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For thousands of years, people have linked their hopes for change to the night between the years, to a better future as the years go by.

Not coincidentally, this holiday is particularly rich in customs, traditions and superstitions, some funny, some downright absurd, but all come to complete the festive atmosphere and good mood.

New Year's Eve holds the record for most seniority. The Babylonians celebrated it 6,000 years ago, in the first nine months after the solstice. The festival lasted 11 days, with various activities taking place every day. Then people, as now, set goals for the new year. A common resolution among the Babylonians was the return of borrowed agricultural equipment. On this occasion the king went through a ritual of repentance and was stripped of power to spend three days in isolation and in prayer. When he returned to the world, restoration ceremonies were organized to provide him with the support of nature. Let's see now what interesting traditions we can find through the various cultures…

1.Heads will roll

2.I can’t believe is New Year 2022

3.Have a happy New Year

Traditions and customs, as well as New Year's superstitions, have been passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation. The most common of these are presented by, which appreciates that if we were to respect them all, we would not have time to spend years between friends and family.

Thus, tradition says that if you do not have money in your pocket for the New Year, you will have bad luck all year round. In addition, it is not good to have debts at the end of the year, because you will have debts next year.

4.Christmas just ended

5.New Year resolutions

6.Happy New Year

7.Choose to live your best life now

It is also said that if you hold your boyfriend by the hand, he will do well in love all year round. At midnight, don't forget to kiss your boyfriend. If you hold a glass in your hand, a happy year will follow. It is not good to cry on the first day of the new year, because it will be a sad year. And don't forget the midnight wish, which is said to be fulfilled.

On the night of the year, it's good to make a lot of noise to ward off evil spirits. As for the outfit, you have to wear something red and new clothes from January 1st.

As for luck, you do it with your own hand, if you don't throw anything out of the house on the first day of the new year. It is also said that it is good for someone to come into the house on the first day of the New Year.

8.Brace yourselves

9.Spending New Years

10.Drunk as hell

11.Be awesome

12.Happy New year everybody!

13.Same old me

14.Drink less and go to the gym

15.The happiness of upcoming

16.When you hear new year celebration

17.Happy new year?

18.Order a pizza for delivery

19.Can’t wait to go

20.Everyone excited to go

21.December 31

22.Now that Christmas is over

23.Watching TV

24.During New Year

25.Listening to everyone’s resolutions

26.Severance packages

27.Partying for 6 monts

28.Every year is reconfirmed

29.Happy new year

30.I won't see you

31.Baby yoda wishes you a Happy New Year

32.Good luck with your new year

33.Me on new years eve

34.Going to need to work

35.My friends tonight

36.What year is it

37.New Year’s resolution?

38.New Year New Meme

39.When someone says

40.What I’m actually doing

41.Let’s ring in the Tiger Year

42.Going to gym in January

43.Paying bills in december 2022

44.New Yaer, New Me, bullshit

45.Good luck with your resolutions

46.Thinking about New Year

47.A grumpy New Year

48.I can’t drink more

49.Christmas over


51.So many things i wanted


53.My friends be like

54.No hangsovers

55.Drunk as hell


57.My New Year’s

58.Before I get drunk

59.What’s your plan?

60.Eve countdown

61.Me tonight

62.Spending New Year

63.Can’t wait to go

64.Sleep happen

65.Come back

66.Exclude me

67.I wish some people’s New Year

68.I’m getting too old

69.Work on New Year’s eve

70.Order a pizza



73.I can smell beer

74.Same person

75.Purr less

76.Gym after January

77.The cats

78.Drop a ball at midnight

79.Alone at home New Yaer

80.Right before the clock strikes

81.The same feeling

82.Looking at memes for New Year

83.2020 was like

84.Prepare yourself


86.Back in 2004

87.Me on New Year

88.Frozen pizza

89.New Year speech

90.This year is a disaster

91.Lord of Rings

92.New Year be like

93.Have a Christmas

94.Are you ready

95.The problem

96.Same year

97.Worst year ever

98.This gonna be my year

99.Remembering 2020

100.Party mode at 00:00

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@Kale Hola comon estas

For most, New Year's Day is a global holiday that takes place on January 1st with a slight time shift depending on time zones. The first day of the calendar year plays an important role in different cultures and marks a kind of reset or a moment when everything can be started over. And what about those countries where the New Year is not celebrated on January 1 at all? For many countries in Asia, as well as for the Asian diaspora, present in almost all countries of the world, the New Year takes place from late January to mid-February. The Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is the most important event in the Chinese calendar.


If January 1 can simply be remembered as a given, then the date of the Chinese New Year is much more difficult to predict. The day is calculated according to the lunar calendar, an ancient Chinese invention - it all depends on the phase of the moon. Despite the fact that most Chinese use the Gregorian calendar in everyday life, the traditional lunar calendar remains an important part of their lives. Since the date depends on the moon, the holiday is celebrated at different times from the end of January to the middle or end of February. February 12th in 2021 and 1st February in 2022. Don't forget to congratulate your Chinese friends!


In Chinese culture, each year corresponds to one of the 12 zodiac animals, as well as a color according to the Wu Xing (Five Elements) system. You can view your Chinese zodiac sign by year of birth! Those born in 2022 are associated with the sign of the tiger, the color of the year is blue, and the element is water.  The Chinese believe that if the sign of the upcoming year coincides with the personal sign of the zodiac, then this year may not be very successful. But do not worry, there is a fairly simple way to avoid these failures. It is believed that red is a lucky color that scares away all the bad luck that your zodiac sign can bring. Wear red clothes and you'll be fine!


Bemorepanda collected some really interesting facts about Chinese New Year 2022!



1. Chinese New Year comes at different times: the date of the holiday varies between January 21 and February 20 and depends on the Chinese lunar calendar. This year, Chinese New Year is on 1st February.


2. Each Chinese New Year begins with a new "animal" zodiac sign. 


3. The Chinese zodiac signs are a very ancient tradition, which involves naming each new year as the year of one of the twelve animals. 


4. Chinese New Year is celebrated in many Asian countries: China, Hong Kong, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and, of course, Singapore.



5. On Chinese New Year, it is customary to give Eng Bao - red envelopes with money. Billions of envelopes will be donated during the holiday. In many companies, this is how bosses present their annual bonus to subordinates.


6. 200 million Chinese travel long distances on New Year's holidays. In China, approximately 3.5 billion trips were recorded during this period! By comparison, less than 100 million US residents travel more than 50 miles during the Christmas holidays.


7. Most of the fireworks take place in China: according to statistics, this is 90% of all fireworks in the world! The ancient Chinese believed that the light and explosion from fireworks frightened demons and evil spirits.


8. During the Chinese New Year, many Chinese people who are not in a relationship are afraid of a big family holiday where every relative wants to know "why you haven't got married yet." For this reason, there are many websites and agencies in China through which you can "rent" yourself a girlfriend or boyfriend - just to avoid annoying questions from relatives.



9. Although the new year comes in winter, the Chinese call it the "Spring Festival" (春节 chūnjié /chwn-jyeah/) because the "beginning of spring" (February 4-18) is the first period in the traditional solar calendar. While winter weather prevails, the "beginning of spring" marks the end of the coldest part of winter, when the Chinese have traditionally looked forward to the beginning of spring.


10. The Chinese zodiac years are a very old custom. Years are called one of the 12 animals in the zodiac cycle. For example, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. Many Chinese still believe in astrology and other New Year superstitions.


11. The Chinese have a proverb, "the whole year is planned in the spring" 一年之计在于春 yinyan zhiji caiyuchun. This reflects the attitude of Chinese tradition towards the New Year period. It is still very cold, but the holiday marks the end of the coldest days. 


12. People welcome spring and what it brings with it: crops and harvests, new beginnings, the hope of a better life, a better job, that everything will be fine during the year.



13. Also, the Chinese New Year is often informally referred to as the "lunar new year" because its date is determined based on the phases of the moon. And since the Chinese New Year is calculated using the lunar calendar, its celebration falls each time on different dates from January 21 to February 21.


14. And although China has officially switched to the Gregorian calendar, like the rest of the world, the lunar calendar is still very important. Many traditional holidays are calculated to be celebrated according to the lunar calendar.


15. The Spring Festival lasts exactly 15 days. During this time, working life in the Middle Kingdom freezes, the people of China have fun, relax and celebrate the holiday with their families.


16. Chinese New Year is one of the most important and revered holidays. The most important component of this holiday is family reunion. Everyone has to go home for New Year's Eve dinner.



17. In today's China, most elderly parents live in rural areas while their children work in cities. Moving around the country back home and on vacation is called chunyun 春运, or spring migration.


18. Even on ordinary days, the subway is packed. Imagine what happens during the Chunyun period. Also, the earliest you can buy train tickets is 60 days. This leads to crazy excitement, there are real battles for tickets. Thousands of tickets are sold per second.


19. The Spring Festival was originally a ceremonial day. On this day, they prayed to the gods, asked for good weather, a plentiful harvest, etc. Also, people prayed to their ancestors and addressed them as gods.


20. Following the customs of their ancestors, the Chinese do not sleep on New Year's Eve and set off fireworks and explode firecrackers at midnight, scaring away monsters and bad luck. In the morning they blow up the firecrackers again to welcome the New Year and the good luck that comes with it.



21. On the same night, families also burned counterfeit paper money in honor of their deceased loved ones. They believe that the offerings will bring good luck and fortune to their ancestors in the afterlife.


22. Due to safety concerns and air pollution concerns, many Chinese cities have banned fireworks, and more than 500 cities also have restrictions on their use.


23. But many look at it through their fingers and still fire salutes. In Beijing, the ban was lifted in 2006 due to an angry public.


24. If you are in China during this time, you will watch fireworks and hear firecrackers go off for at least three nights, if not for several weeks.



25. In the New Year, you can not take a shower, so as not to wash away good luck. Sweeping the floor and throwing garbage is also not allowed.


26. However, before the Spring Festival there is a day during which you can put your house and yourself in order. On this day, everyone should get rid of bad luck and make room for good luck.


27. What else is taboo during Chinese New Year?

Cut hair;

Use scissors, knives and other sharp objects;

Argue, quarrel;

Saying negative words (such as "death" and "sickness");

Break and ruin things.


28. During the Spring Festival, gifts are exchanged. But Chinese children also receive something else: red envelopes.



29. The so-called red hongbao (红包, hóngbāo) envelopes are a very popular way to give a gift in China. Paper money is placed in an envelope and presented with wishes of well-being and good luck.


30. Red envelopes can also be given to relatives, friends, employees and colleagues.


31. With the New Year holidays approaching, many single people in China are starting to feel uncomfortable. The fact is that in the Celestial Empire a sense of family is very developed. It is very important for a Chinese person to raise a child and leave him his last name.


32. There are even special apps to help single adults who live and work in big cities find a soul mate... temporarily. Such applications are especially in demand during the New Year holiday period, when single men and women tend to feel acute pressure from family and relatives in order to settle down and get married.


33. Dumplings 饺子, Jiǎozi, jiaozi are the favorite food of the Chinese on holidays and according to Chinese tradition, if there are a lot of dumplings on the table, then good luck awaits you in the New Year.



34. Therefore, dumplings are an indispensable attribute of the festive table, and their joint production is a good tradition. Modeling dumplings is a rather painstaking and lengthy process, which is accompanied by lively communication of the audience. Therefore, for many Chinese, dumplings symbolize happiness and harmony in the family, as well as the unity of all its members.


35. In Chinese, the word "dumplings" - "jiaozi" sounds the same as the word "changing hieroglyphs", only pronounced in a different tone. On the night of the New Year, from 12 o'clock to 1 o'clock, there is a change of two symbols - the new year and the old one. For example, this time the year of the Pig is replaced by the year of the Rat.


36. Also, dumplings look like a copper coin "yuanbao", so eating dumplings is considered "reception of capital."



37. Traditionally, the first few dumplings are sacrificed to the ancestors, the second ones are sacrificed to various deities. At this time, older family members offer a prayer for the happiness and well-being of the whole family in the new year.


38. In fairness, it should be noted that the tradition of eating dumplings on New Year's holidays is more common in northern China. In the south, people prefer to eat Chūnjuǎn spring rolls (Chinese pancakes with various fillings) and glutinous rice balls in a soup called Tang Yuan 汤圆 tāngyuán - dumplings, dumplings (rice flour balls stuffed with sweet or meat, in soup).


39. Remember the legend about the horned monster named Nian? He was frightened by the loud explosions of firecrackers, the bright light of fireworks and the red paint on the houses. Since then, fireworks and the color red have been an important part of New Year's celebrations. It is customary to celebrate the Spring Festival in red robes, even if it is the year of the blue water Tiger.


40. In the Western horoscope, each sign of the zodiac corresponds to its own animal. There are 12 in total for each month. There are also 12 animals in the Chinese horoscope, but each animal symbolizes one year. These are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. 



41. All the positive features of these animals are bestowed on people born in the corresponding year. The Chinese horoscope plays a much larger role than in Western cultures. Your pet can decide your career, health and success. Make sure you know which animal you were born into!


42. Traditionally, several generations live under one roof in China. And when a guy brings his wife into the house, she settles in this house too. And accordingly they celebrate the New Year as one big family. Visiting her parents' house on New Year's holidays would mean problems in marriage, which could bring trouble to her husband's entire extended family.


43. It will hardly surprise you, but the Chinese eat dumplings (jiaozi) on New Year's Eve as well, because this is the most popular traditional Chinese dish. It is worth noting that China is a fairly large and very diverse country, so the menu of the New Year's table will differ significantly from region to region. 



44. For example, someone may choose niangao (年糕) - glutinous rice cookies, and someone - spring rolls with poultry or fish. All these dishes are associated with something positive and bright, energizing for the year ahead.


45. The TV show Chunwang is somewhat reminiscent of our Blue Light. This is a fairly young tradition, which gradually spread throughout the country. 


46. The TV show "Chun Wan" or "Spring Gala Festival" is an annual entertainment show on China Central TV (CCTV) with music, dance, comedy shows and other performances. 


47. The first show was released in 1983, and gradually Chunwang became the most watched TV program in the world. 


48. Over the years, it has become part of the mandatory New Year's program, and many Chinese people stay at home with their families specifically to watch this TV show. 



49. However, the younger generation is not so interested in watching TV shows and prefers to leave this business to their parents, skipping family viewing if possible. Be sure to ask your Chinese tandem partners about this show - someone loves it, someone hates it, no one is indifferent. This will definitely be an interesting topic for discussion.


50. As the name suggests, Chinese New Year is a 100% Chinese holiday. In fact, this holiday has become popular in many countries due to the spread of the Chinese community outside of China. Western countries are full of Chinese markets and areas (Chinatowns), where the New Year is celebrated exactly according to the lunar calendar.



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@Alice That's called New Year Spirit

The 2021-2022 NHL Championship is the 105th season of the National Hockey League (NHL). The regular season kicked off on October 12, 2021 and will run through April 2022, followed by the Stanley Cup playoff series.

This season, the NHL has added a new Seattle club, the Seattle Kraken, bringing 32 clubs to the 2021-2022 Championship - 7 from Canada and 25 from the United States. The Seattle Kraken play in the Pacific Division of the Eastern Conference and the Arizona Coyotes have moved to the Central Division.

Thus, this season, the league returned to its usual divisions, each of which now has 8 teams and a division into the Western and Eastern Conferences (due to restrictions last season, there were virtually no conferences and the Canadian Division was created).

During the regular season 2021-2022, all clubs play 82 matches (last season only 56), each team will play each at least twice. The match calendar includes a break for the 2022 Olympics from February 4th to 22nd.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes about the new season.

1.The Islanders have fans

2.All I want

3.Like a boss

The National Hockey League is a professional sports organization that brings together the hockey teams of the United States and Canada. Nowadays, most experts recognize the NHL as one of the strongest on the planet. It should be noted that at the moment it is one of the main sports leagues in North America, along with the NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball. The league was formed on November 26, 1917, and on December 19, 1917, the first season began, uniting only 4 teams.

   By the end of the 1930/1931 season, a total of 10 teams were playing in the NHL, vying each year for the league's top prize, the Stanley Cup. Originally, the Stanley Cup was played between the winner of the NHL and the winner of the Western professional hockey leagues, and since 1926 the Cup has become the full property of the NHL. However, the Great Depression, and various financial difficulties after it, dealt a severe blow to the league and the NHL was reduced to six teams. These teams, which have played in the league for 25 years since 1942, are still known as the "Big Six" (Original Six) - "Montreal Canadiens", "Toronto Maple Leafs", "Detroit Red Wings", "Boston Bruins", New York Rangers and Chicago Blackhawks.

4.A 5 dollar

5.Only Patrick here

6.Every time I make a save

7.I become anything

In the mid-1960s, teams began to emerge in the minor leagues, especially from the western United States, that could compete with the NHL teams. The strengthening of the Western Hockey League, which experts predicted its transformation into a league equal in strength to the NHL, as well as financial considerations prompted the NHL in 1967 to undertake the first expansion since the 1920s. Six more teams were admitted to the league, which formed a new division. They were the Philadelphia Flyers, St. Louis Blues, Minnesota North Stars, Los Angeles Kings, Oakland Seals and Pittsburgh Penguins. Three years later, the Vancouver Canucks and Buffalo Sabers joined the league.

   In 1972, the World Hockey Association (WHA) was formed. Although the WHA never submitted a proposal to the NHL for a joint Stanley Cup, everyone recognized the league's strength and considered it a worthy competitor to the NHL. In this regard, the NHL decided to urgently continue its expansion policy and added the New York Islanders and Atlanta Flames to the league in 1972, and the Kansas City Scouts and Washington Capitals two years later.

8.Pulling 2 teeth

9.For sure

10.French girls

However, the increase in the number of teams in the league caused a decrease in the overall level of the game. These leagues fought for strong players until the collapse of the WHA in 1979. Four WHA teams have joined the NHL: Hartford Whalers, Quebec Nordics, Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets. The Edmonton Oilers are currently the last team from the WHA to continue to be based in the same city where they were based. Quebec Nordics, Winnipeg Jets and Hartford Whalers have now changed their name and moved to other cities.

   The NHL has continued to expand, and since the 2000/2001 season, the number of teams in the league has increased to its current maximum of 30 teams from 29 cities in the United States and Canada. Of the 30 teams in the National Hockey League, 7 are in Canada and 23 are in the United States. All NHL clubs have their own "farm clubs" - the so-called subsidiary teams, where hockey players who have failed to break into the main team play.

11.So funny


13.Hey Patrick


At the moment, the NHL has the following structure: there are two conferences in the NHL, each with three divisions, and each division with five teams. In the regular season, each team plays 82 games - 41 home and 41 away, each team playing at least one game with every other team in the league. The team gets two points for winning, the team gets one point for losing in overtime or in shootouts, and none for losing in regular time. At the end of the regular season, the team with the most points in its division becomes the division champion (points from games with all teams are taken into account, not just the teams of its division). Division winners and top 5 other teams from each conference advance to the playoffs and compete for the Stanley Cup.

15.Rangers Candle

16.Sabres fans

17.Mike Smith

18.The floor is lava



21.Dear Basketball

22.Glass case

23.Grinds my gear


25.I play hockey

26.I got a cup

27.Brain on check

28.Lakers Parade

29.I have an army

30.Elf power

31.The sea creators



34.Penalty box

35.For the record

36.Three rules

37.Social distancing


39.Dollar beer night

40.The rangers

41.Steve Dangle

42.Rangers fans


44.NHL games

45.Four to one


47.Cover tution

48.Everywhere I go


50.Kraken are in the metagame

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The 2022 NBA All-Star Game will be an exhibition game on February 20, 2022. This will be the 71st tournament. The game will be hosted by the Cleveland Cavaliers at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse. This will be the third time an All-Star Game has taken place in the Cleveland area, last played there in 1997, when the arena was known as the Gund Arena, and in 1981 at the Richfield Coliseum.

The National Basketball Association All-Star Game is a feature basketball game held every February by the National Basketball Association (NBA) and features 24 of the league's all-star players. This is the popular NBA All-Star Weekend, a three-day event that runs from Friday to Sunday. The All-Star Game was first held at the Boston Garden on March 2, 1951.

The starting lineup for each squad is chosen by a combination of fans, the player and the media vote while the head coaches select substitutes, seven players from their respective conferences, so each side has a roster of 12 people. Coaches are not allowed to vote for their players. If the selected player is unable to participate due to injury, the NBA Commissioner will select a substitute.

Starting in 2018, the leading attendees of each conference are appointed by the team captains and can choose from the Star Match pool to form their teams independently of the conference. LeBron James and Stephen Curry became the first players to select teams in the new format, picking players for the 2018 NBA All-Star Game in a non-televised draft on January 25. Probably due to fan interest in the draft process, 2019 All-Star captains James and Giannis Antetokunmpo presented their teams live on TNT. Teams also play for the charity of their choice to keep the games competitive.

The head coach of the team with the best performers at each conference is selected to lead the corresponding conference in the All-Star Game with no consecutive appearances. Known as the "Riley Rule," it was created after the ever-successful Los Angeles Lakers head coach Pat Riley was awarded the right to coach the Western Conference team eight times in nine seasons between 1982 and 1990.

Bemorepanda prepared some interesting facts.

1. In 2022, the NBA All-Star Game will be held in Cleveland, according to the official website of the National Basketball Association. The meeting is scheduled for February 20.

2. The last time the All-Star Game was held in Cleveland was in 1997. The best players of the association this season will fight in Charlotte, Chicago will host the game in 2020, in 2021 - Indianapolis.

3. Last season, the All-Star Game was held in Los Angeles - LeBron James' team (representative of the Eastern Conference) played against Stephen Curry's (Western Conference), the former won with a score of 148: 145. For the first time in history, the teams were not divided according to the principle of conferences. The most productive player of the meeting was LeBron himself, who brought his team 29 points.

4. The NBA announced that starting December 25, fans will be able to choose who they would like to see at the 2022 All-Star Game. You can vote through the NBA App, on the official website or on Twitter (for this you need to put a hashtag consisting of the player's first and last name, like #FirstNameLastName, as well as add #NBAAllStar, each tweet can include only one player).

5. Voting will be open until January 22, 2022. Interim results will be summed up three times: January 6, January 13 and January 20.

6. Every day from December 25 to January 22, fans can vote for 10 different players.

7. During the five days of voting (December 25, January 7, January 13, January 17 and January 20), each fan choice will count as two.

8. According to the current rules, 50% of the choice of players will depend on the votes of the fans, and another 25% will depend on the votes of the players and journalists.

9. The average annual salary of a cheerleader at NBA is $ 56,000

10. Air Jordans were banned in the NBA, but Michael Jordan always wore them as Nike was willing to pay a fine for every game.

11. 7ft American (masculine) has a 17% chance of playing in the NBA

12. Over the next 5 years after the end of their careers, 60% of ex-NBA players go bankrupt

13. Tim Duncan stayed in college for 4 years instead of going to the NBA straight out of high school because his mom (in his last days) made him promise to graduate with a degree.

14. Tim Duncan at the age of 9 was considered the best swimmer in the States in the 400 meters freestyle. Duncan's swimming career ended with Hurricane Hugo, which destroyed the local pool, where Tim trained for the US swimming team at the 1992 Olympic Games. The deadly fear of sharks prevented him from swimming in the ocean. Eventually, he started to keep fit in the basketball hall.

15. George Hill didn't play professional basketball until he was 14. Instead, he was addicted to soccer.

16. Randy Foy grew up under the supervision of his grandmothers, Betty Foyer and Ruth Martin. His father died on a motorcycle when Randy was 3, and his mother, who gave birth to him at the age of 14, left home 3 years after his father's death.

17. Vince Carter was the main drummer in the band when he was in high school. He was even offered a scholarship to the music department at Bethune-Cookman University.

18. There have only been 4 quadruple doubles in NBA history and not a single quintuple double (double digits in all 5 statistics). However, the quantum double was recorded twice in the girls' school games.

19. Randy Foy: Problematic Guard Nuggets diagnosed with organ transposition. This is a very rare congenital condition in which the main internal organs are mirrored compared to their normal position: the apex of the heart is facing to the right (the heart is on the right side), the liver is on the left, and the stomach is on the right.

20. Over the years of his NBA career, Shaquille O'Neal has scored 28,596 points. But only once, in the 1995-96 season, he was accurate with a three-point throw, and in total O'Neill made only 22 attempts from long distance.

21. Basketball was invented by physical education teacher James Naismith. It happened in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. To dilute the boring classes of his students with gymnastic apparatus, Naismith was forced to come up with a new game, which ultimately had a huge impact on the development of world culture.

22. Now it's hard to believe, but originally basketball was played with a soccer ball. Instead of the baskets we were used to, baskets from peaches were used, and the referees had to remove balls from them after each point scored. Mesh baskets appeared only in 1900. At the same time, basketball backboards were invented, which protected the ball and the basket from interactions with spectators.

23. Dribbling was originally prohibited in basketball. Instead, each player had to shoot into the basket from the point where he caught the ball. It was only in 1897 that the Yale University team used dribbling for the first time as ball promotion. This element took root in the game and after 4 years was fixed in the rules.

24. Initially, basketball did not have clear rules for the number of people on each team. Naismith wanted the game to be fairly free, and anyone could participate. For a while, the default total number of players was 18. Subsequently, basketball came to our usual 5x5 format, and then revolutionized in 3x3.

25. One of the most spectacular elements of slam dunk play was officially banned before the 1967-1968 season. This limitation lasted until the 1976-1977 season. We think this was one of the most boring decades in the history of the game.

26. Imagine that before 1910 pushing, holding, tripping, hitting an opponent was not considered fouls. It was in that year that this madness ended with the introduction of the rule to disqualify a player for 4 fouls. The number of fouls increased to 5 in 1946, and the figure was 6 the following year.

27. Basketball referees had to not only monitor the process of the game, but also constantly monitor the time, so the referees always had a watch with them. Only the total time was counted, 24 seconds for the attack were not yet available. This innovation came to basketball in 1954 to add dynamics to the game.

28. Many people know that student basketball in the United States is hugely popular with the audience, but it reached its peak in 1979, when Michigan and Indiana colleges played against each other in the season finale. And that match is still one of the most popular student basketball games in history. The interest in the match was caused, first of all, by the duel of the then very young Magic Johnson (Michigan) and Larry Bird (Indiana). Subsequently, it is this confrontation of players that will become the main one in the NBA of the 80s and will bring the league to a completely new level of popularity.

29. The indispensable modern element of basketball, the three-point throw, appeared in the game only in 1961. Prior to that, all throws were estimated at 2 points, and free throws - at 1 point. Naturally, the game layout was also completely different. For the first time, three-point shots were introduced in the games of the Eastern Professional Basketball League, and since 1968, long-range volleys of basketball players have been officially enshrined in the NBA rules.

30. The iconic Air Jordan 1 hasn't always been popular. This model was disliked by the NBA leadership in the mid-80s, when His Air Michael Jordan replaced the conventional white sneakers with a model in red and black colors. The league did not like this turn of events, and Jordan had to pay a fine of $ 5,000 for each access to the parquet in sneakers "not according to the regulations". It is worth noting that Michael himself did not pay a cent, because all the fines that caused a huge stir among the public and were a kind of advertising for the sneakers themselves were paid by Nike.

31. The indispensable modern element of basketball, the three-point throw, appeared in the game only in 1961. Prior to that, all throws were estimated at 2 points, and free throws - at 1 point. Naturally, the game layout was also completely different. For the first time, three-point shots were introduced in the games of the Eastern Professional Basketball League, and since 1968, long-range volleys of basketball players have been officially enshrined in the NBA rules.

32. The iconic Air Jordan 1 hasn't always been popular. Especially this model was disliked by the NBA leadership in the mid-80s, when His Air Michael Jordan replaced the conventional white sneakers with a model in red and black colors. The league did not like this turn of events, and Jordan had to pay a fine of $ 5,000 for each access to the parquet in sneakers "not according to the regulations". It is worth noting that Michael himself did not pay a cent, because all the fines that caused a huge stir among the public and were a kind of advertising for the sneakers themselves were paid by Nike.

33. James Harden became the 9th player in league history to score over 2000 3-point goals in his career; became the 2nd player in history to score over 300 3-points in a season; became the leader of all time in the number of triple-doubles with 50+ points.

34. In the match against Sacramento, Yusuf Nurkich scored 24 points, and also made 23 rebounds, 7 assists, 5 steals and 5 blocks, thus becoming the 12th player in NBA history to collect five-by-five, and the first who managed to do so. with 20+ points and 20+ rebounds.

35. In the match against the Chicago Bulls, Clay Thompson set a new NBA record with 14 3-points.

36. In the second game of the series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Stephen Curry converted 9 shots from behind the arc, thereby setting a new NBA record for the most 3-point in final matches.

37. Russell Westbrook made his 100th triple-double of his career, becoming the 4th player in history to break the bar. Only Oscar Robertson (181), Magic Johnson (138) and Jason Kidd (107) are ahead of Westbrook.

38. With 60 points against Orlando, plus 10 rebounds and 11 assists, James Harden became the first player in NBA history to score a 60+ triple-double.

39. Achilles gaped DeMarcus Cousins ​​finished the season ahead of schedule with 25.2 points, 12.9 rebounds and 5.4 assists, becoming only the sixth player in history to average at least 25 points in the regular season, as well as 12+ rebounds and 5+ assists. Previously, only Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Charles Barkley demonstrated such statistics.

40. LeBron James became the seventh and youngest player in history to score 30,000 points in his career. The Cleveland forward crossed that mark at 33 years and 24 days, breaking Kobe Bryant's record of 34 years 104 days.

41. Malcolm Brogdon is the only Rookie of the Year in NBA history who has never been voted Rookie of the Month.

42. In the match against the Denver Nuggets, Mark Gasol gave his partners 14 assists, becoming only the second center since 1986 to whom this mark was submitted. In 2014, Joaquim Noah also assisted his team-mates 14 times.

43. DeMarcus Cousins ​​is the first player in NBA history to have a 30-10-5-2-2 lineup spanning more than 5 games. After the first 8 games of the season, the Pelicans center averaged 30.1 points, as well as 13.0 rebounds, 5.9 assists, 2.1 steals and 2.3 blocks.

44. Ben Simmons is the first rookie since Oscar Robertson to average 15+ points in his first three career matches, as well as 10+ rebounds and 5+ assists (15.7, 10.3, 6.0).

45. Russell Westbrook became the first MVP since 1976 with fewer than 50 wins in a season (47-35).

46. In the final streak, Kevin Durant attacked the ring with 56% field goal, 47% 3-point and 93% free throws, making him only the fourth player in history with a 50-40-90 selling line in the NBA Finals. Previously, such an achievement was obeyed only by Magic Johnson in 1987 (only 2 attempts from behind the arc), Penny Hardaway in 1995 and Chauncey Billups in 2004. Durant is the only one in the company who scored more than 30 points on average.

47. The Golden State Warriors became champions with the best win / loss rate in history - 16-1 (94.1%). Previously the Lakers' best result in the 2001 playoffs was 15-1 (93.7%). For the modern playoff system (all rounds up to 4 wins), the best result so far was 16-4 (80%) of the San Antonio Spurs in 2007.

48. Isaiah Thomas became the 22nd in history and the lowest (175cm) player to score 50+ points in the playoffs (53 points in the 2nd game of the series against the Wizards). Previously, the shortest player with such a performance was Allen Iverson (183cm).

49. Russell Westbrook became the first player in NBA history to score a 50-point triple-double in the playoffs (51 + 10 + 13 in the second game of the series against the Houston Rockets).

50. At the All-Star Game in New Orleans, Anthony Davis scored 52 points, breaking the record for the event. The previous record was held by Wilt Chamberlain (42 points).

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It is said that the mood on New Year's Eve will affect the next 12 months of the Year of the Tiger - 2022.

Everything matters - both the shades of the celebrants' outfits and the colors inside. To make the right choice, it's worth learning more about next year's symbol.

Black water tiger (blue): its characteristics

The host of the year 2022 - Black water tiger (blue).

  • The water element of the year brings in the New Year's range shades of black, blue and blue. Despite the apparent cold and darkness, these colors have an extraordinary power. In addition, with the right skill, they can be beaten in a truly festive way.
  • The tiger is determined, emotional and impulsive. It is very important to please him, because he will give luck in all his efforts only to those who like him.
  • The water element somewhat balances the initially bright character of the Tiger. However, the "bright" details do not disappear completely, but only emphasize the first two color options.

Clothing colors and accessories for the 2022 New Year

In what color should we celebrate the New Year 2022? To choose the right shades of outfit and jewelry, you need to know the color of the New Year 2022.

Several colors will be characteristic of the year:

  • black;
  • shades of blue and navy blue;
  • to a lesser extent, but also important are the classic "tiger" colors, such as natural shades of yellow and orange.

On this basis, you can choose the color palette of the outfit.

A win-win for women would be a classic black dress. Do not think that it is certainly not suitable for a holiday, because it is not bright enough and does not evoke associations with fun. Its beauty lies in the countless possibilities to play with it in different ways and to create almost any image. So, to celebrate the New Year, a black dress can be combined with makeup and shiny jewelry. The tiger has a brilliant personality, so he will appreciate the highlighted features and elegant jewelry that emphasize the beauty of their owner.

Speaking of makeup, its shades can be almost any. The most important thing is to highlight and emphasize your attractiveness, creating a unique image. Therefore, eye makeup, done in black tones, will draw attention to the appearance and eliminate the need to overemphasize the lips. Blue and blue eyeshadows can look expensive and spectacular if used correctly and will also be relevant to your holiday.

An image in blue and light blue can be truly New Year's Eve. The element of the next 12 months is water, so these shades will be as appropriate and relevant as possible. So that the whole image doesn't look too "cold", you can shade it with typical Tiger colors - the correctly selected details of the image in a yellow-orange scale will fit perfectly here.

A good solution would be a multi-part suit, each with the "right" shade. So, a blue blouse or a tunic, dark blue pants or a skirt, accessories in golden tones - all this will look elegant and will please the owner next year.

You can choose a variety of acceptable and desirable accessory colors. So, jewelry can be made of gold (the classic metal of the Tiger), and silver (the metal of the water element, close to the colors of next year and perfectly combined with them). Precious and semi-precious stones in jewelry can be blue, light blue, transparent, as well as yellow-orange, such as amber or some types of pearls.

Elegant and austere black accessories will also come in handy. On blonde hair, a black band will look great, supporting the hairstyle, and an elegant black bag will emphasize the good taste of its owner and will match almost any outfit.

Interior colors for the 2022 New Year

It's not just the outfit that matters. The whole interior of the room where the holiday will take place can also be done in appropriate colors, to receive sympathy from the owner of the year and to create a suitable mood.

Black, one of the key colors of the coming year, does not look festive enough at first glance. It's all about combining it. The black background, decorated with gold and silver prints, looks elegant and solemn. This color scheme is suitable for some decor elements.

The colors blue must be reflected inside as well. You can decorate a Christmas tree in similar colors - they go well with the dark green color of the needles. So that the tree does not look too severe and cold, you can add decorations in gold and silver tones, which are also suitable for the holiday and are beautiful for the symbol of the year.

The classic colors characteristic of the Tiger play in the hands of all those who want to keep the correct scale. After all, the warm tones of yellow, orange, and their variants not only combine perfectly with black, light blue, and blue, but are also able to "dilute" them, relieving the interior of excessive coldness, making them l more comfortable and brighter.

The tiger, by nature, loves holidays and celebrations. The whole interior should be decorated and abundant and careful, but at the same time the rules of good taste should be taken into account and not exaggerate with the decor. Jewelry should shine and shine, reflect light and impress everyone who admires them when they enter the house.

In addition to the temporary decorations, you can think about the selection of long-term interior elements and their colors. It makes sense to look at key colors throughout the year. That's why you can pick up textiles made in them - for example, hang new curtains or buy a cape for a sofa made in these shades.

To please the Tiger means to bring the right energy into the house and to be lucky in all your efforts for the coming year, making it more pleasant, easier and more productive. Therefore, it is so important to respect her preferences when celebrating the holiday.

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