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With all the variety of goods and discounts, we try to buy what we need, whether it be food, cosmetics, or household appliances, as profitably as possible for ourselves. And we feel happy when we manage to save at the same time. But if you knew how the things you use are made, would you just as passionately want to own them?

Unsightly facts, after which we took a fresh look at everyday products and things

The main thing is that it looks attractive and the price suits it. Meanwhile, sometimes it is worth at least a little idea of what happens to the product before it is on the counter.

As it turns out, everything is not as rosy as it seems when you see a product beautifully packaged or served on the table. Because its origin is sometimes very unattractive, which, of course, the consumer can learn about. But we at Bemorepanda, thanks to Reddit users, found out something and are now sharing it with you. And then you decide for yourself what to do with this knowledge. And finally, you will find a bonus of ingredients in favor of orite products that can both surprise and scare you.

What (and how) 30+ products and things are made of, which we are not used to thinking about

1. About garlic. “It reminds me of a documentary series that my father used to watch. The garlic industry is a hell of a lot darker than most people might think. I don't remember everything, but apparently, many Chinese companies that sell garlic to restaurants overseas use prison labor.

These prisoners must peel the garlic entirely by hand, without any tools. Several prisoners were missing nails. If I remember correctly, one man said he had a friend who had to resort to dental help because he had no pins left.

They work unimaginably grueling shifts, during which they must meet their daily quota or face the consequences. They are paid very little if anything at all. They all seemed so unhappy. The show is Rotten, and you can find it on Netflix." — foxglove37 / Reddit.

2. Salted cucumbers. I'm a forklift mechanic, and one of our customers is Mrs. Klein's Pickles. They use concrete outdoor vats for marinating, with no coating on top.

One day, when I was in service, I decided to go up to a small platform where workers stirred the mixture.

When I looked into the first vat, I saw a dead cat, some dead rats, and more bugs than I could count. I almost threw up right there. So far, I have not eaten a single pickled cucumber and will never eat Mrs. Klein's products again." — sober gophers / Reddit

3. “Vodka. Most types of vodka of different price segments are made from the same raw material. I work at an industrial distillery where we produce millions of gallons of high-purity ethanol from corn. We have clients in the beverage industry who dilute our product to 80% or so, pass it through a filter and bottle it for sale. These firms sell their products at prices ranging from $8 to $50 per liter. And do you know what the main difference is? The more expensive a bottle of vodka, the more “beautiful” it is. — AndJuan247 / Reddit

4. “Fruit juices. Freshly squeezed juices don't seem to be all that fresh. A friend whose family owns a mango orchard told me that almost all juice producers buy old fruit leftovers from warehouses, which are then processed into a smooth mass. Further. — Curious_pari / Reddit

5. “Grain. My job is to fumigate the grains with the colorless, poisonous gas phosphine. Wheat, barley, and oats are susceptible to infection by the red flour beetle and weevil.

We are talking about kilograms of insects in a 600-ton bunker. I treat the grain with a particular gas so that the insects die. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove dead pests from the grain, so they end up in the mill, and then they go to bake our bread.” — jtown82 / Reddit.

6. “Coffee and cockroaches are connected…” – demonardvark / Reddit

“For those who don’t know, this happens to coffee because large piles of coffee beans in warehouses and sheds are infested with cockroaches. According to entomologist Douglas Emlen, it’s impossible to remove them completely. So they are ground together with the coffee beans.” —

7. “Liquid hand soap. That's ¼ soap and ¾ water. The production uses a special pump and mixer to turn the mixture into a soapy solution. Plus, thoughtful packaging visually increases the volume of goods. You end up paying the same amount as you would for a whole bar of soap, but you are only buying a quarter of it.” — Crapulousmumblecrust / Reddit

What (and how) 30+ products and things are made of, which we are not used to thinking about

8. “Food from the grocery store. Even “fresh” products can end up stale on the shelves. I worked as an assembler in a grocery warehouse that serves seven states.

Everything in our warehouse was unsterile and dirty. But the floor was littered with rotting fallen lettuce leaves, which turned into a stinking slurry. The bed was concrete smeared with jacking oil, tire debris, and other dirt.

The worst thing is that. Many employees lifted these products and put them in boxes. The salary of employees in the picking warehouses depends on the number of packed containers.

Do you want to ask if someone cleans the floor in the warehouses? Wash, but very rarely. So always wash vegetables and fruits, even if the seller says they are washed and organic. — Muninwing / Reddit

9. “Fast food milkshakes. I used to work at a fast food place, and they used to put a mixture in the milkshake that had already curdled and sometimes had mold in it.” — Suyefuji / Reddit

10. Toilet water. Many perfumes are made from the musk glands of animals (musk deer, muskrat, musky duck). They are killed to get them, and it is unpleasant. In addition, some vanilla flavors use a liquid that is released from the base of the beaver's tail." — DudeGuyVR / Reddit

"These products are costly, and both castoreum (a specific odorous secret produced by beavers) and ambergris are used in high-end perfumes." — Waystone / Reddit.

11. Viscose. Clothing made from viscose (an artificial fiber obtained by processing natural cellulose) could be more environmentally friendly. It turned out that the production of viscose creates tons of waste, which is very, very harmful to the environment.” — greetindsfromsaturn / Reddit

12. “Fruit smoothies. People think they're getting their daily dose of fruit, but it's mostly ice, yogurt and high-sugar juice, and just a few pieces of hard fruit." — throwaway36295224 / Reddit

13. "Jelly is a meat product masquerading as dessert."

What (and how) 30+ products and things are made of, which we are not used to thinking about

This applies to anything containing gelatin (gummy bears, etc.) - knockoutroundtwo / Reddit.

14. Phones. People will still buy phones, but the world urgently needs modern gadgets made from materials that do not harm anyone. Why? And so that enslaved children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are not involved in hard work for cobalt extraction.

Miners can be as young as four years old, paid as little as ten cents an hour (US equivalent), and work 12-hour days, all to extract cobalt (60% of the world's reserves), which is needed to make batteries." — WapperDude/Reddit.

15. “Tropical fruits! After Spain ceded control of its territories in South America, the US invaded several districts in South America to secure access to the Panama Canal and farmland suitable for confiscation and sale to fruit companies. People were killed, dictators were supported, railroads were built, and mangoes were exported.

These banana wars were some of the most egregious acts of US imperialism since Manifest Destiny ("Manifest Destiny" is the term used to describe the widespread belief in the mid-19th century that the United States had a special mission to expand westward). Many of these countries have not yet recovered economically.” —

16. “Turkey bacon. It's marketed as a healthier alternative to bacon, but it's a terrible extruded meat product. It's a greasy and unhealthy breakfast food that's worse than a hot dog." —down blanket/Reddit

17. “Fish sauce. The basis for many Thai dishes. The fish is fermented for six months with salt until it becomes a thick slurry. It is then filtered and then stored in containers for years.” — f0nluva / Reddit

18. “About sausage. Anyone who loves sausage should not know how it is made. Otherwise, you won't be able to eat it anymore." — deuxclydion/Reddit

19. “Mica products. I watched a documentary about mica mines in areas where there is usually child labor, and the interviewer asked one girl about her work. She told me how her sister died in the mine and that she works underground daily. Mica is found in almost all cosmetics. — hi_im_a_coffeeholic / Reddit

20. “Batteries for electric vehicles. , and cobalt is a vital component in electric vehicle batteries. However, companies like Tesla are trying to find a way to produce cobalt-free batteries, but no solution has yet been found.” – KingDexter34 / Reddit

What (and how) 30+ products and things are made of, which we are not used to thinking about

21. “Food in a restaurant. As a former waiter, I can say that most people would be shocked at the way their food is prepared and the lack of quality/effort that goes into it. I'm not talking about fine, expensive cuisine because I have never worked in these establishments. I mean inexpensive mass restaurants and cafes. Usually, in such places, cheap low, quality food is used. Watch the movie "Big Grub" in an ordinary, inexpensive chain restaurant. There's a lot of truth in it." — bcjc78 / Reddit

22. “Silk. The extraction of raw silk begins with the cultivation of silkworms on mulberry leaves. As soon as the worms begin to pupate in their cocoons, they are dissolved in boiling water…” — dreadedxalchemy / Reddit

23. “Fake art paintings. Some copyrighted (signed) works of art are fake. I used to work in an art printing house, where we made copies of images by some famous artists.

We were forced to learn all the artists' signatures, and we signed the paintings by hand. We even had special printers that could imitate signatures (by the way, to comply with the law, we also put a warning in small print on the paintings that these were not authentic autographs).

But customers only saw this text after buying. I am sure that most buyers would never have bought the engravings if they knew their signatures were not original. – Dr_Edge_ATX / Reddit

24. “Meat in stores. I worked in 2 different meat departments in 2 grocery stores. is about to go bad. This marinade hides how bad the meat looks and beats off the smell. — Mroder1 / Reddit

"Color of meat. The characteristic bright red color of the meat is the result of treatment with carbon monoxides and food colorings such as Red No. 40 and lycopene extract. ANY red meat is a SCAM." —

25. “Inexpensive motorhomes. They are not very high quality and modern. Everything is securely fixed. All supposedly "trendy and new" electronics are outdated and inefficient. Manufacturers use the cheapest materials, and all motorhomes are built in 8 hours. House for rest and travel on wheels. For 8 hours?! Are you seriously?!" — Leftydude777 / Reddit

“When you get into a relatively new and relatively expensive van and touch something, it all feels pretty damn cheap. How do you like the furniture? Cheap chipboard with plastic cladding. The sofa cushions seem stuffed with 20-year-old soft toys. The bathroom door seems to be about to break if you touch it. The list goes on and on. I don’t understand how everything can be so expensive and at the same time seem so cheap.” — sharp/Reddit

26. “Parmesan cheese. An essential ingredient in its production is abomasum (part of the stomach of a young calf, lamb, or kid, in which the enzyme renin is produced). — MasterMirror92 / Reddit

"There's a 'ParmesanGate' video online about the fake parmesan market - it turns out only cows in Italy have the right bacteria, which then gets into their milk, which is used to make real parmesan cheese." —

27. "Gelatin." — fundyfisher/Reddit

“Imagine a giant vat filled with thousands of pigskins (or cattle skins) being boiled. The protein is separated from the skin, cleaned, and deodorized. It turns out gelatin. The rest is thrown away. By the way, all this is cooked with bones and tendons. Including sometimes fish is added to the vat. ” — fundyfisher/Reddit

28. “Energy drinks. I worked in a bottling plant. Beverage tanks are never properly cleaned until a build-up affects the taste. Although cleaning the tank is not necessary. The fact is that energy drinks are so acidic and chemical that bacteria and mold do not form in drinks.” — 1skepticalguy/Reddit

29. “Crab chips. First, boil the crabs. This creates a lot of foam on top of the boiling water. It is separated, pressed into shavings, and dried. This is what chips are made from. After I found out about this, I stopped eating them.” — bulwix/Reddit

30. “Wine. . But not only grapes get into the mixer, but also branches, leaves, insects and even mice, etc.” — control / Reddit

31. “Syrup for cocktails. Boil equal parts sugar and water. Let cool. The syrup is ready. — literally step back / Reddit

32. “Citric acid. Most citric acid is produced from fungi of the genus Penicillium. Now I don’t want to eat all the products where there is this acid. ” — LilaInTheMaya / Reddit

33. “Palm oil. After I learned the history of palm plantations to produce palm oil, I made it my mission to cut it out of my life completely.” Junduk / Reddit

“Palm oil is the leading cause of massive deforestation around the world. The most significant production volume falls in South America and Southeast Asia (Indonesia). There are moratoriums on new palm oil plantations, but companies get around this issue by paying criminals to set forest fires so that companies can buy land where the forest used to be for a penny.

Deforestation destroys the habitat of animals such as orangutans and tigers. And all the fires in the forest are also the burning of peat. Peat is, in fact, forest debris, which contains a vast amount of CO2. By burning it, we quickly release all this CO2 into the atmosphere.

Worst of all, the plantations are only good for one or two cycles, then the land is essentially abandoned, and new plantations are created. I believe palm oil production is the most significant environmental disaster in history.” - delayed registration / Reddit.

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At least eight people have been killed and at least nine injured in Russian bombings, an adviser to Ukraine's interior minister said.

Video footage indicates that Russian missiles have hit population centers in major Ukrainian cities, despite claims by the Russian military that they are aimed only at military infrastructure. An adviser to Ukraine's interior ministry says Russian bombings across Ukraine have left one dead and one injured. In Mariupol, seven residential buildings caught fire, and a shell hit Kramatorsk airfield.

Russia's attack on Thursday morning could lead to a huge influx of refugees from Ukraine, a country of 44 million people, so preparations are being made in several Central European states to receive them.

"Reception points for Ukrainian refugees will be set up in the next few hours," Polish Deputy Interior Minister Pawel Szefernaker told Agerpres.

Eight such points will be set up as a first step near the border with Ukraine to provide food, medical care and information to potential refugees, he said.

A spokesman for the Polish government said his country's diplomatic missions in Ukraine would remain open as long as possible, but the foreign ministry urged all Poles to leave the country. Hungary has also stated that its embassy in Kiev will remain open. Instead, the Czech Republic has closed the embassy, ​​but remains open in the consulate in Lviv, western Ukraine.

Hungary has said it will send troops to the border area with Ukraine - without saying how many there will be - for security and humanitarian purposes, but no troops were visible on Thursday morning.

Hungary must prepare to receive tens of thousands of refugees if necessary, but also for the possibility of soldiers involved in fighting to 'cross' the border, as happened during the war in Yugoslavia in 1999, it said on Wednesday evening. Defense Minister Tibor Benko.

Slovakian railways have suspended services to Ukraine, and the low-cost airline Wizz has stopped all flights to and from Ukraine. On Thursday morning, at the western borders of Ukraine, the traffic was found to have intensified slightly.

"We see a moderate increase in traffic at the border with Ukraine, we assume that it will intensify during the day," said an official from the Slovak Interior Ministry.

"Slovakia is ready to help, we could allow access to people who do not have all the necessary documents," he added.

For his part, Ukrainian Ambassador to Prague Perebyjnis Yevhen told a news conference that he could not "rule out some waves of refugees."

"But they will be in the western part of Ukraine rather than abroad," he said.

About 260,000 Ukrainians live in the Czech Republic, and tens of thousands work in Hungary, which has a large minority of about 140,000 people just beyond the common border.

In Bulgaria, President Rumen Radev said authorities were ready to evacuate more than 4,000 ethnic Bulgarians from Ukraine by land and were ready to house other Ukrainian refugees. Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said Bulgaria would prepare hotels and other tourist facilities for the purpose.

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Whether you are on a gluten-free diet or not, you should consider celebrating Gluten-Free International Day on January 13th. International Gluten-Free Day was first organized in 2014 to raise awareness of gluten-free diets. Although the gluten-free diet has become an extravagant eating habit, it is essential for those with celiac disease not to consume gluten, as it is an autoimmune disease that affects the small intestine when consuming gluten.

Gluten is a family of proteins that are generally found in wheat, barley, rye and spelled.

Its name comes from the Latin word for "glue", because it gives the flour obtained from these cereals a sticky consistency when mixed with water.

This glue-like property is what gives bread the ability to grow when it is baked and gives the bread that chewy and satisfying texture.

It is found in bread, but also in beer, pasta and various pastries. It can also be found in various sausages, in sauces and especially in soy sauce.

This is actually why it is difficult to avoid gluten.

How gluten works

The body considers gluten to be a foreign substance and does not understand that it is nutritious. Therefore, the gluten that reaches the intestine causes panic and the intestines react by sending antibodies to attack unknown substances.

This causes the immune system to go into a hyper alert state and will cause the body to attack its own tissues, thus damaging its own intestinal villi.

These villi are parts in the form of fingers that are located in the small intestine and that help a lot to absorb nutrients from food.

As a result, you are slowly losing all the nutrients in your diet that you normally need to be healthy.

The higher the gluten intolerance and the more untreated it is, the higher the risk of cancer, vitamin D deficiency, thyroid problems and miscarriage.

How gluten affects you

Most people can eat gluten-free foods without experiencing side effects. However, people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease have very unpleasant side effects, so they completely avoid this protein.

People with other disorders, such as wheat allergy and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, also frequently avoid gluten.

Apart from these allergies, there are 4 reasons why you should avoid gluten.

Celiac disease is becoming more common and many people do not have a concrete diagnosis. These include people who have an abnormal immune response to gluten, which means that they will experience severe bowel problems, malnutrition and a general condition.

Gluten sensitivity seems to be more common than the reports actually say.

Gluten can have negative effects even in people who are not sensitive to gluten because the body can have various side effects to this protein.

There are several brain disorders that are associated with gluten such as autism, schizophrenia and epilepsy. Patients may experience relief from these symptoms as a result of following gluten-free diets.

Gluten Free Diet

The gluten-free diet is currently the only effective therapy that will guarantee people with a very good state of digestive health, which is characterized by the disappearance of clinical symptoms and ensures the normalization of test results, while restoring the normal structure of the intestinal mucosa.

The therapy is helped by the existence of a large list of products for people with celiac disease, including bread, pasta, pizza dough, biscuits and gluten-free flour.

In order to be much easier to identify, the products have the symbol of a cut ear of wheat, this being a brand that has the role of guaranteeing the absence of gluten.

From the moment the European Union issued the recent directive on the labeling and identification of foods considered at risk, it has been much easier to implement this diet. The special directive requires food producers to declare the presence of gluten in their products even when we are talking about a small amount of gluten.

Very often the deliberate and involuntary swallowing of small amounts of gluten does not cause immediate irritation but is dangerous in the long run and very long due to the risk of persistent intestinal inflammation.

That is why it is important to pay attention to all aspects, throughout the diet. However, it is important that you do not end up with a gluten phobia or excessive dietary anxiety.

Gluten Free Food List

There are many gluten-free, healthy and delicious foods that are allowed in the gluten-free diet. Here is a list of foods you can use with confidence:

  • Beans, seeds, hazelnuts and lentils
  • Fresh eggs
  • Fresh fish and poultry but not cooked as snails, marinade or breadcrumbs
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Most dairy products

It is very important to avoid products that have been industrially processed or that are mixed with certain ingredients that contain gluten, preservatives and additives.

  • Corn and corn
  • Amaranth
  • Buckwheat
  • Flaxseed
  • Gluten-free flour from soybeans, corn, rice, potatoes, lupins, beans;
  • Rice pasta, buckwheat, flour, peas, lentils, beans
  • Quinoa
  • Rice
  • Tapioca (read more about tapioca)
  • Soy
  • Sorghum

Gluten-free foods in the diet

It is recommended to avoid all foods that contain gluten. Thus, the following is on the list of prohibited foods:

  • Barley - malt, malt flavor and malt vinegar are generally made from barley
  • Triticale which is actually a hybrid between wheat and rye
  • Wheat - it is recommended to avoid wheat and this is basically the biggest challenge because all wheat products are many. There are countless types of wheat flour on store shelves - plain flour, bromine flour, enriched flour, phosphate flour, for growing, etc. There are also other types of wheat products to avoid: durum wheat flour, semolina, spelled flour or graham flour.
  • It is recommended to avoid all flour products that have not passed on without gluten.

There are some grains, such as oats, that can be contaminated with wheat during the industrial processing stage or during production. For this reason, it is recommended to avoid oats, except when the products are labeled as gluten-free.

In addition, it is recommended to pay close attention to products that contain gluten indirectly such as:

  • Food additives such as malt flavor, processed starch foods and others
  • Medicines and vitamins that use gluten as a binder
  • There is also gluten contamination

Contamination can occur when gluten-free foods come in contact with gluten-free foods. This is generally the case at the production stage, for example, when the same manufacturing equipment is used for a large number of foods, including gluten-free and gluten-free.

There are also labels that say it may contain traces of gluten, but this form of warning is often optional.

Foods may even be labeled gluten-free. If a product has such a mention, it means that it complies with the norms imposed by the National Institute of Public Health. The important condition is that the product contains less than one-20th per million gluten concentrations.

If the product says no wheat, it may contain gluten.

It is recommended to read the entire list of ingredients for extra safety and if you are not convinced ask the seller for details.

Contamination can also occur at home

If you use the same toaster for normal and gluten-free bread, there is a source of contamination. We recommend that you think about the steps that are necessary to prevent contamination at home, at work or at school.

Be careful when dining at the restaurant. Ask if there are any gluten-free products and if they are cooked separately from gluten-free products so that you can effectively avoid contamination.

If you inadvertently consume a product that contains gluten, it is very likely that you will have stomach pain and diarrhea. There are people who have no symptoms, but that does not mean that the small intestine is not affected.

Even traces of gluten in food can be harmful no matter how visible the symptoms are. If you suffer from celiac disease and do not follow a completely gluten-free diet, you can have serious complications over time and even bowel cancer can set in.

Benefits of a gluten-free diet

The onset of this diet is generally associated with the rapid disappearance of clinical symptoms. Antibody tests are normalized and the normal structure of the intestinal mucosa is restored.

In people with typical symptoms, the effects of this diet are remarkable: in just a few days they will see a great improvement in their mood and appetite, which will be closely followed by the relief of diarrheal symptoms and the resumption of nutritional absorption.

Metabolic conditions such as osteoporosis and anemia caused by iron deficiency tend to resolve gradually.

In addition, adopting a gluten-free diet in the early stages of the disease reduces the risk of long-term complications, but does not completely rule out the possibility of autoimmune hormonal disorders that are associated with celiac disease. They can be autoimmune thyroiditis, a disease that often occurs in women during puberty.

Other benefits of a gluten-free diet include reduced inflammation, fewer processed foods, improved overall health, reduced risk of illness, and the consumption of whole grains.

A gluten-free diet will bring major beneficial effects to the health of anyone trying it. You don't have to be gluten intolerant or have celiac disease to quit your diet.

How to effectively eliminate gluten from your diet

To get rid of gluten quickly and effectively from your diet, follow the steps below, and the gluten-free diet will no longer be so complicated:

Buy products online only - One of the easiest ways to eliminate gluten from your diet is to find an online store that will provide you with the entire section of gluten-free foods. This way you can avoid the confusion on the shelves and you don't have to waste much time reading the labels on the products. You can be sure that this way you will find everything you need in one place.

Create the reflex to read the labels - if you still go to a store and want to buy food from there, read all the labels on the products and always learn to do that. You will find out if a particular product contains gluten or if it can be bought without worries.

Replace all foods that contain gluten from your diet - if you have a gluten intolerance, it should not stop you from eating cereals, pasta and bread when you like. You can replace them with pasta, cereals, bread and other similar products that do not contain gluten and which are especially in stores that have organic products.

Remember that many foods are gluten-free - for example, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, even fish, eggs, cheese and other similar dairy products are not gluten-free, so you can include them as staple foods in your diet.

What are the alcoholic beverages you can consume? Cider, liqueur, wine and spirits do not contain gluten, but beer is not at all a gluten-free diet drink.

Avoid contaminating food when you have celiac disease or severe gluten intolerance. Use separate dishes for more food and wash food containers carefully.

We even recommend that you avoid cereals that you normally know should not contain gluten if this is not on the label.

If the label states that the products do not contain gluten, there is a good chance that they have been processed and packaged in special lines only for these products.

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Amazon has been accused of raising the prices of essential products such as disinfectant soap and toilet paper, according to a report by a consumer rights group.


The Public Citizen report looked at more than 10 products, including those sold by third parties and those "sold by Amazon." Thus, between May and August, the prices of some products increased fourfold, violating Amazon's own pricing policy.


Amazon is raising prices on face masks and disinfectants in the worst phase of the pandemic. The complaint came from an American consumer association that found that the prices of certain products had risen by 1000% compared to the prices of Amazon listed above or those of other retailers.


In response to this report, Amazon said that "there was no room for price increases" in its service, including products that it sells directly. "Our systems are designed to offer customers the best price online and if we see an error we work quickly to resolve it," said a spokesman. The prices for hand sanitizers would have increased by 48%, but other disposable masks have reached the addition of 1,000%, Public Citizen reports.


Examples of prices increased on Amazon


1.Disposable Face Masks Package: 1000% Price Increase

Disposable face masks has been priced as high as $39.99. The price for 50 masks generally were around $4 before the pandemic. In of the reviews there was indicated that the straps fall off and that the packaging does not contain the total amount of masks.


2.Hand Sanitizer: 48% Price Increase

 On August 16, 2020, there was sold on Amazon a 12-pack of 8oz. “Germ-X Hand Sanitizer” for $35.38. The same day, on another site it was sold for $1.99.


3.Disinfectant Spray: 87% Price Increase

Antibacterial disinfectant sprays are hard to find anywhere online. The “Bissell Woolite Advanced Stain and Odor Remover + Sanitize” has been available on Amazon for more than five years priced at $6.99 but has been marked up routinely since March 19, 2020, when it was priced at $13.04.



4.Antibacterial Soap: 470% Price Increase

The “Dial Liquid Hand Soap, Spring Water, 7.5 Fl. Oz” which has been priced on in recent months as high as $7 and as low as $1.49.


5.Nitrile Disposable Gloves: 336% Price Increase

The pack of 100 “Safeguard Nitrile Disposable Gloves” is sold on for $29.95 but before the pandemic was sold by Amazon for as little as $8.91.


6.Toilet Paper: 528% Price Increase

The “Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll, 8 Toilet Paper Rolls” was sold for $36.39. This represents a 528% price increase over the $6.89, the price that other sites offer.


7.Paper Towels: 303% Price Increase

Amazon recently sold “Brawny Tear-A-Square Paper Towels, 8 Rolls” for $46.94, a 303% increase over the recent low price of $15.49.


8.Flour: 425% Price Increase

The recently sold flour on Amazon named “Pillsbury BEST All Purpose Unbleached Flour, 5 Pound (Pack of 8)” was for $80.35. When a bag of flour is typically sold for as little as $2.36.


9.Sugar: 520% Price Increase

Like with flour and other house-holding products, shortages and increased demand have been common with sugar. Amazon recently sold “Domino Pure Cane Confectioners Powdered Sugar, 1 lb” for $5.56 per box, when the price of $1.07 is available on other sites.


10.Corn Starch: 1010% Price Increase

This month Amazon sold “Clabber Girl Corn Starch, 6.5 Ounce” for $8.99, a stunning 1010% increase over the $0.89 that other retailers charge for this item.


11.Rice: 641% Price Increase

Amazon recently sold “Goya Canilla Enriched Extra Long Grain Rice, 48oz, Arroz Enriquecido de Grano Extra Largo” for $19.99. While in other online shops there is a price of $3.12 for this item.


Amazon uses automated systems and human moderators to identify pricing trends on the platform. However, according to Public Citizen, the technology giant has failed to keep price increases at a distance not only from third-party suppliers but also from its own brands.

Price scam is an exploitation of the most vulnerable, especially during a national emergency. There is no excuse for Amazon, one of the largest and most successful companies in history.



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A balanced diet with the right foods is the cornerstone of a healthy body. True, different peoples have very different taste preferences, and food that is considered healthy and useful in one part of the world may not be consumed at all in another. Although, of course, something in common is found in the cuisines of most peoples of the world. Bemorepanda collected some interesting facts about different products.


1. If you find it difficult to wake up in the morning, one fresh apple will help with this task even better than a cup of strong coffee.

Картинки по запросу "apples"


2. Coffee and tea are quite addictive in many people.

Картинки по запросу "coffee and tea"


3. Puffer fish is considered the most dangerous food in the world. If not properly prepared, you can easily die by eating just a bite. Fugu is only served in the best restaurants in Japan.

Картинки по запросу "puffer fish"


4. Nowadays, many additional ingredients are added to bread, one of the staple foods. One of these food additives is a product of duck feather processing.

Картинки по запросу "bread"


5. Honey, so popular in many countries, is the semi-digested pollen that bees regurgitate.

Картинки по запросу "honey"


6. In an especially large dosage, coffee can easily be poisoned.

Картинки по запросу "coffee"


7. In a number of Asian and African countries, insects, cooked in one way or another, are quite common and demanded food product.

Картинки по запросу "cooked insects"


8. In total, about 2 thousand species of plants for food are grown in the world.

Картинки по запросу "plants food"


9. Natural food colors are made not only from plant materials, but also from insects, in particular from some species of beetles.

Картинки по запросу "plants food"


10. Over the past decades, the content of nutrients in food has decreased significantly, as the priority is to reduce costs, not improve quality.

Картинки по запросу "plants food"


11. Some varieties of green apples shine so beautifully because a gene from a salmon fish has been inserted into them.

Картинки по запросу "green apples"


12. Apples, as you know, are very useful, but their bones are poisonous, especially in large quantities.

Картинки по запросу "green apples"


13. The usual orange carrot was once purple. Its orange varieties were bred by people, not nature.

Картинки по запросу "carrot"


14. We often decorate our meals with fresh herbs. This is a very old tradition - for example, the ancient Romans used parsley for this purpose.

Картинки по запросу "fresh herbs"


15. The smell of garlic repels mosquitoes. However, it sometimes scares people off too).

Картинки по запросу "garlic"


16. Dairy products are not in demand in most Asian countries, with the exception of the Philippines.

Картинки по запросу "dairy producst"


17. Oysters are indeed a natural aphrodisiac, and quite powerful.

Картинки по запросу "oysters"


18. Apples and peaches absorb more pesticides as they grow and ripen than any other fruit.

Картинки по запросу "apples and peaches"


19. Onions, when cut, release a corrosive gas that irritates the eyes, which is why tears come to them.

Картинки по запросу "onions"


20. Of all meat products, the top 3 most popular are chicken, beef and pork.

Картинки по запросу "meat"


21. Bananas are very popular in many countries. In India alone, they are grown over 20 million tons annually.

Картинки по запросу "bananas"


22. Bananas, melons and watermelons are botanically referred to as berries, and tomatoes are referred to as fruits.

Картинки по запросу "bananas mealon watermelon"


23. Among all fruits, apples are the first in the world in popularity. Oranges follow with a small margin.

Картинки по запросу "apples"


24. Honey can be stored longer than any other food. Subject to a number of conditions, it may not deteriorate until 2000-3000 years.

Картинки по запросу "honey"


25. In Southeast Asia, hot peppers are included in almost all dishes.

Картинки по запросу "hot peppers"

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