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Sometimes the owners and employees of restaurants can be dishonest .. and on the leg .. and everything else. In any kitchen, people work who, in turn, make mistakes, but some make them by accident, while others simply because they are shameless pigs who do not respect their customers. Bemorepanda have collected 20 stories for you, when people took pictures of various abominations in restaurants and cafes, which will remind you to always check what you eat and where.

“Found this in my food at the Taco Bell restaurant. I'm sick"

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“A restaurant in Philadelphia known for its fried wings. Pretty disgusting .. "

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A diner in which it is unlikely that now anyone will order anything, except for those who like this kind of piquancy

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"A new cutting board has appeared in a local Chinese restaurant"

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In the window of one of the restaurants. Pay attention to his hands - he is wearing one glove

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Buffet at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, France


"At a local fast food"

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This is how they defrost chicken in this restaurant

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Subway employee poking her feet right behind the counter

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And this girl spits on food for likes


"Found a bolt in my chili plate"

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"I found this in my drink at the restaurant."

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Yes, it's a stink beetle.


"Local taco flavor"

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"A restaurant where employees stand on the counter (right at the place where food is prepared) without shoes."

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"In a restaurant that sells ice cream"

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"A serving of jam on a plate in a prestigious restaurant .."



"I think I found the secret ingredient in these chicken sandwiches."

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And, unfortunately, it's a trash can.


“My husband and I went on a date to a famous restaurant in downtown Fullerton [California, USA] where he ordered soup of the day. Potatoes with a strange addition. They seem to be out of cream. "

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"A sign of a bad restaurant when it hangs over your table."

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"These door curtains at a sushi restaurant"

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