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During the protests triggered by the death of the black American George Floyd, among the target shops of the protesters' robberies was the giant Apple, from where many phones and other devices were stolen.  However, it appears that the perpetrators will not be able to use any object "purchased" illegally,

 The iPhones stolen by those who robbed Apple stores during the protests triggered by the death of George Floyd will not only not be able to be used, but would take the police directly to the thieves, informs BBC.

The stolen phones were deactivated by the company and are being tracked, and local authorities were notified of the theft.  The company sent a message displayed on their screens, explaining all these things.

 Several images with these warnings appeared on the screens of the stolen phones were later published on social networks.  Apple has temporarily closed some of its stores in the US, after a series of attacks during the BLM-Black Lives Matter movement.

 There has long been a suspicion that phones on display in Apple stores have software installed that allows them to be tracked even if they are stolen.  This was originally created if they are lost, if the buyer can no longer find his mobile.

 The photos published on social networks confirm these rumors.  An image on Twitter shows a phone with the message: "Please return the product to Apple Walnut Street.  This device has been disabled and is being tracked.  Local authorities will be alerted. "  It seems that this type of message would have appeared on all stolen electronics during this period, so thieves will not be able to enjoy their use.

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