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Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of the cartoon "Monsters Corporation"? Are you sure? What if we told you 26 interesting details that only the most attentive fans know about? Ready for revelations? Then scroll down and find out something new!

We dug up hidden movie details from the cult cartoon

1. The movie's opening credits scene features doors and... monsters.

Monsters, Inc. begins with an animated episode and a title list.

The sequence shows monsters entering and exiting doors, giving viewers an idea of what's in store for them in the rest of the film.

2. Sally's fur looks and moves realistically throughout the movie.

Pixar has become known for its extraordinarily detailed animation style, and Monsters, Inc. is no exception.

Sally's detailed fur is reportedly made up of over a million hairs, and the studio even came up with a new program called Simulation to make all those hairs move.

The movement of Sully's fur is first seen in his opening scene, when he breathes into his hand in his sleep.

3. Mike and Sully's furniture has some decidedly creepy features.

Mike and Sully's apartment has many of the things you would expect in a typical home, such as beds, chairs, a TV, and an alarm clock.

But most of their furniture has unique monster-like features, such as fangs on the fireplace and radio.

4. Their chairs match their look

In the apartment, Mike and Sully have their own chairs that match their aesthetic.

Mike's chair is small, green and round, while Sally's chair is large and purple.

Sally's chair also has a hole in the back, presumably for his tail.

5. Throughout the movie Monsters, Inc. creates a sense of real company

Throughout the film, viewers get to see how things work at Monsters, Incorporated.

Viewers first see the company during commercials when the Monsters, Inc. logo and slogan are revealed.

Both the logo, the "M" with an eye, and the slogan "We scare because we care" are featured throughout the film on televisions, billboards, and in the office.

6. Before Mike and Sally get to work, the lack of screaming is mentioned several times.

Part of why the monsters are keeping an eye on the scream board on the Fear Floor so closely is that there's a shortage of screams looming, meaning there's a chance of a power shortage in Monstropolis.

Even before Mike and Sully get to work, the shortage is mentioned in an ad they watch and a Monstropolis Horn article they see on their way to work.

7. Mike and Sally walk past a cafe with a recognizable name.

On their way to work, Mike and Sally pass by the Hidden City Cafe.

It was actually a real cafe that some Pixar employees frequented in California.

8. The fruit names in Tony's Grossery have a monstrous twist.

On their way to work, Mike and Sally pass by Tony's Grossery - pun intended - which advertises creepy foods like red oranges, assorted fruits, berries and spinach.

9. Pedestrian crossings look a little different in Monstropolis

Mike and Sully's walk to work allows viewers to see for the first time how they interact with other monsters.

On their commute to work, they pass many signs with monster puns and a crosswalk with a "stalk/do not follow" sign.

Despite the differences between Monstropolis and the real world, Mike and Sully greet neighbors on the go, obey traffic rules when crossing the road at a crosswalk, and exchange a few words with strangers.

10. Celia calls someone with the right name.

Celia, Mike's girlfriend, works as an administrator at Monsters, Inc.

When Mike and Sully first approach her, she answers the phone.

11. Mike has pictures of Celia and reminders in his locker that he stubbornly ignores.

Mike personalized his work locker with Celia's photos and notes, as well as stickers.

One of Celia's photos says "my bear", which is Celia's nickname for Mike.

The stickers in his locker are all reminders to apply, which we later learn from Roz, he ignored.

12. There are some unique ads in the monster papers

Roz is shown reading a newspaper. It resembles a real newspaper with headlines, ads and even a barcode on the cover.

However, the content is unique to Monstropolis, with headlines such as "Baby born with five heads, parents delighted", ads for fur replacements and a way to make £10,000 a week.

13. Detailed scary reports are shown throughout the film.

The monsters keep frightening reports of children from whom they collect screams.

The reports show basic statistics about the child, such as name and age, as well as information about what scares them, when they were last scared, and what they reacted to earlier.

The idea of storing files about the worst childhood fears is quite confusing, but in terms of animation, each file contains an impressive amount of detail.

14. At Monsters, Inc. there are many details that would be present in a real workplace

Monsters, Inc. building filled with details that are reminiscent of real-world workplaces, such as the employee of the month wall, water coolers, and file folders.

However, his version of the employee of the month is called "Repeller of the Month", and the sign indicating how long the workplace has been accident-free is used to indicate how long the company has been free from child infestation.

15. The code "2319" seems to mean "white sock"

When repeller George Sanderson steps out the door onto the scare floor with a baby sock stuck to his back, his assistant calls "2319" to alert the Child Detection Agency.

"W" is the 23rd letter in the alphabet and "S" is the 19th letter, so it seems like the code literally means "white sock".

16. Mike deliberately makes himself smell bad for a date.

Before the date, Mike asks Sally if he can borrow his "flavor".

Since they are monsters, they clearly want to smell bad, so Sally lists several disgusting options for Mike.

After being offered Smelly Garbage and Old Dumpster, Mike chooses Wet Dog.

17. Boo's real name is Mary

When Mike and Sally get stuck with a stray kid who sneaks into Monsters, Inc., they start calling her Boo.

But when she draws in Sally's bed, she goes through the pictures she signed Mary, which is apparently her real name.

This also matches the name of Boo's voice actress, Mary Gibbs.

18. There are some Pixar Easter eggs in Boo's room.

When Boo's room is first shown, a yellow and blue orb with a red star can be seen in front of her bed.

It's the Luxo Ball, the easter egg in Pixar movies, and can also be seen in movies like Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Brave.

At the end of the film, Jessie's doll from Toy Story 2 can also be seen in her room.

19. The usual names of dishes look scary on the restaurant menu.

When Mike and Sally discuss menus at a sushi restaurant, fans get a clear idea of the names of his dishes.

The restaurant serves sun-dried cakes, spider web rolls, sticky tofu, sweet and sour soup, and other dishes that give a spooky feel to real food.

20. Jobs at Monsters, Inc. full of clever monster puns

Sally runs past an office labeled "Inhuman Resources", which is supposedly a Human Resources version of Monster, Inc.

The Scare Floor filing system also adds a twist to the usual office concept by classifying children's documents as "To be Scared" and "Scared".

21. Monster hair is carefully animated to move differently based on length, weight and style

The film features many different monsters, allowing the animators to show movements in unique ways depending on the type of monster mech.

Sully's style is extremely detailed and his long coat moves differently when he is walking or running.

But the shorter, thicker fur of other monsters, such as the Abominable Snowman, behaves differently when moving.

22. In the case of Boo, it is indicated that she is afraid of snakes.

Towards the end of the film, Mike and Sully look for Boo's file to find her door card to send home.

The report mentions that she is afraid of snakes, which likely explains why Randall, who is clearly scaly and snake-like, was assigned as her repeller.

23. There are several Pixar references in Randall's exile scene.

After many chaotic chase scenes, Randall is finally kicked out the door.

He ends up in a trailer with a couple who, thinking the monster is actually an alligator, start attacking him.

The trailer may sound familiar to Pixar fans as it is similar to the one shown in Flick's Adventures.

The Pizza Planet truck is also outside the trailer, a reference to Toy Story. The yellow and white truck appears in almost every Pixar movie.

24. Brief reference to the cartoon "Finding Nemo"

Although Monsters, Inc. was released two years before Finding Nemo, there is a reference to the titular clownfish at the end of the movie.

When Boo and Sally are in her room, Boo gives the monster a Nemo toy.

25. There's a Disney poster in the kids' room

After a major overhaul of the Monsters, Inc., the monsters go to children's bedrooms in search of the power of laughter.

When Mike plays comedy for a kid, there are several posters hanging over his bed.

One of them says Tomorrowland, which is a reference to part of the Disney theme parks. The concept began as Walt Disney's idea of a real prototype city, but these plans never came to fruition.

Also in 2015, the Disney film Tomorrowland was released.

26. Monsters, Inc. looks very different towards the end of the movie.

Realizing that laughter is stronger than screaming, Mike and Sully remake Monsters, Inc.

It changes the mood of the whole company. The Fear Floor has been renamed to the Laugh Floor, Fear Files have been changed to Smile Files, and monsters enter rooms with comedic props instead of scary ones.

There is also a comedy rules sign on Laugh Floor.

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