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Whether they jump over long distances or usually fall on their feet, or hide in boxes, or climb high places, cats have always managed to amaze and amuse us with their behavior and abilities. And we still don't know everything about them.

When choosing a cat, you need to think about what characteristics you want from the new pet and what breeds of cats they have. Of course, every cat is unique in character. But there are some traits that characterize certain races. In order for sparks not to come out at home in the end, make sure that the cat's character traits match those of yours in principle. The cuteness factor must play a secondary role in the choice of the cat.

If you have a family and there is always something going on in your home, an awake and adaptable cat, such as Selkirk Rex, Ocicat or Singapore, may be the best choice. There are also cats that love peace, for example - Korat, Snowshoe and Nebelung. These breeds are especially suitable for people who lead a stress-free life at home.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes from the famous Twitter page "Memes I wish I could tag my cat in".

1.Friendship level

2.Friends forever

3.Joker cat

Sometimes you approach a cat faster than you would like. For example, if a cat makes kittens in a circle of friends, or if a nearby farm gives free kittens. There are a number of characteristics by which you can recognize, before making a final decision, whether the animal is in good shape. This is usually the case if:

  • the cat is relaxed and playful.
  • it has a soft and shiny fur.
  • the gums are pale and without redness.
  • the nose is dry, warm and does not flow.
  • the eyes are clear and the ears are clean.

The expression "gourmand as fine as a cat" does not come from anywhere! A diet adapted to the cat's breed is the most important factor for a healthy and long life! An optimal cat diet is particularly high in protein and varied. The food must be adapted to the special needs of your cat and must be diversified because cats are gourmets.


5.Big stretch

6.A punk

Cats are also game animals - as are their wild relatives, prey cats. Their bodies are prone to processing animal feed and protein. However, cats also assimilate plants through the food consumed by their prey. Their food is therefore balanced and rich in vitamins.

Due to the natural predisposition of its body, give your cat a balanced and highly protein-rich diet consisting of dry food and moist food. Also pay attention to a varied diet, adapted to the special needs of your gourmet.

Variation is obtained through a combination of main food and snacks, as well as nutritional supplements. This will optimally cover your cat's nutrient needs and ensure a varied diet.


8.Owning a cat

9.Look at this picture

Elderly cats should be given a carefully selected diet. Many quality brands offer food specially adapted to the needs of older cats. It should be offered as exclusive food or mixed with regular cat food. Your veterinarian will give you extra advice when it comes to recognizing any age-related weaknesses in cats.

Feed cats with sensitive digestion only with quality products, specially adapted to their needs. Important here is a careful change of diet spread over about a week, so that the cat can adapt to the new food. Severe digestive as well as skin problems may indicate a possible grain allergy; in this case you must also adapt the food accordingly. If problems persist or occur frequently, be sure to see a veterinarian.

10.Lose a bit of weight


Cats are "desert animals", thus being able to concentrate their urine strongly. For this reason, in cats there is generally a tendency to form kidney stones. Therefore, always make enough fresh water available to the cat in several easily accessible places and watch his behavior carefully.

Long-haired cat breeds swallow more hair during daily fur care than short-haired cats. In addition, it tends to knot and tangle more often. That is why there is special food for long-haired cats, which reduces the formation of lumps and ensures a soft fur. If you give your cat a bowl of grass for cats, it will help to regurgitate swallowed hair. In addition, you should regularly take care of your cat's fur with a dedicated comb so that it stays long and shiny.

12.Bloody cat

13.Get kissed

14.Why fight

15.Lemme in

16.House cat

17.Energy as cat

18.Wake up this morning

19.I love Disney

20.Love cats

21.Tag my cat

22.Wet food


24.Two types of cats


26.Zen garden

27.Four cats

28.Eat this

29.Cat escape

30.Dog owners

31.Pants on

32.Kitty love

33.Bean harvest


35.Kitty hi

36.Cat beds

37. I give up

38.Getting into bed

39.Pizza boxes


41.Buff and angry

42.What you drink with your cat

43.Our cat

44. Time passes by

45.Cat of the week

46.Desk decoration



49.Works all day


51.House cats

52.Flower in the garden

53.Love someone

54.Growing up

55.Being a cat owner

56.This face


58.Saying something

59.Stop messing

60.Cat arm

61.Shame your cat


63.No thanks

64.Cat stuff

65.Lulu for dinner

66.Not well

67.Cat owner



70.Five minutes late


72.Not yours

73.The sink

74.Ignore me

75.Delivered today

76.Wet food


78.Ignores u

79.Toilet but


81.I hate myself

82.Going up

83.I have plans


85.Take a photo


87.Good things

88.Eating bugs

89.A cat

90.Fat cat


92.Come back

93.Cat vibe

94.Dealing with my cat


96.Takes a photo

97.One photo

98.Airplane ears

99.Going crazy


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@Marina Its hard to be a cat

Russian police have arrested at least 389 people in anti-war protests in 39 cities on Thursday for violating a rally banned by Russian authorities.

Russia's main opponent, Aleksei Navalny, who has been jailed and charged with new charges, said on Thursday he was opposed to Moscow's war on Ukraine.

Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine - land, air and naval - at the dawn of Thursday, the largest state-run attack on another state in Europe since World War II.

Russian police have arrested at least 389 people in anti-war protests in 39 cities on Thursday for violating a rally banned by Russian authorities.

Dozens of protesters were arrested near Pushkin Square in the Russian capital and about 20 others in Russia's second city, chanting "No to war!"

Demonstraţii pro-Navalnîi în Rusia. Poliţia a arestat peste 3000 de  persoane (VIDEO) - NewsMaker

Several Russian cities have been hit by protests from civilians dissatisfied with leader Putin's latest decisions on the situation in Ukraine. For example, one of the cities where large protests were organized is St. Petersburg, where citizens took to the streets to oppose the war with Ukraine. "No war," chanted the crowd, according to a Twitter post on the Nexta channel.

Extensive protests are also taking place in Novosibirsk, where residents are also marching in protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russian opposition activists called for anti-war protests in several cities across the country on Thursday. She emphasized that the current situation was "the agony of a dying man", but also that "unfortunately, Russia is in agony".

Proteste ├«n Rusia. Estimare: Sunt peste 3.000 de re╚Ťinu╚Ťi ├«n toat─â ╚Ťara - -

"We will clean up this mess for many years to come. Not even us, but our children and grandchildren, "Marina Litvinovici, an activist from Moscow, wrote on Facebook, writes Agerpres. According to RFI, she was arrested.

Russia's Committee of Inquiry has issued a subsequent warning about the "negative legal consequences of these actions, which include criminal prosecution and even criminal liability", ie for participating in riots and rallies related to the tense security situation in the region.

"It should be remembered that having a criminal record has negative consequences and leaves a mark on the person's future," the Committee of Inquiry added.

Rusia se revolt─â: Proteste masive ├«n zeci de ora┼če din Rusia dup─â re┼úinerea  liderului opozi┼úiei, Alexei

In the actions against the war with Ukraine, 167 people are currently detained in 24 cities in Russia, informs Nexta. There are protests in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other major cities. Beatings were reported. There are hundreds of people, and the weather is not bad; people are leaving work right now. Protests could escalate.

Other sources show higher numbers. Russian police have arrested at least 389 people in anti-war protests in 39 cities on Thursday for violating a Russian-banned assembly ban, OVD-Info reports.

Franţa presează Germania să anuleze proiectul Nord Stream 2 după abuzurile  Moscovei la adresa susţinătorilor lui Navalnîi | Epoch Times România

OVD-Info has documented the crackdown on protests in Russia in recent years.

A detained driver in Ekaterinburg was taken out of the car and put face down in the mud because he honked at the protesters.

On Thursday, the country's Committee of Inquiry issued a warning in a statement: "In connection with the spread of calls to participate in riots and rallies related to the tense situation in the field of foreign policy," the statement warned against the "negative legal consequences of these actions. include criminal prosecution and even criminal liability. "

"It should be remembered that having a criminal record has negative consequences and leaves a mark on the person's future," the Committee of Inquiry added.

Rusia: mii de persoane re╚Ťinute ├«n al doilea val de proteste pro-Navaln├«i  (VIDEO)

Russia attacked Ukraine on land and in the air on Thursday. The European Union, the United States and NATO are threatening sanctions, but the Kremlin leader does not seem intimidated. In Moscow, the authorities are threatening all citizens who want to join the anti-war protests.

Moscow threatens Russians who want to join anti-war protests. A leader of the Russian opposition, who called for protests, was arrested when she left the house, according to an American journalist.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the Russian army arrived in the Kiev region, from Belarus, a few hours after Putin started the war. Russian attack helicopters have taken control of Gostomel Air Force Base on the outskirts of Kiev. An imminent attack on Kiev with Grad missiles aimed at military targets is coming, the Ukrainians have announced, reports AFP. Meanwhile, the Kremlin has announced that it does not want to occupy all of Ukraine.

At the same time, NATO is announcing the activation of defense plans, which allows military commanders the authority to deploy forces anywhere in the member countries, when needed, without waiting for the political decision.

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Cuteness overload

4 years ago

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Doesn't it seem to you that celebrities can stop time and with it their aging stops? Because often their main goal is to look amazing to win the hearts of fans. Some even manage to cope perfectly with this challenge.


Few celebrities show their age, because the life of a celebrity is an eternal struggle for attractiveness. Some believe that staying young is an exclusive option for the rich and famous. But it is not so, because the secrets of this beauty are very simple and accessible to any woman. Below you will find some of them: 


Gwen Stefani

Recently, Gwen Stefani celebrated her 52nd birthday, but it looks like she's 30 years old. The singer performs daily strength exercises, but also cardio. Gwen believes that sleep is the best remedy for aging skin. At the same time, the main anti-aging remedy from Gwen Stefani is red lipstick. Shiny lips became her brand 20 years ago - since then, the star has not changed at all. 


Jennifer Lopez

Another star who turned 52 is Jennifer Lopez. It always protects its olive skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Also, every day, after waking up and before bed, he finds time to meditate. This has a beneficial effect not only on his mood, but also on the muscles of the face, which relaxes to the maximum. And another habit of the singer is to wash her face several times a day. 


Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek, 55, unlike Jennifer Lopez, washes her face only once a day, just before bed. The actress considers that washing her face in the morning is not always beneficial, she has had this rule since her grandmother. One of the most effective folk remedies in the star's arsenal is the mimosa extract of Tenuiflora (natural treatment for almost any skin disease). The actress also says: "We are what we eat". 


Halle Berry

Halle Berry, 55, believes that during prolonged cooking, meat bones "give" the broth all the collagen it contains. Therefore, the actress regularly drinks broth instead of water - beauty, as they say, requires sacrifices. The star also pays close attention to the bra allergy. Holly believes that with the help of this item of underwear, you can prolong the youth of the décolleté area - if you choose a model with good breast support, the skin will not stretch and will not sag. Another rule of keeping youth at Halle Berry is to forget about makeup in everyday life. The actress believes that you should not expose your skin to unnecessary stress and overload it.


So, you will be able to pause your aging if you take into account the secrets of the stars.



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