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@5933_panda_4808 Gene Kelly or frank sinatra

Stray is a video game in which the protagonist is a cat, but it was not created just for memes, it is an adventure game that brings us a new perspective and one with an emotional story and likable characters.


Stray has piqued the internet's curiosity ever since it was revealed at a PlayStation event. And rightly so since it was a cat-starring game in a cyberpunk environment. If one thing is certain in this world, it is people's fascination with cats.


Stray memes and pictures


In Stray you play with an unnamed cat with whom you can do all the cat things: walk, sleep, bathe, climb objects, knock things over, hide in boxes, and claw at furniture and carpets. If it was just that, it would probably be enough for cat lovers, but Stray is more than that, and we recommend it to non-cat lovers as well.


1. Cat help


2. Meow


3. Voice actor


Stray starts with a group of cats on a walk, you control one of them, the most orange one, and as a kind of little tutorial you start exploring the environment, jumping from one object to another and meowing. At one point, you slip and your furry friends look on helplessly as you fall. You find yourself in a cyberpunk city that seems to be populated only by robots.


Through messages you are directed to a house where you come across a small drone that seems to have belonged to a scientist. It will help you in your adventure and can unlock doors, translate robot language and communicate with the cat. Basically, this little drone is the only direct way you perceive the story being told by the game. Indirectly you learn a lot just by observation, through short conversations with robots, and the environment can tell more than you think.


Stray isn't just the adventure of this cat trying to get back to the surface, it's also a mystery where you try to find out what's wrong with this city, where are the people, what's going on with these robots and why aren't they trying to get out on the surface.


It's an interesting thing to have a cat as your protagonist because you have another useful perspective both from the gameplay point of view, which I'll talk about later, but also from the story point of view. As a cat you are a very good observer of what is happening around you because you are small and you are not much noticed, especially by robots who are not familiar with the existence of such animals. You can observe them from a distance and watch them go about their useless existence in this closed city. There is even a button, L2, with which you can zoom in and thus better perceive the atmosphere of this sad city.


The story is short and you'll finish it in about 5-6 hours of gameplay, depending on how much you're willing to explore. A bit short for a video game, but if it was longer I think it would have affected the quality of the final product.


4. Playing Stray


5. System requirements to run Stray


6. Feelings


7. Moding community


8. Male fantasy


With this game people started to be more understanding with their cat who climbs on the typewriter at night, on the headboard of the bed, who knocks things off the desk or the chest of drawers, who claws at the door frames and who sometimes just run around the house. 


Even when you didn't need to you were climbing on things, why? Because the perspective was too low: cats are small creatures and the environment is one created by humans for humans. This means that in a chair or on a table you can see things differently and have a wider perspective on your surroundings and dangers. It's no wonder cats prefer high places because they have a better view of what's going on around them.


At the same time, knocking over objects, walking over keyboards is simply fun and satisfying. The game was created by cats, not humans, so much fun to climb on the table and knock over glasses and bottles.


Our cat has no super powers, nothing special. He's just a fast, smart, but vulnerable cat. In this world there are creatures like oversized worms that eat everything they catch, including robots. At first our cat has no choice and all he can do is run away from them, but later he will get his hands on a weapon that you can use against them.


Besides that there are times when you have to solve various simple puzzles like move an object to one side to climb on it to jump to another and so on. There are also side quests in the game, but they are all related to the main quest, and that's a good thing. Most of them are simple, but it couldn't be otherwise, after all you are a cat without superpowers and without opposable fingers.


9. Follow


10. Bruh


11. Mod turns the cat


12. Mewo button


13. Perfect


14. Had you time


15. My cat


16. CJ


17. No context




19. Perfect game


20. Stary reviews


21. Orange


22. Love this game


23.  A game about a cat


24. Playing Stray


25. So cute


26. Press B to meow


27. Winner


28. Stray now


29. Pspspspsps


30. A must in the game



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@Theturtle202 OMG! I want that game soooo bad!

People are most often concerned about the strength of other people, and they, as a rule, forget about animals, and in vain, since their capabilities far exceed human ones. Bemorepanda has compiled a list of the 10 most powerful animals on the planet, whose power cannot fail to impress. You can hardly guess who is at the bottom of the list, so get ready to be amazed!


Grizzly bear


Can lift objects over 500 kg, which is ~ 0.8 times their average body weight.


Green anaconda


This snake can squeeze someone to death, equal to its average weight of 250 kg.




Elephants are the strongest mammals and the strongest land animals. The African elephant can weigh up to 6.35 tons, while it can carry up to 9 tons, which is the weight of 130 adults.


Musk ox


A musk ox can carry an object of about 900 kg, which is 1.5 times its average weight.




A tiger can drag an object weighing about 550 kg onto a 3-meter tree. This is roughly double their average body weight.




The eagle is the most powerful bird, capable of lifting something 4 times its own weight during flight. Moreover, they weigh up to 6 kg.




Gorillas can lift about 2 tons (about 30 people can lift the same amount), which is more than 10 times their average weight.


Leaf cutter ant


These ants carry things in their jaws that weigh 50 times their average weight (about 0.5 grams). It's like trying to lift a truck with your teeth.


Rhinoceros beetle


These small beetles can lift things 850 times their own weight. For comparison, if a person had the strength of a rhinoceros beetle, he could lift a 65-ton object. And if an elephant had the same strength, it could carry 850 elephants on its back.



The dung beetle is not only the most powerful insect in the world, but also the most powerful animal on the planet compared to its body weight. They can push objects 1,141 times their own weight. In the case of humans, this is how the average person would push six double-decker buses packed with people.

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Surely many recall with horror the lessons of labor that we were taught at school. And, if you were not given the task to knit a sweater, then you probably made rugs from shreds. Of course, perhaps it was then that some of us had a craving for needlework, which marked the beginning of a creative path. The folks in our article, for example, have found their passion in knitting and are so adept at using knitting needles that they get amazing results!


“I am a man who usually knits socks, scarves and hats for my family. Finally, I knitted myself a sweater. "



“I made these socks that turn legs into cat paws. It turned out just mi-mi-mi "



"I knitted a lace shawl for my mom, but first I tried it on myself."



"The wedding dress I knitted for my sister last year."



“My little brother asked me to make more animal socks! It was a lot of fun knitting these guys. "



"The cutest woodlice in the world!"



"For the first time, I had to admit that I really know what I'm doing!"



"I knitted my first sweater for myself, not forgetting about my little fluffy friend."



"I knitted this dress myself after a vintage 1958 pattern."



"It was difficult, but I did it."




"My cat has such a cute face that I just could not resist tying a sweater with his image."



“After that dark year we had, I wanted some light in 2021”



“I have been knitting for many years, but only recently have I learned to knit in a circle. This is one of my first projects and I love it! "



"After 16 months, I finally finished this blanket."



"I knitted it with my own hands!"




“I mostly crochet, but my dear Santa gave me a set of knitting needles last Christmas. And I knitted a huge ... sock! "



"I made this amazing zebra sweater after the 1987 pattern!"



"All the mushrooms that I have tied in the last year"



"Fish socks are ready!"



"My knitted sweater with the image of Wedzday Addams"



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Every year on the first Sunday in February, the US hosts the final game of the National Football League - The Super Bowl. From a purely sporting event, the Super Bowl has long turned into a super show. We tell the story of the best performances of this cup, which have become iconic for pop culture and fashion - from Carol Channing to The Weeknd. 


This year, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar will take the world's biggest stage and perform at the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show. Now let’s check the best performances of the past years.


From the point of view of Americans, a football match seems to be an amazing phenomenon. The surprising thing is that since 1967, when the National Football League and the American Football League began the process of merging, the Super Bowl has become more and more popular until it became a national phenomenon. Now the final game of the season, during which the NFL champion is determined, has the character of a national holiday in the USA: fashionable department stores like Bergdorf Goodman decorate windows in her honor and come up with capsule collections, and the Americans themselves sit en masse in front of TV screens - on the day of the finals in the USA they buy and eat only a little less food than at Thanksgiving. The TV broadcast of the game is so popular that over the years the match itself has been moved to the evening hours so that the breaks fall on Sunday prime time. Especially for this broadcast, brands traditionally release separate commercials (one minute of air during the Super Bowl costs about $ 8 million) - this is exactly how the first iPhone ad was shown for the first time.


The fashion industry, greedy for big news events, could not ignore such an event and throughout the existence of the Super Bowl systematically made its way inside the football game. Since 1970, mini-concerts have been held between half-times - a little less than 15 minutes, the so-called half-time performances, at which the most famous artists at the time of the game perform. The next morning, the sports media are talking about the score, and the rest of the media are talking about the performances and costumes prepared by the fashion brand teams for the Super Bowl. We have selected the most iconic.


2021 The Weeknd, Miley Cyrus and more


In 2021, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida has three times fewer people than usual. Due to anti-COVID measures, the performances had to be moved from the field to the stage installed in the stands (for the first time in the 55-year history of the Super Bowl!). However, even this did not prevent a grandiose show. Super Bowl 2021 headliner The Weeknd was joined by poet Amanda Gorman, r'n'b singer Jazmine Sullivan, singer H.E.R. and Miley Cyrus.


The first viewers saw Cyrus, who hosted a special TikTok show Tailgate in honor of the doctors (with a Tik Tok broadcast, of course). Miley appeared on stage first in the form of a cheerleader by Michael Schmidt, and then in the interpretation of football equipment, which was created especially for Miley by Gucci designers, by the way, the inscription FTW on the top stands for for the win. To the delight of the older audience, rock legends Billy Idol and Joan Jett appeared on stage with Cyrus (they also worked with Miley on her latest record). Miley was followed by Amanda Gorman, the same 22-year-old poet most of us learned about at Biden's inauguration, with a new poem about Americans fighting the pandemic. Amanda changed her Prada coat to Moschino from the spring 2021 collection, and the red headband to pearl. She was assembled for the ceremony by celebrity stylist Jason Bolden, who works with the main figures of American pop culture, from Alicia Keys to Serena Williams (you can find out how his everyday life as a stylist goes on Bolden's author's show on Netflix Styling Hollywood.



Although on the eve of the Super Bowl The Weeknd complained that he did not have enough money to repeat the appearance of Diana Ross (in 1996, the singer landed at the stadium by helicopter), his appearance on the impromptu stage turned out to be no less spectacular. The Weeknd decided not to deviate from the narrative set in 2020 and again used the image of Robert De Niro from Martin Scorsese's Casino. Givenchy creative director Matthew Williams was responsible for the outfit - according to him, it took 250 hours to create a jacket studded with rhinestones. But The Weeknd made the work easier for makeup artists – this time the singer went on stage without bandages on his face. Dancers appeared in them, and according to The Weeknd, this is a hairpin in the direction of celebrities who change their appearance for the sake of public recognition. The performance has already gone into memes, including because at the same time as The Weeknd there were thousands of his “clones” on stage - some fans decided that in the middle of the show, Abel himself was a little confused.


2020 J Lo and Shakira


JLo and Shakira's Super Bowl 2020 halftime performance ended just a few hours ago, and it's already being hailed as one of the most spectacular halftime shows in the history of halftime performances. Shakira's costumes were designed by Peter Dundas. One of them - a red crop top with Swarovski crystals and a transforming dress - was compared on the Internet with the outfit of the Gazelle from the cartoon "Zootopia", which was voiced by Shakira. Red, so popular on similar tracks, was the exception in the Super Bowl. Oddly enough, the last time Diana Ross performed in such a dress on the show was back in 1996.



The choice of outfit for Jennifer Lopez was predictable. "When people think of Jennifer, they think of Versace," said one of the singer's stylists, Mariel Hann. In just a 14-minute performance, J. Lo changed four outfits, while it took her only 8 seconds to change clothes for the longest time. So, during Jenny From The Block, she was in a leather jumpsuit with studs (she wore similar ones to concerts in the early 2000s), and Get Right sang in a sparkling bodysuit. There were also some political statements at the Super Bowl. So, at the end of the performance, J. Lo put on a voluminous cape of multi-colored feathers, forming an American flag on the outside, and Puerto Rican on the inside.


But Shakira's performance was regarded as an homage to Middle Eastern culture. The singer took to the stage with the Colombian dance troupe Swing Latino (and performed a belly dance herself), and when the track My Hips Don't Lie played, she imitated the style of Arab women festively “hooting” with joy. True, not everyone understood the allusion - and so the singer became the main meme of the Super Bowl.



The end of the show was held under the auspices of girl power. Shakira and J. Lo sang together Let's Get Loud - Lopez's hit from her debut album in 1999. And on stage, they were joined by a choir of girls, led by Jennifer Lopez's 11-year-old daughter Emmy (American Vogue has already predicted a great future for her).


2016 Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars


The performance at the Super Bowl 2016 was discussed, firstly, because the game was the fiftieth anniversary, and all the artists tried to make their performances as patriotic as possible. The incident was that absolutely everyone decided to express love for their native country in the outfits of Italian designers: Lady Gaga was in Gucci, Bruno Mars in Versace, Beyoncé in Dsquared2, and only Chris Martin's sneakers were American. Otherwise, everything was in order with the patriotic component of the halftime performance: for example, the costumes of Beyoncé dancers, which Zana Bain made, were an allusion to the uniform of the Black Panthers, a radical political group that fought against the infringement of black Americans, and on the day before the Super Bowl, the singer presented the song Formation and its video (you know what).


2015 Katy Perry and Missy Elliott


Jeremy Scott was responsible for Perry's costumes: he came up with four extravagant (sometimes even just strange) looks for the singer - from a beach ball costume to a dress made of flames, in which Katy rode onto the field, riding a huge mechanical dog. Scott is known for his commercial approach to fashion, and about the appearance of Moschino at the Super Bowl, he honestly said: "This is the most popular show of the year - it has more viewers than the Oscars!" As for Missy Elliott, in her case, the newsworthy was the very appearance on the stage after a ten-year break. Thanks to the Super Bowl, her album sales increased by more than 900 percent in the week following the match.


2014 Bruno Mars, René Fleming


Since 2012, bespoke pieces from big brands have become an important part of Super Bowl performances. For example, three years ago, the fashion component of the performance split in two - on the one hand there was Bruno Mars in a golden Yves Saint Laurent jacket, on the other - opera singer Rene Fleming in a black Vera Wang dress tailored especially for her with white draperies. As conceived by Vera, the dress was supposed to embody all the greatness of American culture, sit comfortably on Fleming and look good against the background of the orchestra. It seems that everything worked out, and in such a way that Rene did not want to donate the outfit to the museum later (in the end, she was persuaded).


2013 Beyoncé


The Super Bowl was marked by dozens of amazing performances, but Beyoncé is Beyoncé. The show, which the singer, her team and Destiny's Child came up with, was so spectacular and practiced that it seemed as if the audience was watching a 3D clip. Beyoncé came out in a body-transformer, from which, during the performance, she unfastened parts until only transparent leather lace remained on her. The outfit was designed by a young American couturier Rubin Singer - according to him, Super Bowl 2013 completely turned his career around. And we join the question of how did it happen that Beyoncé did not lose her breath during the entire performance?


2012 Madonna, M.I.A. and Nikki Minaj


The most epic performance in Super Bowl history goes to Madonna. In the form of an Egyptian queen, she drove onto the field in a huge golden chariot, which was driven by hundreds of athletes, and then sang her Vogue hit and several songs with M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj. The costumes for the show were made by Riccardo Tisci, who has already collaborated with Madonna during her three-year Sticky & Sweet tour. “People say there is a limit to everything, but with Madonna there are no limits. I'm so glad that after trying different roles, she decided to return to the music scene. Not only to give us music, but also to create fashion, to create iconic performances,” said Tisci. For the Super Bowl performance, he came up with three looks: a long gold cape, a long black cape, and a short dress with over the knee boots. The costumes for the dancers were also ordered by Givenchy.


2011 Black Eyed Peas


The Black Eyed Peas were still performing as a full line-up then, and each costume deserved a separate discussion. Fergie was dressed in a leather dress with huge shoulder pads (like American football players) covered with crystals, and huge claw rings glittered on her fingers, worn on the last phalanx. The rest of the band members were wearing leather suits with built-in LEDs. Plus, the costumes of four hundred dancers shone. This complex design and technical work was entrusted to the dance studio Just For Kix from Minnesota. Six years have passed since then, and LEDs on clothes and shoes are gradually becoming commonplace (the future is somewhere nearby).


2007 Prince


A purple P-shaped cartoon stage, matching guitar, and a sky-blue pantsuit with an orange shirt: this performance by Prince is consistently featured on all lists of the singer's best looks, and outside of such listings, he can safely be called the clearest evidence that he could wear nuclear colors like no other.


2004 Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake


Perhaps the most scandalous costume in the history of the Super Bowl. During a joint performance of the song Rock Your Body, Timberlake tore off part of the costume from Janet - the right cup of the leather corset, exposing the singer's chest. This incident became so resonant that the English-language Wikipedia has a separate article dedicated to it. CBS was fined a record $550,000, critics said that Janet's prank was a sign of moral decline in the United States, and Jackson herself had to make a public apology. The singer's PR service later explained that Janet let the costume down, but no one believed them: the singer's nipple was prudently covered with an ornament in the form of the sun. The bare-chested piece was cut from the Super Bowl footage, but it was sent to each other anyway. YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim even credits the episode as one of the reasons the video platform is so popular.


2001 Britney Spears


Strictly speaking, in 2001 she was not the only one performing at the Super Bowl - the singer was accompanied by Aerosmith, *NSYNC and Mary J. Blige. But Britney was a real personification of the beginning of the 2000s. Wearing low-cut white trousers, a crop top and a navel piercing, she was the face of a decade, defining the hottest girls for years to come. That same year, Pepsi, the official sponsor of the Super Bowl, filmed a commercial starring Britney that looked like a continuation of her performance with Aerosmith.


1996 Diana Ross


Diana Ross wouldn't be herself if her Super Bowl performance wasn't built around her as the ultimate diva of the '90s. Firstly, she changed four costumes: she went out in a red puffy dress, which transformed into a mini; then she appeared in an orange and pink mermaid dress, changed it to a gold cape with leggings and a fuchsia corset, and completed the performance in a pink and orange suit. Secondly, Ross flew out of the stadium in a helicopter. Thirdly, people lined up in giant letters Diana Ross - so that they could be seen even from space. Her performance ranks ninth in the top 10 Super Bowl performances: Diana turned costumes into part of the numbers for the first time.


1993 Michael Jackson


The press unanimously considers Michael Jackson to be the founding father of the reference halftime performance format - in general, he came up with a lot of pop-cultural phenomena that did not exist before him. For the first time, Jackson turned a Super Bowl performance into a medley of his hits and prepared separate dance routines that flowed into each other. The singer's costume has become no less legendary than the performance itself: black aviator glasses, a black military jacket with a decorative gold bandolier, and black cropped trousers with white socks. The Dsquared2 leather jacket Beyoncé wore to last year's Super Bowl is an homage to Jackson's 1993 look.


1991 New Kids on the Block



It is believed that halftime performance first became a full-fledged pop show in 1991, when the New Kids on the Block boy band was headlining the Super Bowl. Firstly, for their performance, a real Disneyland was built on the field with a huge castle and hundreds of children dressed as Disney characters. Secondly, all four members of the group could outdo models from men's glossy magazines: wide trousers with a high waist, a straight jacket for Adidas sweatpants, a vest on a naked body and a golden leather jacket, like Mick Jagger.


1988 Chubby Checker & The Rockettes Ensemble


King of the twist Chubby Checker in tight black pants and a silver wrap shirt with shoulder pads plus the famous dance group The Rockettes (44 girls in gold top hats and bodysuits), plus 88 white pianos and pianists - just imagine this party on the football field. After Checker, there were many decent performances, and some of them were much more spectacular, but there has never been more fun at the Super Bowl.


1970 Carol Channing


Actress and singer Channing became the first artist to perform at the Super Bowl. She told The Guardian she was asked to sing the hit song from the Broadway musical Hello Dolly! literally a week before the match. That halftime performance was built, by the way, not around her performance, but around the Southern University Orchestra - according to Carol, it was like her debut on Broadway. Channing took to the moving platform in a white long coat with a hood trimmed with fluffy fur. Presumably, the American couturier Nolan Miller was its author, and the coat itself later became the hallmark of the actress, and she put it on more than once for her other performances.


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