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Giant panda (bamboo bear) is a national treasure of China, in addition, it can be seen on the logo of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Below you will find out where you can see a panda in China, how long pandas live and much more, panda pictures by Bemorepanda.

Giant pandas are similar to bears, but differ in their characteristic black and white coloration. Panda's paws, eyes and ears are covered with black fur; a black strip also runs around the shoulders of the animal.

Have you noticed what color a panda's tail is? The tail of the giant panda is white! 

Giant pandas spend up to 14 hours a day eating. The fact is that the calorie content in bamboo is small, and the panda quickly begins to feel hungry again.

Having eaten, pandas go to bed for a period of 2 to 4 hours. When they wake up, they again go in search of food.

In addition to feeding and sleeping, giant pandas also climb trees. Yes, these huge clumsy bears can climb trees! Usually, pandas climb a tree to get away from danger, during the courtship period, and also to avoid stronger competitors.

Pandas eat the roots, shoots and leaves of bamboo. Bamboo makes up 99% of their daily diet. In addition to bamboo, they feed on some types of fruits.

1.Favourite food

2.Relaxing together

3.Look at me

4.Let me show my tongue

Giant pandas in captivity are fed special bread made from rice and corn flour, soy powder and eggs. Wild pandas also eat grasses, insects, mice and even lambs found in the surrounding villages.

Giant pandas in China live in the west and southwest of the country. The city of Chengdu is, without exaggeration, the best place to get acquainted with these cute animals. Here you can visit the big panda and get acquainted with the habits of the animal, which has become one of the symbols of the Celestial Empire.

Giant pandas are dearly loved not only by the people of China, but also by many foreigners - children and adults. The best places in China to see pandas are located in the Chengdu area, which is called the "homeland of the giant panda". In addition, the panda can be seen in zoos in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guilin and Hong Kong.

If you are curious to watch the panda in its natural habitat - come to Sichuan! More information on how to visit a giant panda is available on the China Panda Tours page.

Get even closer to see the panda by participating in a volunteer program at the China Center for the Conservation and Study of the Dujiangyan Giant Panda (CCRCGP) near Chengdu. Here you can take care and even feed the big panda.

5.Baby panda

6.Trying something new

7.This smile

As of 2014, there were only 1,864 giant pandas left in the wild. It is considered one of the rarest endangered species in the world, which is why the giant panda has adorned the logo of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) since the foundation of the organization in 1961.

Today, the only place suitable for the giant panda to live in its natural environment is in a remote mountainous region at an altitude of 1200 to 3100 meters above sea level. These are the foothills of Tibet in the provinces of Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi.

Pandas can only live in vast bamboo forests because bamboo is their main food.

In the city of Chengdu, Sichuan province, there are large panda bases (for example, Bifengxia Bifengxia Giant Panda Nursery), where both wild pandas and those that live in captivity are taken care of. The most famous of them is the Giant Panda Research Center, located 10 km from the center of Chengdu.

The habitats of the giant panda are gradually disappearing due to deforestation and the development of agricultural production. There have also been cases of poaching in history. The disappearance of the natural environment for the panda has led to the fact that the animals are under the threat of extinction.

On September 5, 2016, the giant panda was moved from the endangered species list to the Vulnerable category.


9.Good environment

10.Let me show you how to eat

The giant panda's natural habitat is protected by the Chinese government. Agricultural land is moving back into forest areas. In the event of an earthquake, rescued pandas are nurtured in a nature reserve and then released back into the wild.

The giant panda is the only vegetarian bear in the world. As a rule, in order not to starve to death, he needs to eat about 12 and a half kilograms of bamboo per day, because only 17 percent of the food consumed is digested. No wonder they spend 14 hours a day eating.

The reason for this inefficiency is simple - the panda's digestive system is unable to process bamboo leaves and shoots. According to Chinese scientists, these animals switched to plant foods only twenty thousand years ago - quite recently by the standards of evolution. During this time, their digestive tract did not have time to change: it is arranged in much the same way as in omnivorous animals. Pandas do not have a multi-chambered stomach or an elongated small intestine where plants are processed. There are no special genes responsible for the production of enzymes necessary for the digestion of plant fibers.

To extract at least some nutrients from the shoots and leaves of bamboo, the bacteria that live in their intestines - streptococci, E. coli and shigella - help the bears.

11.Play time

12.Legs up

13.Cool panda

Pandas extract many times less energy from food than, for example, cows or sheep, and they manage to survive on a plant-based diet only thanks to a special metabolism. As it turns out, pandas only need 1,100 calories a day. This is about 37 percent of the energy consumed by mammals of the same size and mass. Such an economy is not typical for any other animal species, except for sloths with their specific way of life.

Unlike sloths, pandas are quite active, although they move less and more slowly than other bears. In addition, their body temperature is lower than that of other mammals, but falls short of that characteristic of animals that have fallen into hibernation or anabiosis. The main secret to saving energy is a low metabolic rate, which has arisen due to a "breakdown" in the DUOX2 gene. It is involved in the synthesis of the thyroid hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine. The levels of these substances in the body of pandas are even lower than those of a brown bear that has gone into hibernation.

Bamboo bears have the most energy-consuming organs—the brain, liver, and kidneys—are smaller than you might expect given their size. The mass of the brain is about 20 percent less than expected, and the weight of the kidneys and liver is 25 and 37 percent, respectively. All this allows giant pandas to survive on only bamboo leaves and shoots, even though the intestines are not able to digest them properly.

14.Mom and baby


16.Baby gang


18.Climbing up

19.Good swing

20.Nap time

21.Cute panda


23.So gracious

24.My swing


26.These eyes

27.Don’t take him

28.Hi, Human

29.Let me take a nap


31.Tasty bamboo


33.Passport picture

34.Cute face

35.Love nose


37.Perfect place



40.Hide and seek


42.Food with friends


44.Cute nap

45.Friends be like

46.Two little brothers

47.Let me escape

48.Baby time

49.So tiered

50.Kisses for mom

51.Sport be like

52.Thinking about food

53.Tasty food


55.Two perfect colors

56.Stone chilling


58.Perfect position

59.Let me sleep here

60.Lovely panda

61.Boss panda

62.Baby panda

63.Wanna take a pic?

64.Food lover

65.Perfect time for food

66.Good times



69.Friends nap

70.Baby panda hello

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Cats usually sleep between 13 and 16 hours a day. What is the reason they need so much rest? Expert Abigail Tucker, author of "The Lion in the Living Room" has an extremely interesting explanation.


According to the expert, although the time dedicated to sleep differs from one cat to another, depending on age and personality, cats usually sleep between 13 and 16 hours a day. Only bats and opossums sleep more, almost 20 hours a day.


"Everything has to do with the instinct of a predator. If, for example, herbivores graze for hours until they fill their stomachs with enough food, in the case of cats, hunting gives them a very short time to attack and devour their victim. This behavior has also been passed on to domestic cats, so they can spend most of the day sleeping, like lions, ”explained Abigail Tucker.


Another characteristic of cats is that they are twilight animals, being more active at sunset and at dawn. During the day, they rest and at night they become active.


"On the other hand, many cats, especially apartment cats, sleep rather out of boredom, having nothing to stimulate them, such as those raised in the yard," she added.


Studies show that cats sleep has two phases: REM (Rapid eye movement) - characterized by rapid eye movement, when dreams occur, and non-REM sleep (NREM) or deep sleep.


During NREM sleep, the cat's body recovers. Bones grow, muscles develop. The immune system strengthens. 60% of a cat's sleep is REM sleep, three times less than in humans.


According to the expert, when sleeping, the cat must have its own bed. "Cats need their space, where they can sleep better. If you make a special cage for him, even a box, the cat will be much happier than if you keep him in bed ", the expert added.

8.It dreams of sunbathing

9.Human legs are perfect for sleep

10.About what is this cat dreaming?

11.After a good meal

12.Trying to fall asleep

13.Thinking about treaties

14.Broken cat

15.So tiered after a work day

16.Trying to sleep like humans

17.Falling asleep at work

18.Owner warmth is perfect

19.Stop working

20.Reading books is interesting































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Russian missiles continue to devastate towns and villages in several parts of Ukraine. The following pictures show some of the localities that were destroyed by the Russian army and what they looked like before the start of the war. The Ukrainian dignitary presented the serious situation in which Ukraine finds itself, with the loss of human lives recorded so far: 18 airports are destroyed, 199 buildings destroyed, 10 cities that need to be evacuated urgently with over 150,000 people. These cities have faced attacks in the residential area and no longer have access to necessities. They need to be evacuated as a matter of urgency and have called for support.


Pictures of Ukrainian cities before and after the Russian bombing


The Kyiv TV Tower is a metal lattice structure 385 meters high, the highest in Ukraine.


The Kyiv TV tower hit by a Russian missile is located on the territory of Babi Yar. On September 29-30, 1941, the Nazis killed more than 33,000 Jews here. 80 years later, the Russians hit the same land to destroy the Ukrainians. You can see videos and photos posted by soldiers and civilians that captured moments of horror in our article.


Kyiv TV tower


Kharkiv, the largest city in Ukraine after Kyiv, is still the target of the Russian bombing, and the city center has suffered massive destruction.


Kharkiv regional administration building - before and after the bombing. 

Clădire din Harkov, după și înainte de bombardament


Ukrainian officials say residential areas in the city were ruthlessly hit on Wednesday night, and UN prosecutors say they have opened an investigation to determine whether Russia's bombings were war crimes. You can read more about Russian war crimes in Ukraine here.


Karazin University School of Economics in Kharkiv - before and after the bombing. 



Three schools have so far been bombed in Ukraine. In Mariupol, the rockets hit a supermarket while people were shopping. In Kharkiv, shells hit a park full of people who interrupted their walks to shelter from the explosions.


Buildings in Constitution Square, Kharkiv - before and after the bombing. 



These are just some of the attacks that Kharkiv residents have had to endure in recent days. In addition to blocks of flats and houses, Russian bombings have hit schools, shops, hospitals, and churches.


Freedom Square, Kharkiv - before and after the bombing.



The city of Kherson, in southern Ukraine, considered the first major city that Russia managed to occupy, was recently conquered by Russian forces, who began to impose their own strict rules on the remaining civilians in the city.


Kherson city center, southern Ukraine - before and after the occupation. 



Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of being a "terrorist state" as more and more bombs fall on Kyiv's population.


Residential building in Kyiv - before and after the rocket attack. 



Satellite images captured war scenes in northern Ukraine, near the border with Belarus. The images show craters, smoke, and houses destroyed by Russian army rocket attacks.


Rivnopilia, Chernivov - before and after the bombing. 



The city of Irpen is located 20 km northwest of Kyiv. Last week, the regional center was on the front line. Artillery and airstrikes caused damage to the entire area, and the housing complex, which is in the photo, was destroyed.


Residential block in Irpen


Chernihiv is located 120 km northeast of Kyiv. In recent days, the city has also been shelled by the Russian military. On March 3, 30 people were killed in an attack on residential areas of the city, officials said.


Rocket strike on a residential area in Chernihiv


Vladimir Putin said in a press release on Thursday evening that Russia's military operation in Ukraine is going according to plan, and that Russian soldiers are acting like "true heroes". At the same time, the Kremlin leader accused the Ukrainian "neo-Nazis" of using the population as human shields in the face of Russia's offensive.


Russia plans to use various methods to control and reduce morale in Ukraine to discourage possible retaliation and resistance if they conquer large cities, says a European official.


The Russians' strategies include brutal repression of protests, imprisonment of opponents, and public executions, the official said, on condition of anonymity.


Russia has launched "over 480" missiles at Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion, a senior US defense official said on Thursday, according to CNN.


"Over 230" of the 480 "come from inside Ukraine," the official said. "They have mobile systems, they move them in," he added.


 "About 160 missiles were launched from Russia" and about 70 from Belarus, and a very small number - less than 10 - from the Black Sea, the official added.


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Russia is the first country in the world to register a Covid-19 vaccine, President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday, although the vaccine has not been mass-tested on humans and there is little public information about its effectiveness.


On Tuesday's government meeting, however, Putin said the vaccine had been shown to be effective in initial tests and provided long-term immunity.


International and Russian experts reacted with skepticism to the decision of the Moscow authorities to approve the use of a vaccine without it having passed the so-called third phase of testing, consisting of tests on thousands of people. Moreover, the fact that the vaccine was registered in Russia does not mean that it is internationally approved.


After this news, the internet exploded with funny memes about the first Russian coronavirus vaccine.


1.People who invented vaccine vs Putin who announced


2.Putin coming to save the world


3.The first look of Russian coronavirus vaccine


4.Vaccine is almost ready


5.Successful vaccine trials in Russia


6.Russia vs Coronavirus battle


7.Putin gave the vaccine to his daughter


8.Russia mixing vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey and wine to make the coronavirus vaccine


9.Sanitizer companies right now


10.Students waiting for Putin after Russia developes Coronavirus Vaccine


11.Putin right now


12.Students right now


13.Putin is feeling cool


14.Situation now with coronavirus vaccine


15.Who did this? Trump vs Putin


16.Inside the Russian coronavirus vaccine


17.Masks and sanitizers manufactures right now


18.Russia after a few days


19.Now the game between countries starts


20.Every student right now


21.Putin vs Trump


22.Russia announces worl's first Covid-19 vaccine


23.Students who thoughted hey were done with the exams


24.After a big breakthrough,Vodka is the best


25.Covid vaccine will be the second most appreciated invention by Russia, after vodka of course


26.Russian Vaccine is a shot of vodka


27.Russian Vaccine song


28.Russia corona vaccine creats a lot of side effects


29.When you find out about Russian vaccine


30.Putin is a real gangster

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