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In February 2022, the 2022 Super Bowl will take place - the final of the National Football League.


Ahead of the match, which is just some days away, the NFL has announced a roster of performers who will play during halftime.


The audience will be entertained by four famous rappers - Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar. Also on stage will be the hip-hop singer Mary J. Blige.


This is the final game of the American football season between the two best teams in the United States. At the same time, it is the most rated event of the year on American television, which gathers the maximum audience from television screens. The Super Bowl is not only watched by sports fans, because it is one of the main events of modern pop culture.


Every year, on the first Sunday in February, the US hosts the final game of the National Football League - The Super Bowl. From a purely sporting event, the Superbowl has long turned into a super show. We tell the story of the best performances of this cup, which have become iconic in pop culture and fashion - from Carol Channing to The Weeknd.



Bemorepanda collected some interesting facts about The Super Bowl 2022.


1. Super Bowl - in American football, the title of the final game for the title of champion of the National Football League (NFL) of the United States of America. The game and its attendant celebration over the years is Super Bowl Sunday.


2. Any holiday, in my opinion, is great: it is a good mood, emotions, meeting interesting people and friends (if you are watching a company) and a reason for discussion the next day. Well, in America they know how to decorate holidays beautifully and celebrate on a large scale.


3. During the break, the stadium turns into a large-scale concert venue. One star is putting on an amazing mini-concert!


4. Huge audience attracts advertisers' attention. During the Super Bowl, the most expensive and high-quality advertising in the world is shown - the cost of showing a 30-second video is $ 5 million. Film companies showcase exclusive trailers of the most anticipated films of the year.


5. At the same time there are 22 people on the field - 11 attacking players of one team against 11 defense players of the other. The task of attacking in 4 attempts to go 10 yards. In this case, the ball can be passed through the air or immediately run with it in hand. If you miss 10 yards in your available attempts, either give the ball to an opponent or kick the ball into the goal to score 3 points.


6. If the attack goes all the way and the player is in the end zone with the ball, this is called a touchdown and the team scores 6 points plus the chance to score one extra. The task of the defense, therefore, is to prevent the attack from passing all those yards.



7. The Denver Broncos are playing against the Carolina Panthers. For Denver, the main figure is 39-year-old quarterback Peyton Manning, one of America's most famous and respected athletes. For him, this is most likely the last game of his career and a chance to say goodbye to sports beautifully by winning the championship ring.


8. Carolina are a young and mischievous team with outstanding defense, having suffered only 1 defeat in 18 games of the season (including the playoffs). The leader is quarterback Cameron Newton, who will soon be named the best player of the regular season.


9. From the point of view of non-Americans, the hysteria around, in fact, a football match seems to be a surprising phenomenon. 


10. The amazing thing is: Since 1967, when the National Football League and the American Football League began merging, the Super Bowl has grown in popularity until it has become a national phenomenon. 


11. Now the final game of the season, during which the NFL champion is determined, in the United States has the character of a national holiday: fashionable department stores like Bergdorf Goodman decorate windows in her honor and come up with capsule collections, and Americans themselves sit en masse in front of TV screens - on the day of the final in the USA they buy and eat only slightly less food than they did on Thanksgiving.



12.  The TV broadcast of the game is so popular that the match itself has been shifted over the years to the evening time, so that the breaks fall on Sunday prime time. 


13. For this broadcast, brands of all stripes traditionally release separate commercials (one minute of airtime during the Super Bowl costs about $ 8 million) - this is how the first iPhone advertisement was shown for the first time, and this year the Tiffany & Co. campaign will be presented during the broadcast. starring Lady Gaga.


14. Falling into big news feeds, the fashion industry could not ignore such an event and throughout the existence of the Super Bowl systematically worked its way inside the football game. In the interval between the halves, since 1970, they have been organizing mini-concerts - a little less than 15 minutes, the so-called halftime performances, at which the most famous artists at the time of the game perform. 


15. The next morning, the sports media talked about the score, and the rest of the media talked about the performances and costumes prepared by the fashion brand teams for the Super Bowl. We have selected the most iconic ones.


16. Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida attracted three times fewer people than usual. Due to antiquated measures, the performances had to be moved from the field to the stage installed in the stands (for the first time in the 55-year history of the Super Bowl!). However, even this did not stop them from staging a grand show. Super Bowl 2021 headliner The Weeknd was accompanied by poet Amanda Gorman, r'n'b singer Jazmine Sullivan, singer H.E.R. and Miley Cyrus.



17. Viewers first saw Cyrus performing a special TikTok Tailgate show in honor of the doctors (with a Tik Tok broadcast, of course). 


18. On the stage, Miley appeared first in the form of a cheerleader by Michael Schmidt, and then in the interpretation of football equipment that Gucci designers created especially for Miley, by the way, the FTW inscription on the top stands for for the win. 


19. To the delight of older viewers, rock legends Billy Idol and Joan Jett appeared on stage with Cyrus (they also worked with Miley on her last disc). After Miley, Amanda Gorman, the 22-year-old poet most of us knew about at Biden's inauguration, came up with a new poem about Americans fighting a pandemic. Amanda changed her Prada coat to a Moschino from the Spring 2021 collection, and a red rim for a pearl one. Star stylist Jason Bolden, who works with the main figures of American pop culture, from Alicia Keys to Serena Williams, gathered her for the ceremony (you can find out how his everyday life as a stylist goes on in Bolden's author's show on Netflix Styling Hollywood.


20. Although on the eve of the Super Bowl, The Weeknd complained that he did not have enough money to repeat the appearance of Diana Ross (in 1996, the singer landed at the stadium by helicopter), his appearance on the impromptu stage turned out to be no less spectacular. 



21. The Weeknd decided not to deviate from the narrative set in 2020, and again used the image of Robert De Niro from "Casino" by Martin Scorsese. The outfit was in charge of Givenchy creative director Matthew Williams, who said it took 250 hours of work to create the rhinestone-studded jacket. But The Weeknd made it easier for the makeup artists - this time the singer went on stage without bandages on his face. 


22. Dancers have appeared in them, and according to The Weeknd, this is a hairpin towards celebrities who change their appearance for public recognition. The performance has already been sold into memes, including because at the same time as The Weeknd there were thousands of his "clones" on stage - some fans decided that in the middle of the show Abel himself was a little confused.


23. J-Lo and Shakira's performance during the Super Bowl 2020 halftime ended just a few hours ago, and it is already being called one of the most spectacular shows in the history of halftime performances. Designer Peter Dundas was responsible for Shakira's costumes. One of them - a red crop top with Swarovski crystals and a transforming dress - has been compared on the Internet to the Gazelle outfit from the Zootopia cartoon, voiced by Shakira. Red, which is so popular on similar tracks, in the Super Bowl, on the contrary, was an exception. Oddly enough, the last time Diana Ross performed in such a dress on the show was back in 1996.


24. The choice of outfit for Jennifer Lopez was predictable. “When people think of Jennifer, they think of Versace,” said one of the singer's stylists, Mariel Hann. In just a 14-minute performance, J.Lo changed four outfits, while it took her only 8 seconds to change clothes for the longest time. So, during Jenny From The Block, she was in a leather jumpsuit with rivets (like she wore to concerts in the early 2000s), and Get Right sang in a sparkling bodysuit. 



25. There were also political statements at the Super Bowl. So, for the finale of the performance, Jay Lo wore a voluminous cape of multi-colored feathers that form an American flag on the outside, and a Puerto Rican one from the inside.


26. Shakira's performance was regarded as an homage to Middle Eastern culture. The singer took the stage with the Colombian dance troupe Swing Latino (and performed a belly dance herself), and when she played the track My Hips Don’t Lie, she imitated the manner of Arab women to festively "hoot" with joy. True, not everyone understood the allusion - and so the singer became the main meme of the Super Bowl.


27. The end of the show was held under the auspices of girl power. Shakira and J. Lo sang Let’s Get Loud together - Lopez's hit from her 1999 debut album. And on stage they were joined by a chorus of girls led by the 11-year-old daughter Jennifer Lopez Emmy (American Vogue has already read her a great future).



28. The performance at the 2016 Super Bowl was discussed, firstly, because the game was jubilee - the fiftieth, and all the artists tried to make their performances as patriotic as possible. 


29. The incident was that absolutely everything was decided to express love for the native country in the outfits of Italian designers: Lady Gaga was in Gucci, Bruno Mars - in Versace, Beyonce - in Dsquared2, and only Chris Martin's sneakers were American. Otherwise, the patriotic component of halftime performance was all right: for example, the costumes of Beyoncé dancers, which Zana Bane did, were an allusion to the uniforms of the Black Panthers, a radical political group that fought against the oppression of black Americans, and on the day before Super Bowl, the singer presented composition Formation and a clip for it (you yourself know what).


30. Jeremy Scott was responsible for the costumes of Perry: he came up with four extravagant (in some places even just weird) looks for the singer - from a beach ball costume to a dress of flames, in which Katy rode out onto the field, sitting astride a huge mechanical dog.


31. Scott is known for his commercial approach to fashion, and about the appearance of Moschino clothes at the Super Bowl he said honestly: "This is the most popular show of the year - it has more viewers than the Oscars!" As for Missy Elliott, in her case, the news feed was in her very appearance on the stage after a ten-year hiatus. Thanks to the Super Bowl, her album sales grew more than 900 percent in the week after the match.



32. Since 2012, bespoke clothing from big brands has become an important part of Super Bowl performances. For example, three years ago, the fashionable component of the performance split in two - on the one hand, there was Bruno Mars in a gold Yves Saint Laurent jacket, on the other - the opera singer Renee Fleming in a black Vera Wang dress made especially for her with white draperies. 


33. According to Vera's plan, the dress was supposed to embody all the greatness of American culture, sit comfortably on Fleming and look good against the background of the orchestra. It seems that everything turned out, and in such a way that Rene did not want to donate the outfit to the museum later (in the end, she was persuaded).


34. The Super Bowl has had dozens of amazing performances, but Beyoncé is Beyoncé. The show, which the singer, her team and the group Destiny's Child came up with, was so entertaining and polished that it seemed as if the audience was watching a 3D clip. 


35. Beyoncé came out in a transforming bodysuit, from which she unfastened parts during the performance until only transparent leather lace remained on her. The outfit was invented by the young American couturier Rubin Singer - according to him, the Super Bowl 2013 completely turned his career around. And we join's question: how did it happen that Beyoncé never lost her breath throughout the entire performance?



36. The most epic performance in Super Bowl history goes to Madonna. In the guise of an Egyptian queen, she rode out onto the field in a huge golden chariot, which was carried by hundreds of athletes, and then sang her hit Vogue and several compositions with M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj. 


37. The costumes for the show were made by Ricardo Tisci - he has already collaborated with Madonna during her three-year Sticky & Sweet tour. “People say that there is a limit to everything, but there are no borders from Madonna. So glad that after trying herself in different roles, she decided to return to the music scene. Not only to give us music, but also to create fashion, create iconic performances, ”said Tisci. For his Super Bowl performance, he came up with three looks: with a long gold cape, with a long black cape and a short dress with over the knee boots. The dancers' costumes were also ordered by Givenchy.


38. The Black Eyed Peas were still performing in full force back then, and each costume deserved a separate discussion. Fergie wore a leather dress with huge overhead shoulders (like those of American football players) covered with crystals, and her fingers glittered with huge ring claws worn on the last phalanx. The rest of the band were wearing leather suits with built-in LEDs. Plus the costumes of four hundred dancers glowed. Minnesota-based dance studio Just For Kix took on this challenging design and technical work. Six years have passed since then, and LEDs on clothes and shoes are gradually becoming a common place (the future is somewhere nearby).



39. The stage in the form of a purple cartoon letter P, the same guitar and sky-blue pantsuit with an orange shirt: this appearance of Prince is invariably included in all lists of the best images of the singer, and outside of such listings it can be safely called the most obvious proof of what he knew how to wear nuclear colors like no one else.


40. Perhaps the most scandalous costume in the history of the Super Bowl. During the joint performance of Rock Your Body, Timberlake tore off Janet's suit - the right cup of a leather corset, exposing the singer's chest. This incident became so high-profile that the English-language Wikipedia has a separate article dedicated to it. CBS was fined a record 550,000 dollars, critics said Janet's trick was a sign of moral decline in the United States, and Jackson herself had to make a public apology. 


41. The singer's PR service later explained that Janet let the suit down, but no one believed them: the singer's nipple was prudently covered with an ornament in the form of the sun. The bare-chested fragment was cut from the Super Bowl recording, but it was sent to each other anyway. YouTube co-founder Javed Karim even believes that the episode was one of the reasons for the popularity of the video platform.


42. Strictly speaking, in 2001 she was not the only one performing at the Super Bowl - the singer was accompanied by Aerosmith, * NSYNC and Mary J. Blige. But Britney was the epitome of the early 2000s. In low-rise white trousers, a crop top and a pierced navel, she was the face of a decade, defining the look of the most fashionable girls for years to come. That same year, Pepsi, the official sponsor of the Super Bowl, shot a commercial starring Britney that looked like a sequel to her performance with Aerosmith.



43. Diana Ross wouldn’t be herself if her Super Bowl performance hadn’t been built around her as the main diva of the nineties. First, she changed four costumes: she came out in a red fluffy dress, which was transformed into a mini; then she appeared in an orange-pink mermaid dress, changed it to a gold cloak with leggings and a fuchsia-colored corset, and ended the performance in a pink and orange suit. 


44. Ross flew away from the stadium in a helicopter. Thirdly, people lined up in giant letters Diana Ross - so that they could be seen even from space. Her performance is ranked ninth in the Top 10 Super Bowl Performances: Diana turned the costumes into part numbers for the first time.


45. The press unanimously considers Michael Jackson to be the founding father of the standard halftime performance format - in general, he invented a lot of pop cultural phenomena that did not exist before him. Jackson turned his Super Bowl performance into a hit potpourri for the first time, and produced individual dance routines that flow into each other. 


46. The singer's costume became no less legendary than the performance itself: black aviator glasses, a black military jacket with a decorative gold bandolier and black cropped trousers with white socks. The Dsquared2 leather jacket that Beyoncé wore at last year's Super Bowl is a homage to Jackson's 1993 look.



47. It is believed that halftime performance first became a full-fledged pop show in 1991, when the Super Bowl was headlined by boy band New Kids on the Block. Firstly, for their performance, a real Disneyland was built on the field with a huge castle and hundreds of children dressed as Disney characters. Second, all four members of the group could outperform the models from men's glossy magazines: wide-leg trousers with a high waist, a straight jacket under Adidas sweatpants, a vest for a naked body and a golden leather jacket, like Mick Jagger.


48. The king of the twist Chubby Checker in tight black trousers and a silver shirt with a wrap and shoulder pads, plus the famous dance group The Rockettes (44 girls in gold top hats and bodysuits), and 88 more white pianos and pianists - just imagine this party on the football field. After Checker, there were many worthy performances, and some of them were much more spectacular, but there was never more fun in the Super Bowl.


49. Actress and singer Channing became the first artist to perform at the Super Bowl. She told The Guardian that she was asked to perform the hit from the Broadway musical Hello, Dolly! literally a week before the match. That halftime performance was built, by the way, not around her performance, but around the Southern University Orchestra - according to Carol, it was like her debut on Broadway. 


50.Channing stepped onto the moving platform stage in a white long coat with a hood trimmed with fluffy fur. Presumably, its author was the American couturier Nolan Miller, and the coat itself later became the hallmark of the actress, and she put it on more than once for her other performances.

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@Sunny Waiting for Super Bowl!

The annual game of the National Football League Championship is called the Super Bowl. It is one of the largest sporting events in the United States. The NFL is the highest form of professional football league in the United States and is followed by sports fans across America. Only high-level teams manage to stand out in this tournament, with excellent performances from the best players in this sport. American football fans stick to games and appreciate excellent skills and strategy. Here is the list of the top 30 funny Super Bowl commercials in 2022.


Bemorepanda is ready to watch them with you.


Most funny Super Bowl commercials 2022


1.Jason Momoa Superbowl Commercial



2.Will Ferrell Super Bowl Ad - General Motors



3.Doritos Super Bowl 2020 Commercial Sam Elliott Monologue



The first game was played on January 15, 1967 in the AFL-NFL (American Football League - National Football League) championship. There, the winner of the NFL championship and the champion of the young rival American Football League (AFL) met for the title of world professional American football champion. After the final merger of the two leagues in 1970, the Super Bowl became the game for the NFL title. Since then, the game has been held annually on Sunday immediately after the end of the playoff stage. Initially, it was mid-January, then the game took place in the second half of January, and now it is on the first Sunday in February.


The Super Bowl games are denoted in Roman numerals rather than the year in which they took place. An NFL season starts in one calendar year and ends in the next, so using the year number is somewhat inconvenient. For example, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - winner of Super Bowl XXXVII - 2002 NFL season champion, although the title was played in January 2003.


4.Alexa Loses Her Voice – Amazon Super Bowl LII Commercial



5.Planters: Baby Nut - 2020 Super Bowl Commercial



6.Frito Lay Super Bowl Commercial 2021 Marshawn Lynch The Night Before



7.Budweiser Lost Dog Super Bowl Commercial



The Super Bowl is generally the most watched television event of the year in the United States, with many companies spending millions of dollars on in-match advertising. Commercial companies regularly design their most expensive advertisements for this broadcast. As a result, watching and discussing commercials became an important aspect of the event. Also, the start of the game was shifted later and later to capture Sunday night prime time on the US East Coast. The game ended before sunset for the last time in January 1977 in Super Bowl XI.


As a rule, the US anthem is played before the start of each match. Before the start of the game and during the ceremonies, popular singers and musicians perform between the second and third quarters; between the first and second half of the game, during the long break, there is traditionally a mini-show with the participation of rock and pop stars.


Game Day is the second most food consumed in the United States after Thanksgiving.


8.Cheetos Super Bowl Commercial 2021 Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Shaggy - It Wasn't Me



9.Full Pepsi Commercial | SuperBowl 53 | 2019



10.Full Pepsi Commercial | SuperBowl 53 | 2019Edward Scissorhands - Cadillac Super Bowl Commercial - Edgar Scissorhands - Timothée Chalamet



11.Charlotte McKinney - Carls Jr Ad Commercial - Super Bowl XLIX 2015 - The All Natural Burger



12.Super Bowl 50: Doritos Ad



We used to say that American football is completely different from European football (soccer), but it is somewhat close to the way rugby is played.  In the following, we will talk briefly about the main rules of the game of American Football.


 The main goal of American football is to accumulate as many points as possible, by taking the ball as far as possible in the opponent's field.  And since we're talking about the ball, let's just say that the ball used in this sport is an oval one, similar to the one used on rugby fields, but things are not the same in terms of playing equipment.


 If rugby is played without special equipment, in the case of American Football, the players are equipped with special protective equipment, which also includes special helmets.


The duration of an American Football match is 60 minutes at the professional level (4 quarters X 15 minutes) and 48 minutes at the collegiate level.  There are breaks in each quarter, with a longer break (12 minutes) at the end of Quarter 2. After each quarter, the pitches change.


13.2020 Lawyer Super Bowl Commercial Video - Hammer In Space!



14.Ad Meter 2019: NFL



15.Snickers Super bowl XLIV 2010 Commercial with Betty White and Abe Vigoda



16.Budweiser Clydesdale Puppy Love Super Bowl 2014 Commercial



17.Pepsi Commercial HD - We Will Rock You (feat. Britney Spears, Beyonce, Pink & Enrique Iglesias)



The timer of the game stops in the following situations - at incomplete passes, at various penalties or injuries, if a player goes out with the ball outside the playing surface, at the change of possession, when scoring or during Time Out.  Since 2005, the NFL has reduced the duration of the Play Clock Reset (in cases where the game is stopped when it is less than 10 seconds to the end) to 10 seconds instead of 25 m.


 Two teams of 11 players each play on the field, just like in European football.  The standard dimensions of the American football field are 100 yards X 53 (1 yard = 0.90 meters), to which are added the two end zones (End Zone) X 10 yards and the posts.


 The kick-off was followed by a 30-yard touchdown run by Kicker.  The first move of the game is called Snap - The center of the team passes the ball between the legs of a Quarterback, and he can pass / leave it to a teammate or run to the opponent's court.  Running with the ball is called Run and can be done by the QuarterBack receiving the ball or a so-called RunningBack.



18.Listen: 60 (NO MORE's Official Super Bowl 49 Ad)



19.Let's Grab a Beer | Anheuser-Busch Super Bowl LV Commercial | :60



20.Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Super Bowl Commercial 2021: Get Back to Nature



21.Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade - Super Bowl LV - Last Year’s Lemons



Offense is the name of the team that holds the ball and aims to advance in the opposing lines, by passing or running (Run), until it crosses the goal line (Goal Line) and reaches the goal area (End Line).


 Defense is the name of the team that defends itself, trying to prevent the opponent from scoring.  As the ball rolls around, the ball rolls at 180 degrees.


Changing possession before the end of the 4 attempts is possible and takes place in 2 situations - when an attacker loses the ball out of control or when a defensive player intercepts one of the passes made by those in attack.


22.Chipotle | Can a Burrito Change the World?



23.Coors Big Game Commercial of Your Dreams: Dream Study



24.Cut Out With Cutwater



25.Come Clean to Close the Chore Gap



26.Dexcom Official Big Game Commercial 2021 with Nick Jonas



Each team consists of Offensive, Defensive and Special Team.  The latter comes into action in only 3 situations:

  •  Point - when the ball is kicked away into the opponent's court
  •  Field Goal - the ball is kicked to / from the opponent's goal
  •  Kick Off - at the start of the game


 The 10-yard rule refers to the 4 attempts that teams receive to try to make 10 yards - if the attacking team fails to advance beyond 10 yards, possession passes to the opposing team.  If, on the other hand, he advances over 10 yards, he receives an additional set of 4 attempts.


27.Get Your Stream on With The Disney Bundle | Disney+ | Hulu | ESPN+



28.Doritos 3D | Flat Matthew Super Bowl LV



29.Dr. Squatch Super Bowl LV Commercial 2021 - You're Not A Dish



30.Opportunity Knocks | Fiverr Big Game Commercial Extended Cut (2021)


Points in American Football are scored in the following ways:

  •  Touchdown - the ball reaches the opponent's End Zone, is worth 6 points and is given a chance to score an extra point
  •  Extra Point - obtained by transforming or running with the ball into the opponent's court
  •  After Touchdown, you receive one point if you score a kick (a short Field Goal) and 2 points if you try to reach the End Zone again.
  •  Field Goal - shooting the ball between the opposing goals, above the horizontal bar is rewarded with 3 points
  •  Safety - 2 points are awarded when an attacker is grounded in his own End Zone


Any match can end with the victory of one of the two teams or in a draw.  During the regular season, games that end in a draw and during which the score does not change even after the Extra Quarter end in a draw.  The situation is different in the Play-Off, where, if the tie persists at the end of extra time, the match continues until one of the teams scores.


 How the extensions start is determined by tossing a coin.  If the team that starts the game scores a touchdown, it wins.  If you score a Field Goal, your opponents get a chance to score a Touchdown - for victory or a Field Goal - to continue the game.  Only then, the first team to score ends the game, obtaining the points at stake.

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@Sunny I remember the Baby Nut!

Twins has always caused and will cause a lot of emotions. Someone is surprised by their similarity, someone is interested in it, and someone is simply touched by two little kids who look alike like two drops of water.


They have their own language, DNA is the same, but fingerprints are different


We at Bemorepanda have prepared some fascinating facts that will make you wonder just how special twins are.


1. Twins can come from different fathers and even belong to different races.

Yes, it sounds incredible, but it could be true. If a woman ovulates twice and then has sexual intercourse with two different men, it may well happen that both eggs are fertilized. This happens in a certain sequence, which is practically impossible to follow on purpose.


The scientific name for this phenomenon is superfecundation (hetero-paternal fertilization). It can happen during IVF. One of the few such cases was reported in Holland. Wilma and Willem Stewart applied for IVF, during which something went wrong, and as a result, two boys were born - one white, the other black. It later turned out that before the procedure, Willem's sperm was accidentally mixed with the sperm of another man.


2. Twice as many twins are born today than in decades past

Studies by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have shown that the birth rate of twins has increased by 76% since 1980. In 1980 alone, every 53rd child was born a twin, and already in 2009, every 30th.


One possible reason is later delivery. At 30, you are more likely to have twins than, for example, at 20. Another reason was reproductive treatments. There is evidence that dairy products are to blame.


3. Geminis speak their own language

Surely you have heard that little brothers or sisters spoke to each other in some incomprehensible language, but understood each other perfectly. This language is called cryptophasia and is spoken by about 40% of twins.


The fact is that children actively imitate each other, which allows them to gain vocabulary. Often it can be replenished with not the best examples, such as incomprehensible sounds, to which children attach a specific meaning and speak them freely. As the child develops and his real vocabulary grows, the so-called cryptophasia disappears - approximately by the junior school age. But some twins retain this language and use it deftly in later years.


4. Different fingerprints

Twins may look like two peas in a pod, but everyone will still have their own fingerprints.


5. If twins were separated during childbirth, then scientists will try to reunite them.

There is a heated debate in genetics and psychology to this day about which prevails - nature or nurture. Genetically, twins are very close to each other. However, how does this affect their upbringing, and will twins raised in different environments look alike?


It is almost impossible to test this experimentally, since cases of twin separation are quite rare, and no one will separate children specifically for the sake of research.


Twins Meredith Grace Rittenhouse and Meredith Ellen Harrington were born in China and adopted by two different American families that did not intersect. Throughout her childhood, Meredith Ellen shared with her parents thoughts that she felt lonely and wanted to have a sister. Subsequently, Meredith's father Ellen came across a photograph of a very similar girl. He immediately turned to the adoption agency to find a second family and arrange a meeting for the girls. When Meredith Ellen and Meredith Grace met, they immediately declared that they were born together.


6. The oldest twins were 104 years old

British twins Ena Pugh and Lily Millward were born in 1910. They are listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest twins living on Earth. But later it turned out that the sisters Edith Ritchie and Evelyn Middleton from Scotland are older by as much as 50 years, and the title passed to them.


7. Twins can be different ages.

When attempts to conceive a child naturally fail, many parents turn to IVF. To increase the chances of conception, you have to fertilize several eggs at once. Parents can transfer all embryos or freeze them for several years. In the second case, it may happen that the children will be born at different times, but genetically they will be twins.


And there are interesting coincidences, as in the case of the Buffalo twins. Ronan is the eldest son, born on December 31, 2011 at 11:37 pm, and his younger brother Rory was born on January 1, 2012 at 00:10 am. The difference is literally half an hour, but it turns out that they were born in different years.


8. Diet increases the chance of having twins

This is good news for those who dream of twins and love dairy products. According to studies, they increase the likelihood of having twins.


The thing is that milk protein stimulates the ovaries and increases the level of IGF (insulin-like growth factor) by 13 times. Perhaps the culprit is growth hormone, which is actively added to livestock feed.


9. The higher the woman, the more likely she is to give birth to twins.

Modern research has shown that the taller a woman is, the higher her level of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) is, making the ovaries more prone to ovulation.


10. Fraternal Twins

This is a less common type of twins, which occurs as a result of the fertilization of two or more eggs. As a result, twins are born, similar to each other like brothers and sisters, but with different genotypes.


11. The twin gene exists

During hyperovulation, a woman is able to reproduce more than one egg, which increases the likelihood of having fraternal twins. Hyperovulation is genetically transmitted, so it is likely that if one of your relatives has this gene, you will inherit it too. However, the appearance of identical twins does not depend on this.


12. Moms with twins are more likely to have morning sickness.

It occurs due to the fact that a woman increases the hormone hCG - human chorionic gonadotropin.


13. Two pairs of identical twins married each other: who are their children to each other?

Despite the fact that officially their children are considered cousins, they are genetically brothers.


14. Siamese twins can "read" each other's minds.

In 2011, The New York Times published an article about the two Hogan sisters, which stated that Siamese twins have a neural connection that connects the two brains. This literally allows them to "read" each other's minds.


15. Twins bond before birth

It's no secret that twins are very attached to each other. After all, they spent nine months in their mother's belly. However, attachment is formed long before birth. Doctors used 3D ultrasound to monitor five pairs of twins. Studies have shown that babies begin to reach out to each other as early as 14 weeks of gestation. The physical contact of the twins took up to 30% of the time, and at 18 weeks the contacts became more frequent.


16. Brazil is the capital of the twins

In the remote Brazilian village of Candido Godoy, between 1959 and 2008, 8% of the total number of twins were born. By the way, in the rest of the world this figure does not exceed 1%.


The initial cause was thought to be a local source of water, but later scientists proved that local women have a hyperovulation gene, which leads to a high twin birth rate.


17. Longevity Moms

Scientists from the University of Utah found an interesting pattern. Mothers of twins often live longer than other parents. For the study, data were selected from 1800 to 1970, in which records of more than 59 thousand women were studied.


18. Geminis synchronize their sleep cycles.

If one of the babies wakes up and starts crying, the other soon joins him. However, even in adulthood, if one twin does not sleep, then the other is unlikely to sleep either.


19. Twins become different

Identical twins are often very difficult to tell apart. They can literally look like exact copies of each other. But a recent article from Live Science published a study that suggests that as they mature, twins may develop differences from each other. It's all about different habits, food, rhythms of life, environmental influences, various substances and other factors.


20. Lefties are more common among twins.

According to statistics, there are more left-handers among twins than among other children. According to some reports, about one in five couples.


21. There are more twins

Between 1980 and 2009, there were 76% more twins born in the US alone, from 18.9 to 33.3 per 1,000 children.


22. Not exactly the same

Many parents sin by dressing twins in the same clothes, giving them similar hairstyles, despite the fact that completely different personalities are sitting inside. Writer Grace Lin spoke about this in her book Ling and Ting: Not Quite the Same. In this book, the writer tells about the life of identical twins with completely different characters and even hairstyles.


23. Twins have different ages

Twins are not born at the same time. The difference in their age can be up to 17 minutes, and sometimes more. There were cases when twins were born even on different days.


24. Main difference

Twins can be distinguished by their navels, because they have nothing to do with genetics. The only problem is that asking people to show their navels for identification is not always appropriate.


25. The phenomenon of the disappeared twin

In medicine, there is such a term as "disappeared twin syndrome." This happens when one of the embryos stops developing in the womb for a number of reasons.


26. There are more divorces in families with twins.

The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology has published a study that says that parents of twins are more likely to resort to divorce than in other families.


27. Record holders for the number of twins

Among all animal species, polar bears most often give birth to twins.


28. Identification of twins

To determine pregnancy with twins, doctors use a stethoscope to listen to two hearts.


29. Get ready to get better

During pregnancy with one child, a woman can add 11 to 16 kg of weight. And during pregnancy with twins, you need to be prepared for the fact that the increase will be up to 20 kg.


30. Where do most twins live?

Nigeria breaks out into the lead in the number of multiple pregnancies. In 2008, about 4% of births were twins.


The lowest figure went to China. There, as of 2011, up to 1.1% of twins are born. In the US, Massachusetts, this figure is approximately 3%. This means that up to 4 twins are born for every 100 children.




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@TheMemenator1 amongusineiuncxweinsciunqweiasnciwdsnakc qebwhjncijqdwnas

Super Bowl - in American football, the title of the final game for the title of champion of the National Football League (NFL) of the United States of America. The game and its accompanying celebration over the years, Super Bowl Sunday, has become a de facto national holiday in the United States.


The first game was played on January 15, 1967, as part of the AFC-NFC (American Football Conference - National Football Conference) championship. There, the winner of the NFL championship and the champion of the young rival American Football League (AFL) met for the title of world professional American football champion. After the final merger of the two leagues in 1970, the Super Bowl became the game for the NFL title. Since then, the game has been held annually on Sunday immediately after the end of the playoff stage. Initially, it was mid-January, then the game took place in the second half of January, and now on the first Sunday in February.


Bemorepanda prepared some funny memes about Super Bowl.


1.Mad fans


2.Four times Brady




The Super Bowl is generally the most watched television event of the year in the United States, with many companies spending millions of dollars on in-match advertising. Many popular singers and musicians performed before the start of the game and during the ceremonies between the second and third quarters. Game Day is the second most food consumed day after Thanksgiving. As a rule, the US anthem is played before the start of each match.


The Super Bowl games are denoted in Roman numerals rather than the year in which they took place. The winning team receives the Vince Lombardy Trophy, named after the coach of the Green Bay Packers, which won the first two Super Bowl games. For the first time, the Vince Lombardi Cup was awarded to the Baltimore Colts for winning the Super Bowl V in Miami.


4.Covid testers


5.Locker room


6.The whole game


7.Lord Brady


The Pittsburgh Steelers won 6 Super Bowl games, the most wins of any team; The Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots have 5 wins each; while the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants have won 4 games each. There are 13 NFL teams with at least one win, and 10 more teams have never won a Super Bowl. Four teams (Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Houston Texans) have never made it to the Super Bowl.






10.Tom and Gronk


Although it bears the same name as the king sport of the planet, American football is more like rugby, but it is much more complex and spectacular, with billions of dollars being spent annually in the NFL alone.  Ranked No. 1 in the list of preferences for people in the United States and Canada, this amazing contact sport is generating huge interest throughout the seasons, and especially during the Super Bowl.


 As we said, American football does not enjoy much interest in Europe, but it is easy to see an increase in the number of fans on the old continent, as in other parts of the world, so we have prepared a guide for you.  short, but comprehensive, on how to play American Football, NFL, Super Bowl and, of course, the most popular bets on American Football.


11.NFL fans


12.Halftime dancers


13.Historic moment


Most of those who have researched the history of this phenomenal sport agree that American football has its origins in various ball games played in seventeenth-century Europe, just before the colonization of North America.  Under various names, they played on teams and had only one goal - to advance the ball into the opponent's court.


 Interestingly, in the 19th century, various variants of American football were introduced to major US colleagues (Harvard, Yale, Princeton), but later the game was banned due to excessive violence.


Around 1880, Walter Camp developed a set of rules, clearly delimiting American rugby football and European football (soccer), and 12 years later, in 1892, American Professional Football was born - with William Pudge "Heffelfinger becoming  first paid American football player (plays for Allegheny Athletic Association).


14.Up by 22


15.Lights go on


16.Having a good day


17.The Superbowl outside US


Founded in 1920, the first professional league, the American Professional Football Association, would become the National Football League (NFL) in 1922 - the best-known league in American football.


In 1960, another high-profile league was formed - the American Football League, but 10 years later, it would merge with the NFL, resulting in a single league with no less than 26 teams.  This is also the period in which the Super Bowl appeared - the most important match of the season.


18.Wearing curtains


19.Nobody cares


20.White House


21.Janet Jackson


22.Adam Levine



The most important annual sporting event held in the United States is, without a doubt, the Super Bowl.  We are talking about a match that goes far beyond the idea of ​​two teams fighting on the field for the trophy, an event in which colossal sums are bet, and the seconds of advertising reach record prices.


 In 2020, for example, they bet around $ 7 billion on the Super Bowl, and Fox had been selling advertising minutes during the Super Bowl 2020 since December 2019, for a price of about $ 5.6 million / 30 seconds. Super Bowl is from the victory of one of the two teams to the selections you would not have thought of - to which car brand appears first in commercials, Betty White in an advertisement for Snickers, Demi's clothing accessories, Lovato, the first play sung by Shakira or Jennifer Lopez and many other unique selections.  Worldwide, the Super Bowl 2020 was watched live by over 150 million viewers.


 Super Bowl 55, the 2021 edition, was played on Sunday, February 7, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa (Florida) and brought the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers face to face.  If The Chiefs are in the Super Bowl for the fourth time, The Bucs are only in their second appearance, the first in 18 years.


 This is the second time the two super teams have faced each other this year, but this time they done it with the Lombardi Trophy on the table.  Regardless of which of the two teams will prevail, a new page in NFL history will be written, with Tom Brady trying to get his 7th ring in 10 Super Bowl editions and, on the other hand, Patrick Mahomes having  the chance to become the youngest QuarterBack to appear in consecutive Super Bowl editions.


23.Superbowl memes




25.Historical fact


Five million dollars for every 30 seconds of advertising.  This is one of those crazy numbers that the media spills every year for the Super Bowl, the final of the American football championship.  Across the Atlantic, it's a BIG event that brings together nearly 120 million Americans in front of their TVs every year.  


Add to that the 40 million foreign viewers and you have one of the most watched sports shows in the world.  In France, where American football is far from being the most popular sport, the 49th Super Bowl, broadcast on the night of Sunday 1 to Monday 2 February 2015, on W9, gathered another 258,000 viewers, for an estimated partial market  at 9.9%, the second national audience.  The channel reached its climax right at the beginning of the match, attracting 483,000 spectators. 




27.All the facts


28.Imagine playing


29.Cool things


Needless to say, this sport can be confusing for beginners: a lot of stops, fast-paced action, complex rules, and relentless advertising cuts make an NFL game an extended game that lasts an average of 3H12 minutes and in the middle of which the beginner can lose the spectator.  easily (or may fall asleep).  As a result, in addition to American football fans, many spectators who watch the Super Bowl are attracted primarily by the famous concert at the break. 


 However, it is an extremely fun sport to watch when you know where to look.  American football is a strategy sport in which each team has several hundred different game tactics.  Gathered in a book of a few dozen pages ("playing cards"), players must learn them by heart.  Each of them having a position, an action, a precise gesture to be performed in each of these tactics.


It is good to know the rules of American football, to know where to follow it is better.  In addition to making yourself comfortable in the living room, in front of the TV, it is always possible, as is the American tradition, to share it with friends in a bar.






32.Come on do something


33.I have the same look


34.Everyone be like


35.What Superbowl?


36.The rest of world


37.Halftime show




39.Someone wakes me up


40.Alright kid


41.Superbowl memes by Europeans


42.Browsing Reddit


43.Home decor


44.Reddit and non Americans


45.Sweet victory


46.Sweet victory




48.Non American


49.Sicko mode


50.This conversation




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Have you already made a promise to yourself to start going to the gym / pool / running in the stadium, etc. right after Christmas? Or maybe from next Monday/month? If you keep your promise to yourself, then you are a great fellow, because movement is life. If you only have enough for a couple of weeks or periodically visit the thought of quitting all this shit and not torturing yourself, then we at Bemorepanda can help you raise your fallen morale.

If you want to be healthy: facts about the benefits of physical activity, supported by research

You just lack motivation. And not like: “Oh, you need to get in shape a little, otherwise your jeans don’t fasten,” but a serious one, when you really understand why you need all these workouts. And the main reason why this is necessary is the health benefits. It doesn’t even matter what you do, just walk or swim, the main thing is that physical activity becomes the norm of your life. Then you will certainly feel a change for the better both in general well-being, and in mood, and in appearance.

So we've rounded up some motivating, research-backed facts about the benefits of fitness that we hope will get you on the right path to a healthy lifestyle (and even improve your sex life).

1. Exercising just one hour a day can make a big difference.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

The study compared people who exercise for less than 30 minutes a week with those who exercise about seven hours a week. The results showed that the latter group had a 40% lower risk of premature death.

Moreover, the benefits of physical activity are clearly seen in both adults and children. Through exercise, you can reduce weight, as well as reduce the risk of developing various diseases, strengthen bones and muscles, improve the quality of life, including those with chronic diseases and disabilities.

But for all the benefits of physical activity, it is necessary to remember about proper nutrition: all your efforts can go to waste if you eat everything in a row and in unlimited quantities.

2. Regular exercise can improve sleep

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Many people find that exercising helps them sleep better. Notably, people who engage in moderate to vigorous exercise sleep better because it reduces the time it takes them to fall asleep and reduces the time they spend awake in bed at night. Physical activity can also reduce daytime fatigue and, in some people, the need for sleeping pills.

Physical activity has long been associated with improved sleep, and evidence is accumulating about the effectiveness of exercise as a non-pharmacological treatment option for sleep disorders. However, recent studies have shown that poor sleep may contribute to reduced levels of physical activity.

Thus, there is a strong relationship between physical activity and sleep.

3. 30% of adults report reduced stress levels after exercise

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

In the survey, 53% of adults reported feeling good, 35% said they were in a good mood, and 30% said they felt less stressed after exercising.

This means that exercise is a healthy and reasonably effective non-drug tool for relieving stress, reducing depression, and improving cognitive function.

4. Couples who work out together are more likely to stay in a relationship

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

According to research, couples who work out or participate in sports together report higher levels of overall relationship satisfaction and even greater feelings of love for their partner. In addition, such a pastime allows you to once again be with your loved one, which is important, given the workload and busy schedules of modern people.

5. Stretching Before You Run Can Reduce Your Endurance

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

The vast majority of people warm up before a run to relax their muscles and prevent injury. According to a recent study, this may not be the best solution. In a test involving experienced runners, those who did static stretching before exercise expended more energy and had lower endurance. Apparently, the best way to relax your joints and muscles without compromising your endurance is to walk lightly.

Studies have shown that this decrease in performance is associated with greater stress relaxation of muscle tissue, which leads to a decrease in musculotendinous stiffness and strength.

6. Swimming is a great form of exercise because it includes both cardio and strength training.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Basically, swimming is a full-body workout. Just 20 minutes in water can burn over 250 calories, almost as many (if not more) than running. Every muscle fiber in your body, from your core to your limbs, is activated while you swim.

No other activity requires such a load on the upper and lower body, but at the same time does not harm the joints. In addition, the anaerobic nature of this sport immediately increases the heart rate, which makes the muscles, including the heart, work more efficiently. Swimming is also a great way to deal with stress.

But if for some reason swimming is not your sport, you can consider water aerobics as an alternative. Firstly, water aerobics classes are not held at depth. And secondly, the exercises are mostly performed in an upright position without swimming or with minimal swimming. This is a great type of strength training.

7. The average person burns about 50 calories every hour while sleeping, and physically fit people burn even more.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Our body continues to use energy while we sleep, as this is the time for the body to heal and replenish. It is estimated that the average person burns approximately 50 calories per hour.

However, the exact number depends on the basal metabolic rate, or BMR (Basic Metabolism, excluding physical activity. In other words, this is the amount of energy needed to maintain basic bodily functions at rest, such as regulating body temperature, maintaining a heartbeat and breathing) person. Since more muscle volume increases BMR, people who exercise regularly burn even more calories than average.

Some people have a higher BMR than others (although this is not usually the cause of obesity or thinness). And BMR can change over time; it may speed up when you are sick or if you gain muscle mass, or it may slow down with age or when you lose weight. In fact, a slowing metabolic rate is one of the reasons dieters find it so difficult to continue to lose weight or tend to gain back the weight they have lost. Certain medical conditions (such as thyroid disorders) and medications can also affect BMR.

By the way, if you want to burn more calories without training, change your daily routine to include more physical activity. For example:

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator;
  • Park at the far end of the parking lot so that you can walk farther to your destination;
  • Use the toilet at the far end of the office, not the one closest to you;
  • Take regular breaks during work to stretch and walk;
  • While on the phone, lift light weights or walk back and forth;
  • Walk faster than usual;
  • Instead of sitting somewhere with a colleague or friend, take a walk with him;
  • Choose a document printer that is not near your desktop;
  • Consider using a desk for standing work.

8. Single people exercise more than married people.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

More than 13,000 married Americans exercised about half as much per week as unmarried men, according to the survey. Married women exercised less than unmarried women, though not by as much of a difference.

9. It takes 6-8 weeks for the body to adapt to a training program.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

The key to developing an effective exercise program is variety. Changing your workouts can at least keep you from getting bored and keep you motivated to exercise. Diversity also provides significant physiological benefits.

In just six to eight weeks, your body can adjust to a repetitive exercise program. According to University of Florida researchers, people who changed their workouts every few weeks felt more satisfied and motivated.

10. Dancing is a great alternative to working out.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

The best exercise is the one you can inspire yourself to do. Dancing makes staying active easier and more fun. In addition, it also strengthens the cardiovascular system, like jogging or cycling.

In addition to being a great way to improve your fitness and health as it develops strength, flexibility, coordination and balance to varying degrees, it is also great for developing social skills, thereby improving your mental health, and this is something you can do from an early age. age and even after retirement.

11. Exercise can be therapy for those suffering from depression.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Antidepressants are often used to treat depression (one in ten people in the United States, for example). But drugs are not the only option. According to research, exercise has also proven to be therapeutic. Activities that have a beneficial effect on a person with depression include walking, jogging, as well as strength training, exercises aimed at relaxation, increasing coordination and flexibility.

Age, ability, ethnicity, body shape, or size don't matter when it comes to the health benefits of physical activity. Any person who spends less time sitting and instead engages in moderate-to-intense exercise will benefit from it, even if the benefits are not obvious or not immediately apparent.

Few lifestyle choices have the same impact on your health as physical activity.

13. Even 10 minutes of exercise will help you become healthier and leaner.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Compared to controls, overweight or obese women, who are usually sedentary, improved their cardiovascular health by walking just 10-15 minutes each day.

In a separate study of sedentary men, cycling for 10 minutes at a moderate pace followed by 1 minute at a high intensity was found to have the same effect on their oxygen uptake as the group who Worked out for 50 minutes at a moderate pace.

After the 12-week study, both groups had similar fitness scores and outperformed the control group. These results support the idea that even short exercise can improve your health, especially if you're not already active.

14. Regular strength training increases the number of calories burned throughout the day.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Studies examining the exact calorie expenditure in muscle versus fat are rare because getting accurate measurements would be difficult. However, one study found that muscle accounts for about 20% of the total calories you burn daily, while fat accounts for only 5%.

According to another study that examined sedentary adult women, resistance exercise increased their basal metabolic rate (BMR) for up to 48 hours.

15. Music can improve your training performance.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

The body of research on the use of music during exercise has grown significantly over the past decade, helping psychologists better understand why exercise and music are such a powerful combination for many people.

Music improves mood, reduces perceived effort, increases stamina, distracts attention from pain and fatigue, and can even stimulate metabolic efficiency. People run or ride further and swim faster while listening to music - often without even realizing it. In fact, research has shown that runners who listened to upbeat music throughout their run completed it faster than those who didn't.

16. Women tend to burn more fat during a workout, while men burn more after a workout.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Research shows that there is a difference in how men and women burn fat. In one study in which participants ran on a treadmill for 90 minutes at 63 percent of their maximum speed, women were found to burn much more fat than men.

This indicates that women use muscle fat stores for energy more efficiently than men.

17. Exercise can greatly improve your sex life.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Physical exercise increases testosterone levels, therefore increasing libido and improving athletic performance, which leads to greater endurance and can ultimately lead to significant improvements in sex life.

Other than that, sex itself is a great form of exercise. According to research, during sex, men burn approximately 4.2 calories every minute, or an average of 101 calories, while women burn 3.2 calories every minute, or an average of 69 calories.

18. You use approximately 200 muscles when you take one step.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

200 muscles coordinate to lift your leg, move it forward, and then lower it with every step you take. The muscular system, which consists of more than 650 muscles and covers the entire body, is responsible for thousands of bodily functions, thanks to which we blink, smile, run, jump and stand up straight.

19. Dehydration impairs your physical performance.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

The body needs water to function. Your body temperature, blood flow and muscle contractions are all controlled by it. All of these are critical to an effective workout. If you exercise without drinking enough water, you will get tired faster and achieve worse results.

20. An active lifestyle can reduce the risk of cancer.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Exercise promotes hormonal balance and healthy weight management. Therefore, those who exercise regularly have a lower risk of developing multiple types of cancer.

According to cancer research, increased physical activity is associated with a lower risk of several types of cancer, including breast, prostate, colon, endometrial, and possibly pancreatic cancer.

21. Endorphins released during exercise provide a burst of energy

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

You may think that you will feel more exhausted after your workout. Physically, this is often the case, but anyone who has ever experienced a "runner's high" will attest that it also gives you a boost of energy. This post-workout bliss is due to endorphins, brain chemicals that reduce the perception of pain and increase good emotions.

22. Type 2 diabetes can be prevented and controlled with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Regular physical activity has been found to improve blood glucose control, may prevent or delay the development of type 2 diabetes (by 58% in high-risk groups), and have positive effects on lipid levels, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, mortality, and quality of life. life.

23. Just doing crunches won't shrink your belly.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Ab exercises can help you appear leaner by strengthening your core muscles. However, basic exercises alone will not get rid of stubborn belly fat. According to research, cardiovascular-boosting activities such as brisk walking, running, and cycling for 20-40 minutes daily can help you lose weight at the waist.

For reference: There are two types of fat in our body - subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat is located just under the skin and can be grasped with the hand. Abdominal fat is called visceral fat and is found deeper in the abdomen. Visceral fat, which envelops the abdominal organs, has a direct impact on health. For example, it can negatively affect how the body responds to insulin, causing blood sugar and insulin levels to rise. It can also cause high cholesterol and heart disease. That is why what is around your waist is more important than the numbers that the scale shows.

And while you can't control your genetic make-up, which can contribute to excess fat, you can control what you eat and how much you move. A combination of diet and exercise will help keep belly fat to a minimum.

24. Gardening is a medium-intensity activity.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

It is a mistake to think that lifting weights is the only way to build muscle. In fact, there are many different ways to increase strength without lifting weights. One of them is gardening. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers gardening a medium-intensity activity. In fact, just 30-45 minutes spent in the garden can burn up to 300 calories.

And, of course, do not forget that gardening is good for mental health.

Thus, one of the therapies aimed at treating the whole person and well studied in surveys and randomized trials is the so-called green space care, or therapy using plants and gardening. Several trials have shown positive effects on mood and mental health from simply observing nature or even images of natural scenes. In a Japanese study, plant contemplation altered EEG recordings and reduced stress, fear, anger, and sadness, as well as reduced blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension.

What's more, in a groundbreaking randomized trial by environmental psychologist Roger Ulrich, plant and tree species from recovery rooms improved patients' mood, reduced analgesic use, surgical complications, and length of hospital stay.

25. Scheduling rest days gives your body the time it needs to recover and improve.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Just as important as exercising is knowing when to rest. Excessive exercise can lead to injury, fatigue, and depression. In some cases, certain physical injuries can remain for life.

In addition, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) states that depriving the body of rest can lead to inadequate levels of muscle glycogen. The body may begin to use proteins for fuel due to this depletion, which reduces the amount of protein available to support muscle growth and recovery.

In addition, do not forget that exercise is a physical load placed on the body. The type of exercises and their number determine the specific changes that will occur in it. For exercise to have the maximum effect and bring about the desired changes, the type of exercise and intensity level must be changed regularly.

Alternating low, medium, and high intensity workouts, known as periodization, provides different methods for structuring your workout.

Perhaps the most important component of periodization is proper rest and recovery time between hard or high-intensity workouts.

26. Parents who exercise regularly set a good example for their children.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Being active is one of the best ways for parents to get their kids to play sports. According to the study, children of active parents were 5.8 times more likely to be active than children of inactive parents.

27. Eat Protein Before Your Workout to Maximize Muscle Gain

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Numerous studies have shown that pre-workout protein intake can improve athletic performance. In one study, protein intake (alone or with carbohydrates) before exercise was found to improve muscle protein synthesis.

Another small study found that taking 25 grams of whey protein before exercise increased whole-body anabolism, or muscle growth, compared to taking a placebo.

28. People who exercise regularly have higher levels of vitamin D

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

According to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), those who actively exercise have higher levels of vitamin D and HDL (good) cholesterol. Probably the reason is that they are more on the street. People who exercise often spend more time outdoors in the sun, thereby increasing their vitamin D levels.

29. Half of newbies leave the gym in the first six months.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

According to a 2019 IHRSA report, among those who started going to the gym during the New Year holidays, 4% stopped going to the gym by the end of January, 14% by the end of February, and 50% within the next six months.

30. Regular exercise can help reduce anxiety symptoms.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

According to an extensive study of over 200,000 skiers, physical activity halved the likelihood of long-term clinical anxiety. Although the Swedish study focused on skiing, the researchers concluded that almost any cardiovascular exercise can help protect us from excessive stress and fear.

31. People spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year buying gym memberships and end up not going to them.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

In 2022, about 6.1 million Americans lost $397 million due to gym memberships, according to a recent poll. Of those who attended classes, 7.4% did so only once a month or less.

32. Only one in five children in the world gets enough exercise.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

The first such study showed that four out of five adolescents aged 11 to 17 worldwide do not exercise enough. A survey in 146 countries (with the exception of four) showed that boys are more active than girls. Compared to 78% of boys, a staggering 85% of girls are not physically active enough.

33. Teens who play sports reduce their risk of developing a brain tumor by a third compared to those who don't.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Nearly 80% of brain and central nervous system tumors are gliomas, the most common type of brain cancer. Although the origin of glioma is poorly understood, some evidence points to the possibility that exposure at an early age may contribute to the development of the disease. Childhood and adolescence are periods of rapid brain development, which can make it more receptive during these years to environmental influences.

34. Men have two-thirds more muscle mass than women.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Women often have less total muscle mass than men in absolute and relative terms. Differences in lean body mass between the sexes first appear sometime around puberty and persist for the rest of your life.

And while long-term strength training increases muscle mass in both sexes regardless of age, men who engage in intense strength training can develop total muscle mass more than twice as much as women.

35. Men and women store fat differently.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Girls gain weight almost twice as fast as boys during a growth spurt during adolescence, characterized by increasing numbers of fat cells. Fat is mainly present in the gluteofemoral region, including the pelvis, buttocks and thighs, and also in the breasts. Changes in female hormone levels are primarily responsible for this overall increase in body fat, especially sex-specific fat.

36. Regular physical activity can lower high blood pressure.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Studies show that sweating can lead to lower blood pressure hours after intense exercise.

There is also strong evidence that this type of exercise lowers blood pressure by about 4 mmHg. However, the drop in blood pressure after exercise is usually temporary unless you exercise regularly.

37. Regular exercise can help reduce the size of fat cells.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Because the components of one cell type and another are different, fat cells cannot transform into muscle cells. However, your muscles get bigger when you exercise, and the energy you expend during exercise leads to a reduction in fat cells. Therefore, regular exercise can lead to an overall reduction in adipose tissue mass.

38. Only 11% of people who lose weight manage to maintain weight through diet alone.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

According to the National Weight Management Registry, 89% of people who combine diet and exercise can maintain weight loss for more than a year.

But is it possible to achieve what you want using only one of these tools? Many people choose the easier path, which they think is diet. But given how poor the statistics are on long-term weight loss through diets, you need to consider a combination of both. Typically, only a tiny percentage of dieters successfully maintain weight, and weight cycling is very common. Typically, one-third of the weight lost is regained within one year, and almost all of the weight is regained within three to five years.

39. Muscle mass decreases by about 3-8% every decade after age 30

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Sarcopenia, the involuntary loss of muscle mass, strength and function, is one of the most visible symptoms of aging. After age 30, muscle mass decreases by about 3-8% every decade. After 60 years, the rate of decline is even higher.

40. There is about a 40% difference in calories burned when running and walking the same distance.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Walking and running burn about the same number of calories at the same pace. However, most people can run at least twice the speed of walking.

According to a Harvard study, a 155-pound (70.3 kg) person running 9 minutes per mile (1.6 km, a very common training pace) burns approximately 122 calories per mile. 85 calories burned per mile by the same person jogging fast at 17 minutes per mile. According to this information, running burns about 40% more calories than walking.

41. Core includes any muscles that attach to the pelvis, spine, and ribs.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Core training is often associated with working out its most prominent part: the abs. However, the "core" includes several muscle groups, not just one. Core training can do more for you than just abs (although that's a nice bonus); it can also increase your body's overall strength, power, and athleticism and reduce your chance of injury. According to Sports MD, up to 35 separate muscle groups connect to the pelvis from the spine and hip to make up the core.

42. Exercise is important from a young age.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

According to research, sedentary children are more likely to become sedentary adults, which increases the likelihood of young people developing serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease. This is why it is so important to encourage good physical fitness and activity from an early age.

43. Weightlifting usually does not lead to weight gain in women.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

The idea that lifting heavy weights will result in a powerful physique is a widespread myth, especially among women. Weightlifting does promote muscle hypertrophy, which leads to size gains.

However, it is not true that this leads to a "cumbersome" appearance. The hormonal profile of women is different from that of men; thus, they will not be able to gain weight like men. In men, testosterone levels are higher, which promotes muscle growth. Fortunately and unfortunately, women's hormonal background does not allow them to lose all the desired fat as quickly as men, although if they can tone themselves without becoming bulky.

44. Only a third of adults follow the weekly minimum recommendations for physical activity.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

For example, to make matters worse, less than 5% of US adults are physically active for at least 30 minutes every day, and about one in four are not active at all. All things considered, more than 80% of people do not follow recommendations for aerobic and strength training.

45. Sitting and smoking are not the same thing, but both are harmful

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

This famous saying was based on a 2010 study that showed that those who sat for more than six hours a day had a higher mortality rate.

The risk of chronic diseases can be increased if you lead an extremely sedentary lifestyle, but not as much as if you smoke. It also matters what you do when you sit. Working at a computer, as opposed to simply watching TV, is a pleasure.

46. Regular exercise strengthens the muscles necessary for the proper functioning of the heart and cardiovascular system.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Physical activity is an important aspect of a healthy heart. In addition to strengthening heart muscle and controlling weight, it is one of the best ways to protect arteries from damage caused by excess cholesterol, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure, which can cause a heart attack or stroke.

47. People who work out with a partner are more likely to stick to their fitness regimen.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Need some extra motivation to get started? Consider bringing in a partner. There are many ways to train with friends and other workout enthusiasts in person or online. And research shows that social support can actually improve your workout results. Just being around friends who play sports can inspire you to stay active.

48. It takes 8-12 weeks of a training regimen before you start to notice measurable changes in your body.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

While a person's genetics and fitness level greatly influence how quickly a person notices benefits from exercise, most people see first improvements within four to six weeks, with actual results eight to twelve. Also, no two people approach exercise with the same intentions, so the typical timeframe in which any type of effect can be seen (8 to 12 weeks) is quite flexible.

49. Optimal fitness requires a balanced exercise program that includes cardio, strength training and flexibility exercises.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

These three types of exercise have different positive effects on health and longevity. Aerobic exercise raises your heart rate and oxygenates your body, which is good for your heart and brain. Strength training increases muscle mass, which helps burn fat. They also support cognitive function. Flexibility is essential to easily carry out everyday tasks.

50. Goal setting has been proven to help you stick to your workout program.

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

It is incredibly effective to have a process goal instead of a result goal. So, instead of phrasing it like "I want to lose 10 pounds (4.5 kg)", it would be much more useful to set a goal like "I want to exercise four times a week."

51. People aged 18-44 are most often involved in sports

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

According to the study, people between the ages of 18 and 44 are most likely to play sports. 59.7% of people aged 18 to 44 reported exercising at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes.

52. Studies have shown that fitness influencers influence the health behavior of young women

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

Due to their popularity and huge user base, social media has quickly become one of the most important communication channels in the healthcare industry. Numerous studies have examined the use of social media for interventions to change the health habits of various user groups.

A study involving Polish women aged 18 to 35 found that fitness websites play a potentially important role in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

53. Aerobic exercise is linked to better memory

  53 scientific facts that will expand your knowledge about fitness and sports

The volume of the hippocampus in your brain increases as a result of aerobic exercise. According to a controlled study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, it may reduce cognitive impairment in older people at risk for dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

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