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The creators of the American animated series "The Simpsons" said that white actors will no longer voice non-white characters. A statement was made by Fox, according to Deadline.

 This is especially true for the character Apu. Actor Hank Azaria has already refused to continue to voice the Indian character. The animated series has been repeatedly accused of racism because of Apu, which many viewers consider an untruthful and abusive portrayal of American Indians. The public outcry around the character became known as the “Apu Problem”.

 The new politics of the series followed the example of other shows. So, the American actor Mike Henry, who for many years was the voice of the character of Cleveland Brown from "Family Guy", himself refused to voice this hero. The reason for this decision was that the actor himself is white, and his cartoon character is black.

In addition, Jenny Slate from the animated series Netflix Big Mouth and Kristen Bell from Central Park on Apple TV +, said they would stop voicing mixed-race characters in these shows.

 Earlier it was reported that Lego refused advertising, including on social networks, designers that reproduce police stations and fire departments. In addition, the company said it will donate $ 4 million to organizations supporting black children.

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If you're into quizzes, especially pop culture quizzes, you'll know that there's one section you can't do without in today's knowledge competitions: famous TV shows. And what series is now more famous than The Simpsons, dare we ask? It seems that everyone or almost everyone around the world, has heard about this cartoon family!


Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Simpsons?


Surprisingly, The Simpsons have been captivating viewers since 1989 and are not going to stop! You understand that the creators have accumulated vast information, a whole world with its ups and downs and secrets. And if you consider yourself an avid fan of this American animated series and are ready to confirm this not in words but deeds, we suggest you take our quiz. One hundred questions and the same number of test answers to them. Go ahead, and good luck!



1. Question: What is Homer's email address?



2. Question: What is the name of the Simpsons' favorite dog?

Answer: Santa's Little Helper.


3. Question: Which character from The Simpsons has an IQ that surpasses Liz?

Answer: Professor Frink.


4. Question: What was the name of the first full-length episode shown?

Answer: The Simpsons roasting on an open fire.


5. Q: What is Marge's natural hair color?

Answer: Grey.


6. Question: What did Homer say to the question: "Which would you choose - beer or salvation of the soul?"

Answer: What kind of beer?


7. Q: Who voiced Herbert Powell, Homer Simpson's stepbrother?

Answer: Danny DeVito.


8. Question: What is the address of the Simpsons?

Answer: The famous Simpsons house is located at 742 Evergreen Terrace.



9. Question: What are Bart Simpson's catchphrases?

Answer: “Eat my shorts!”, “Ay, caramba!”, “Don’t boil, man!”


10. Q: How many times has Stephen Hawking made a cameo on The Simpsons?

Answer: Three.


11. Question: Which character's catchphrase is a mocking "Ha-ha!"?

Answer: Nelson Muntz.


12. Question: Which of the Simpsons is a vegetarian?

Answer: Lisa.


13. Question: How many children do Apu and Manjula have?

Answer: 8.


14. Q: Which Simpsons character has five fingers on each hand?

Answer: God.


15. Question: What is the air date for the first episode of The Simpsons?

Answer: December 17, 1989.



16. Question: Name Mr. Burns' teddy bear.

Answer: Bobo.


17. Q: Which member of The Beatles was Marge in love with?

Answer: Ringo Starr.


18. Question: How many continents did the Simpsons visit?

Answer: All 7.


19. Q: Where do the Simpsons move to in The Simpsons Movie?

Answer: Alaska.


20. Q: What catchphrase from the TV show made it into the Oxford Dictionary in 2001?

Answer: "D'oh!, an expression of disappointment when you realize that something did not go according to plan."


21. Question: What is Lisa's IQ?

Answer: 159.


22. Question: What is the name of the bar where Homer often drinks?

Answer: Mo's Tavern.


23. Question: What is Marge's maiden name?

Answer: Bouvier.



24. Question: What is Mr. Burns' signature expression?

Answer: "Excellent..."


25. Question: What is the name of the Simpsons' friendly neighbor?

Answer: Ned Flanders.


26. Question: What was Ned Flanders' catchphrase?

Answer: "Oki-dok!"


27. Question: “For alcohol! The cause and solution of all life's problems! To which character do these words belong?

Answer: Homer Simpson.


28. Q: Where does Bart decide to jump Springfield Gorge?

Answer: On a skateboard.


29. Question: What color house do the Simpsons live in?

Answer: Light pink and light brown.


30. Question: In what year did Jebediah Springfield found the city of Springfield?

Answer: In 1796.


31. Question: In what sector of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant does Homer Simpson work?

Answer: 7G.


32. Question: Why was the Simpsons made yellow?

Answer: When Matt Groening created The Simpsons, he wanted the family to stand out, so he decided to make the characters a weird, yellow color.



33. Question: What animal does Bart bring to Australia that threatens to destroy the ecosystem?

Answer: Frog.


34. Question: What time is shown on the classroom clock when Bart is at the blackboard?

Answer: 15:00.


35. Q: The Simpsons originally appeared as a short on what TV show?

Answer: The Tracey Ullman Show.


36. Q: Who did Marge go to prom with in high school?

Answer: Artie Ziff.


37. Question: What is the real name of the comic book store clerk?

Answer: Jeff Albertson.


38. Question: Is The Simpsons the longest-running prime-time comedy series in American television history?

Answer: Yes.


39. Q: In what year was The Simpsons movie released?

Answer: In 2007.


40. Q: Who did Matt Groening voice?

Answer: Himself.


41. Question: What is the name of Ned Flanders' store at Springfield Mall?

Answer: The Leftorium.


42. Question: What is the name of the annual Halloween episodes?

Answer: The house of horrors on the tree. Each Halloween episode consists of three separate stories.



43. Question: What are the names of Marge's cynical twin sisters?

Answer: Patty and Selma.


44. Question: What motel is located in Springfield?

Answer: Sleep Eazy Motel.


45. Q: Who was Bart's best friend named after?

Answer: President Richard Nixon.


46. ​​Q: What jazz musician does Lisa meet on the streets of Springtown?

Answer: Murphy.


47. Question: What does Bart want for Christmas in The Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire?

Answer: Tattoo.


48. Question: What was the nickname given to Principal Skinner by his mother?

Answer: Spanky.


49. Question: What is the name of the fiery-haired exotic dancer that Homer first meets at a bachelor party?

Answer: Princess Kashmir.


50. Question: In what city do the Simpsons live?

Answer: Springfield.


51. Question: What does Mr. Burns own on The Simpsons?

Answer: A trillion dollar bill and the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.



52. Q: What episode did Michael Jackson star in?

Answer: "Totally crazy dad."


53. Question: What was the name of the man who shot Mr. Burns?

Answer: Maggie shot Mr. Burns when he tried to steal a lollipop from her.


54. Question: Which magazine named it the best TV show of the 20th century?

Answer: Time magazine.


55. Q: In the Simpsons Safari episode, Homer eats what year cracker?

Answer: 60s.


56. Question: Marge's middle name?

Answer: Jacqueline


57. Question: Who is Maggie's enemy?

Answer: Gerald Samson.


58. Question: What war did Grandpa Simpson participate in?

Answer: World War II.


59. Q: Who was Meryl Streep's voice on The Simpsons?

Answer: Bart's girlfriend, Jessica.


60. Question: What are the names of Ned Flanders' children?

Answer: Todd and Rod.


61. Question: What is the first thing that appears in the main theme of The Simpsons?

Answer: Clouds.


62. Q: Which American actress won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for playing Krusty the Clown's love interest, Princess Penelope?

Answer: Anne Hathaway.



63. Q: Who voiced Santa's little helper?

Answer: Frank Welker.


64. Question: What is The Simpsons about?

Answer: The sitcom is a satirical depiction of an imperfect American family with Homer as a loving father.


65. Question: "Oh, I wasted my life" - whose quote?

Answer: Comic book dealer.


66. Question: Which astronaut Homer went into space with in the episode "Homer in Deep Space"?

Answer: Mick Jagger.


67. Question: Since what season did the creators start using digital ink and paint for animation?

Answer: From the fourteenth season.


68. Question: Why is the Simpson family going to New York?

Answer: Pick up your car.


69. Question: What was the name of the actress who voiced Marge Simpson?

Answer: Julia Kavner.


70. Question: What is Bart's full name?

Answer: Bartholomew Jo-Jo Simpson.


71. Question: Who voiced Bart Simpson?

Answer: Nancy Cartwright.


72. Question: What part of the opening credits changes almost every week?

Answer: How the family sits on the couch.



73. Question: How does Homer work?

Answer: Nuclear Safety Inspector.


74. Question: How old is Lisa Simpson?

Answer: Eight years.


75. Question: Mr. Burns has an assistant, what is his name?

Answer: Waylon Smithers.


76. Question: How old is Bart Simpson?

Answer: 10 years.


77. Question: How did Maud Flanders die?

Answer: She fell from the top tier of the stadium after she was hit by a "volley of T-shirts" meant for Homer.


78. Q: Who wrote the theme song for The Simpsons?

Answer: Daniel Elfman.


79. Question: What was the name of Homer in the Arabic version of The Simpsons?

Answer: Omar Shamshun.


80. Question: What kind of beer is usually served in Mo's tavern?

Answer: Duff beer.


81. Question: When Bart is forced to take an intelligence test, with which of the other students does he exchange the results?

Answer: Martin Prince.


82. Question: Is Milhouse Van Houten one of the few residents of Springfield who has which of the following traits? Five fingers, purple hair or eyebrows?

Answer: Eyebrows.



83. Question: What does the J stand for in the full name Homer J. Simpson?

Answer: Jay.


84. Question: What drink did Homer create?

Answer: "Flaming Homer" (aka "Flaming Mo").


85. Question: Which member of the Simpson family is a Buddhist?

Answer: Lisa.


86. Question: Homer discovers that Lisa is quite accurate in picking winners in which sport?

Answer: Football.


87. Question: Where can the gardener Willy come from?

Answer: From Scotland.


88. Question: Who became Homer's secretary when he was promoted?

Answer: Karl.


89. Question: What is the name of Krusty the Clown's monkey?

Answer: Mr Tiny.


90. Question: Who is the creator of The Simpsons?

Answer: Matt Groening (more familiar to us is the pronunciation of the surname - Groening).


91. Q: Who is Milhouse Van Houten in love with?

Answer: Lisa.



92. Question: What is the name of the popular clown in Springfield?

Answer: Krusty the Clown.


93. Question: What is the full name of "Mo"?

Answer: Mo Sislak.


94. Question: Who works at Kwik-E-Mart?

Answer: Apu Nahasapimapetilon.


95. Q: Artie Ziff is a Simpsons character, what is he best known for?

Answer: A narcissistic internet entrepreneur obsessed with Marge.


96. Question: How did Homer work at Mr. Burns' casino?

Answer: Dealer in blackjack.


97. Question: How many children do Homer and Marge have?

Answer: Homer and Marge have three children: Bart, Lisa and Maggie.


98. Q: Who voiced Milhouse Van Houten?

Answer: Pamela Hayden.


99. Question: Bart is gathering a squad to go to which city to save the Springfield lemon tree?

Answer: Shelbyville.


100. Question: What is Homer's favorite beer?

Answer: Duff beer.



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