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Every time you ask direct questions to Google or any other search engine, several sites appear on the first page most of the time and Quora is one of them. Whether you want to seek answers or advice from professionals or experienced people, you can ask Quora your question to bet on the answers. Thousands of people will find your question and allow you to have the best possible answer in a few hours.


Founded in 2009 by former Facebook executives, Quora was seen as one of the most interesting companies in the social media era after Facebook. It is not a destination in itself, but a place you reach when you have a curiosity to satisfy. It's all due to its popularity among search engines.


Over time, Quora has evolved into a more organized Yahoo Answers, a more shaggy Reddit and an attitude-filled Wikipedia.


To some extent, Quora is more like Google or Amazon than Facebook.


Another key element of Quora pages, unlike a Facebook event or an Instagram story, is that its pages have a longer lifespan and interest.


That's why people turn to Quora. A multitude of people ask and answer different questions, in different fields and with totally different topics. Are you curious what is in the spotlight on Quora? Bemorepanda has collected the top topics searched on Quora.


1. Technology - 66.1 million followers

2. Movies - 59.7 million followers

3. Health - 54.7 million followers

4. Food - 53.7 million followers

5. Science - 51.5 million followers

6. Music - 48.9 million followers

7. Books - 45.9 million followers

8. Visiting and Travel - 41.9 million followers

9. Business - 38.1 million followers

10. Psychology - 36.1 million followers



11. History - 34.9 million followers

12. Cooking - 33 million followers

13. Design - 25.6 million followers

14. Fashion and Style - 24.9 million followers

15. Writing - 22.3 million followers

16. Economics - 20.9 million followers

17. Philosophy - 18.4 million followers

18. Politics - 18 million followers

19. Finance - 17.6 million followers

20. Marketing - 17.2 million followers



21. Television Series - 15.7 million followers

22. Fine Art - 14 million followers

23. Literature - 13.6 million followers

24. Journalism - 10.6 million followers

25. Healthy Eating - 10.4 million followers

26. Entertainment - 10.1 million followers

27. Medicine and Healthcare - 10 million followers

28. Physics - 9.6 million followers

29. Science of Everyday Life - 9.1 million followers

30. Nutrition - 9.1 million followers



31. Songs - 8.3 million followers

32. Smartphones - 7.8 million followers

33. Technology Trends - 7.7 million followers

34. Recipes - 7.2 million followers

35. Computer Science - 6.8 million followers

36. Fitness - 6.7 million followers

37. The Internet - 6.6 million followers

38. Musicians - 6.5 million followers

39. Mobile Phones - 6.4 million followers

40. Hollywood - 6.4 million followers



41. Novels - 6 million followers

42. Psychology of Everyday Life - 6 million followers

43. Entrepreneurship - 5.7 million followers

44. Mental Health - 5.7 million followers

45. Chemistry - 5.7 million followers

46. Scientific Research - 5.6 million followers

47. Book Recommendations - 5.5 million followers

48. Innovation - 5.4 million followers

49. Reading - 5.3 million followers

50. Healthy Living - 5.3 million followers



51. Writers and Authors - 5.1 million followers

52. India - 5 million followers

53. Bollywood - 5 million followers

54. Small Businesses - 4.9 million followers

55. Actors and Actresses - 4.9 million followers

56. Restaurants - 4.7 million followers

57. Eating - 4.7 million followers

58. Investing - 4.6 million followers

59. Technology Startups - 4.6 million followers

60. Tourism - 4.5 million followers



61. Money - 4.4 million followers

62. Business Strategy - 4.2 million followers

63. Biology - 4.1 million followers

64. Baking - 4.1 million followers

65. Movie Recommendations - 4 million followers

66. Television - 3.9 million followers

67. Social Psychology - 3.9 million followers

68. Exams and Tests - 3.9 million followers

69. Medical Conditions and Diseases - 3.9 million followers

70. Philosophy of Everyday Life - 3.8 million followers



71. World History - 3.8 million followers

72. Studying - 3.8 million followers

73. Earth (planet) - 3.7 million followers

74. Startups - 3.7 million followers

75. Song Lyrics - 3.6 million followers

76. Vacations - 3.6 million followers

77. International Travel - 3.6 million followers

78. YouTube - 3.5 million followers

79. Fiction - 3.5 million followers

80. Clothing and Apparel - 3.5 million followers



81. Music Industry - 3.5 million followers

82. Information Technology - 3.4 million followers

83. Exercise - 3.4 million followers

84. Sleep - 3.3 million followers

85. Silicon Valley - 3.2 million followers

86. Research - 3.2 million followers

87. Invention and Inventions - 3.2 million followers

88. Psychiatry - 3.2 million followers

89. Jobs and Careers - 3.2 million followers

90. Startup Strategy - 3.2 million followers



91. Fruit - 3.2 million followers

92. Computer Programming - 3.1 million followers

93. Web Design - 3.1 million followers

94. English (language) - 3.1 million followers

95. Dating and Relationships - 3 million followers

96. Ethics - 3 million followers

97. Schools - 3 million followers

98. Hotels - 3 million followers

99. Creative Writing - 3 million followers

100. Cognitive Psychology - 3 million followers



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At the end of 2020, all totals are concluded and conclusions are made. Many sites have made charts with the most sought after things and curiosities. Bemorepanda has taken into account many people's curiosities in 2020, and here is one of them.

 Do you like to surf the internet all night on obscure forums, reading irrelevant information that arouses your eccentric curiosity? Do you feel the need to discuss strange topics with strangers from the other side of the country or even the world? Do you want to be the first to know everything about everything that happens in the world in any field that exists, and at the same time to get internet points for your original and funny comments?

If YES, then you are in the right place!

Sit back and browse through these pixels to get acquainted with your new adventure.

The new adventure called Reddit!

Reddit is a site where everyone can post links or texts. People can vote and of course comment on that link or text. The way the site is organized offers the opportunity to discuss any topic imaginable. There are so-called subreddits, each dedicated to a certain subject, a certain community of people, a certain sphere of knowledge ... in other words, there is a subreddit for almost anything, no matter how learned or stupid it may be.

Some numbers, for those who like them (year 2020):

1. 50.2M + mentions of COVID, COVID-19 or coronavirus across the platform

2. # 3 most popular community (by YoY activity) was r / coronavirus

3. 48.286% YoY activity increase in r / unemployment

4. r / coronavirusrecession and r / stimuluscheck were the 2 biggest business communities (by subscribers) created in 2020

5. r / covid19_support experienced a 50x spike in activity in March

What makes reddit better than other communities and forums on the internet?

One - a lot of people, so a lot of quality content that comes to the surface. For example, there are a lot of specialists who answer questions in any field; In addition, interviews with celebrities such as Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Murray, Tim Berners-Lee, Julian Assange, Marilyn Manson, Edward Snowden and many, many others are held on reddit. .

Two - as we said, there are communities for every imaginable subject. But unlike other communities with similar interests, those on reddit are usually much more active due to the large number of users.

Three - the stellar speed at which you can learn new things from around the world, as evidenced by the fact that many other sites "steal" news (or information that can be turned into news) to be published externally - hence the phrase " the front page of the internet ”. What allows information to surface so quickly is the upvote / downvote voting system, so the most relevant posts always come to the surface in the subreddit they are part of.

Here we have collected the most interesting charts from 2020. Of course, the pandemic was the center of attention. Coronavirus is in all discussions on earth, even online.

Another powerful topic is Blacklivesmatter. A subject that turned everyone's life upside down in 2020. George Floyd and the painful but reality-filled history of this man has reached thousands of hearts and tears all over the world.

Most Discussed Topics in COVID-related communities

Can we use the Coronavirus crisis as a catalyst for change? | IOT Solutions  World Congress | 5-7 OCTOBER 2021 BARCELONA

  1. Social distancing
  2. Medical advice
  3. Reliable sources
  4. Wearing masks
  5. Herd immunity

Most Discussed Topics in r/blacklivesmatter

BlackLivesMatter - DPG Law

  1. George Floyd
  2. Police brutality
  3. Social media
  4. Breonna Taylor
  5. Systemic racism

Most Discussed Topics in r/worldnews

Newsonomics: How will the pandemic panic reshape the local news industry? »  Nieman Journalism Lab

  1. COVID-19
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Climate Change
  4. Middle East
  5. Human Rights

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