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The last weeks there is a message seen and heard everywhere “Stay Home”. Social-distancing is important today, people need to keep the distance, so to stay safe. Doctors and health officials are the one who recommends social-distancing, but some brands came around and started promoting this within twisting up their logos.

Five huge brands, well known all around the world, found an ingenious way to stay in line with health officials and recommend social-distancing. We live in a modern world, where people are looking for trends and famous brands. This step was done to encourage people to keep safe themselves.

McDonald’s separated in their logo the iconic gold arches.Editor-in-chief of Ad Age, Brian Braiker, says it’s time for brands to provide a “real, meaningful service”. So McDonald’s did this, they twisted up their logo in some locations, so to stand with health officials and highlight the importance of social-distancing.

Audi set their four rings apart, as a sign of social-distancing. On Audi official page there is an important message “Stay at home, keep your distance, stay healthy, support each other – we are in this together. As a global company and a global community, our highest priority is to identify any opportunities to #FlattenTheCurve. Stay safe.”

Volkswagen also came up in solidarity with other brands by distancing the V and W in the logo. In their official video, they encourage people by mentioning that together we can pass everything, even if we are in such situation. We can stay safe by keeping the distance and understanding the consequences.

Both Audi and Volkswagen, that share the same ownership, shared videos of their tweaked up logos on their social media. Both companies are encouraging people to stay home and keep social-distancing.

Coca Cola came up with billboards that have an important message for people. “Staying apart is the best way to stay united.”. This is the motto of the brand during quarantine and the continuous spread of coronavirus.Coca Cola is the brand that always is aligned with not only the latest events but pioneering marketing trends as well. The message appears even on billboard in the deserted Times Square in NYC.

Chiquita is sending the message by removing their fruit lady from the logo on Instagram saying she’s home. Chiquita is a famous brand that is providing basically the whole world with bananas. They removed the famous lady from the logo, so recommending social-distancing, and encourage people to stay at home.“I’m already home. Please do the same and protect yourself. #stayhome” is written on Chiquita Instagram page.

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