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We are in the period of Christmas, the period in which people send the most warm messages and wishes to those close to them. Christmas texting has already become a habit for everyone, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic: either on the eve of Christmas Eve or even on Christmas day we sit and write Christmas messages, a sign that we have not forgotten them and that we remember all our loved ones. On this occasion, a lot of messages and wishes are circulating on the internet that can be used for Christmas greeting messages. Christmas makes us more selfless, to offer love and small surprises to people who make our lives more beautiful. We feel better, calmer, and more beautiful because we receive and give love.

Christmas wishes, whether they are written from the heart or are funny Christmas messages taken from the internet, we all rejoice when the phone notifies us that we have a new message. Christmas is a unique time when we all try to "cleanse our souls", forget worries and warm our hearts with love and joy. Give as a gift a beautiful thought to your loved ones, remind them how much it means to you through a bright Christmas message.


  • "Christmas as bright as possible, warm winter dream, peace with your loved ones, good news from the Magi!"
  • "On the holy night of Christmas, put aside worries and worries. Open your heart and receive a drop of the blessing that is pouring over the world tonight! ”
  • "May the Baby born in the manger of Bethlehem fill your homes and lives with joy, health, and much wisdom for the coming year. Merry Christmas!"
  •  "Santa Claus knocks on the door, takes his hand out of his glove and gives you from his palm the gifts of heaven, by the tree and by the fire to fill you with luck!"
  • "May the holidays of Christmas and New Year bring you all the best in the world, much love, happiness and prosperity."
  • "It's a holiday! Enjoy peace, light and warmth with your loved ones. Give wholeheartedly and open your soul to receive love and happiness. Let your soul be reborn and live every day as an invaluable gift. ”
  •  "This is a special night, where you can meet a special person! It's about the child you were. Forget the worries for one night and relive the miracle of Christmas night! ”
  • "Wealth as much as you want, Health for all, And next year May it be even better for you. Let there be your house, your house, with new dishes on the table, Santa Claus with a full sack, the road to life as smooth as possible. ”

Christmas… the time when the world begins to bustle with joy, enthusiasm, the time when the world is engulfed by the magic of winter holidays where everyone prepares traditional food after which you leave your mouth watering, pre-holiday cleaning of course, holiday parties, Christmas tree and other traditions, but about the joy of the red cheeks on the faces of the carolers?

  • "I wish you and your family good health, happiness and GOOD LUCK in the future! Merry Christmas! I hope that this holiday will only bring you happiness in your home and family! ”
  • "May the winter holidays bring you the joy of Christmas through hope, the spirit of Christmas through peace, the emotion of Christmas through love."
  • "May the aroma of fir, orange, carols, warm cozonac and the smell of winter fill your hearts with joy and souls with peace. Merry Christmas!"
  • "The beauty of winter, with the sweet echo of carols and the image of loved ones in your soul brings you fulfillment, love and happiness. Happy celebrations!"
  •  "It's time to close your eyes and remember the Christmas of your childhood. It's time to remember how you sat with your nose against the window trying to see Santa. "
  • "Live in Christmas colors! Be the host of carols that bring back our holiness from another time… ”
  •  "Learn to reap from every Christmas holiness, joy, the light to share all year with your loved ones!"
  • "Let it snow on Christmas night with dreams come true! Learn to dream, step beyond the real, Christmas works wonders! ”

Christmas is the Christian holiday that takes place on December 25 each year in the Gregorian calendar. Starting with the 20th century, the Christian holiday becomes a secular holiday, being able to be celebrated by both Christians and non-Christians, for them the attention is focused on family groups, and for children on gifts from Santa Claus.

  • "Santa comes a little typical, we never feel him, but every time, he leaves happiness, joy, health forever in every gate! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!"
  • "May the Holy Holidays of Christmas and New Year bring you health, hard work and many satisfactions with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!"
  • "From the light of the celebration of the Lord's birth and from the hope that accompanies the New Year, good thoughts and wishes for health, accomplishments and joys for all!"
  • "May the charm of the Christmas days enliven you and enlighten your whole being! Enjoy the true significance of this holiday with all those you love! ”
  • "We look forward to seeing you now, around the holidays. I wish you with all my heart, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, all your wishes come true! ”
  • "The year 2018 is coming to bring you health, happiness and the fulfillment of all hopes! Happy celebrations! Merry Christmas!"
  • "May the Holy Holidays of Christmas bring you as much happiness as Santa can carry, joy, as much as elves can carry and a lot of love: as much as reindeer can fly!"
  • "May the white holidays find you happy, happy and satisfied with this year's achievements! I wish you what I wish you too: HEALTH, that it is better than all! ”
  • "The greatest gift that Christmas can bring us is a happy family and close friends. Merry Christmas!"

This wonderful feast is not represented by an object, but by a Christian event, the coming into the world of Jesus Christ. Christmas Day is marked by emotion, goodwill, love of God and those around you.

  •  "One of the joys of Christmas is to think of the special people in life and you are one of those people.
  • "Christmas is that wonderful time when you think of all your loved ones and how big the sweater is! Have a magical Christmas! ”
  • "May your life be as colorful and cheerful as a Christmas tree!" Happy celebrations!"
  • "On the occasion of the winter holidays, I wish you good health, happiness and only accomplishments to bring you the new year!"
  • The light of the Nativity of Jesus spreads from one house to another, from one heart to another, and the warmth and joy of Christmas brings us all closer! Merry Christmas and a rewarding New Year!
  •  Some people around the corner say that there is Santa Claus. That you wrote to him and that he will come, to bring you light in his fists! By the fir tree and by the fire, good luck!
  •  Dear Father, help us to remember the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas, and to tell others, with the help of carols; to talk about the joy of the shepherds, about the worship of the 3 sages; to close the door of feelings of hatred and open that of love. Merry Christmas!
  •  May the Baby born in the manger of Bethlehem fill your homes and lives with joy, health, and much wisdom for the coming year. Merry Christmas!"
  • With Christmas carols, I wish you a better year and with Christian love, to receive as a gift light, rushes of ice flowers, good luck in life. Merry Christmas and a lot of health!
  • Faith makes everything possible, hope gives us strength to continue, love makes everything beautiful. For Christmas, I wish you all the best! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  • May we open the door to our dear guests, and our hearts to hope, joy and light. Let us be better and look forward with confidence, knowing that if we have faith, the road ahead will be filled with fulfillment. ”
  • "Faith, hope, a new beginning, love, gifts, true friends… are just some of the things I want you to have for Christmas!"
  •    "I dreamed of Santa last night, he was coming from afar with a big sack in his back to bring health, so I waited for him to come, but now he's with me!"

The spirit of this divine feast is appropriated by people who love us as we are! And that's the family! This is the spirit of Christmas! The joy of having each other. The comfort that the thought of having people you can count on gives you. The Christmas holiday is goodwill, it is love, warm souls, gratitude!

  •   "A happier new year, With everything garnished, Health and love And with much happiness!"
  •  "Let Christmas come and let all the Christmas bells sing your magic carol that will carry with it the confidence, strength and hope you need! Merry Christmas!"
  • "At Christmas, you have a rich, rich Christmas tree, a dedicated glass, clean wine, bright thoughts and accomplishments. Merry Christmas"
  • "The new year lies before us like an unwritten volume with 365 blank pages. We wish you to write them only with good things, accomplishments and happiness so that at the end of the volume you can read it with joy ”.
  • "The last days of the year are ready to pass through the hourglass of time! 2014 is about to open its first unknown white pages. I wish you health, joy and accomplishments! ”
  • "Let us receive with the carolers the light, the warmth, the peace, the love and the reconciliation of the new, the joy and the life. Like grass under the snow, like flakes in flight to receive the hope of a new year. "
  • "I wish you that the winter holidays bring you health and happiness, the fulfillment of all wishes and the health of your loved ones. Merry Christmas!"
  • "May the Holy Holidays of Christmas and the New Year bring you joy in homes, good luck and health with your loved ones! Merry Christmas!"
  • "May the Nativity of the Lord enlighten your souls and your home, may you have health, abundance and happiness!"
  • "On the eve of the holidays, with peace, light and warmth in my soul, I wish you to have wonderful days, a generous and good Santa Claus. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
  • "Happy holidays with joys and accomplishments with loved ones! May Santa find you with a rich meal and a pure soul! ”
  • "May the winter holidays bring you peace, warmth and harmony in your soul. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ”
  • "Let the brightness of the Christmas star enlighten your hearts, and let the warm light of candles be reflected in your souls. Wishing you a Merry Christmas…. ”

The great celebration of Christmas marks the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. One of the most representative, in terms of traditions observed on this holiday is the carol.

  • "May the aroma of fir, orange, carols and the smell of winter fill your hearts with joy and souls with peace. Merry Christmas!"
  • "Happy Holidays around the winter tree and among the loved ones!"
  • "May the winter holidays bring you the joy of Christmas through hope, the spirit of Christmas through peace, the emotion of Christmas through love."
  • "Merry Christmas to the best parents in the world! Thank you for being with me every time I needed you. Merry Christmas, mom and dad! ”
  • "A good thought, a pure heart, a smile on your face, words of spirit and peace in your soul is all I wish for you for the holidays in the coming year! ”
  • "The smell of fir, the scent of flowers, knocking on ugly windows, thousands of colors flashing in the sky, be happy for the holidays, now and in the years to come, dear parents! ”
  • "You held my hand and taught me how to decorate my first Christmas tree. Today I am decorating the Christmas tree and I wish you were by my side.
  • "You held my hand and taught me Merry Christmas!"
  • "May the snowflakes fall lightly on your heart and soothe your longing for me. A Christmas full of joy! ”
  • "On Christmas day when you're stuffed with pork and sarmale and you don't even have time to sigh… I'll remind you that it's not good to eat too much salt, sugar and fat."
  • "Santa Claus with a good heart, to bring you on Christmas Eve, VISA Diamant cards, carnivals in Rio, Brazil in custody. Come on, no more dreaming, the cake has burned! ”
  •  "The train of happiness would hit, the lightning of love would strike, a bag of money and a Merry Christmas ticket would fall into your head!"
  • "HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a beautiful Christmas tree. Let Santa Claus come in a Ferrari and go on foot. ”
  •   "It's the Santa Claus virus. If you want gifts, send your phone to the address you will receive in the next text message. "
  •  “Ho Ho Ho, have you seen a brown reindeer? Or a leprechaun in blue? Have a tasty, rich Santa, an Envious New Year, Health, Merry Christmas (and lots of money)! ”

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