these socks that turn legs into cat paws. It turned out just mi-mi-mi "



"I knitted a lace shawl for my mom, but first I tried it on myself."



"The wedding dress I knitted for my sister last year."



“My little brother asked me to make more animal socks! It was a lot of fun knitting these guys. "



"The cutest woodlice in the world!"



"For the first time, I had to admit that I really know what I'm doing!"



"I knitted my first sweater for myself, not forgetting about my little fluffy friend."



"I knitted this dress myself after a vintage 1958 pattern."



"It was difficult, but I did it."




"My cat has such a cute face that I just could not resist tying a sweater with his image."



“After that dark year we had, I wanted some light in 2021”



“I have been knitting for many years, but only recently have I learned to knit in a circle. This is one of my first projects and I love it! "



"After 16 months, I finally finished this blanket."



"I knitted it with my own hands!"




“I mostly crochet, but my dear Santa gave me a set of knitting needles last Christmas. And I knitted a huge ... sock! "



"I made this amazing zebra sweater after the 1987 pattern!"



"All the mushrooms that I have tied in the last year"



"Fish socks are ready!"



"My knitted sweater with the image of Wedzday Addams"



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Each of us loves to eat deliciously, but not all of us know how to create culinary masterpieces with our own hands. Usually, we go to a restaurant for them, where we get aesthetic pleasure from the sight of the dish served to us and enjoy it with a truly wonderful taste. But there are people who independently mastered the art of creating gastronomic masterpieces and make such things from ordinary products that a brutal appetite wakes up by itself.


Home focaccia with lovely decor



 Cute cupcakes



Amazing homemade cake with a whale jumping into the water



Macaroons are great in themselves, and with honey and such a cute design they become even tastier.



Homemade sourdough bread in the shape of a pumpkin



Ramen with pork, the impeccable appearance of which is worthy of being served in a restaurant



This is not a cake, but a work of art!



Hand painted citrus macaroons




It turns out that origami can be made not only from paper.



Charming homemade blueberry and cherry pie



Homemade 5 shades of crispy chicken



"My husband does woodwork and I made this cake especially for him."




Masterly crafted lemon meringue pie



"Granny's delicious 21-layer jelly"



“Found this skillet at an antique store and baked a corn cookie.”



Homemade profiteroles filled with cream to the brim



Perfect Blackberry Lemon Cheesecake



Homemade Creamy Frosting Cheesecake with Favorite Homer Simpson



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Master of disguise 🤣

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Hiding master😂

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Cleaning is such a thing that you can’t call your favorite pastime. But it is still necessary to clean the housing, as well as keep things in order. It’s only one thing when you need to do the usual cleaning / washing, and quite another when we are punished in the form of red wine spilled on a light carpet or a greasy stain planted on clothes. The mood immediately deteriorates.


We clean and wash: how to quickly and easily get rid of dirt and put things in order


But not for those who know how easy it is to deal with. Because it doesn't cost much and doesn't take much time. And today we will share with you some home life hacks that we found on Reddit. Read and remember - sooner or later, some of this will certainly come in handy.


1. Use milk to remove red wine stains from your carpet.

Before panicking about a red wine stain on your carpet, take a look in your refrigerator. First blot the stain as thoroughly as possible, then pour the milk directly onto the stain and let it sit for about an hour to allow the wine to soak in. Finally, blot the area with some water. The milk basically causes the wine to soak into it rather than into the carpet.


2. Use dishwasher tablets to clean everything from a dirty oven to a toilet

Chances are you have dishwasher detergent capsules in your kitchen, but did you know that they do a lot more than just wash dirty dishes? The grease-repellent properties of dishwasher tablets make them the perfect weapon against a dirty oven. To do this, immerse the dishwasher tablet in a bowl of warm water and hold it just long enough to absorb some of the water. Then take a tablet in your hand and use it to rub the oven door and metal interior (depending on how dirty it is, you may need several tablets).


You can also use one of these tablets to clean the inside of the toilet. Take a pair of gloves, soak a tablet, and use it to wipe off those nasty rings.


3. Remove water rings from wooden surfaces with mayonnaise

Ever wondered how to remove those stubborn water rings from wood surfaces? Try using mayonnaise from your refrigerator. Simply cover the water stain with a large spoonful of mayonnaise and leave it in place. After 15 minutes, wipe off the mayonnaise - the stain should disappear.


4. Or remove stubborn water stains with a hair dryer

This ingenious tip works like magic, I can confirm this for myself. I was staying at a friend's house when someone left a glass of water overnight on a very expensive wooden dining table. My friend started to panic at the sight of the ring-shaped water stain, but I remembered that I read that you can get rid of them with a hair dryer. You just need to take a hair dryer and bring it directly to the water rings. You need to keep the hair dryer very close to the surface of the table, and you also need to be patient. It may take 10 or 15 minutes to dry until the rings disappear. But this trick is a real lifesaver!


5. Microwave a bowl of water and freshly squeezed lemon juice to quickly clean and deodorize your microwave - no chemicals required

Fill a measuring cup or bowl suitable for microwave use with water, cut a lemon in half, and squeeze the juice into the water. Place the bowl in the microwave for about three minutes, and then wipe the inside of it. In addition to chemical-free cleaning, steam combined with lemon juice will also give your microwave a fresh and pleasant smell. We have tested this hack many times and can confirm that it definitely works.


6. Use baby powder to remove stubborn grease stains

So, you've got a terrible greasy stain on your blouse. Before rushing to the dry cleaners, try this product first. Sprinkle some baby powder directly on the grease stain and blot any excess. Then, using a toothbrush, rub the dish soap and water into the stain until it lathers. Throw a dirty blouse in the washing machine and when the cycle is over, the stain should be gone.


7. Remove the smell from the refrigerator with used coffee grounds

It's only natural that your refrigerator will start to smell from time to time, but there's an easy solution to keep it smelling fresh if you don't have a box of baking soda handy. To do this, you need coffee grounds. (Of course, you can use fresh coffee grounds, but why waste those precious beans?). The next time you make a cup of coffee, spread the wet coffee grounds out on a baking sheet to dry. After it dries, you will have a natural deodorant. Place the grounds in an open container (such as an open dish or small bowl) and place them in the refrigerator. The coffee will absorb any bad odors and keep your fridge smelling good.


8. Remove stains with chalkboard chalk

You can store chalk in a kitchen drawer. If you've ever watched gymnastics, you know that gymnasts cover their hands in chalk before doing exercises on the uneven bars. This is because it absorbs moisture very well and keeps hands dry.


It turns out that the same property helps fight stains. So the next time you have a stubborn stain on your clothes or tablecloth (bacon grease, pasta sauce, etc.), try wiping off the excess dirt and covering the entire stain with white chalk. Let the chalk work its magic, then toss the dirty item in the wash.


9. Collect broken glass with a slice of bread

Next time, use bread to collect broken glass. One piece picks up those hard-to-reach glass shards better than a broom. Be sure to wear gloves as a precaution! Then, holding the bread in your hand, gently pat it on the broken glass. The bread will act as a sponge for the broken pieces.


10. Use toothpaste to clean dirty white sneakers.

If you have soiled white sneakers, you know this unpleasant feeling that you experienced when looking at them. The next time you need to get rid of that nasty grime, try this trick: grab a damp toothbrush and some non-gel white toothpaste and start brushing. After a few minutes of brushing, these spots should begin to disappear.


11. Use a disposable razor to remove pilling from a sweater.

Lay the sweater on a surface (such as a table or ironing board) and pull it tight so that it fits snugly against it. Then remove the pellets with a razor, making short strokes. Always remember to test a small section of your sweater first to make sure this trick doesn't ruin the fabric.


12. Clean your cast iron skillet with halved potatoes

Cleaning a cast iron skillet can be a real challenge, but luckily there's a simple trick that requires potatoes, coarse salt, and oil. First, sprinkle the pan with salt and wipe it with half a potato. Then, to season it, pour some vegetable oil into the pan and spread it over the surface. Place the oiled pan in the preheated oven for an hour, and voila: crystal clear.


13. Use black tea to clean glass surfaces like windows and mirrors.

As a homemade and natural alternative to "chemistry", you can clean glass surfaces such as windows and mirrors with homemade black tea. Steep a few black tea bags in a cup of boiling water and let cool. Then pour it into a spray bottle. Thanks to the acid content in black tea and high tannins, it helps fight dirt, soot and stains.


14. If you need clean windows, then take a fresh newspaper.

It may sound strange, but newspaper is one of the best ways to clean glass windows. Start by spraying the glass with a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water, then rub it with fresh newspaper until it is crystal clear and sparkling.


Using newspaper won't leave those pesky little streaks and stray filaments. Newspaper absorbs moisture so it retains the ink printed on it, which also allows the cleaning solution to be effectively absorbed without moving it around. Plus, newspaper is eco-friendly and recyclable, making it a great alternative to paper towels.


15. Refresh your sink with DIY Lemon and Vinegar Cubes

Sometimes there can be an unpleasant smell coming from the sink. Fortunately, there is an easy way to freshen it up. Take an ice cube tray, vinegar and lemons. Slice the lemons, place the lemon slices in an ice tray and pour over the vinegar. Freeze them and keep them handy just in case they smell. Throw a cube or two into the sink and melt it with water. It will immediately smell fresh.


16. Clean the denim by putting it in the freezer

Have you ever washed a new pair of jeans only to find that they have shrunk or faded? Try putting them in the freezer next time to freshen them up. Fold the jeans and put them in a bag (canvas is best because it allows the denim to breathe). Leave them in the freezer overnight or up to a week. When you take them out, they will smell fresh and look fresh and clean.


17. Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to make a dirty baking sheet look like new.

Baking trays are known to be one of the hardest kitchen items to clean, but not with this handy trick. Sprinkle a baking sheet with baking soda, then apply hydrogen peroxide and a second coat of baking soda. Let it sit for an hour or so before wiping off the cleaning mixture. Most of the dirt on your baking sheet will come right off.


18. You can also use hydrogen peroxide to remove ink stains.

Ah, that horrible inkblot. The next time you find it on your clothes, grab some dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Apply both products to the stain and leave for 20 minutes. Then throw your clothes into the washing machine and the ink should be completely gone.


19. Dust off your ceiling fan using an old pillowcase

Instead of throwing away your old pillowcases, store them to use when you clean up. Here's how it works: use a ladder so you can reach the fan, and wrap each blade in the pillowcase one by one, dragging to collect dust. When you're done, the pillowcase will contain all the dust, and you can throw it straight into the bin.


20. Lubricate scratched dishes with cream of tartar

If you've ever bought cream of tartar (the white powder you probably used for baking a long time ago), take a scratched dish, sprinkle a good amount of cream of tartar on the surface, and add water to turn it into a paste. Wipe it all off with a kitchen towel and then wash off the residue with soap and water. Your worn plates will look like new!



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