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If you have never traveled alone, then you should understand that you need to worry twice about your safety. After all, there will not be a close or well-known person nearby, and it will depend only on you whether the trip will be successful or not. And so that nothing overshadows your holiday, you need to keep in mind some points.


Netizens give advice to those who are going to travel alone


Therefore, we have collected the best tips from the Reddit community. So, here are some ways to keep yourself safe and protected while traveling alone.



1. “Travel with an imaginary significant other or spouse. Even consider wearing a fake ring. It's a good deterrent to scaring off nasty people who might otherwise bother you." — reddit


2. "Scan copies of important documents and email them to yourself or upload them to the cloud so you always have them, just in case." — girlintheiceberg


3. “Buy a local SIM card or minutes as soon as you arrive at your destination. Find out the emergency numbers for where you are and keep your phone charged and with you at all times.” – furixx


4. “When you're traveling alone, don't post real-time photos. If you mark your location, you will never know who is following you. It's best to post after you leave this place to be on the safe side." — Kimberly Pong


5. “Read about the country (or countries) you plan to visit before you go there. Before our trip to Iceland, reading about this country not only got me excited about my upcoming trip, but also helped me prepare after reading the impressions and recommendations of other travelers.” -MearlyOutOfMilk



6. "If you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, always carry an extra pair with you in case you lose or break them while traveling." — Back2Bach


7. "Minimize eye contact with people, but make sure you're aware of your surroundings, including potential exits and routes if you're walking alone." — Kodalunax2


8. “Separate cash and cards into different bags and leave some at the hotel/hostel/Airbnb. Don't carry all your money and cards with you unless absolutely necessary." — Closed247


9. "If you are driving a taxi alone, always write down the taxi driver's name and medallion number when you get into the vehicle." – furixx


10. “Travel light. This is not only convenient, but also does not attract the attention of robbers. Lightweight packaging also makes you more mobile in case you need to move quickly.” — Jessica Probus


11. “Walk around the city with headphones in your ears as if you know where you are going. People will think that you are a local listening to music, when in fact you are getting directions from your phone. You won't have to look at a map and you'll be aware of what's going on around you." — reddit



12. “If you need to part with your bag (for example, on the bus), make sure that your passport, cash and other important things remain with you. Losing clothes is not a big deal, but losing your passport and debit card is a big problem.” — Jayhcee


13. “If possible, reserve departure and arrival times during daylight hours. This will make you feel safer getting to and from your accommodation.” - gypsy blue


14. “I know it sounds trite, but walk fast and keep your head held high. If you look confident, unwanted strangers are less likely to bother you." — PhinnishPharma


15. “Wherever you go, learn the cultural norms of the dress code and pack accordingly. Dress like the locals do so you don't stand out. For example, when visiting an Islamic country, you show respect by covering yourself.” — girlintheiceberg


16. “Stay in hostels, and if you're a woman traveling alone, consider women-only hostels. You will meet other travelers and be safer. You will be able to go out in a group, and others will know when you leave the hostel or return to it. — 2hatsrbetterthan1


17. “If you are in a country that is known to have a more corrupt police force, always keep a small bill in your pocket away from your wallet. If you get pulled over and have to pay a fine, you can show them this bill and pretend it's the only money you have." — cApsLockBrokE



18. “Trust your intuition. Traveling is a great time to meet new people from all over the world. But leave whenever you feel like someone is being too friendly with you. Don't trust every good person you meet." — Ambili


19. "Before you go on your first big solo trip, take a test drive a little closer to home so you can see what it's like to travel on your own." — Arielle Calderon


20. “Determine in advance how to get from the bus stop or airport to where you live. After a long flight, when you're exhausted, the last thing you want to do is spend time and energy looking for directions." — reddit


21. “Take a couple of small locks with you, because many hostels simply don’t have them on the lockers.” — Jonniboy299


22. “Always mark your hotel, hostel or Airbnb on the map. That way, when you're outside your temporary home, you'll know your location relative to where you're staying, and you'll always have a route back." — Judazzz



23. “Leave a copy of your itinerary and travel plans with close friends or family. Just in case something happens, it's good to let a trusted person know about your plans." — Arielle Calderon


24. “Before getting into a taxi, ask the hotel staff how much it costs to take a local taxi to or from your desired destination. Then check this with the taxi driver in advance so that he cannot charge you 10 times more than it should be. - no_talent_ass_clown





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