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For a long time, people tried to come up with an alternative to the skin, which would be environmentally friendly and produced without violence against animals.  An innovative solution was developed by 2 entrepreneurs from Mexico.  They offer to make skin that looks and feels no different from real cactus.

Adrian Lopez Velarde and Marte Casarez have developed a way to turn cactus into vegan skin called Desserto.  It is made entirely of cactus and can be used to produce anything from shoes to wallets.

 The cactus is very resistant to cold, it can withstand low temperatures in winter.  The entrepreneurs website says that to cut the skin, they cut only mature leaves of the plants without damaging the cacti themselves, and they harvest a new crop every 6–8 months.

The company uses cactus leather to manufacture handbags, car seats, shoes, and even clothing.  Unlike synthetic analogues, vegan skin is made from completely organic materials, so it is breathable.

 To create cactus skin, cut off mature leaves are dried in the sun for 3 days, thus reaching the required moisture level.  Then organic raw materials are processed according to a patented recipe.

 Another important argument in favor of the environmental friendliness of cactus skin is that it is partially biodegradable and does not contain plastic.  This factor makes cactus skin an even more valuable material.

Due to its durability and resistance to low temperatures, this organic eco-material can displace from the market the natural skin of animals and synthetic products that can not be called environmentally friendly.

 Currently, the brand is negotiating with large companies and is working to make the material more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.  So it is entirely possible that in the near future we will all flaunt in cactus boots.

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