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In 2021, we had suborbital flights, we had a rover that landed on Mars, we sent the James Webb telescope, the best so far, in space and we expect many "gifts" in 2022. What will we see in 2022 , if we look up at the sky?


Every year is good for astronomers, because a lot of phenomena happen and a lot of objects are seen on Earth


One of them will be visible for only 20 minutes, because the Moon is setting. We will have a lunar eclipse on May 16th. Basically, we will have to look at the moon in the morning, around 5 a.m, and we will find that it is very close to the horizon, because it is starting to set, but then it will start to enter the shadow of the Earth. It will be a spectacular phenomenon because we will see both the eclipsed sunset and the rising sun. 



We will have another partial solar eclipse, which will be visible from us, on October 25. There, the Sun will be about 45 percent covered by the Moon. But it is a beautiful eclipse of the Sun, which will be seen, and for us the advantage is that it is partially visible from anywhere in the world, so we should not be "upset" that others could see it in full.


The new year will surely be a delight for heavenly viewers, with plenty of celestial events on the calendar. Here are the main events in the sky in 2022, so you can prepare your binoculars and telescope.



There are 12 phases of the full moon in 2022, and two of them qualify as supermoons. The definitions of a supermoon may vary, but the term generally refers to a full moon that is brighter and closer to Earth than normal, and therefore appears larger in the night sky.


Some astronomers say that the phenomenon occurs when the Moon is at 90% of perigee, the closest to Earth in orbit. According to this definition, the full moon in June as well as July will be considered supermoon events.


Here is the list of full astronomical events for 2022:



January 17: Moon of the Wolf

February 16: Snow Month

March 18: Worm Moon

April 16: Pink Moon

May 16: Flower Month

June 14: Strawberry Month

July 13: Deer Moon

August 11: Moon Sturgeon

September 10: Harvest Month

October 9: Hunter's Month

November 8: Beaver Month

December 7: Cold Moon


Lunar and solar eclipses


Partial solar eclipses occur when the Moon passes in front of the Sun, but only blocks some of its light. Be sure to wear appropriate eclipse goggles to see solar eclipses safely, as light can be harmful to the eyes.


A partial solar eclipse on April 30 can be seen in southern South America, the southeastern Pacific Ocean and the Antarctic Peninsula.


Another eclipse on October 25 will be visible in Greenland, Iceland, Europe, Northeast Africa, the Middle East, West Asia, India and western China.


A lunar eclipse can only occur during the full moon, when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align and the Moon passes in the shadow of the Earth. The earth casts two shadows on the moon during the eclipse. The penumbra is the partial outer shadow, and the shadow is the complete, dark one.


There will be two total lunar eclipses and two partial solar eclipses in 2022, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac.


When the full moon passes in the shadow of the Earth, it darkens, but does not disappear. Sunlight passing through the Earth's atmosphere illuminates the Moon dramatically, turning it red, which is why it is often referred to as the "blood moon."


Meteor showers


The new year begins with the Quadrantid meteor shower, which is expected to peak in the night hours between January 2 and 3 for those in North America, according to the American Meteor Society.


The annual Perseid meteor shower in August is a real delight for those observing the sky, as it produces extremely many streaks of light through our atmosphere.


It is the first of 12 meteor showers during the year, although the next, the Lyrid meteor shower, does not reach its peak until April.


Here are the other rains to watch in 2022:


Lyrids: April 21-22

And Aquariids: May 4-5

Southern Delta Aquariums: July 29-30

Alpha Capricorns: July 30-31

Perseids: August 11-12

Orionids: October 20-21

Southern Taurids: November 4-5

Northern Taurids: November 11-12

Leonids: November 17-18

Geminids: December 13-14

Bears: December 21-22


If the sky remains clear, the Quarantines should reach their peak on the evening of January 3, after 20:00.


Lyride, meteor shower - April 21. In 2022, meteor showers will peak on the night of April 22 until the early hours of April 23.


Eta Aquarid, meteor shower - May 6. The meteor shower will peak on the night of May 5 to May 6.

Caused by Comet Halley, this meteor shower can be seen especially by people living in the southern hemisphere.


Super Moon - July 13th. A supermoon occurs when the Moon is closest to the Earth during its orbit, at the same time as a full moon, making the Moon appear significantly larger and brighter. In 2022 you will be able to see this show in mid-July.


Perseids, meteor showers - August 12 and 13. Perseids can be seen from mid-July to late August, but the peak will be between August 12 and 13.


Orionids, meteor showers - October 21. If it is dark at night, it is possible to see between 10 and 20 meteors in the sky every hour.


Partial solar eclipse - October 25. The eclipse will be visible in the UK, Europe and parts of the Middle East on October 25.


Geminids, meteor shower - December 14. The meteor shower will take place for about two weeks, but the meteorites can be seen best on December 14th.



The first meteor shower of the year, Quadrantidele, has its maximum manifestation period in January, in 2022 it takes place on the night of January 3 to 4. This meteor shower has its radiant in the constellation Bootes and is one of the strongest meteor currents, producing between 100 and 140 meteors per hour. The meteors of this current are bright and very fast.


In the year 2022, on April 14, we will have the phenomenon of the Black Moon (sometimes called in English "Dark Moon" - or "Lilith", meaning "Dark Moon" or "Black Moon"). The moon is the only natural satellite of planet Earth and has no light of its own, but only reflects that received from the Sun. There are several ways to calculate the occurrence of the phenomenon called the Black Moon: the third phase of the New Moon in a season in which there are four such monthly phases (a year with four seasons of three months each); the second phase of the New Moon in a month in which two such phases occur; the month in which the New Moon phase does not occur and the month in which the Full Moon phase does not occur



In 2022, there will be four eclipses (two lunar and two solar), according to NASA. Both lunar eclipses are total and will occur on May 16 and November 8, respectively. The first will be visible from the Americas, Europe and Africa, and the second from Asia, Australia, the Pacific and the two continents, according to


The 2022 solar eclipses will be partial and will occur on April 30 and October 25, respectively. April will be observed in the Southeast Pacific, and October in Europe, Northeast Africa, the Middle East and West Asia,


The four astronomical events that mark the beginning of the four seasons in 2022 occur at: March 20 17 h 33 m - spring equinox, June 21 12 h 14 m - summer solstice, September 23 04 h 04 m - autumn equinox , on December 21 23 h 38 m - the winter solstice.


On January 20, from an astrological point of view, the transition to the zodiac sign Aquarius is made, until February 18. 


In 2022, a real heavenly spectacle is announced


We also have as a spectacular phenomenon the approach of the planet Mars. Mars is approaching Earth in December and will reach about 80 million kilometers from us. At the same time, on the evening when it is best seen all year round, the Moon will cross Mars and cover it. An occultation between the Moon and Mars will be seen somewhere around 7:00 in the morning.



We have other visible planets. For example, in the morning of March, you will see four planets in the sky: Mercury, Mars, Venus and Saturn. Then Mars will meet Saturn in April, and they will be side by side in the morning. Venus will also meet Jupiter on May 1st. From July, all year round, three planets will be seen all night: Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. They will remain visible until the end of the year.


The year of the recapture of the moon


On the other hand, 2022 will be the year of the recapture of the Moon, because almost all the states that can afford it will launch probes towards the Moon. The Americans will launch their Artemis system to the moon and back, with no people on board, will test to see if everything works. India and China will also launch probes to the moon, and it appears that Ukraine also wants to launch a satellite to study the moon closely. 

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James Cameron's epic sci-fi film Avatar: The Way of the Water (2022) has hit the screens, showing audiences stunning visuals and masterful character art. An incredible world of Na'vi humanoids from the planet Pandora opens up to us; the action now takes place underwater.

Avatar 2 - the new sensation

But even more surprising is how the film was shot. You can get acquainted with the secrets of "Avatar 2" and see in the videos how the ideas and plot of the film were technically embodied. If you have yet to see this movie, then after you learn these 19 facts, you will most likely want to quickly go to the cinema or find a picture on the Web to plunge into the fantastic Universe of the legendary filmmaker again!

1. The film has a huge budget.

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

Director James Cameron tried to keep the production cost of Avatar: The Way of Water under wraps but didn't mention in interviews that it was "very, f... expensive" (quote). He also stated that the film arguably represents the worst business case in history, as to be profitable, it must be the third or fourth highest-grossing film in history to break even.

Wow, right? According to the latest sources, Cameron hit the spot as it was recently revealed that the film could have cost a whopping $350-400 million!

2. Everything animated characters do on screen, the actors acted out in real life.

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

One of the critical differences between Avatar 2 and other films that use computer characters is that all the actors of the second Avatar acted out their scenes. And the advanced motion capture technology used in filming meant that their eyes, facial expressions, emotions, and movements were captured and translated into three-dimensional computer graphics (CGI).

By comparison, one example of a movie that didn't have this was Venom. Tom Hardy, who played it, explained that motion capture was not used in the film, which gave us reason to understand that Venom himself and all his movements and facial expressions were brought to life by digital animation (which, by the way, still looks fantastic).

This leads to the idea that the technology used is one of the main reasons Avatar: The Path of Water can convey so many emotions. The characters on the fictional extraterrestrial planet seem very human. If you watch the excellent video in English of how the film was shot, you will see how the actors work and, in parallel, how their characters come to life in the digital world.

3. Actors' skills were tested when Cameron chose to shoot "wet on wet."

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

Forget floating rigs and dry-for-wet green screens. This is when the actors have to move on cables, depicting scuba diving, and then special effects are added - water graphics.

James Cameron was set to film the water scenes in natural water to make them as accurate as possible. Therefore, he applied the wet-for-wet technology - “wet on wet,” and immersed the actors in the water.

As visual effects supervisor Richie Baynham explained in an interview, “If an actor is actually in the water, he experiences viscous resistance. This impacts the game. That makes it feel real."

When watching the movie, you'll notice and feel the effort put into the underwater scenes, from the fluid movements of the sea creature Skimwing to the shots where the character's arms swing as they interact with aquatic plants. While the cast and stunt crew aren't in Pandora's ocean, you get to see these magical moments that would seem more raw and unnatural if filmed on land.

4. Underwater Reservoirs Were Created For The Movie

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

At Manhattan Beach Studios, two massive tanks were designed with which Cameron could put his wet-on-wet plan into action.

One of the tanks was used for character training and personal moments, while the other monstrous pool (measuring 36.6 meters long, 18.3 meters wide, and 9.1 meters deep, to be exact, and with a capacity of 946 cu. meters) was filled with modern machines for creating waves and currents, designed and used to enhance dynamic episodes.

5. Even the epic final fight scene was played UNDERWATER

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

Towards the film's end, there is a long and very verbose fight scene between Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Quaritch (Stephen Lang). As the episode unfolds, the viewer is drawn into what is happening and begins to believe that the characters' lives are really at stake!

Doubles play out a fight in a highly extreme situation. Also, in explaining playing out the battle with Lang, Worthington said he had his risks for several reasons. First, when he grabbed Lang with a chokehold, in his words, “the realism that you are trying to convey means that the partner can die and he cannot give an alarm because you are underwater and you simply cannot speak.”

Luckily for the actors, says Worthington, you have to rely on the people in charge of security on set and the director watching the action on the screens and counting on each other…

Judging by the footage from the set, there was nothing to do for those unable to hold their breath even for one minute. Kudos to the actors and stunt performers for practically risking their lives for our amusement. Those risks paid off!

6. The cast and crew spent over 200,000 hours of freediving.

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

John Garvin, a lead master diver for Avatar: The Way of the Water, stated that over 200,000 dives were completed to make "the most challenging diving movie ever made." In an interview, he said this number includes the number of challenging dives to record because some were 30 to 60 seconds long, and others were invariably longer!

Garvin explained that on a typical busy day of filming, you could see 26 scuba divers and free divers simultaneously in the water, jumping up and down like a yo-yo. That's not to mention the technicians and lighting technicians who were constantly submerged in water to set things up on set.

It's one thing to imagine how hard it was for the actors. But what to say about how much collective effort the cast and crew took to put in so many hours of hard underwater work?

7. Kate Winslet broke Tom Cruise's record for holding her breath.

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

In Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015), Tom Cruise managed to hold his breath for over 6 minutes. The crazy result, you say? But now he's been knocked off the championship pedestal thanks to Kate Winslet. Her preparation for the role in "Avatar 2" allowed the actress to break her record (and Cruise's record) - she held her breath for 7 minutes and 14 seconds!

8. James Cameron preferred 3D cameras to 3D film conversion

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

Many filmmakers prefer to convert their films to 3D in post-production. If you think about 3D movies over the years, you may not even remember that many were shot on 3D cameras. Take the useless remake of the slasher film My Bloody Valentine (2009) as one example.

But not Cameron. The director ensured that the film was shot in IMAX and 3D using a particular Sony CineAlta Venice 3D system that could be used underwater. Is there anything this person can't?!

9. 57 new species of sea creatures were created for the film

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

Cameron's ideas for Pandora were inspired by the marine life that exists (or once existed) right here on Earth. Nevertheless, 57 new sea creatures that have never lived on our planet were created for the film.

Speaking of Ilu, a somewhat tame reef swimmer, Cameron mentioned that he has the neck of a plesiosaur and the body of a manta ray with lower and upper wings. As you watch the movie, you will notice other unearthly amazing creatures that are still familiar to the eye - in particular, look at the talks!

10. Na'vi costumes were first created in real life

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

Looking at all this cinematic digitalization, one would have thought Na'vi clothing would be created from scratch by a team of digital specialists. But no! James Cameron, I'm sorry we doubted you.

It turns out that costume designer Deborah L. Scott and her team made every bracelet, necklace, and fabric worn by the Na'vi people. What is the reason for this moral approach?

"Because the technology is so good at capturing the image and texture of these elements, you can't draw them on a computer and expect them to have the 3D life they should." So the costume department went to great lengths to ensure that the design, the fabric, and how everything interacts with water would inform the digital artists well enough to make the clothes and accessories look real!

11. Filming started when all five Avatar films were written.

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

Having conceived five films for Avatar, Cameron followed the example of Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings), waiting to start filming the sequel until all the scripts for Avatar 2, 3, 4, and 5 were ready!

Jackson used this approach for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and it's safe to say that the result was a masterpiece, so Cameron decided to follow the tried and tested method.

In an interview, Cameron explained that it was necessary to "play for the actors" as if the books were written and already existed in reality. The only way to show it is with scripts that are already fully prepared so that the actors are convinced of what happened to their characters and what everything they did on set meant. Now we want to know what will happen next!

12. It took three whole years to shoot

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

The audience has been waiting for this sequel for a long time, and with good reason! Since so much time has been spent writing the scripts for all the remaining Avatar films, it's no surprise that filming has also taken quite a long time, starting in 2017 and wrapping up in 2020.

The creation of the second "Avatar" was indeed a long process. To estimate filming time, compare: one of the highest-grossing blockbusters of recent years, Avengers: Endgame (2019), was filmed in just five months.

13. Cameron wrote 1,500 pages of notes for four screenwriters tasked with turning them into screenplays.

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

The director wrote 1,500 pages of his notes to create a visually detailed universe for the writers. The team included Josh Friedman (War of the Worlds), Shane Salerno (Armageddon), Rick Jaffa, and Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planet of the Apes). You can see the last two writers in the photo.

In terms of process, Cameron and the writing team sat in the writer's room for eight hours a day for five months, working through the story in all the remaining Avatar films to make it a saga.

Cameron's trick was the last day, so everyone would be equally involved in all stories. Cunning and brilliant, Cameron!

14. One plot idea in the movie could have failed.

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

According to screenwriters Jaffa and Silver, there is one moment in the film that they considered "tightrope balancing" because if it wasn't done right, the audience might think it was too crazy and wouldn't buy it. What is this scary moment? Pay attention to the friendly communication between Loak (Britain Dalton) and the giant Tulkun Payakan. The writers were worried that the storyline was quite alien to the audience!

15. The film was edited twice

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

Avatar: The Way of Water listed the four editors-in-chief in the credits, with director James Cameron, Stephen Rivkin, John Refua, and David Brenner rounding out the team. Cameron stated that four editors "were on duty for five years with two other editors who worked for one or two years, and then a staff of about a dozen assistants was divided between Los Angeles and New Zealand."

The process was intense as the team edited the entire film twice—A revised performance.

After that, Cameron starts the process of her virtual camera, figuring out what a close-up is, a wide shot, etc., and adjusting the lighting. When these shots come into the editing room, the team has to edit everything again!”

16. Composer Simon Franglen wrote music following the example of the late James Horner.

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

James Horner wrote the soundtrack for the first Avatar, apparently even making a few of his instruments to bring Pandora's world to life with music. Unfortunately, his death in 2015 meant that the Avatar sequels would continue without him. However, composer Simon Franglen (pictured), who previously worked with Horner, was able to refine the score for the sequel while maintaining respect for the late composer.

“I was tasked with adding new textures, voices, and elements to the music. The sea is an integral part of many themes and motifs in my music; the shimmer of light, the ebb and flow of the waves, and the Na'vi's connection to the water were all inspiring,” says Franglen.

17. Sigourney Weaver Contributed To Kiri's Look

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

One crazy thing about Avatar's technology is that Sigourney Weaver, at 73, could play a 14-year-old girl and pull it off, as far as I can tell.

Kiri, Jake, and Neytiri's adopted daughter seem to have an affinity for the outside world. She is a quirky and strong character and very likable! But when Weaver first saw Kiri's original design, she objected because she thought it was too neat and pretty. Therefore, Kiri was designed to have a slightly more messy look and look more like the awkward teenager she should be.

18. Avatar 2 Rendering Caused Weta Power Grid To Be Exceeded

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

Film production visual effects company Weta FX exceeded the power grid that powered its data center in Wellington, New Zealand, as it prepared to render (computer-rendered) stills from a new film.

Avatar 2 averaged 500 iterations per frame, and they all had to be rendered one after the other. Higher frame rates and new technologies meant that each frame took 8,000 thread hours to generate (equivalent to 3,000 vCPUs in a cloud data center running for an hour).

The high demands were mainly due to the need to simulate water for the film. This meant that Weta was pushed to its limits and had to partner with Amazon Web Services data centers for more computing power and storage space.

19. Edward Norton Turned Down Avatar 2

  How "Avatar: The Way of Water" was filmed - the film that showed the world a new level of special effects

, but although the actor was interested in taking part, he wanted to avoid playing the character responsible for destroying Pandora. Norton was such a big fan of the first film that he only wanted to play Na'vi, but Cameron conceived a human role. Perhaps we will see Norton in what

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Vladimir Putin's seven-day war against Ukraine, which has resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties, tens of thousands of refugees and the attack on residential areas, has turned him into a pariah in the Western world. It is a change of attitude of proportions.


Vladimir Putin and his regime are completely isolated from the rest of the world, with his only "friends" being Alexander Lukashenko, the dictator of Belarus, and Bashar al-Assad of Syria. Not even Xi Jinping, the president of China, has clearly sided with Putin, being cautious.


Protests against the war that Putin has unleashed are taking place not only throughout Europe, Canada, the United States, but even in Russia. Although the Putin regime has arrested thousands more than 5,000 so far, they have continued to protest in St. Petersburg, Moscow and 40 other cities.


To all this is added the unprecedented financial sanctions, which have increased in severity with each passing day.



But most of all, Vladimir Putin is facing a new military paradigm, one he probably did not take into account and which he thought he could counter with the nuclear threat: the West has decided to arm Ukraine, 28 nations agreed to contribute lethal and non-lethal aid.


The decision by NATO and EU member states to send weapons to Ukraine has become an emergency following Russia's furious attacks on Kharkov on Monday, when dozens of people were killed, including women, children and the elderly, and hundreds more were injured.


Top facts that show that the Russian people can stop Putin's war


1. No one can keep a huge population, such as Russia, in ignorance and silence. 


2. People are aware, thanks to the Internet and social networks, of everything that is happening in the world, in Ukraine, in Russia. 


3. We read the opinions of journalists and other Russian citizens, and we feel on our own skin the horror of the war with Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is called a "murderer" and compared to Hitler on protest posters. 


4. The mobilization at the demonstrations was done, as otherwise, on social networks.


5. "All we see is the agony of a dying man. Unfortunately, Russia is in agony, "Maria Litvinovich, a well-known Moscow activist, wrote in the Telegram.



6. Surprisingly, the opposition came from well-known figures, such as Ivan Urgant, one of Russia's most famous television comedians, who wrote on Instagram: "Fear and pain. NOT THE WAR ”.


7. Maxim Galkin, a television presenter and singer, said: “No, no, no: I have been in contact with my relatives and friends in Ukraine since this morning! I can't explain in words how I feel! How is that possible? No war can be justified! Not the war! ” 


8. Among the protesters were Fedor Smolov, a footballer of the Russian national football team, the former football player no. 1 in tennis, Evgheni Kafelnikov, and Nobel laureate Dmitry Muratov, editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta.


9. Hundreds of Russian scientists, intellectuals, academics, academics and journalists have signed an open letter condemning Putin's "attack" on Ukraine. "There is no rational justification for this war. (…) 



10. It is clear that Ukraine does not pose a threat to the security of our country. The war against it is unfair and, frankly, pointless. Ukraine has been and remains a country close to us. Many of us have relatives, friends, and fellow scientists living in Ukraine. ” It is expected that these protests will continue today and in the coming days.


11. Little did he show a crooked motivation for the reasons why the war started, including his fellow citizens who consider him crazy, lacking political and economic discernment. In a meeting with Russian businessmen, Putin said: "What I wanted to say first - the most important thing, for all of you to understand - what is happening was a necessary measure. They left us no chance of acting otherwise. They created such security risks that it was impossible to react otherwise. All our efforts have come to nothing. […] They have created such risks that it is difficult to understand how our country could have continued to exist, "Putin was quoted as saying by CNN. 


12. Russia has been living with Ukraine for decades, without risks or dangers to its security. It is not certain that Ukraine would have asked for and been accepted to join NATO, which would otherwise have reached "the threshold of our homes," as Putin says. 



13. Anyway, there was still a long way to go. What interest would NATO have in seriously affecting Russia's security, in generating a world war, the nuclear event? No one. The well-being of Western peoples is not built on the prospect of destructive wars. Only Putin believes that.


14. Russia is not who knows what economic power, it does not compare with China, for example. It has a lower GDP per capita. 


15. Russia's GDP is 50% of hydrocarbon exports, so it is totally dependent on global economic relations. 


16. The ruble has collapsed, and inflation and the lack of basic goods in stores will soon be felt. All this is understood by the Russian people, who no longer take their information only from the leaders. 


17.The sanctions imposed by the western partners of the EU and NATO, by America, will have consequences.


18. Banks and large companies in Russia will have their assets abroad, hundreds of billions of dollars, blocked, the currency being kept in foreign banks. 



19. All economic entities in Russia can no longer be financed in foreign currency at all (USD, EUR, GBP, YEN). 


20. Now, Russia's entire financial system is insolvent. - People and businesses will no longer be able to buy foreign currency. 


21. Putin has a reserve of 5-600 billion dollars, but that will be exhausted soon, considering the costs of the war.


22. Price of consumer goods will triple in stores, and / or will disappear completely. Or they will be streamlined, they can be bought with cards. Will the Russians swallow something like that? 


23. Even if they change the government in Kyiv, Russia will pay dearly, humanly and economically, for the guerrilla war that will continue for many years, as happened in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq. 


24. Russia's population has also benefited greatly from globalization, the free movement of people, goods and ideas. 



25. Many Russian oligarchs have businesses in Western countries that will be frozen. They have already lost about $ 50 billion. 


26. Many young people and adults have friends in the West, virtual or real, from whom they learn about life in the country. Some are studying at foreign universities, they already know English and other languages. 


27. In the age of the internet, of social networks, you can no longer keep people in isolation.


28. But to send thousands of Russians and Ukrainians to death for this reason can no longer be accepted. 


29. Russia will suffer huge economic damage in the coming weeks and months. NATO will strengthen its presence in Eastern Europe, so Putin will "win" the opposite of what he set out to do. 



30. The Russian people understand these perspectives very well, including the leaders who are now obedient to them. In the end, the people and even the Russian leadership, now obedient to Putin, will bring him down.


These days, since the beginning of the Russian Federation's invasion of Ukraine, virtually all TV stations in Moscow use only certain terminology. For example, it only talks about the "special military liberation operation", while the word "war" is forbidden in the broadcast.


Also, in the news bulletins, the alleged purposes of the Russian army's actions on the territory of Ukraine are mentioned every time. This is also the case with the well-known Russian post "Pervii Kanal".


Another Russian television station, the same approach: no words about "war", only "operation" is pronounced. Russian journalists from NTV, in a Monday news bulletin, mention triumphantly and several times that several localities in Donbas have been "liberated", and the villagers would enjoy the peaceful life.



Here is another fake news broadcast in Russia: "Since the beginning of the operation in Donbas, dozens of localities have been liberated. From there, peaceful life returns. First, the authorities bring food there. For example, flour and bread were brought to the recently liberated town of Luhansk. And other products will appear there soon. It is also intended to solve the fuel problem. Our correspondent spoke to the inhabitants of the liberated villages ", claims the presenter of the NTV television station.


Recall that these days, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine demanded that Russian channels be blocked on European satellites so as to stop Russian propaganda.


This is all fake news. And the hope is in the Russian people, who have access to the internet, who see what is really happening and must act.


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The Council of Deputies in Moscow's Gagarinsky district has condemned military operations in Ukraine and called on Vladimir Putin to withdraw troops immediately.


Members of this council have sent a letter to Vladimir Putin warning that aggression against Ukraine will lead to the impoverishment of the entire country.


"The invasion is the way to the degradation and impoverishment of the Russian Federation. No other action could cause more economic damage to Russia. The invasion of Ukraine is a catastrophe. We urge the president to withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine immediately, "Putin said in a letter.


This position may not be coincidental, given that some of the biggest protests against Putin's war in Moscow have taken place.


Here are the funniest memes with Putin


1. Sanctions

2. Now I am scared


3. Mykraine


4. Slice of Ukraine




6. Putin deals


7. Just visiting


8. Nukes


9.His legs now


More than 170 Russian Orthodox clerics have called for an immediate end to the ongoing war in Ukraine in an open letter sent on March 1.


Orthodox clerics called for an end to the war and said they "respect the freedom of anyone given to them by God," adding that the people of Ukraine "must make their own choices, not under the threat of rifles and without pressure from the West or the East." reports RFE / RL.


The letter states that the clergy are "complaining" about the suffering that has been "undeservedly imposed on our brothers and sisters in Ukraine."


"We call on the dialogue of all parties because there is no other alternative to violence," the letter said.


"Only the ability to hear the other side can give us hope to get out of the abyss into which our countries were thrown in a few days. Allow yourself and all of us to enter into Lent in the spirit of faith and love. Stop the war. "


It is very rare for such a large number of clerics of the Orthodox Church to openly confront the regime of President Vladimir Putin. In recent years, the Russian Orthodox Church and its leader, Patriarch Kirill, a close relative of Putin who did not sign the letter, have fully supported Putin's policies.


In fact, a few days ago, Patriarch Kiril categorized Moscow's opponents in Ukraine as "forces of evil" who want to break the historical unity between the two countries, reports AFP.


"May God protect us so that the current political situation in Ukraine, a sister country that is close to us, can be used in such a way that the forces of evil can prevail," Kiril said in his Sunday sermon, quoted by Russia's Interfax news agency. .


10.Evolution of Putin


11.Stop Putin


Protests have taken place in St. Petersburg and Moscow since the first days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as well as in 40 other cities. The Putin regime's reaction was predictable: arrests. More than 5,000 protesters have been arrested in the past week, including women and even children.


Russian opponent Ilia Iașin, a politician whose candidacy was banned in 2021, being labeled an "extremist", has published images of children in a police van, writes Daily Mail.


However, the protests were not large enough to have caused problems for Vladimir Putin. Detainee Alexei Navalny, imprisoned by the Putin regime, made a public call on civil disobedience on Monday, urging people to protest daily against Russia's invasion of Ukraine. "Putin is not Russia," he wrote on Twitter.


"It simply came to our notice then. Wherever you are, in Russia, Belarus or on the other side of the planet, go to the main square of your city every day of the week, at 14:00, on weekends and holidays ”.


To what extent the urban population will follow the urge and mobilize to take to the streets in large numbers, remains to be seen.


Historian Armand Goșu, a specialist in ex-Soviet space, explains why he is skeptical about large-scale protests.


"The price paid by the population will be huge, there are unprecedented sanctions, there has been no such thing in history and maybe the population will react. Everything that happens can get the world out of the house. Although the population is terribly apathetic, I'm shocked, a week has passed and you don't have a million people on the streets in Moscow. There are 13 million people in the Moscow region. The explanation is that people are cynical, they no longer trust anyone and anything, and most importantly, Putin's propaganda is successful. Plus the arrests scared them, they probably don't want to risk it anymore. "


Armand Gosu says it is quite "unlikely" to see large-scale protests that could bring Putin to a standstill, even if things get worse in Ukraine.


12.Putin and his army


13.Cool man


The harsh and unprecedented sanctions imposed by the West on Russia have had an impact on Russian oligarchs, who have seen their bank accounts and businesses jeopardized.


So the demarcation of some of Putin's policies is not surprising. These are Oleg Deripaska, Mihail Fridman, Oleg Tinkov and Roman Abramovici. They called on Putin to end the war.


Oleg Tinkov, founder of Tinkoff Bank, criticized the invasion of Ukraine in a message posted on Instagram on Monday


"In Ukraine, innocent people are dying every day. It's unthinkable and unacceptable! "


Tinkoff's shares have fallen by more than 90 percent since Russia began its attack on Ukraine. His fortune fell by more than $ 5 billion in less than a week, and he lost his billionaire status on Tuesday, writes Forbes.


14.Gas Putin


15.About his decisions


No blow to Vladimir Putin's removal from power can be taken out of the equation.


It is the option that many analysts and experts in Russian politics are considering. But Putin is surrounded only by people loyal to him, whom, as Free Europe wrote, he has total control over.


There are people who owe their careers and wealth to the former KGB officer.


This does not mean, however, that in the event of a failure of the invasion, but especially of the economic effects that will affect Russia and international isolation, a movement against Putin could not be created.


A single military voice has been heard protesting since the invasion began. This is the reserve general Leonid Ivaşov, formerly responsible for foreign cooperation in the Ministry of Defense (1996-2001), currently the head of an association of officers from all over Russia.


He urges President Vladimir Putin to address Russia's real problems or resign and "give up the criminal policy of provoking a war" in Ukraine.


16.Moldova may be next




18.To Russia with love


19.Risky move


20.Change my mind


21.Putin now


22.Little bitch


23.Badass man




25.Russian generals


26.Do it yourself


27.So stupid


28.Can this happen?


29.Red button


30.So this is happening


31.Where is his mind?


32.Disaster bingo


33.New password






36.How did things turn to shit this fast




38.No for them




40.Very thoughtful




42.Putin be like


43.What he is doing to his army


44.World record


45.So this is happening in Ukraine


46.Say no more




48.No normal life


49.Another sanction




51.Stealing tanks


52.Putin and pitbull


53.Psycho mode


54.Not stonks


55.Saving people..








59.Browse meme


60.He’s looking crazy


61.Longer table


62.That be great








66.The return of history


67.Middle of the night


68.The world make him stop


69.The world


70.Thoughts and prayers


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Many people believe that if you are a dog, you are free of stress, your life is sorted and you do not need to worry about anything for the foreseeable future. You might think that you will always have food, attention and love from the owner.

However, it is not always the case. A dog will not eat the whole day until the owner will come home, a dog will not accept to play with you without the owner and in some cases, he will become depressed if you do not cuddle him.

So it’s not as easy as you think. Especially if your dog is a Chihuahua. And to prove this, we are inviting you to see in pictures of Lucky's life, a Chihuahua puppy who has been enjoying and at the same time, stressing around for the past three years now.

This is how the puppy is spending his time before I'm going to work. Nothing will change on my return also

And while i'm at home, it doesn't change anything

The husband will not have a say when he want's to sleep

Having a personal driver be like

Still having a personal driver but on the front seat

Ready for New Year's Eve. Not sure who is looking better, me or the dog

My Christmas Jumper is way better than yours

Having a dinner with a view

Eating, sleeping, pooping. All day, all night

This is how exciting Lucky is when he knows that at 5.45 his owner is about to come home

This is how Lucky's perfect bed looks like

The dog is watching is everything is under control

Those Chihuahua eyes...

The wedding. Not sure who looks better, Lucky or the Bridegroom

So where is the bridegroom??

Reported by Bemorepanda

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