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No one is perfect, and mistakes are inevitable. However, over time there have been many mistakes that have cost a fortune, not to mention human losses and environmental impact. If we aroused your curiosity, here are 10 of the most expensive mistakes in history. Bemorepanda collected them to inform you!

1. The explosion of the Ariane rocket 5

On June 4, 1996, the first Ariane 5 rocket started its engines and was launched from the coast of French Guiana. 37 seconds later, the rocket twisted 90 degrees in the wrong direction and in less than two seconds - the aerodynamic forces caused the amplifiers outside the rocket to break. This triggered the self-destruct mechanism and the rocket exploded. The disastrous launch cost about $ 370 million and delayed scientific research on the operation of the Earth's magnetosphere by almost 4 years. The launch of Ariane 5 is widely recognized as one of the most expensive software failures in history.

2. The sinking of the Titanic

The sinking of the Titanic is one of the most disastrous maritime accidents in history. On April 14, 1912, just four days after leaving port, the huge ship was destroyed in the North Atlantic Ocean in a collision with an iceberg, and about 1,500 people lost their lives. A century later, it emerged that the sinking of the Titanic was caused by a navigation error, doubled by a wrong decision. The financial loss was estimated at $ 7.5 million or about $ 168 million today. 

3. Hitler's came to power

Henry Tandey, the most decorated British soldier during the First World War, could change history and stop all the horrors caused by the Nazis, as well as the loss of 60 million lives in World War II.

While on a battlefield in France during World War I, Tandey (a 26-year-old soldier) aimed his rifle at a wounded German soldier who was trying to flee to save his life. , according to Mirror. Out of compassion, Tandey spared the young man. That was Hitler, and he was 29 at the time.

4. SNCF and its oversized trains

With only a few extra inches, the Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français (SNCF), the French national railway company, and the Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) angered the French. In 2014, in order to accommodate more passengers and give them more space in trains, SNCF ordered 341 trains that were too wide to pass through certain French stations. As a result, the company was forced to build 1,300 docks at a cost of 50 million euros.

5. The hunter who started one of the largest forest fires in California

 In 2003, a 34-year-old Californian hunter got lost in a forest in San Diego and lit a fire to be found by authorities. Unfortunately, due to carelessness, the fire spread rapidly in the forest, and this mistake started one of the most devastating fires in California history. The loss was about $ 1.2 billion, and the fire destroyed more than 110,500 hectares, 2,820 buildings and killed 15 people.

The culprit was fined $ 9,000 and sentenced to 960 hours of community service.

6. $ 225 million lost due to a input error

A typo cost the Japanese company Mizuho Securities $ 225 million. On December 8, 2005, the brand issued an order mentioning the sale of 610,000 shares for one yen per share. In reality, they intended to sell a 610,000 yen (about 5,000 euros) share on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

7. Piper Alpha platform explosion due to a valve

The explosion of the Piper Alpha platform is listed as the worst oil disaster to occur offshore. The event took place on the night of July 6, 1988, as part of maintenance operations. The safety valves were replaced, but the technicians made a mistake and forgot to replace a single valve. Because of this, when an attempt was made to activate the liquid gas pumps, the 90-meter-high platform was engulfed in charcoal and exploded. As a result of this disaster, 167 workers lost their lives and the material damage was estimated at about $ 3.4 billion.

8. The 1982 invasion of the Falkland Islands

The war in the Falkland Islands (also called the Falkland Islands) - located about 500 km from the coast of Argentina and 13,000 kilometers from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, lost by Argentina, cost the country 850 million dollars . But in addition to the material losses, more than 700 young soldiers lost their lives.

9. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster

On April 26, 1986, the number four reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant suffered a catastrophic explosion of its steam-fired boilers, which triggered a fire, a series of additional explosions and radioactive leaks.

Radioactive material spread through the atmosphere has severely affected the health of millions of people. It is estimated that the radiation released into the atmosphere was 100 times stronger than that emitted by the atomic bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

10. Russia sold the territory of Alaska to the United States

In 1867, Russia sold Alaska to the United States for $ 7.2 million (currently about $ 132 million) - and this is listed as one of the most costly mistakes in history. Faced with major financial problems and the fear of losing the colonies without any compensation, Tsar Alexander II decided to get rid of his North American territories, which at the time did not bring him much benefits.

No one then imagined the protos that the Americans will get from this acquisition. Alaska is indeed rich in natural resources such as gold and oil. Oil and gas reserves are worth $ 200 billion, according to economists.

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From time to time, we all have oversights that make us make sure that this is not our day and that it is better not to leave the house at all, so that something worse does not happen. We have collected for you photographs of people who, by their stupidity, got into odd situations, as well as pictures of those poor fellows who just had a bad day and are not at all to blame for this.


“Show the hairdresser the photo,” they said. And he will trim you too, they said. "



“When You Know Yarn Weight and Needle Size Matter”



"I sprained my jaw ... while eating cereal."



When your hairdresser took you too literally



"Father, I have sinned"




It seems that someone was left without a pie



Coals that used to be chicken drumsticks



"I showed my friend my bad haircut and he made a meme with me."



You know you're wrong when your Jim Morrison tattoo looks like this



"Gentlemen, I screwed up."




Someone ordered pizza and received something that looked like a Picasso painting



“Today I lost my phone at a construction site. True, then I found him ... "



“My mom took hairdressing courses 9 years ago. After a little practice, she lured my brother into getting a haircut. Here is the result "



“The sketch I drew for my tattoo compared to what I received. This tattoo parlor had hundreds of great reviews! "



“Look, I've heard that Australia has a problem with wild animals, but it's different in South Africa. Today I was left without a morning swim "



“My barn has one of those locks that opens and closes with a hinge. It was downstairs when I put my fingers behind the lock. "



"I ordered a mask with my face and this is how it looks in reality."



"I ate two of these cookies in the dark before I saw this."



"I don't think you should have put windows on the lawn when it's +22 degrees outside."



"Are you kidding?!"


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We all make mistakes from time to time, which sometimes turn out to be pure coincidence and do not lead to disaster. We are talking about a broken plate or an overturned mug of water, and not about the fact that, though by chance, the house caught fire through your fault. But the people from our article really had a hand in specifically messing up and destroying either their own thing or someone else's.


"I had to go up 3 stairs."



Ironing a thing and not burning it is a bit of a challenge.



"I forgot the container with new nails on the street and it was raining these days ..."



“Our last tenant thought these cup holders were edible.”




The moment you work on the beach and get this tan like this



"I spilled bleach on my new black pants."



“Recipe: Place the pizza roll and French fries in the oven. Sleep for 3 hours "



“Made a salad for dinner. Took oregano instead of parsley. Parsley has a dispenser ... oregano does not. "




"This week I decided to switch to an electric kettle, but I remembered this detail when it caught fire on the gas stove."



"Never park under a tree during bird migration"



"I got so nervous at my own wedding that I put my shoes in the freezer."



"I am an idiot and my wife will never stop laughing at me."




"Forgot my bike was on my car"



"Well, who knew that ties are not ironed?"



"Tan lines look attractive, right?"



“I put my chocolate bar in the same back pocket as my phone to help a friend move the couch. I forgot about both of them until I got home. "



“My boyfriend just redid the driveway. And the courier came to deliver the parcel "


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More often than not, what happens is that we get less of what we expect, whether it is shopping online or in a store. However, it also happens that some people are very lucky. It doesn't matter if you get two ice cream cones in the same package, bump into an egg with three yolks, or super long fries - you are already winning the food lottery without even knowing you are playing it.


Giant lettuce that will last for a very long time


This is such a cool salad that it even grew a head and legs! 😄


"Found the perfect crystal of salt inside a package of sea salt"


In a parallel reality, this crystal of salt would be sprinkled with microscopic potato chips 🥔


"This banana is the size of my forearm"


Not just a banana, but a real banana! Although any banana will be a "banana" if you have tiny forearms 🍌happened


"A miracle!"


Inside the ice cream package, there were two cones and another small piece. Sweet twins! 🍦🍦


"A giant lemon from our tree"


Most often, such lemons are almost entirely composed of a rind with a small proportion of pulp 🍋


"There were no seeds in this butternut pumpkin"


The author of the photo said that he first encountered a pumpkin, inside of which there were no seeds.

A pumpkin that didn't want to breed at all 🎃


“My friend's chicken laid a huge egg with an egg of the usual size inside.”


Poor chicken, it must have been hard for her.

This is reported to happen when one egg hits another during the formation of eggs in the hen.



This chocolate egg has two layers of chocolate


Photo author: “I was wondering why I was suddenly unable to break a chocolate egg. I didn't want it to fly into 1000 pieces, so I took a bite. A double layer of chocolate, under which there was a surprise! Best Manufacturing Error! I had a package with three chocolate eggs, two of which were like this ” 🥚 + 🍫

This incident happened in Austria, and we would recommend the author of the photo to urgently buy a lottery ticket.


"I have grown a little kukuruzka Under my corn on the cob leaves"


picture Author first section cob, and then surprised such a reaction 🌽


Now imagine the size of these fries


"Ron Weasley, have you turned your wand into fries again ?!" 🦰✨


"Today I broke an egg with three yolks inside!"


A double yolk is not found so often, and a triple yolk is very rare. Congratulations on your triplets! 🥚



"This pizza is much more filling than shown on the box"


Pizza made at the end of the work shift, when still left a lot of toppings, but you have only one base for pizza 🍕

possible that someone got a pizza on which toppings are not it was absolutely 🟡


Kiwi mutant


Double Kiwi, which you can not only gorge on, but also confuse it with ginger root 🥝


"This morning I didn't have an avocado, but pure pleasure!"


It could only be better if the bone was made of gold. Although in this case, we would immediately begin to dream of an avocado with a large bone .. 🥑



Mother Nature did a great job on this cabbage.


Then you could show this photo to your child with the words: "It was in this cabbage that we found you" 🥬


"Behold the King of Flakes"


Some people manage to sell such things on the Internet for very good money. We need to send it to the cereal maker so they can start breeding it 😉


Double banana




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