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Did you know that treasures can be found in the most unexpected places and that you don't even need a pirate treasure map? After all, what has value looks different for everyone. For one, it is gold and money, but for another, a thing that he always dreamed of, but could not find. In New York, for example, there is a tradition of leaving unnecessary items right on the sidewalk so that anyone can pick them up. This is how some people get rid of what they no longer need, while others get what they have been looking for for a long time. Bemorepanda collected some of them.


This is the catch! Now someone will have a real jungle at home

1ruy 1


A real gem! Everything that Smeg produces costs a lot of money, so these guys are very lucky.



Such a find can only be envied.



It is unclear how anyone was able to throw away this beautiful mirror.

4кен 23


Isn't it great?

5кен 7


"Look what I found in the dumpster tonight. These are not just trinkets, but real jewelry."



An excellent couch for a psychotherapist's office. I just want to lie down on it and relax

7гш 10


"I have even incorporated this dressing table into my interior. In my opinion, quite well."

8нг 22


"My God! Why would anyone decide to get rid of this luxurious piece of furniture ?!"

9нш 4


An ideal subway ride should look like this

10г 6


Just a luxurious cage that someone took and left on the street

11енг 5


"Found these brand new boots today with a tag just a week after my winter boots broke!"

12екн 5


"I don't know what I'm going to do with this, but this is a fully working vintage sewing machine."

13енг 6


"Found this pair of sterling silver earrings last night in the trash can. My joy was boundless!"

14ryu 12


"A couple of days ago I found this really cool bottle opener in the dumpster!"

15нег 12


"Found this first 1934 edition of Mary Poppins in a trash can. Good luck!"

16енг 19


A real gem!

17енг 34


"These beauties are vintage and not for sale anywhere. Who thought of throwing them away?"

19нег 17


"Is it strange that I expect to open this closet and see a magical portal there?"

20гш 8

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Many people have a bad day, but believe that it can be even worse. Bemorepanda has collected a few cases of sitrugere in the house, which seem funny but actually with a huge cost and a bad mood for the whole day.

You are probably attracted to the idea of small renovations in early spring, when all things are surrounded by a fresh and innovative air. Before you let your initiative be stopped by the idea of mountains of dust and dirt usually brought by a house renovation, consider some changes with maximum impact, which do not leave behind chaos and disaster.

Here are the renovations that did not happen without destroying the walls or facing other "disasters" specific to these works in the house.

1.When it snows in Norway

2.Removing a load-bearing wall 

3.DIY fail

4.Weed killer

5.Incorrent door measure

6.Winter and a water valve

7.Too hot in Australia

8.Fail day


10.Rude thing

11.The plant and the toilet

12.Falling kitchen cabinets

13.When nature wins

14.Dying the closet

15.Glitter lovers

16.Because of storm, the grill went in for a bath

17.Ok, learn to draw

18.A cool soda

19.Fire Alarm

20.Falling door

21.At job today

22.A sad ending

23.Slipped in the shower, landed on the toilet

24.Wind creation

25.Lowest bidder

26.The snik exploded

27.Broken toilet

28.A bigger bucket needed

29.I think this will help

30.Gravity wins

31.This sucked

32.Non sustaining business is closed during pandemic

33.Painted doors

34.Cabinet fell off the wall


35.Arrived toilet

36.I’m locked in

37.Sad party

38.Roof caved

39.Modern painting

40.Hello, tree

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