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The 2021-2022 NHL Championship is the 105th season of the National Hockey League (NHL). The regular season kicked off on October 12, 2021 and will run through April 2022, followed by the Stanley Cup playoff series.

This season, the NHL has added a new Seattle club, the Seattle Kraken, bringing 32 clubs to the 2021-2022 Championship - 7 from Canada and 25 from the United States. The Seattle Kraken play in the Pacific Division of the Eastern Conference and the Arizona Coyotes have moved to the Central Division.

Thus, this season, the league returned to its usual divisions, each of which now has 8 teams and a division into the Western and Eastern Conferences (due to restrictions last season, there were virtually no conferences and the Canadian Division was created).

During the regular season 2021-2022, all clubs play 82 matches (last season only 56), each team will play each at least twice. The match calendar includes a break for the 2022 Olympics from February 4th to 22nd.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes about the new season.

1.The Islanders have fans

2.All I want

3.Like a boss

The National Hockey League is a professional sports organization that brings together the hockey teams of the United States and Canada. Nowadays, most experts recognize the NHL as one of the strongest on the planet. It should be noted that at the moment it is one of the main sports leagues in North America, along with the NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball. The league was formed on November 26, 1917, and on December 19, 1917, the first season began, uniting only 4 teams.

   By the end of the 1930/1931 season, a total of 10 teams were playing in the NHL, vying each year for the league's top prize, the Stanley Cup. Originally, the Stanley Cup was played between the winner of the NHL and the winner of the Western professional hockey leagues, and since 1926 the Cup has become the full property of the NHL. However, the Great Depression, and various financial difficulties after it, dealt a severe blow to the league and the NHL was reduced to six teams. These teams, which have played in the league for 25 years since 1942, are still known as the "Big Six" (Original Six) - "Montreal Canadiens", "Toronto Maple Leafs", "Detroit Red Wings", "Boston Bruins", New York Rangers and Chicago Blackhawks.

4.A 5 dollar

5.Only Patrick here

6.Every time I make a save

7.I become anything

In the mid-1960s, teams began to emerge in the minor leagues, especially from the western United States, that could compete with the NHL teams. The strengthening of the Western Hockey League, which experts predicted its transformation into a league equal in strength to the NHL, as well as financial considerations prompted the NHL in 1967 to undertake the first expansion since the 1920s. Six more teams were admitted to the league, which formed a new division. They were the Philadelphia Flyers, St. Louis Blues, Minnesota North Stars, Los Angeles Kings, Oakland Seals and Pittsburgh Penguins. Three years later, the Vancouver Canucks and Buffalo Sabers joined the league.

   In 1972, the World Hockey Association (WHA) was formed. Although the WHA never submitted a proposal to the NHL for a joint Stanley Cup, everyone recognized the league's strength and considered it a worthy competitor to the NHL. In this regard, the NHL decided to urgently continue its expansion policy and added the New York Islanders and Atlanta Flames to the league in 1972, and the Kansas City Scouts and Washington Capitals two years later.

8.Pulling 2 teeth

9.For sure

10.French girls

However, the increase in the number of teams in the league caused a decrease in the overall level of the game. These leagues fought for strong players until the collapse of the WHA in 1979. Four WHA teams have joined the NHL: Hartford Whalers, Quebec Nordics, Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets. The Edmonton Oilers are currently the last team from the WHA to continue to be based in the same city where they were based. Quebec Nordics, Winnipeg Jets and Hartford Whalers have now changed their name and moved to other cities.

   The NHL has continued to expand, and since the 2000/2001 season, the number of teams in the league has increased to its current maximum of 30 teams from 29 cities in the United States and Canada. Of the 30 teams in the National Hockey League, 7 are in Canada and 23 are in the United States. All NHL clubs have their own "farm clubs" - the so-called subsidiary teams, where hockey players who have failed to break into the main team play.

11.So funny


13.Hey Patrick


At the moment, the NHL has the following structure: there are two conferences in the NHL, each with three divisions, and each division with five teams. In the regular season, each team plays 82 games - 41 home and 41 away, each team playing at least one game with every other team in the league. The team gets two points for winning, the team gets one point for losing in overtime or in shootouts, and none for losing in regular time. At the end of the regular season, the team with the most points in its division becomes the division champion (points from games with all teams are taken into account, not just the teams of its division). Division winners and top 5 other teams from each conference advance to the playoffs and compete for the Stanley Cup.

15.Rangers Candle

16.Sabres fans

17.Mike Smith

18.The floor is lava



21.Dear Basketball

22.Glass case

23.Grinds my gear


25.I play hockey

26.I got a cup

27.Brain on check

28.Lakers Parade

29.I have an army

30.Elf power

31.The sea creators



34.Penalty box

35.For the record

36.Three rules

37.Social distancing


39.Dollar beer night

40.The rangers

41.Steve Dangle

42.Rangers fans


44.NHL games

45.Four to one


47.Cover tution

48.Everywhere I go


50.Kraken are in the metagame

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The 2022 NHL Winter Classic between the St. Louis Blues and Minnesota Wild took place on January 1, 2022 at the Minnesota Twins' Target Field, Major League Baseball team, in Minneapolis. The match, originally scheduled for the first day of 2021, will continue the tradition of outdoor play begun in 2008. 2022 will mark the 14th anniversary of the first "Winter Classic" in Buffalo.

The 2022 Honda All-Star NHL Weekend will take place in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena on February 4-5. Skill contests will take place on Friday, February 4, and the next day will be the "All-Star Game".

On February 26, as part of the 2022 Navy Federal Credit Union NHL Stadium Series, the Nashville Predators will play Tampa at the Nissan Stadium in Nashville, home of the NFL Tennessee Titans. This will be the second open-air match for the Predators and the first for the Lightning, who will be the 27th team to play outdoors.

Each team in the 2021-22 season will play 82 matches, and there will be a total of 1,312 matches. The last day of the regular season will be Friday, April 29, when 30 out of 32 teams will take to the ice.

Bemorepanda prepared some interesting facts about NHL.

1. Olympic Break: To date, no final decision has been made on the participation of NHL hockey players in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Negotiations are ongoing. If the players' union and the International Ice Hockey Federation agree to resolve all issues, including insurance for hockey players on COVID-19, as agreed in the collective agreement, then the calendar will provide a pause between February 7 and 22. 

2. If conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic deteriorate or the health and safety of players is threatened, the NHL and the players' union will refuse to participate in the Games. If NHL players compete in the 2022 Olympics, the regular season will resume on February 23rd. If, for any reason, hockey players do not play at the Olympics, the NHL will publish a revised regular season schedule.

3. The National Hockey League is considered the most prestigious, popular and professional league in the world of ice hockey. The most loyal fans, the most spectacular matches and the most prestigious awards are directly related to the NHL. 

4. The history of the league is very long, because during its existence there have been many truly significant events, let alone the number of really talented athletes who have made their careers in the NHL. We have already talked about the strongest players in the NHL, talked about the best clubs and even recalled the history of the main hockey attributes, but now we want to talk about a few interesting facts that will help you learn hockey even better. 

5. The history of the league dates back to the late 19th century, when in 1892 the Governor General of Canada, Lord Frederick Arthur Stanley, established the country's main hockey trophy - the Challenge Hockey Cup. 

6. The devoted fans of Canada fought for the cup. Any team could challenge the current trophy holder, and he had to accept it. After the death of the Governor-General, the prize was named in his honor - the Stanley Cup. 

7. Now  the Stanley Cup is considered the most prestigious of those that a professional hockey player can win in his career, which is why many athletes tag in the NHL in order to try their luck in the championships. It is worth noting that we talked about the history of hockey in more detail in one of our previous articles.

8. As for the first official goal, which marked the beginning of professional hockey, it was scored by Dave Ritchie, who was a player of the Montreal Wanderers. The puck flew into the net on December 19, 1917, and it was the first official match in NHL history, followed by a huge number of sports fans. Then on the ice against "Montreal" came "Toronto Arenas", which conceded the same goal.

9. Many will wonder why the Stanley Cup was established almost at the very beginning of the 20th century, and the first puck was hammered only 20 years later? The fact is that the NHL was just beginning to develop, many teams did not immediately reach the professional level, and the championships were not held as cool as we see in this picture now. It is difficult to say at what point it is worth starting a report on the existence of the National League, but here everyone decides for himself.

10. Selling and buying players is quite a fun process. Of course, now popular players cost a lot of money, and many clubs go broke just to take possession of the legend of big sports. But in the history of the NHL there was a case when a player was bought for only one dollar. 

11. We are talking about one Canadian ice hockey player, Chris Draper, who was drafted by the Winnipeg Jets in 1993 under the general number 62. The athlete had practically no playing practice and had zero experience in the NHL, which is why he was sold to the famous Detroit for just one American dollar.

12. Moving to a new team, Chris was not left without an inverse nickname - "man for one dollar." But the nickname did not humiliate the athlete at all, and even brought its own benefit. Perhaps it's all about motivation and the desire to prove to the majority of his worth, but Draper was able to quickly advance to the main team, and then take the post of the leader of Krasnye Krylia. He became one of the club's top players at the time, significantly increasing his value in professional sports. It is worth noting that Draper played 1137 games for Detroit, scored 128 goals in them and helped the team win four Stanley Cups.

13. We have already talked about the origin of this trophy, but the award deserves special attention for several more reasons. Interestingly, the original height of the Stanley Cup was 18 centimeters, now it is much larger. It is also worth noting that there is a certain tradition according to which each member of the team that won the Stanley Cup has the right to personally own the cup for one day in the summer off-season after the victory. This happened for the first time in 1997, after the victory of the Detroit Red Wings, where the Russian Five played. 

14. Often the practice of giving away the cup for a day to the players led to curiosities. In 1996, Colorado defender Sylvain Lefebvre christened his little daughter Alexanna in a cup. Now Aleksanna Lefebvre plays for the university's hockey team. In 2008, the Stanley Cup was again used as a cup for infant baptism: Thomas Holmstrom baptized his nephew in it. In general, they didn’t fill the cup with anything during the celebrations. Ice cream, melted chocolate, soup, chili sauce, applesauce, and even dog food. 

15. Goalkeeper Martin Brodeur, after winning the New Jersey Devils in 2003, went to the cinema with the kids and took a goblet with him to fill it with popcorn. Here is such an interesting trophy.

16. The best hockey player in the history of the National Hockey League! Wayne became the leader in almost all offense-related indicators: points (2857), goals (894), assists (1963), points in equal squads (1818), majority (890), minority (149) and goals in an empty net (57). 

17. Wayne also became the only NHL player to score more than 200 points per season in 1982 (212 points), 1984 (205), 1985 and 1986 (208 and 215 points, respectively). It's hard to find a hockey fan who hasn't heard of this athlete. This hockey player is truly unique and is a legend in the National Hockey League. 

18. Despite the unique records, the athlete did not differ in versatility, often lost in speed indicators to his rivals and did not always demonstrate decent defense. But he could always competently choose his position on the court, defeating the opponent with perfect technique and a strong throw. Interestingly, many note the fact that even if Wayne had not scored a single goal, he would still have been the leader in terms of the number of points scored in his career. Here is such an interesting character, famous all over the world.

19. The first goalkeeper to score an unusual goal against an opponent was New York Islanders goalkeeper Billy Smith. 

20. Philadelphia Flyers goalkeeper Ron Hextall became the second goalkeeper to score, and the first to score. Most of the goals against rivals are on the personal account of Martin Brodeur. He was able to score as many as three goals. In general, a rather unusual situation when the puck flies into the goal from the goalkeeper of another team, but often this is due to the unpredictability of hockey. 

21. There are times when the goalkeeper repels a strong attack from the opponent, and then the incomprehensible force of the rebound comes into play, and it happens that the goalkeeper himself wants to take the initiative into his own hands, like the above-described hockey players.

22. This interesting fact can be noted in as many as two matches in the history of the National Hockey League. The first happened in the third season of the NHL, when the Montreal players were able to beat their age-old opponents from Toronto with a score of 14-7. The second-highest scoring match in league history came in 1985 when the aforementioned Wayne Gretzky's Edmonton fired on Chicago. 

23. In this meeting, "Edmonton" was able to win with a score of 12-9, while the legendary Gretzky, without scoring a single goal, gave his teammates seven assists. It is worth noting that in each season of the NHL you can see many interesting, spectacular and memorable matches that make the history of the league unique.

24. Theoren Fleury is a truly great ice hockey player from Canada, born in 1968. His height was only 168 cm, but this did not stop him from achieving unprecedented heights in sports. The hockey player scored 1,088 points in the NHL, won the Stanley Cup, became a gold medalist at the Olympic Games, a silver medalist in the World Championship and received the honorary title of "Player of the Year" in the NHL.

25. And the tallest player in the history of the NHL was born in Slovakia. In his 44 years, Zdeno has also broken a large number of prejudices. With a height of 206 cm, the defender continues to play for the Washington Capitals to this day. The good news is that such a truly unique player does not lose heart and does not even think about the end of his career. On account of his 1608 games in the NHL, for which he was able to score 207 goals. 

26. Zdeno Hara, which we wrote about above, also set another record worthy of attention. The hockey player has one of the most powerful shots in NHL history. Zdeno Hara was able to throw the puck at 105.4 mph (169.6 km / h) in 2009. By the way, Hara liked to break records - and he did it a couple more times, reaching 107 mph (172.2 km / h) in 2012. But here it is worth noting another athlete who achieved higher numbers. 

27. The incredible Bobby Hull was able to break absolutely all the records of big sport, accelerating the hockey puck to 193 km / h with his powerful click. Experts also say that the athlete could make a throw with a maximum puck speed of 169 km / h using a wrist technique. 

28. Bobby Hull was one of the best strikers in the NHL in the 1960s. The player was awarded the title of best sniper of the regular season between 1959 and 1969 as many as seven times, making him the second strongest hockey player in this indicator. Bobby Hull was able to score 54 goals in 1965/66, making him the only player to score over 50 goals in the NHL regular season. Throughout his career, the athlete took part in 1,063 matches of the regular season and in 119 playoffs. But now the legend of world hockey is already 82 years old, and it is simply impossible to check or refute his records. 

29. Thus, the National Hockey League contains in its history many unique moments that will be of interest to every fan of big sport. It is these facts and records that are the basis of interesting hockey, a professional sport that has a huge number of fans. Important events are remembered by many, making hockey even more popular and even more spectacular, which is why this sport quickly gained worldwide popularity and annually indulges us with legendary events.

30. On November 26, 1917, representatives of four Canadian clubs (Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators and Quebec Bulldogs) decided to create the National Hockey League. A little later, Toronto Arenas joined the organizers.

31. The first NHL matches took place on December 19, 1917. There are currently 30 teams in the world's strongest professional hockey league.

32. In 1943, the Hockey Hall of Fame was opened in Toronto, where the names of the best hockey players on the planet were entered. Currently, more than 300 world hockey legends have been awarded this honor, including 6 of our compatriots: Anatoly Tarasov, Vladislav Tretyak, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Valery Kharlamov, Igor Larionov and Pavel Bure.

33. On February 14, 1934, the Toronto Maple Leafs permanently assigned the number 6 jersey to team star Ace Bailey. Later, the tradition of removing the numbers of great hockey players from circulation gained wide popularity in the NHL. Pavel Bure was the only Russian to be awarded such an honor. In 2013, the Vancouver Canucks secured form with number 10.

34. In 1959, the Montreal Canadiens goalkeeper Jacques Plant began wearing a mask. Not everyone liked this novelty, and many even called Plant a coward. But after a few years, the mask became a common attribute of the goalkeeper's uniform.

35. According to statistics, 68% of professional hockey players lost at least one tooth during a match.

36. The legendary Gordie Howe was distinguished not only by high performance, but also by an aggressive game. Therefore, if one hockey player manages to throw the puck in a match, make an assist and take part in a fight, then such a result is called "Gordie Howe's hat-trick."

37. Since 1993, every hockey player who has won the Stanley Cup, the NHL's premier trophy, can take it home for a day. But there is one secret: the athletes are given a copy of the prize, and the original is kept in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

38. April 16, 1999 ended the sports career of the most famous hockey player in the history of the NHL - Wayne Gretzky. In NHL games, Gretzky has scored 894 goals and made 1,963 assists. Its result has not been surpassed so far.

39. Bobby Hull had the most powerful shot among the pros. After his impact, the puck flew at a speed of 190.4 kilometers per hour.

40. In the entire long history of the NHL, the Stanley Cup has not been played twice. In 1919, the tournament was stopped due to the flu epidemic, and in 2005 the championship was canceled due to a hockey strike.

41. In the first month of the 2017-18 season, 212 matches were played. On average, the teams scored 6.1 goals in them (excluding 18 goals in shootouts). This is significantly more than the figure for the same period of the last championship - 5.6. On average, NHL teams scored 5.45 goals per game that season.

42. The last time NHL clubs managed to cross the line of six goals per game in the 2005-06 championship was 6.05 in 1230 games. And the level of 6.1 goals per game was exceeded for the last time in the regular championship of 1995-96 - 6.29.

43. This figure may be impressive, but it is still significantly less than 25 years ago, when NHL clubs averaged 7.25 goals per game.

44. There is another indicator of the increased performance: all 24 top scorers in the league (as of Saturday) are gaining an average of points per match. Last season, only eight of the top 24 played as effectively.

45. Pittsburgh have won all four games between Crosby and McDavid: two in regulation, one in overtime and one in shootouts. Now they can meet again at best only in the playoffs. Or next season.

46. “Islanders” figured out the game in the majority: “New York Islanders” for three weeks to establish the game in the majority and, apparently, the team was able to find the cause of failure and draw the right conclusions.

47. The first took place during the third season of the NHL - Montreal beat Toronto (St. Patrick's) with a score of 14-7, but then such a score was the norm.

48. The second such a productive match had to wait for more than 60 years - until the end of 1985, when Edmonton, led by the inimitable Gretzky, staged a shootout with Chicago and won 12-9. At the same time, Wayne did not score a single (!) Washer, but he helped his partners as much as seven (!) Times, which became a record for transfers in one game.

49. Andrew Hammond, who defended the gates of Ottawa and Colorado, got his nickname "The Hamburglar" (ie "Burgervor") long before the NHL during one of the varsity games for Bowling Green State University (NCAA). First, one of his teammates, Wade Finegan, began calling Hammond "Robber" for his ability to "steal" victories for his team. Then the nickname evolved into "Burglar" ("Thief"), then simply "Burgs". The result of this chain is the nickname "The Hamburglar", which is the name of a friend of Ronald McDonald, and this friend, as you might guess, loves to steal burgers on the sly. It was he who was depicted on the mask of the Canadian when he played for Ottawa.

50.Eighteen-year-old Alec Regula was selected by Detroit in the third round of the 2018 NBA Draft pick as # 67.

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@Emily White Let the game begin!

The beginning of 2023 turned out to be rich in celebrity memories. We recently introduced readers to exciting moments from the life of the British royal family in the memoirs of Prince Harry. And in early February, the biographies of the American actress and fashion model of Canadian origin Pamela Anderson, a controversial personality (are you 18?), spontaneous and creative, went on sale.

A career in Playboy, meeting the son of the President of the United States, first love, and other facts from the life of a superstar

She went through more than one tricky situation in childhood and adolescence, went through a difficult path to an authentic self and self-respect, and met with celebrities - from Jack Nicholson to John F. Kennedy Jr. In the book, she does not avoid difficult and awkward moments associated with family and marriages. Therefore she appears sincere before us and becomes closer.

At Bemorepanda have chosen 23 of the most striking strokes from the biography of the American sex symbol Pamela Anderson and decided to share these facts with you.

1. About parents

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

Pamela opens her book with a story about growing up in Canada. She wrote that during her adolescence, her parents were "local Bonnie and Clyde" her mother characterized with the words "everything just for her" and called her father "a bad boy."

The relationship between the parents was "hot-tempered and stormy," which often led to great quarrels. In one verse passage, Pamela admitted that she wondered if she and her younger brother Jerry were "the problem" in her parent's relationship.

Throughout Pamela's childhood, her mother left her father several times. One case “seemed very real”: the mother moved with Pamela and Jerry to a social apartment, but after about a year, her parents reconciled. It was noticeable that the mother felt "released" after she got back together with Pamela's father. However, Anderson wrote that when their family life stabilized, she quickly realized that she was "uncomfortable to be in comfort."

2. Violence in childhood

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

Pamela said that as a child, she was sexually abused by the nanny: she forced the girl to “play strange games with her body.” The nanny ordered them not to tell anyone about this and often brought the girl gifts so that her parents would not find out anything.

Anderson wrote in her book that she often dreamed of her nanny's death. When she "eliminated her with her magical mind." Although the nanny was no longer around and there was no one to threaten, she never told her parents about the nanny's harassment. Instead, she decided to hide all this in her memory as far as possible and not remember it.

3. About childhood sexual trauma

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

Pamela frankly shared that she was not feminine, and her friends persuaded her to wear bright makeup and date older boys. At 12-13, she went with a friend to visit an older boy, where she stated she was raped. She says she was "in shock" and felt her "life was over." Despite this, she decided not to tell her family about it either. To distract herself, Anderson immersed herself in her studies.

4. First serious relationship

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

In high school, according to Pamela, she had a serious relationship with a guy named Jack. He was not a good and sensitive boy and often yelled at her, trying to suppress his "I" in her. The actress detailed in her book one night when Jack started kicking her while they were in the car, forcing her out.

When she returned home, her father noticed that she looked distraught and tearful and went to deal with her boyfriend. According to her, it was from that moment that she noticed that most of her boyfriends were terrible - and got worse over time, which led to the fact that she began to wonder if she was the whole problem.

5. Love for the father

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

After graduating from high school, the future movie star did not even think about going to college because, according to her, none of her friends and acquaintances went to college after high school. Instead, she moved from her parent's house to her apartment: she did not want to see her father continue to insult her mother. But by this point, Pamela writes, she already realized that her mother did not want to be rescued because she was resigned to her fate.

Even though she often witnessed how her father beats her mother, Pamela said she loves her father despite his shortcomings. According to her, her father grew up in a family where they were beaten for the slightest offense. And it was that kind of cruelty that made him what he was. By the way, in one documentary about Anderson, she confirmed that her parents are still together.

6. New life: move to Vancouver

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

After another fight with her high school boyfriend, Jack, Pamela moved to Vancouver to start a new life. There she got a job working in the solarium at the fitness center, where she began to sunbathe and do aerobics regularly.

In the pages of her book, she admitted that because she was introduced to sex so early (and even in a violent form), she avoided sex with men for a long time, as a result of which she missed the phase of promiscuity that adolescent girls face. Instead, she was looking for her fairy tale and true love.

Pamela met a man named Mike at the gym and soon began working as a secretary in his photography studio. Mike eventually proposed to Pamela, and she accepted, confessing that she "always wanted to be a bride."

Their relationship was very sexual, partly because she "didn't have a normal example to compare it to." She said that this period of experimentation helped her overcome her shyness and gain confidence. Ultimately, it turned against her when Mike broke up with her for being too sexy, slutty, uncompromising, and straightforward, and she no longer trusted her. Later, she learned that Mike was already having an affair with a married aspiring Playboy model.

7. First fame

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

Pamela was first spotted at a football game in Canada after being shown on the stadium's big screen. Seeing herself on the scoreboard, she decided she "looked old and ugly" until she realized that many viewers were in awe of her. From that moment on, she became known as the "blue zone girl," and the football team began using her photo in their advertisements.

After that, according to her, the moment she realized that this way, you can earn a living.

She and Mike were in an argument when the phone suddenly rang. Playboy magazine photo editor Marilyn Grabowski invited Pamela to come to Los Angeles for a test shoot for the cover of the magazine's October 1989 issue. Upon learning that the offer had no guarantees, Anderson hung up because she did not want to agree to vague terms.

Moments later, Marilyn called back and told Pamela that the offer was serious, and in the end, the future star accepted it. By the way, she needed to leave Vancouver as soon as possible because she feared Mike. According to Anderson, Playboy magazine tried to help her go as quickly as possible because the management saw a similarity in the situation with the story of model Dorothy Stratten, whose husband was killed.

8. First steps in Playboy magazine

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

Pamela wrote that her first day in Los Angeles "colored the rest of her life." She was invited to watch the Mike Tyson fight at the Playboy Mansion, which she compared to Disneyland without fireworks. Pamela said that that evening she met Playboy founder and editor-in-chief Hugh Hefner for the first time: he told her that his company would take care of her, and this promise for a young girl "was like the epitome of chivalry."

According to the fashion model, she surprised Hefner when she saw a painting by Salvador Dali in the mansion and began to tell details about the life and work of the great artist. From that moment on, she felt Hefner understood that he was not an ordinary stupid model but a natural person.

On the day of the Playboy shoot, Pamela noticed pictures of models on the walls and thought, "What the hell am I doing here?" She compared her first photo/video shoot to Alice in Wonderland: she felt like she had walked through "a porthole into another universe."

During her first experience as a model, she told the crew about her family and relationship with Mike. She expressed her confidence that her cry for help, relayed to Hefner, was when Playboy became her real family. Later that evening, she was offered to stay in Los Angeles and work as a Playmate.

9. Reputation and popularity in Playboy

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

In one of the poetic passages in her memoirs, Pamela wrote that her Playboy career had given some people "a reason... to disrespect me," but added that it was actually "an honor and a privilege" for her. Through her work in the magazine, she “expanded her possibilities unrealistically.

Anderson wrote in her book that while life as a Playmate model may seem scandalous, she considers Hefner, the only person who can easily handle any rumors and scandals, coming out of any situation like a gentleman and getting away with it. Thanks to him, the future superstar escaped the big scandals and gossip the public loves to believe in.

Even though Hefner knew how to build the magazine's work correctly and thought through the safety of his employees, it is impossible to insure against everything. So, Pamela remembered when one man offered her $ 10,000 for a date in a hot tub. She often told Hefner about such offers, which caused other models to "call her a talker and a liar." It was all because of envy; most girls would not mind getting extra income through the bed.

10. Relationships with filmmakers and actors

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

During the first visit to the Playboy mansion, famous film producer Jon Peters showed interest in Pamela.

In the book, she wrote that Peters eventually convinced her to move to Bel Air, where he often sent expensive gifts home to her, an experience she likened to the movie Pretty Woman. When actor Mario Van Peebles brought her home after their date, he advised her to pack her things and leave: he was worried that Peters would take her away from him. She didn't go, but she took Van's words to heart and told Peters that she wasn't comfortable with what their relationship had become.

Despite all her hobbies, Peters was able to get her attention to win her heart: he planned a dinner party, during which he deliberately attracted the attention of all the guests and made her the "star of the show." The surprises didn't end there. He continued to charm and surprise her by bringing her mother to visit Los Angeles.

During the trip, Peters constantly told her mother that he and Pamela were in love with each other. This made her realize that she "couldn't do that [to Peters] anymore," Her mother appeared to support her daughter's decision to hook up with the producer.

Pamela writes in the book that as her relationship with Peters developed, so did her responsibilities at Playboy. Her style of posing - as a "wild woman," which "let her shyness come out to the fullest" - was "exactly what the magazine needed."

Pamela soon confessed that Hefner called her part of the "Playboy DNA." He asked her to be the second host of the new version of the Playboy After Dark program. He also told her she would not be named Playmate of the Year, as the company decided they needed to choose an American model due to the ongoing Gulf War.

11. Meeting Jack Nicholson

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

The actress says the bathrooms at the Playboy Mansion were "cleverly designed" to allow guests to invite someone in for "a little fun." She recalled walking into one of the washrooms where Jack Nicholson was "giggling and kissing" two women.

Pamela claimed she made eye contact with Nicholson in the mirror; he winked at her and said: "Thank you, dear." Anderson admitted that she does not feel uncomfortable with this story: Nicholson himself told it several times. She also says that she saw Nicholson many years later at a dinner party, where he asked if she remembered their first meeting and flashed his "mischievous smile."

12. First movie roles

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

After her first Playboy cover was released, casting directors for film and television projects began to call the magazine's mansion with their proposals for Pamela. She eventually agreed to make a cameo appearance on Married with Children; when she left the set, she was offered an audition in the series "Big Repair," which she successfully passed and was approved for the role.

In the film, she got the role of Lisa. She had the same line in every show episode, quickly becoming a hit.

On the first day of filming The Big Fix, Pamela writes he was completely naked.

He thought "it was fair because he saw Pamela naked," and he wanted it to be mutual. For Anderson, this was one of the many times people mistakenly felt that "they know her enough to make a complete fool of themselves." By the way, Allen himself denies this event.

13. Filming in Baywatch

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

Pamng in Baywatch. But she gave in after her then-boyfriend David Charvet was also asked to audition. She was cast for the role almost immediately. The actress began working with producers to develop her character (Casey Jean), whom she called a "true reflection" of herself.

As a result, she had to choose between working on the TV series The Big Fix and Baywatch. She decided to take part in the second film. Despite the lower salary, she enjoyed the quality of life that this project provided and the beneficial physical activity and filming on the ocean.

Baywatch was an instant hit. Anderson admitted that her time on the show went "in a blur." By the show's fourth season, it turned out that she was the highest-paid actress, and many international broadcasters only bought the episodes in which she appeared, writing "actress and model clauses" into their contracts.

Did you know that a Barbie doll was released based on Pamela's character and became a bestseller? However, according to the actress, she did not receive financial benefits from using her image in the toy because "it all happened so quickly" that she did not have time to formalize everything properly.

14. Pamela appeared on the cover of a magazine at the request of the son of US President John F. Kennedy.

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

Pamela said that John F. Kennedy Jr. invited her to appear on the first cover of his George magazine. She agreed. But she didn't appear on the first cover. She posed for the magazine "completely naked, hiding behind the American flag."

Kennedy could not attend the shoot but called and apologized for his absence. During a phone conversation, the model told her readers that she was "uncomfortably dizzy" and called their exchange "the most embarrassing moment" of her life.

She added that Kennedy allegedly tried to call her again, but she didn't answer because she felt he was "out of my league."

15. Career in charitable organizations

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

As Pamela's fame grew, she needed to take on the more significant challenge of showing the public that she was no ordinary show business gal. Throughout her book, she writes extensively about her love for animals. She says she contacted PETA (an organization that fights for animal rights) to declare that she is ready to help animals.

So a billboard for a human rights organization appeared in Times Square, on which Anderson was. She also began to write letters to influential people asking them to help animals. She called her ongoing work with PETA a "great success" and expanded her activities to include environmental issues.

16. Getting to know Tommy Lee and developing a relationship

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

The actress said she was "ready for anything" when she met rocker musician Tommy Lee on New Year's Eve at a bar she co-owned. She said she sent all the VIPs a free drink invitation, but Tommy thought he was the only one invited: he came over and licked her face.

Anderson's best friend Melanie warned her not to get close to Tommy and not even think about how to find out his phone number. “I have never felt such a force of nature or attraction,” Pamela wrote about the beginning of their relationship.

The next day, Pamela said that Tommy called her at the hotel, and she promised him they could spend 24 hours together, but this never happened.

Although their first meeting went nowhere, Pamela admitted she "had a strange feeling ... that he would somehow find me somewhere." A few months later, Tommy called. Pamela told him she was going to Mexico for work, but Tommy insisted on coming anyway. In Mexico, the actress revealed to her security team not to let him through but eventually relented on the last night of the trip.

The model admitted that part of her hesitation was due to her relationship with professional surfer Kelly Slater, who also chose between her and his former girlfriend.

17. First night with Tommy Lee and marriage

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

The first night they spent together, Tommy said they should get married. Pamela agreed, and the next day they were married on the beach. On the flight home from Mexico, the couple was "in heaven," beginning to learn about each other's lives.

When they landed, they were surrounded by paparazzi: their wedding photos were leaked to the Internet. The model said that Slater got through to her first, after which her mother called - she was furious. “My decision to marry without the participation of the family was not in my nature,” she wrote, adding that she was then “lost and entangled in a sea of ​​love.”

In the early days of their marriage, the relationship between her and Tommy was very similar to "John Lennon and Yoko Ono," and they did not doubt that they should be together. Even though they were happy, Pamela admitted that "living a normal life was difficult," referring to the.

According to her, Tommy began to spend a lot of time with her at work, and this became a problem after he started to require scripts to be changed so that Anderson did not communicate with male colleagues. At the time, she considered this behavior "his demonstration of intense love." Ultimately, this finished Pamela; she fell into "deep despair and depression."

18. About Children

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

The star spoke in detail in the book about her children, Brandon and Dylan, whom she called "the catalyst for all the good things in my life." After a miscarriage that she says devastated her and Tommy, Pamela found out months later that she was pregnant again.

“We cherished every moment of life,” she wrote, adding that the pregnancy brought her and Tommy closer than ever. After the birth of her second child, the actress said she decided to leave Baywatch because she was "happy" with her family and "nothing else interested her."

19. Missing safe and scandalous sex video

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

Pamela wrote that she was seven months pregnant with Dylan when a safe was stolen from her and Tommy's home. At first, they took the loss as a joke until they realized the safe could have gone missing earlier, but they did not notice it. The couple needed help remembering everything that was stored in it.

Shortly after that, the couple received a call from Penthouse magazine founder Bob Guccione claiming he had a video of them having sex. The couple was shocked, adding, "We don't remember filming something so intimate."

Soon the news about the video began to spread in the media and the Internet, and then the world saw the video. Pamela said she "didn't watch it until now," Tommy saw it and told her that "there wasn't anything too bad - but enough to hurt me."

The couple decided to go to court, but. Anderson wrote that when she entered the courtroom, there were nude photos of her everywhere, and lawyers told her that she "had no right to privacy because she was filming for Playboy." She added that they asked her intrusive questions about her sex life and suggested that she enjoyed the attention the scandalous sex tape had brought her.

Ultimately, the couple closed the case due to the stress they endured during Pamela's pregnancy. The couple decided to escape this situation "with grace and dignity," but this scandal haunted them for many years. The model in the book confided that even years later, her sons were bullied at school because of this incident.

20. Tommy Lee, whom Pamela did not know yet ...

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

Even though the media attention on the recording faded, Pamela revealed that the paparazzi were still very interested in her life with Tommy. The constant invasions of privacy began to take their toll on their relationship, and one night Tommy gave her and Dylan, who was only seven weeks old, a hard shove, causing them to hit the wall. This came after she offered to call her parents and ask for help with the children. "That was the Tommy I never knew," she wrote.

She called 911 for emergency services after Tommy picked up Brandon and ran out of the house with him. Eventually, Tommy was arrested. Pamela said she refused to see him, writing: "I still can't believe that the person I loved more than anything in the world was capable of what happened that night."

After Pamela and Tommy broke up, she said she "felt like a person with a lost soul.". By the way, the couple attempted reconciliation, but to no avail, because, according to the actress, neither could forgive the other.

Anderson said her "relationship with Tommy was probably the only time I was truly in love" and wrote that she felt "loser" about the children being left without a father.

21. Meet Kid Rock

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

In 2001, Pamela met at a charity concert with an American singer, rock music ommi, and offered Anderson a hand and heart.

She admitted that Tommy's interference interfered with her relationship with Kid Rock more than once, but they eventually married in Saint-Tropez. She also revealed in her memoir that Kid Rock gets along great with her sons because "he made a huge effort" to communicate with them and give them a good experience.

Their relationship ended after Pamela had a small role in Borat. She said she invited Kid to a private film screening without warning him of her position. When the scene started with her, Kid Rock called her a "whore".

For reference:

In the tape, the main character, Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiev (Sacha Baron Cohen), traveling through the United States, notices Pamela Anderson, who is meeting with fans in a public place. Borat tries to kidnap an actress to marry her. Sacha Baron Cohen admitted for the first time that the scene was partly staged - only Anderson knew about the filming.

Shortly after, they broke up, and Pamela revealed they didn't keep in touch today. A few months later, the actress was at the MTV Video Awards, which Kid Rock and Tommy also attended. During Alicia Keys' performance of the song "No One," they rushed at each other. Pamela writes that, in her opinion, it was a set-up: "MTV must have been delighted."

22. Meeting Julian Assange

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

Pamela has revealed that she is friends with Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, calling their friendship "invigorating, sexy, and fun.". Anderson then visited him at the Ecuadorian embassy in London and said he "was intrigued by my perspective on global issues."

They drank a bottle of mezcal one night, and both fell asleep, which Anderson joked "put some of the tabloid tongues to work." Assange asked that she be the first to visit him at Belmarsh, a maximum security prison in London. The model said she considered him a "wrongfully imprisoned prisoner" and fought for his release.

23. Roxy is a dream role in a musical

23 facts about Pamela Anderson, a simple girl from Canada who made the whole world fall in love with her

In 2022, Pamela spent eight weeks on Broadway playing Roxy in the musical Chicago. Pamela writes in the book that when rehearsals were to begin, she "was frightened, furious, manic." By the way, this was not the first time Pamela was offered to play Roxy. She said that about ten years before and refused the role.

It is worth noting that it was difficult for her to refuse the dream role. Still, she admitted that “the universe ultimately approved this decision, allowing playing this role. When she first stepped on stage in a musical, she said it was the best cure for stress. She said that she felt incredibly safe on stage: during the performance, "it was the only time in my life when I didn't think about anything else."

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@Emily White She looks gorgeous, as always. Have you seen her ties with @VladimirPutin? -

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologized on Wednesday and admitted to appearing at a party in the garden of the Government House on Downing Street - in the middle of quarantine - but claims that he thought then, "implicitly" that he was it's about a working meeting.

Boris Johnson apologized for attending a "everyone's own drink" gathering at his official residence during the first quarantine during the pandemic. Opposition groups called for him to resign, according to Reuters.

Johnson first admitted to attending the Downing Street party on May 20, 2020, when social gatherings were kept to a minimum, and said he understood the anger caused by the information.

"I know the anger they feel for me about the government they lead when they think that even in Downing Street the rules are not followed properly by the people who make the rules," Johnson said bluntly.

Johnson, who won the 2019 election with a promise to secure Britain's exit from the EU, said he regretted his action and thought the meeting was a work-related event.

"I went to that garden shortly after six o'clock on May 20, 2020 to thank a group of staff members before returning to my office 25 minutes later to continue my work," he said. "Looking back, I should have sent them all back inside."

Opposition lawmakers have said Johnson should resign. In addition, some members of his party, the Conservative Party, have said he should step down if he is found to have violated strict laws introduced by the government to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes.

1.I am at party

2.It was a party

3.Work event

"His defense of not knowing it was a party is so ridiculous that it insults British public opinion," Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer said on Wednesday, accusing Johnson of lying and demanding his resignation. AFP.

Two short opinion polls showed on Tuesday that more than half of British respondents believe Johnson should resign.

The British Prime Minister risks being the target of a police investigation into a "garden party" on Downing Street in May 2020, in complete isolation.

According to several media reports, this party was held in the garden on Downing Street on May 20, 2020, in the presence of the 57-year-old Conservative leader and his wife Carrie, at a time when social interactions were limited. drastic.

Police confirmed on Monday that they were "in contact" with the government in connection with the case, which could be the subject of an investigation for health violations.

In May 2020, people in the UK could only meet one person outside the home, in a public place, outside and provided they kept a distance of two meters.

In addition, most students could not go to school, and bars and restaurants were also closed.

Boris Johnson's private secretary, Martin Reynolds, sent an e-mail to a hundred people in May 2020, inviting them, "after an incredibly busy period," to "take advantage of the good weather" for a reception "with social distancing ”in the Downing Street Garden.

"Let's meet from 6:00 pm and come with your own drink," the message concluded.

4.Boris didn’t realise

5.Someone gave me a drink

6.Double check

7.Work event

Boris Johnson told Parliament he believed the incident complied with health regulations in force at the time. He took responsibility for his "mistakes."

Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer immediately called on Boris Johnson to resign.

"Will he have the decency to resign now?" He asked.

Keir Starmer accuses Boris Johnson of "lying like a toothpick."

How Boris Johnson apologizes: I thought it was a work event, I didn't realize it

"I should have realized that millions of people could see things differently. I would like to apologize. I know millions of people across the country have made extraordinary sacrifices in the last 18 months. I know the pain they went through, not being able to mourn their relatives, living their lives the way they want to, or doing the things they love. And I know how angry they are with me and the government I lead, when I think that in Downing Street the rules are not followed by those who make the rules (...) And, although I can't anticipate the conclusions of the investigation in at present, (...) I have to take responsibility. The prime minister's office is a large department, with the garden as an extension of the office. When I entered that garden immediately after 6:00 pm on May 20, 2020, to thank the staff, I thought it was a work event. (...) After 25 minutes I returned to the office to continue my work (...) Looking back, I should have sent them all inside. I should have thanked them in another way. And I should have admitted (...) Millions of people would see things differently (...) People who have suffered terribly, who were forbidden to see their loved ones, family, inside or outside. I also sincerely apologize to them and to this House of Representatives, "Boris Johnson said during a parliamentary session of questions to the Prime Minister.

8.Work at party

9.Embarassing pictures


The opposition demands the resignation of the prime minister. Trying to settle the allegations, Boris Johnson called for a special commission to investigate the parties referred to by the press. May 20, 2020 is not the only one.

Explanations are required in the House of Commons. And there were emotional moments during the debates. A Member of Parliament for Northern Ireland began to weep; and he remembered his mother-in-law, who had died alone of COVID on a hospital bed.

Jim Shannon, Member of Parliament for Northern Ireland: "In our country, in Northern Ireland, 3,000 people have died,

3,000 people who obeyed the rules, including my mother-in-law, who died alone. Will anyone give an account, will we find out the results of the investigation? I apologize."

11.Boris in the garden

12.Go to party by mistake

13.Just off at work event

Johnson became the 14th Prime Minister of Queen Elizabeth II since her accession to the throne in 1952, the first being Winston Churchill.

Like his predecessor, Johnson did not become head of government in a parliamentary election, but replaced May when she resigned over the failure to pass Parliament's negotiated agreement with EU leaders on Brexit. .

Now, Prime Minister Johnson will have to implement his promise to implement Brexit on October 31, even without an agreement, in the face of questionable support in the House of Commons.

Johnson was born in New York at the age of 55 and has dual British and American citizenship. His paternal great-grandfather, Ali Kemal, was the last minister of the interior of the Ottoman Empire, and his maternal line has ancestral rabbis from Lithuania.

Johnson received an elite education, being a student at Eton College and then a student at Oxford University, Balliol College where he earned a degree in classical studies, Latin and ancient Greek.



16.Own party

17.Party time

18.Just seconds

19.Work do

20.Crazy work event

21.A true story

22.What a great work event

23.Work event

24.Going crazy


26.Tuff babe

27. 25 minutes at the party

28.Vocal public

29.So sad

30.Boozy party

31.Greatest work event

32.Cinema work scene

33.That's right

34.Believe me

35.Downing street

36.Try not to believe

37.Johnson party

38.Good argument

39.Is that a work event?

40.All been there

41.Party hard


43.Just believe us

44.Crying a little bit

45.What’s going on here?

46.Something went wrong

47.Big political event

48.So much fun


50.Cut off

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Hotjar vs Google Analytics: A comprehensive comparison

Nowadays, the market is loaded with tons of analytics tools that claim to provide maximum and accurate analytics. Therefore, often it becomes difficult for business owners, marketers, and analysts to choose the right one for their business.

Analytics is very important to track and measure as it can help businesses to know how their strategies are performing. They can know how far or how close they are to achieving their goals. Here, in this blog, we will give you a comprehensive analysis of the two most popular analytics tools, Hotjar vs Google Analytics.

We are sure that by the end of this blog, you will be able to choose the right analytics tool that suits your business needs.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics for website is a website analytics tool developed by Google that helps to collect and analyze website traffic data. You can evaluate the customers’ interactions with your website. It can help businesses know their top traffic sources and the success of their marketing & ad campaigns.

Google Analytics tools can help you track some of the most important metrics for a business. A Google Analytics report includes metrics like total sessions, unique users, average session duration, page views, bounce rate, etc.

Google Analytics Integration

Google web analytics features can help you to collect, analyze, monitor, visualize, and report data. You can add Google Analytics to your website by following the steps given below.

  • Step 1: Sign up for the Google Analytics account. You’ll get an Analytics Property ID.

  • Step 2: Next, open a new Google Sites and click on Settings.

  • Step 3: In Settings, go to Analytics. Enter the Analytics Property ID.(After 24 hours, Google Analytics will start showing your data)

  • Step 4: Open Google Analytics and you will start seeing your data.

How does Google Analytics work?

Google Analytics collects website visitors’ data through the use of page tags. A JavaScript tag is inserted in the backend code of each page. This tag runs in the browser of each website visitor, collects data, and sends it to Google’s data collection servers.

Google site analytics creates customizable reports from this data with metrics like the total number of visitors, average session durations, page views, bounce rates, etc. The page tag works like a web bug or beacon to collect user data. Since the system relies on cookies, it can’t gather the data of users who have not accepted or disabled them.

Google Analytics: Pros & Cons

Google Analytics features make it a good choice as an analytics tool. However, there are many benefits and drawbacks of using Google Analytics free that we have given below:

  • Google Analytics sign up is free. The tool is easy to integrate and user-friendly. Analyzing Google page insights is also easy for anyone.

  • Google Analytics website traffic reports are customizable. It captures a wide range of important metrics.

  • This platform has many other essential tools like data visualization, monitoring, predictive analysis, etc.

Google Analytics heatmap has some limitations that affect its data accuracy. We have mentioned some of its shortcomings below:

  • The data can’t be accurate as some users block Google Analytics cookies, add browser extensions, and filtering programs that enhance privacy.

  • Usually, the reports are generated from 500,000 random sessions to reduce the server load. Also, the margins of error are only given for the number of visitors in these reports. However, small segments of data may have very large margins of errors.

Google Analytics pricing

Google Analytics basic version is free and offers basic features of the product. For more advanced features you need to upgrade to the paid version. The paid version of Google Analytics costs $12,500 per month or $150,000 per year.

Google Analytics Alternatives

Google Analytics doesn’t track all the user events automatically. You have to set events in the GA settings. It helps you know what’s happening on your website but not why it’s happening. It lacks qualitative analytics features.

Nonetheless, there are many Google Analytics alternatives that you can use for qualitative data analysis. We have mentioned some of the other analytics tools below:

  • WebMaxy Analyzer

  • Hotjar

  • Smartlook

  • Mixpanel

What is Hotjar used for?

Hotjar and Google Analytics are different in the context of the data they track. Hotjar analytics tell you about how the visitors interact with your website. You can know if your users are encountering any problems or issues in their website journey.

Hotjar analytics comes with various features that can help you gather and analyze qualitative website data. We have mentioned some of the major features of the hot jar below:

  • Session recordings: Hotjar tracking enables you to record your site visitors’ sessions. You can watch their website activity and know how they engage with your website.

  • Hotjar heatmap: This feature can help you track your users’ clicks, taps, and scrolls on your website. You can see which website elements and CTAs they are clicking.

  • Surveys: You can conduct surveys on your website to know your users’ opinions and viewpoints.

  • Feedback widget: From the Hotjar feedback widget installed on your page, you can get direct feedback from your site visitors.

Hotjar integration with Google Analytics can help you to gather both quantitative and qualitative website data. You can track your web metrics and analyze them with your user behavior data.

Hotjar Integration

In this section, we will tell you how you can install the Hotjar analytics tracking code on your website. The Hotjar Tracking code is a JavaScript snippet that you need to add to the backend of your website. Follow the steps given below to complete the Hotjar Integration successfully.

  • Step 1: Check if your website platform is compatible with Hotjar.

  • Step 2: Go to your Sites page in Hotjar. Click on the Install tracking code for the website you want to track.

  • Step 3: Copy the tracking code and paste the code into the backend of your website between the tag.

  • Step 4: Go back to your Sites page in Hotjar and verify the installation.

Hotjar Pricing

Hotjar Analytics offers a forever-free basic plan with limited features (up to 35 daily session recordings & unlimited heatmaps). Their paid plan Plus starts from $32/month and it includes 100 daily sessions, data segmentation, and events API. The Hotjar Business Plan costs $80/month.

Google Analytics vs Hotjar

Hotjar vs Google Analytics is a trending topic. But the truth is none of them can replace the other. You don’t need to pick and choose any one of them. However, you can use both of them together to conduct in-depth data analysis. Now, we will tell you the key differences between Hotjar vs Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a quantitative analytics tool whereas Hotjar is a qualitative analytics tool.

GA reports can provide you with information about who your users are and from where they are coming. You can track and measure web metrics like traffic source, location, devices used, page views, bounce rate, etc.

Hotjar analytics has features like session recordings, heatmaps, surveys, and feedback widgets. From session recordings, you can see how your visitors behave with your website. With heatmaps, you can track their clicks and scrolls. Hotjar analytics can help you to understand your users’ behavioral patterns and trends.

By combining the quantitative data from GA and qualitative data from Hotjar analytics you can get detailed website information.

Google Analytics offers a free plan whereas Hotjar has a paid plan

Google Analytics free version offers a lot of features like real-time data, custom reporting options, advanced segmentation, flow visualization, conversion reporting, etc. Most businesses can use the free version for gathering qualitative data about their website.

Hotjar analytics isn’t completely free and offers very limited features in the free version. After the 15-day free trial is over you need to upgrade to the paid plan. Hotjar free version just includes 35 daily sessions, a website heatmap, and automatic data capture.

However, there is another user behavior analytics tool, WebMaxy Analyzer which offers more features than Hotjar at an affordable price. It includes session replays, heatmaps, surveys & polls, feedback widgets, funnel view, form analytics, push notifications, segmentation, and many advanced integrations.

The best Hotjar Alternative: WebMaxy Analyzer

WebMaxy Analyzer is an analytics tool that comes with maximum features than any other analytics tool. WebMaxy Analyzer can help you in getting answers to your various questions like:

  • What visitors are doing on your website?

  • Which elements of your website interest them the most?

  • How much in-depth do they go on your web pages?

  • What do they think about your brand?

  • How do they go through the different stages of the customer journey?

  • How do prospects interact with your website forms?

  • From which page do they exit your website?

Now, we will tell you about the different features of WebMaxy Analyzer and how you can utilize them.

Session Recordings

Session recordings can help you watch your website visitors’ sessions. You can know what exactly visitors are doing on your website. You can see where they take a pause and pay the most attention and at which point they leave your website. This way you’ll be able to see your website from the visitor’s perspective.


From click maps, you can know which website elements and CTAs people are tapping or clicking. You can identify any unclickable components that your website visitors might be clicking by mistake. This information can help you to improve your website UI & UX. The scroll maps can show you much people are scrolling down on your web pages. You can use this information to place your important content and CTAs accordingly.

Surveys & Polls

You can conduct surveys & polls to get direct and accurate customer insights. You can know from your customers what they need, want, and expect from your brand. You can analyze the survey data with graphical representations and share data-driven insights with your teams.

Feedback widget

By adding a feedback widget, you can give your visitors and customers the opportunity to share their opinions, viewpoints, and suggestions with you. You can customize the feedback widget in WebMaxy Analyzer as per your brand requirement.

Funnel View

You can create funnels and analyze your customer’s journey on your website. You can see the conversion and drop-off rate throughout the different steps. This way you can know from where the maximum prospects leave your website.

Form Analytics

You can analyze how your website forms are performing with WebMaxy Analyzer. You can see how the visitors interact with forms, which fields they fill in, and which they ignore. This information can help you to create better website forms.

User Insights

From the user insights feature, you can get complete information about your website visitors. You can get details like their last seen, session duration, geographical location, the device used, device type, browser, OS version, etc.

Push Notification

Notify your website visitors and persuade them to continue their customer journey. With WebMaxy Analyzer, you can send off-site notifications to your website visitors. This is the best way to get your lost visitors back to your business.

WebMaxy Analyzer can also be integrated with many other tools like Wix, Drupal, Google Tag Manager, Shopify, Magento, and so on.

WebMaxy Analyzer Pricing

WebMaxy Analyzer offers a forever-free basic plan with features like session recording, heatmaps, funnel view, form analytics, and surveys & polls. They offer three paid plans that come with advanced features.

  • Plus plan: $ 24/month.

  • Business plan: $60/month.

  • Scale plan: Contact their sales team.

Wrapping it up

Hotjar vs Google Analytics is quite a debate but both of them are among the best analytics tool. With Google Analytics you can track website metrics whereas with Hotjar analytics you can analyze your website visitors’ behavior. You can use both Google Analytics and Hotjar together to conduct in-depth data analysis.

However, there is a hotjar alternative, WebMaxy Analyzer that offers more features at an affordable price. You can use this user behavior analytics tool to know and understand your prospective customers better. It comes with features like session replay, heatmaps, surveys & feedback, funnel view, form analytics, push notifications, and many advanced integrations. To learn more about WebMaxy Analyzer, connect with our experts on call or email us at

Want to convert your website visitors into customers?

Start your WebMaxy Analyzer journey today!

Get Started!

Hotjar vs google analytics FAQs

How is Hotjar different from Google Analytics?

Hotjar vs Google Analytics, Hotjar is a user behavior analytics tool whereas Google Analytics is a web analytics tool. With GA you can gather quantitative website data and with Hotjar you can collect qualitative data. Google Analytics can help you to track metrics like website traffic, page views, bounce & conversion rate, etc. Hotjar can help you to capture visitors’ data through session recordings, heatmaps, surveys, and feedback.

Can Hotjar replace Google Analytics?

No, Hotjar can’t replace Google Analytics. Hotjar can help you collect data related to your website visitors. You can know how they behave with your website. Their clicks and scroll patterns on your website. Whereas Google Analytics can provide you with information like website traffic, page views, drop-off, bounce, and conversion rate.

What is Hotjar good for?

Hotjar is good for tracking and analyzing your website visitors’ behavior patterns and trends. You can know how they view your website and how they navigate through it. It comes with features like user session recordings, heat maps, surveys, and feedback. You can use Hotjar to gather and analyze qualitative data.

What is the downside of Hotjar?

Hotjar can affect your website performance and slow it down by a few seconds. Also, the hotjar pricing is quite high compared to other behavior analytics tools. WebMaxy Analyzer is a good hotjar alternative that you can use to track and analyze customers’ behavior. It has features like session replay, click & scroll maps, funnel view, form analytics, surveys & polls, feedback, user insights, push notifications, and many advanced integrations.

Can you use Hotjar for free?

Yes, you can use Hotjar for free but in the basic version, you get limited features like 35 daily sessions, unlimited heatmaps, and automatic data capture. The paid plan Plus with more advanced features costs $32/month.

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@Emily White Have you heard of Microsoft Clarity? It’s free
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