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Top 40 funny Squid Game memes that which will make you shiver

1 year ago

In the "Squid Game", 456 indebted and desperate people from marginalized communities in South Korea are lured into a survival game where they have the chance to get $ 38 million. Instead, he has to win six children's games. It sounds simple, but whoever loses is executed in cold blood.

We don't know who their executioner is, because his face is covered. In fact, they all have their faces covered, except the players who are identified by the numbers on the shirts. The first round turns out to be a massacre. But the players, initially shocked, end up getting over it. All for money, for a huge amount of money that is put in a huge transparent purse above their heads.

Money makes these debt-ridden people forget about empathy, principles, sabotage and killing. The action of the series revolves around Seong Gi-hun, a man over 40 years old, addicted to gambling, who does not have the money to buy his daughter a suitable gift for the birthday or to pay for his mother's medical care. his. Although bloody, the series has caught on around the world and may become the most popular show on Netflix, as recently stated by Ted Sarandos, co-executive director of Netflix.

Bemorepanda collected some memes.

1.Cry during Titanic

2.Halloween party

3.Gaming all night

4.Hold up

5.When you need to decide something

6.Bless you

7.No Netflix

8.Gaming all night

9.Oh my..

10.Some real things



13.Choose rocks

14.Andy’s coming

15.Is this healthy?

16.Medicore story

17.When Instagram and Facebook are down

18.Instagram influencers after Instagram is down


20.If only

21.Me every Sunday

22.Who is poor


24.Squid ink

25.Squid Game store in Paris

26.Make sense

27.Halloween 2021

28.Player 001

29.Squidward game

30.Birthday after 30


32.Preparing for Monday

33.Change my mind

34.Submitting assignment

35.Oh Japan

36.Let’s stop at red


38.Shopping with my wife

39.Unpopular opinion

40.Or is just me?

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Netflix is an online service that allows subscribers to watch series, movies and documentaries on various devices connected to the Internet (Laptop, TV, Smartphone, Tablet). The Netflix subscription is monthly and can be interrupted at any time by the customer.

In 2019, for the first time, Netflix surpassed cable and satellite TV services in the United States. 76% of Americans have Netflix and only 67% still have cable TV.

Bemorepanda has collected some funny memes about Netflix.


2.Daily dose of Red Heads

3.Good movies

4.Crafting shows

5.Like this

6.Managers at Netflix

7.Netflix be like

8.Netflix be like



11.It happens

12.Netflix and chill

13.Not playing around

14.One more episode

15.See the difference

16.Watch on Netflix

17.Easy money


19.Pretty good

20.Squid game

21.You’re welcome

22.Still watching?


24.A good story

25.Change my mind

26.Real diversity

27.Can I have this?

28.Netflix adaption

29.See Netflix


31.Reflecting in the screen


33.Do you like me?

34.The only logical step after Squid Game



37.Twitter warriors

38.The hypocrisy

39.Netflix before Netflix


41.Clean the house

42.No Netflix

43.Really good

44.Squid Game

45.Watch this show

46.Sold out

47.Meanwhile Netflix

48.Verify Netflix

49.I am busy

50.Searching for a movie

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The main character, Song Ki Hoon, is 40 years old. He is a pathological loser - divorced, ruined, living in a shabby apartment with his sick mother and barely making ends meet. He also has a little daughter who is about to leave with her mother and stepfather for a better life in the United States. Ki Hoon owes money from everyone in the world and is trying to recoup by placing bets on horse races.

Unsuccessfully. After another escape from creditors, he goes to the subway and meets a mysterious stranger who offers him to play a game of hundreds: if Ki Hoon wins, he will receive 100,000 won, and if he loses, the man will slap him in the face.

After the end of the hundred square meters, the main character is handed a business card with an invitation to another game - with higher stakes - literally and figuratively. At stake is a 45.6 billion won ($ 38.5 million) prize and a life of his own.

Ki Hoon and 455 other people, who find themselves in a desperate situation, are brought to a secret island, where they are forced to compete with each other in six children's games (although they are not furnished at all in a childish way). There is no chance of escape: the participants are being watched by cameras and masked armed personnel. Among the competitors are a thieving bandit, a burned-out financier, a labor migrant from Pakistan, an old man falling into dementia, a defector from North Korea and others. Everyone has a good reason to do their best to win.

1. Survival thriller tricks

The series uses classic survival thriller tricks, making it a lot of fun to watch. The authors play on the spectator's base feelings: after the first shock from the bloody scenes has passed, it becomes interesting to watch the game and try to guess who is next to drop out of the game and who goes on.

2.All the characters are deeply worked out

Despite the simple plot and the abundance of violent scenes, the series still does not hit the forehead: all the characters are deeply worked out, each has a personal drama. Blood is only the personification of human greed, which kills the last remnants of dignity and morality in the heroes. Money becomes an obsession that literally floats in the air: in the common room where the participants live, a huge glass ball with a prize fund hangs right under the ceiling, which is replenished after the death of each participant.

3.Brilliant acting

Another reason to watch the show is brilliant acting. Heroes faced with a difficult choice want to believe and empathize. South Korean model Ho Yong Jung, who played a refugee from North Korea, won particular love from the audience - you've probably already seen the fan art dedicated to her. This is the first film role for the model who starred in the advertising campaigns of Chanel Roberto Cavalli.

4.The problem of social stratification and poverty in modern South Korea 

The Squid Game shows very accurately the problem of social stratification and poverty in modern South Korea and criticizes the capitalist order of the world. This idea is taken to the absolute in the script: the characters consciously choose deadly games, the prospect of dying turns out to be more attractive for them than returning to an old life where there are debts, but there is no chance of getting out of them.

5.A new start

This is a great start to Korean cinema, which has grown in interest since the triumph of Pong Joon-Ho's Parasite.

6.An Internet phenomenon

The series has gone beyond the platform and has already become an Internet phenomenon that is already difficult to ignore. The #SquidGame hashtag on Tik Tok has gained over 22 billion views: users post their favorite scenes from games, transform into their favorite characters, repeat the sugar honeycomb test (they prepare a traditional Korean sweet - dalgons, and try to carefully cut a shape out of it with a needle), build theories and Not only.

7.The visual style 

The visual style of the series is a separate pleasure to watch - endless labyrinths, perfect symmetry, an abundance of pastel colors that are not in any way associated with a bloody mess, bright contrasting costumes of the characters (which, obviously, will become the inspiration for Halloween images).

8. Real people and no computer graphics

The selection of actors for the main roles was not limited to. According to the plot, 456 players take part in the competition. The creators did not want to resort to the use of computer graphics. This is why 456 actors actually participated in the first giant doll test!

9.The scenery

Great attention was also paid to the scenery. The creators tried to do everything to make the elements of the game look as effective as possible in the frame. “There was a lot of CGI in the tug-of-war and glass bridge scenes, and I couldn't guess the scale just by reading the script. Because of this, I was very curious about how the set would be organized when I went to the shooting. And every time the set was so good that we all took pictures before filming, ”Lee Jong-jae said in an online interview with Star News.

10.Backlog for the sequel

Of course, fans are already discussing the second season of the drama. All in all, the nine episodes of Squid Games look like a complete work that did not leave many questions. However, Netflix is unlikely to want to say goodbye to such a big hit.

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk admitted that he hasn't received any offers for a sequel yet. Now the director is working on a full-length film "KO Club".

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Spring is the time when we seem to be reborn. With the first rays of the sun that caress our face, it is as if we begin to feel the thirst for freedom, the desire for exploration, outdoor walks, music and simply outings for the soul. A beneficial thing, I think, especially when we choose to enjoy the beautiful weather with our feet. Family moments in nature.

But what do we do during a pandemic when the sun is hot and the trees are green? I found funny answers to this on twitter, but also some funny memes. Bemorepanda has gathered them all for you.

1.Are you here?

2.Spring cleaning

3.Out the bedroom

4.Full of magic


6.Cleaning list

7.Come on in

8.You’re pumped

9.Got done

10.Spring cleaning

11.Simplify spring cleaning

12.Don’t believe

13.I hate cleaning

14.What you’re supposed


16.Cleaning at my house

17.Finishing cleaning

18.Much energy

19.Out the basement

20.Broke a bottle of wine

21.Spring quarantine diary

22.Spring mood

23.Parent’s lullaby

24.Play on the phones

25.Back to school

26.Spring days

27.Late assignments

28.Bad time

29.Spring days

30.My nipples

31.Spring is coming soon

32.It’s Spring

33.I hate them

34.Would be spring

35.Long while

36.Spring is here


38.Hurt to be outside

39.Keep up bro

40.60 degrees

41.I have a ball

42.Spring expectations

43.It’s over


45.Could you not


47.2020 is over

48.2021 stuff

49.The worst year

50.A trailer

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If your personal and professional life are in imbalance, you will most certainly have an extremely high level of stress. Because of the hectic pace of life, finding the optimal dosage between work and everything that means "at home" is not a very easy task. You can bring harmony back to your home, without compromising on the accomplishments that the chosen job offers you.

If you spend more time at work and less at home, you risk losing your privacy and all the joys that come from it. Also, if in your personal life you struggle with some difficult situations, such as caring for an elderly parent or relative, financial or marital problems, focusing on professional tasks becomes downright impossible, no matter how hard you try.

What is the balance between career and personal life?

Work-life balance differs from person to person, being, however, an approach to contemporary existence that comes in an attempt to resolve the increasingly common conflict between personal life (with everything that includes it: family, friends or just the need free time) and career.

Of course, everyone's priorities differ depending on a number of factors, including age, which can completely change an employee's vision. Thus, if you are between 20 and 35 years old, it is possible to establish strong commitments for building a solid career, leaving family life in the background. On the other hand, if you are between 35 and 50 years old, the emphasis can be more on family life and personal activities, which were not present in other stages of life.

Regardless of the things you need to do to achieve this balance, it is vital that you set it as a goal. Bemorepanda anyway collected some funny memes about real situation.

1.Excel in my career

2.A day off

3.I swear I will find it

4.Stress is consuming it

5.That look idealistic

6.Will I have it?

7.A hard balance

8.One more idealistic picture

9.Wanted more work

10.To meme or not to meme

11.Get up and dance

12.Working on life-work balance

13.Flexible schedule

14.Hey boss

15.The look of your kid

16.Return from vacation

17.Die in your sleep

18.Milennials working

19.Work, life, balance

20.Stay late

21.Work and life

22.That’s your problem

23.How I view life

24.Work is life

25.The priority

26.Balance in life

27.Choose one

28.It won’t happen

29.She wants to be like you

30.Why two days?

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