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Last year, Google representatives presented various ways in which cutting-edge technologies can improve current features and applications, and one of the most interesting uses comes from combining maps from Google Maps with augmented reality. Street View, along with an artificial intelligence algorithm, will allow us to move around the city using augmented reality. We take the phone, look for the place where we want to go on the map and in addition to the 2D image we usually see on the map, we can pick up the phone to follow the surrounding reality in 3D.

Involving augmented reality in an application like Google Maps makes sense right now when it comes to walking. In the case of car navigation, this will become relevant when more and more cars will display information directly on the windshield.

Augmented reality in Google Maps, as in other cases, involves the use of the camera and is a two-way communication. The user, by pointing the camera in a certain direction, transmits the exact location to the company's servers, thus helping the precise location.

Google Maps, in turn, will display in the real environment filmed with the phone camera virtual indicators superimposed on the real plan that shows the user exactly the direction to follow.

Basically, instead of 2D maps and arrows, the app uses the real-time images provided by the camera to move the walking guide into the real environment.

It is important to mention that street view contains both images photographed by the Google car and the Tracker, but also by ordinary people who contribute to Street View. They can go to different areas - on top of a mountain, to different tourist attractions - to take pictures, and they will be uploaded on Street View.

The camera mounted on the roof of the Google Street View car has 15 lenses and can take 360-degree panoramic photos. Where cars cannot reach - pedestrian areas, parks or tourist attractions - the images are made using a portable device.

That's how these amazing images captured through Street View probably arrived in the frame. Bemorepanda collected them all for you.

1.The perfect view

2.A normal sunny day

3.Having fun on the street

4.Just a drunk man

5.A perfect photo of a bird

6.A cute driver

7.A road to the sky

8.The horse has gone

9.Enthusiasm of this kids is cool

10.Public transport

11.Walking the dog


13.The parrot makes this photo

14.A heart in the sky

15.Beautiful view

16.A double man

17.A normal picture

18.After party

19.Summer shower

20.A good place to hide

21.This baby was left in the middle of the street

22.Summer vibes

23.The white man


25.Burning house

26.They enjoy their flight

27.Sleeping robo

28.A romantic moment

29.Poor horse

30.Burning car

31.Street fight

32.Peaceful morning


34.Dangerous man

35.At work

36.Falling in the river

37.Strange picture

38.Riding down the street

39.A butterfly

40.Selling guns

41.Alone on the street

42.A tiger in the middle of the street

43.Horse going wild

44.Bike fail

45.The end

46.Hiding in the forest

47.Funny boys

48.Strange moment

49.The bloody fight

50.Caught in action

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